Hi guys,

YOE - 4+
Current CTC: 13lpa + bonus(full stack developer)

Offers : 22lpa + 10%vp(Full stack developer)
Another one in process is around 25(React developer)(product based)

Current company counter: 22+bonus

Which one I should choose?

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Don't go for counter offer, never. Grab a new offer

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Any tech sales or related role paying more than. 250k base!? ( Which company and wat roles?)


Getting burnt out and frustrated with my current partner. Who out there has the best mix of solid compensation, forward-thinking leadership, and some aspect of a work life balance?


My office recently was acquired by a new owner. He's shown interest in me being his office manager. He's said after this transition period, that they want to give me the official title and pay yo compensate that. But it's been 4 months. The transition is over and I've been busting my butt. On all the documents I am the manager, yet I feel like they just gave me the title without the pay for it. Should I wait a bit longer and be patient, or should I speak up and ask for the raise?


I have received a shortlisted email from Cognizant HR after my technical interview (My experience is 4.2 years )
.It states that HR will contact within a week for further discussion.Could anybody let me know in HR they just discuss the salary or it is going to be sort of a Q&A round.


MBB em level role vs. director level tech (non FAANG) exit? Coming from b4, roughly 10 yoe. I know it’s probably a personal preference thing but hoping to get opinions here. Tech role is $190k base plus a 30% target bonus. MBB role i got a verbal offer without a comp figure yet but my understanding is it’s around there, maybe 10-20% higher (or maybe much higher depending on bonus).

Didn’t fully expect to get the MBB offer honestly, but both beat my 180/198 b4 comp. Now i’m torn.


Hi fishes, Got 2 offers from Pwc AC (Pwc SDC Bangalore) and _vois (Vodafone shared services).

Pwc sdc: 20.38 lpa + bonus

Vois: 20lpa + 8% bonus (21.6)

Which company would be good to join in terms of growth and learning perspective and job security. Also, does pwc brand name matters while looking for exit opportunities?


Hi , can anyone tell me what’s the ctc in phonepe for Accounts payable analyst .
And also ctc for a person with 1.5yrs of experience in a financial analyst role or similar roles .

what is considered a good clinical staff pharmacist salary in Austin, TX?


Anyone ever apply for more life insurance than the 5x maximum amount you can get without a Statement of Health? Was it a quick decision? Did you need a medical exam? Trying to decide if it’s worth maxing out at 10x salary for the extra $10-$12 per month or add coverage outside employment to supplement the 5x I have with the firm.


I found out a colleague who is the same rank/group/office as me has a 15k higher salary... Isn't that pretty ridiculous?


When a company moves a manager technology from boston to new york office, how much salary raise and moving expenses are reasonable?


I hope there is some scam going on in the name of Fujitsu India consulting.
Last week I got selected and they collected documents after week they rejected saying high expectations. Earlier they accepted for same salary hike.

Same happened for my friend today. He also got selected and they collected all the acedemic , previous company documents salary slips and they rejected him saying same.

They could have told the same when they ask for salary expectations. I feel something fishy.

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Guys. I got an offer from TCS at the Associate Consultant level. In the performance pay section, there are two kinds of pay -

1. Monthly performance pay
2. Performance bonus

Which one is the variable component? I guess the "performance bonus". Please suggest.


Whats the going salary for staff Content Producers on either coast or midwest. Go!

Just got a verbal offer for experienced analyst position at a middle market investment bank in Chicago. What should I expect/negotiate for in terms of salary and bonus?


Hi guys!
Recently I got an offer from
Samsung R&D Bangalore as Lead Engineer.
What is the salary range for CL-2 / TB-5 in Samsung R&D?
YoE- 2.8 years
M.tech from Tier 1


I actually don’t know much about compensation increases that come with promotions. What does the typical % increase look like for an internal recruiter? Just trying to understand all of the things.


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I have total of 8 yrs of exp and paid with 26L. am I under paid or is it with market standards?


Accenture India Hi fishes, I have recently attended an interview with Accenture India Accenture couple of days back and can see the candidature status is on hold after my 1st round of interview. Does this mean that they are waiting for others to complete their interview or am I rejected? If not ,how many days they tak appxm to make a decision. I tried reaching out to recruiter and as usual they are not lifting or responding to my messages.Has any one faced this situation with Accenture? Thanks in Advance!!


Whatever you say patagucci...

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We just opened our UK graduate programme recruitment cycle. DM to discuss a referral to a specific programme 🚀


I've similar offers from

Tata Tech
KPMG Global

YOE - 7.5
Profile- Program and change mgmt.

Which one shall I join from learning and growth standpoint. Wlb would be the secondary criteria.

Thanks in advance.


Any immediate Joiners For Java Full Stack.
3+ year experience.
We have immediate opening.


Since JPM is increasing salaries for analysts in CIB, does this apply to analysts in strategy too?


I got flowers for the girl I left behind in California that no one else in the office knew I was hooking up with.


Does @Thoughtworks provide M1 mac pro or Intel Mac pro? Any option to request for M1?


Can I just say that I ***love*** that the Charlie Kirk post in this bowl received the ***total disregard*** it deserved (unless I missed a reply just at the end) before getting taken down? Teachers are a classy and intelligent bunch!


Hi folks,

I am joining thoughtworks Hyderabad location on June 15 . Can anyone tell me about the work timings.


When you order Shang chi off wish.

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AITA? Husband is in grad school and acquired some debt to pay for moving, school; it’s about $5,000. Since I have a good paying job and savings, I offered to help and I also told him to try to ask his parents for help since he never asks for anything from them. He said he would think about it and I assumed we would talk about it again. Last week, he told me he “decided” to take out a loan to pay down his debt. He hasn’t done it yet but I’m hurt and also disagree w/ this move. Cont.


So frustrated at steady weight gain in the past 10 yrs since starting consulting - even w/regular exercise doesn't budge. Took a 2 mo. sabbatical a while ago and dropped 10 lbs. Regained all since. ☹️


Trying to hire for a role that encompasses both SF admin and data engineering work but want to tailor the job posting towards people who are experienced with SF. What job title would you apply to?

How does it feel to earn less than US Consultants while also struggling for utilization


As expected, mrz increase for TS was nominal. Curious to hear how they were for TE and EA.


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Fishes,

I have 2 offers:
1. PPD, part of thermofisher scientific - 14 LPA + 2L joining bonus with permanent WFH
2. TSYS - 17 LPA + 1L joining bonus with hybrid WFO

Role: Developer
YOE: 3+

Which company would be a better choice keeping recession in mind?


Plz hit lykss, I wanna DM as currently negotiating offers in 2 cmpnies


Hi ,
I have an offer of 12 Lpa from infosys and i have one more companies hr round next week .
What should be the package i negotiate with the 2nd company??


Why do people prefer product based companies? Is it just for the pay? What if service based companies offer more than product based companies?


HI Friends, currently i am working in Wipro and my current package is 3.6 LPA. 3I got 10 LPA CitiusTech company. Now i have salary discussion with TCS HR. So now how much can i ask with the existing offer letter to the TCS HR?


Hi Sharks,
Is 18LPA fixed a good package for AWS DevOps (jenkins, docker, k8s, terraform, Prometheus/Grafana, YOE - 4


Which is better for learning perspective and growth.

1. Xoriant
Role- AWS Data Engineer

2. BOA
Role- Senior Engineer
In BOA it's vendor project which is basically migration project and will be working with TCS/INFOSYS.

YOE- 4.8
Pay scale - Same

Which to join, please help me to take decision???

Hello Fishes, Anyone here who appeared for Software Engineering roles at Cloudera? Can you please give a brief about the interview rounds and the topics they dig into? Many Thanks in Advance!! Cloudera

Hi fishes!
Can anyone let me know my inhand salary?

Infosys Tata Consultancy Wipro Accenture Deloitte PwC Dell

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I have got an offer for 32lpa from a company A (yoe 11, .net+angular). And I am going to get an offer for 36lpa in two days. I just have a week to join the first company that I have a offer onhand they have started onboarding process like shipping laptop. I am thinking to ask salary revision or atleast joining bonus from the company i have an offer for. Will it work practically and i have never done this counter offer thing so need your help on this. What would be the best next steps


Please help to choose one of the option
Maruti suzuki - 19 LPA
DXC - 20 LPA


My manager said I'll be nominated for H1B for next year, but I feel due to current inflation and recession in US will it be really possible?
Share your views pls

Hey anyone from @Fidelity Investments ? Need a referral for Business analyst position, could anyone help me with that?


Got Band 7B , 20.9LPA at IBM
Skill : Azure , databricks , 8.3 Yrs

What should be right ask ?
Please comment guys , Thank You


How's trinity life sciene as a company? And how much can i ask? 2.5 yeo, tech stack r, sql, excel, data analytics


Hi fishes, Need your help in deciding.
I've 2 offers. One from
Goldman Sachs
for Analyst and other from Amazon for
SDE1. They both asked me for expected CTC.
For both I quoted 20lpa fixed and discussion is going on.
What do you think which figure should I agree on if they offer a counter. And which of the two you think is better to join considering brand value and career progression.
YoE: 6 months
CCTC: 13lpa


Hey guys,

Need your expertise in comparing between two Job offers for E2E solution architect role.

Tech Mahindra pune for telefonica Germany Digital transformation project

2. British Telecom Bangalore for their Openreach subsidiary solution designer profile.

Which one is better in terms of learning, challenges and other opportunities for future growth?

BT is paying 11% more including bonus.

Hi Sharks,

YOE 8.2 years , TS : Automation tester, full stack tester. Have couple of offers in hand from Dell, northern trust, mastercard. I have salary negotiation going with Veeva systems. I am looking for lead automation position with Good salary. Could you please suggest how much should I expect from Veeva systems and whether lead sdet is possible or not.

Current role is lead test specialist. All in hand offers are good.


Hi , what's your experience with hsbc ?
My offer is put on hold. And no saying when the position will open up again..

Does any one has similar experience?


Hi fishes,

I am a Big Data Engineer.

My current CTC is 5.6 LPA for 3 YOE and I have an offer letter of 13 LPA from a non - MNC.

I have an HR round with Larsen & Tubro Infotech soon. Can I ask them for 14LPA fixed?

Will they consider it?
If not, how much should I ask for?