Hi ,
I am a recent exit from Udaan.
Looking for a referrals for Amazon

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

What level you are looking at Amazon, YoE, Skill & TC?



I am also looking for job opportunity in Amazon

7+ yrs of experience, currently working as an Asst. Manager in Concentrix.
Looking for L4 level in Amazon in operations...Manager-1 tron or trust and safety prime videos those are matching profile as per my experience.

Is udaan a good company to work
How's work life balance as a business analyst

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Anyone hiring for a Marketing manager or Digital Marketing manager role? I have 8+ experience and my MBA. Preferably remote position.


Hi Fishes, looking for Data Analytics, Product Analytics and BI opportunities. I have 7.4 years of experience and currently serving notice period. Last working day is 10th April.

if you across any positions or can refer, please comment below and I will DM you. Cheers!

anyone know which agencies are hiring strategists? job market is supposed to be hot, but not seeing too many job listings on the usual spots (LI, Indeed, etc)


Any jobs for mechanical engineer ready to join immediately with 3 years of experience as explosive safety engineer


Anyone know of a health tech startup that has a sr manager/director of implementation role open?


Received the offer from EY for M role, on call and email on Wednesday and also received a mail from the partner about it. Told them I will be accepting the offer. Had another offer & already received their contract , now I don't want to say no to the other firm before I sign the contract with EY. Which I am being told will only be ready next week. What is your experience after getting a confirmation on mail, how long could it take ?

Any openings in third party due diligence/ background screening? I am also pursuing CFE. Thanks!!

Hi all.

I'm having more than 12 yrs of experience and current ctc is 11.20 excluding night shift and variables. I've given interview in bny got shortlisted and submitted the documents. Initially interview was for I grade in fund accounting. After documentation hr said they r hiring me for h grade I get ready for that too with offer of 12 lakh. But all of sudden hr is saying she is not confirm whether I'll get offer or not. They are bluffing all around to giving my offer. What should I do now

Is production support role available in UST and also let me know what will be the shift timings in UST


Good Morning all,

Since I pivoted into TA (from the Wild West known as Finance) Tech Recruiting has always been the goal. But I’m having a hard time finding a way to get into that space (I do understand there’s a hiring crisis). Nevertheless, does anyone know of tech companies that are hiring? I may be low on the experience side so I’m willing to look at contract/ entry roles as well. Also, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


How to increase chances of a co-op or internship getting converted into a full-time position?

I have an interview at Amazon for Senior Financial Analyst. Does anyone here work in that role? I wanted to get an idea about work life balance and total compensation. HR keeps asking me my salary expectation.


Looking for Referral for Google Amazon Microsoft Origin
Tech Stacks are as
Java, spring boot, Angular 12, MongoDb, AWS, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes


US Immigration Law: Hi, I will be pursuing an LLM in the US from August 2021 and I will be on a F1 visa. I was wondering, is it possible for someone on a F1 visa to work online in the UK? I would like to study on campus while keeping my remote position if possible. Thanks to those who will answer this question


Anyone willing to give a referral to Deloitte for an Anaplan role?


Took a base pay cut early in my career to take on a very different role that I was excited about. I was extremely close to turning it down because I was worried about what others would think with me going backwards in salary vs the norm in consulting with exit ops. However since I’ve started, I enjoy my day to day 10x more than I used to, the people I work with are genuinely excited about what they do, and the RSUs more than made up for my pay cut. Sometimes it’s worth taking the leap of faith!


What should I expect as external hire for a M1 AAS and FDD role at HCOL but not VHCOL respectively?


Recent DS graduate here - do you know what current firms are hiring for data analytics/science consultants? Trying to figure out where to focus my efforts during this tough time (BCG, Deloitte, etc)


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Hey guys. Any googlers here? I want to know hows the life at google india in terms of work life balance


how do I move towards a creative director career ? like what is a good career path for that ?

This WFH made me realize that my partner may be cheating on me... He interrupts calls when I walk in, he is always on his phone, literally freaks out if he forgets it near me and take it everywhere...


What is Allocation bonus ? And what is variable bonus?
Offer letter had only fixed component. I recieved variable bonus 🤪 obviously for my good work


Any tips for how to make tutoring enjoyable for a rising 6th trader? We will be working on math this summer, but just going through the workbook seems really boring.

Do we get any monetary rewards for extra miler award in GDS?


I am a PhD student in chemistry on my final year, with some publications but no industry experience. What advice could you give me to get Research Scientist positions at big companies? Considering that I am foreigner national, do companies even bother the hassle of applying for a visa for an employee without "industry" experience?


I am friends..

Please confirm, 8% incentive offered will be paid on monthly basis with our salary.!??

As per HR, will be paid on monthly basis.!!

Please let me know real facts. TIA


Hi Fishes,

I have been selected at citi bank.

Yoe - 5.7 years,
Cctc - 17.85 lakh fixed
What should be expected ctc for c11 position?? And what is c11 position??


ED: There is a project in Switzerla-

Post Photo

How much do your bring in in assets each year from NEW clients? Also, are you finding it harder this year? We are having our worst year in 6 years. Is it us? Or is no one moving bc market is up


Any thoughts on this offer?

Role title: category manager
Function: manage all categories operating in the US market.
Compensation: $80K
Company: e-commerce platform operating in the US & UK, stock traded

Does a category manager managing all categories exist? I feel like at that point the role deserves a different title... & compensation.


How do I put myself in front of PE firms for Ops roles? Is there a path to reach out or do headhunters need to find me?


Hello, I am looking for a job change. Preferred position Clinical data Manager/ lead data manager. Any leads would be helpful


Hi IQVIA friends, I am looking for some guidance here. Currently designated at Indegene as pre-sales solutions manager but work pre and post sales till delivery construct gets matured. Have experience in solutioning and strategising commercial and non commercial global content & web production, marketing communications and Omnichannel campaign, along with Patient Support Program design. 6yrs of experience Any roles that fit my skills at Iqvia ?


Did anyone attend PDM townhall today? Summary?


Milestone inc (milestone internet) gave me 18 LPA + 2 Variable. Is it good organisation?


Looking to plan a trip to Denmark and Sweden in the fall. Any recommendations appreciated (Including best ways to get around)! Thinking of trying to get to Abisko to see the northern lights


Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Finding it hard to find an entry-level job in project management.

Please advise!!

1yeo experience in project management. Looking for immediate switch.


I am currently working as an application developer. 1.8 yoe. I want to switch my domain to business analysis. Any suggestions on how to do it without any prior experience?
Anyone having any opportunities for the same?


I was recently referred for a non-technical role at Goldman Sachs and completed my online application. Does anyone know the hiring timeline at Goldman? How long would it take for them to update the application status from 'Application submitted' and move to the interview rounds?

Thank you in advance!

welcome. Please help me to choose one of the below. My techstack is Spring Boot Microservices Hibernate Java yoe - 5 years
Nagarro -26 lpa
LTI - 23.5 (22 FIX 1.5 variable)
Synechron (HSBC client) - 22.65 fix
Wolters kulwer - 22 (20 fix)
Barclays interview is scheduled for tomorrow.

Need feedback on photon Chennai got a offer from them


Has anyone got a Maersk offer recently or have any idea for Job Level-3? could you please share your CTC. Maersk



Hi All,
I have applied for job in one of MNC, during documentation process they are asking me to share screen and then download the pf statement on screen sharing. Is this valid ask or what should I do ?

If any openings for software testing plz drop here for fresher yop: 2020
Branch : civil
Qualifications: MTech
Skills : SQL, Manual Testing



I am a full stack dot net developer with 7.10 years.
I am planning for job change, I am looking for better work like balance companies, if there is any openings in your company please let me know.



Hi guys,

I am having 9.3 years of experience in manual testing database testing and mobile apps testing. Domain : finance, insurance, E-commerce, E-learning. Kindly let me know if there is any opportunity in noida delhi or gurgaon location


I am preparing for data engineering role in my next switch. I have 2 years of experience in sql and python. I am targeting for product based startup/MNC. Can anyone guide me with a road map of how to prepare for it?


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a referral in Goldman Sachs!
Will be grateful!


Which is better career wise for short term.
Oracle or valuelab
Valuelabs giving 3.5 lpa extra