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Plz dont u think of joining unify....its a scam



U will be deployed at apple office. If u consider apple work culture,work, timings u will not be worried but if u go back to unify office , u don't find much policies, infrastructure,inhouse project and work culture (at least Hyderabad case). It is tier 3 company, but it is in growing stage. If r from MNC ,u will feel bad .

90 % of projects are in client location. So it's depends upon client work culture and process. U can't see in house projects much. Nothing to say pros.

you current ctc and current company, stack?

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In EY, at what month we will get Variable amount and Fixed amount increment ?
I mean when this will get reflect in our portal and credited month ?


What is the saving potential for a H1B on-site offer with ctc around 75k USD per annum


is it worth to join hcl with 31 lakh fixed

or to stay in deloitte usi with 19 lakhs only

yoe _7


Hi looking for data analyst opportunity
YOE : 4 Years. Relevant YOE : 2 years
Tech stack : Python,GCP, Tableau, Excel VBA
Current CTC :10 LPA

notice period :45-60 days
Any leads appreciated


Hi fishes, does anyone know who had left CG in probation? In order letter it's 90 days NP. Does management give early release? I have joined only since a month


Trying to break into the industry, does anyone have any ideas on how much I should charge for freelance video editing?


hcl folks, what could be the montly inhand salry for 22 lpa ctc

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What are the criteria for LTI Grant to individuals and what are the amounts for Level 8,7 and 6 if it gets offered in India ? TIA


What is the average salary for senior accounting manager in Los Angeles?


I got an offer as Program Coordinator at Samsung R&D institute India Bangalore. I have 5 years of experience. My previous company was giving me 7 lakhs. How much salary can I expect here? Or upto what CTC can I negotiate?

Does any have an idea of salary and comp plan for a senior recruitment consultant with 10 years sales exp?


Recently had my year end review. I am a 4th year at mid size firm in NYC my raise last year was $20,000 and my bonus was $10,000. This year my raise was $20,000 and bonus $15,000. I feel like I working extremely hard this year and overall significantly improved (my review had no negative comments), but the additional $5k doesn’t make sense to me. Is this standard or should I say something?


Hello, anyone who worked or who's working at Hashicorp. How is it for a Sales Engineer?

Have to decide between Qualcomm and Schrödinger, Inc.

Both are giving good pay but Schrödinger is giving 8% more base pay.

Do we have someone working at Schrödinger here?


Hello bowl, please advise! Second year Level 6 at Accenture. I don’t see MD prospects anytime soon. Got a 30% hike in base for a Director role at PwC with a 25k sign on. Similar bonus, PTO’s, etc., and similar match/wealth builder option. Only downside is the vesting period, which is 5 years. Is it worth the move?


What base salary and equity can I expect from Apple, Munich with 15 years of experience?Apple


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I want to do something nice for my parents who never vacation. I got them tickets to the anthem in DC and was thinking of getting them a car service to a restaurant then to concert and then to hotel. What restaurant and hotel would you recommend? Thinking something nice and good atmosphere with good wine list. Filomena or Chez Billy sud or like dabney, any other ideas? Then st Regis maybe?


I'm a graduating college senior and have offers for entry level analyst/associate at L.E.K. (Boston) and Accenture Strategy (NYC). Looking for thoughts on differences in reputation, type of work/projects, culture, WLB, or anything else to help me decide! L.E.K. Consulting Accenture


DM if interested Impetus technologies inc

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Did this guy inspire Musk? 😂

(See comments for more)

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Do any of the tech companies sponsor MBAs for strategy and product job roles?


What is MBA product operations internship about at Google (in terms of intern roles & responsibilities specifically)? Also, is there a large pay gap with a product manager role?


Thinking of breaking quarantine? Just remember... this sheriff loves chasing down bad cats!

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Hey fishes, my LWD is on 12th August, does that mean my HDFC Foodplus card will be disabled for use?

Thoughts on how to make got star responses. I like go blank answering these questions


As a moderate, I am happy there is neither a blue nor a red wave. Balance is better. The middle has more sensible people…


Help! I need to invest in a passive income but don’t know where to start. Any suggestions? 🙏


I'm an Identity and Access Management Engineer with 4.7 years of IT experience in Identity and Access Management domain. I am currently on the lookout for a new position with Visa sponsorship in UK.

Looking for job in Big 4 , Goldman Sachs, JP morgan, Morgan stanley , Ocado, Wise, Sainsbury's digital , Accenture. Kindly let me know if any one can refer me. @Sainsbury's Accenture Wellsfargo Wise JPMorgan Chase Morgan Stanley EY KPMG PwC Ocado


Is it reasonable to ask for three weeks before joining a new company? I was thinking a two week notice and a week vacation to take a breath. What do you think ?


Hello friends! I’m new to Fishbowl and think that I need Likes/Reactions to engage with you fine, talented individuals?

Please help, I’d be oh so grateful! Thank you in advance 🕺🏻🪩✨

Also, it seems like people post pics of their adorable pets with these types of posts, so here’s Pippa!

Look forward to connecting more with this community soon! 💛


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Accenture I was referred by my friend for Data Scientist - Analyst position on Nov. 16th. I applied and went ahead with filling the EAF form as it was available. I have not attended any interviews so far and the status of my application is "candidature on hold". What does this mean?


Anyone working Joint Staff? What’s it like?


Anyone make the career switch from institutional sales at an asset mgmt firm to marketing? Not sure if sales is right for me and marketing would be a decent pivot


Anyone here pivot out of an industry/job and find, or have found themselves missing the old job?


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Anyone has Idea of Unilever’s pay scale for Manager level? I am selected for Ecom Manager in their tea wing. Unilever


I cleared two rounds with Cognizant. The HR called and offer was discussed. We agreed to the package discussed and then I asked location. She told Pune but I applied to Noida. She told she will be discussing with Bussiness and get back to me as the opening was not for Noida. Then the recruiting manager called me and told the same thing. It's a week now and no response. They are not replying to mails and calls too. What should I assume? Cognizant


Hi Fishes !
Which all companies gives shares and at what level in IT?


Hello all.
Is it possible to negotiate with an offer in pipeline? I have an offer of 12lpa in hand and 14lpa in pipeline(offer letter will be released after at least a week). Can I use the 14lpa offer in pipeline in another HR discussion to ask for 16lpa, will it be approved? Yoe 4, stack java

Hi All, I have offers from CBA , Thomson Reuters as a full stack developer in .net. Cba is offering more than thomson. Which among these is better?


Dear Sharks,

What will be my In hand salary per month ?

LTA, Food coupon, upskill allowance , Tele bill-- all these includes In take home salary ?

My CCTC is 7.5 as Fixed, take home monthly 56k. Is this a good deal ?

Please Help

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all doing well!

This is my first post as well as my first switch after working 6y in the same organisation.

Recently I have cleared two interviews one from
Infosys with 11.8 LPA (10.2 fix, 1.6 variable) - offer letter received
2) Cognizant with 15 LPA (14.3 fix, 0.7 variable) - documents submitted, yet to receive offer letter.

YOE: 6y
LWD: June 6

Considering the opportunities I have which one would be the better choice in work culture wise.



What CTC should I ask EY for Business Analyst role with 8 years of exp.?
I have an offer of 20.6 LPA


Hi all,

I got a new offer with 80% hike compared with current CTC. Current company gave same salary. But I denied. Now, they are requesting me to work for them daily 3 hrs after joined to the new company. Also, they willing to pay for me unofficially.

I denied their offer because of they kept me with low salary for 5 years. They are recruiting and till now no one accepted their offer too.

I've 10 days remaining notice period. Is it good to accept 3 hrs plan?
How much safer?
Should I say no?


DM if interested (please check YOE)
Company Optum

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Hi Mates,

I have offer for Solera and Telstra for Automation Test Engineer(Both have same CTC). Which should I prefer?

Please respond by considering WLB and learning opportunities.


What will be the in-hand salary post tax deductions?Tata Consultancy Accenture Deloitte Cognizant Infosys

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Hello Fishes,
Tavant Technologies -24 lpa Fixed+8lpa Variable based on performance/targets. Out and out Sales Hunting role, India geo.
HighRadius Technologies -27lpa Fixed+3lpa Variable based on performance/targets. Presales role North America farming.
Which offer should one take up? HighRadius Technologies Tavant Technologies


Hi guys,

Is the 9% variable pay is high? I have 6.8 years experience in java and recently got an offer from
Capgemini , 20 CTC. I know ctc may be less for this experience but how much can I expect in a service based company for this experience ?

Tata Consultancy EY Deloitte Accenture Cognizant


I am super confused folks.Altimetrik is offering me 23LPA fixed .Took three technical rounds and not released offer letter yet
LWD was 10th May.
My joining in JP Morgan 20 LPA is on 16th May
Even if they release offer tomorrow is there any chance to negotiate with JP?
P.S. I don't wish to join Altimetrik as I heard bad reviews of the company
YOE 7.5
Techstack: PL/SQL,Oracle and Performance tuning


Hello Fishes,
Need some help here. On what to opt for.

Deloitte - 24.6 LPA +10% Vpay ~~26.9 LPA total
Sopra steria - 27 LPA Fixed
Serviceberry - 28LPA Fixed
Nagarro - 27 LPA Fixed+5% Vpay ~~28.35 LPA Total

Thank you.