Hi ,
I want to switch to data science ,I am good in coding but in college I used to suck in math what role will be good for me?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Data Engineer roles can be suitable if you are not good with math

DM me.

Data Enginner or Data Analyst

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Anyone in internal/corporate communications (government is a plus!) that wouldn’t mind looking over a corporate comms and experience strategy for a position I’ve applied for?


Hello Everyone ,

I have one question . My brother is in Zensar and he signed a bond with the company when he joined for 2 years. Now on 26/08/2021 his bond is getting over but since he got the offer from product based company and they are asking for exit mail so he checked his portal and it is saying still under bond and showing bond end date . So if he put down papers now . Do we need to pay amount as well . As by the end of 3 month NP he will also covering 10 days of bond ? Please help us .


Hello! Looking for a referral to Microsoft. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Can someone please help me with a referral at Amazon ?

Job IDs:

1. A2162859
2. A2162636
3. 2154778


EY verbal offer rescinded:( Has this happened to anyone else? “We have had a change in our demand for our product team and we are having to reassess our hiring. I am placing your name on our list to follow up with once we have a better grasp on the next month or two’s availability and needs, this normally doesn’t happen once we get rolling in a hiring process however Q1 had had some changes this fiscal year”


Ex healthcare workers in Tech/Sales Engineering/ Healthcare consulting;
I have my masters in nursing/FNP (1 yr) making <K70 (Indiana) due to low patient census in my role. No desire for a different FNP job nor to return to bedside nursing (RN 5 yrs). I have heard of some individuals with remote positions making >K100 with little to no experience in tech or consulting after doing a boot camp or cert?
If you pivoted; What’s your current role/ Income & what did you do to complete the transition?


I've worked as a maid for a long time but am tired of driving to everyone's homes, so I'm thinking of trying out a job as a housekeeper in a hotel. Is there anyone out there who has done both jobs and can tell me a bit about the differences? I would appreciate any advice at all.


Anyone moved to B4 FDD as an experienced associate? How was the promotion timeline?


Any Opening for ETL Developer(Informatica PowerCenter and Snaplogic)?
Serving Notice Period
LWD : 7th June
Y.OE : 2.6 Years


Hi all,
Can someone guide me on how should a person start learning for transition into a data engineering role at a beginner level. Currently I have known Python and SQL in my job. Not able to figure how to go forward?
Any advice would be great!!


Question for PMs who deal with hiring / managing creative freelancers. What platform / app do you use for having all your freelancers contacts info in one place. Do you have a company wide database or you just create your own spreadsheets for that? Thank you!


Urgent opening at Larsen & Toubro Infotech , dm for referral

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Hello Everyone,

I got an offer from
AirAsia Super app for the front-end role and my YOE is 3.7 years. Is it worth joining ?


Strategy directors - how long have you been in the role and how long do you plan on staying at that level for? Just want a gut check after 2-3 years to see if I should be aiming for GSD soon or take my time to write more of my own strategies as a mostly individual contributor.


Any transfer pricing experienced professionals that would like to get a referral to EY? Shoot me a DM


Hello, Can I get a referral for KPMG or PwC?


Some advice from a regular remote interviewer - If you feel you can justify/maximise your value to a company above the current salary band, apply for the role, impress the heck out of the panel and push for that higher salary. You'll be surprised how open this conversation can be.

Company's have budgets in place for recruitment. Therefore, adjustments can be made to other open/upcoming roles marginally to facilitate recruiting your higher salary request.


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For those working in the public sector, what is your decision making process for selecting consulting services?


Suggestions to streamline the application process for apartment rentals. I've been using zillow, Facebook, trulia, etc., to contact the real estate agent. I filled in the generic information including income, # of leasers' pets and I'm not getting many responses. My income does meets the 3x/4x requirements. I've tried calling as well and texting. I'm thinking I need to formally apply but each application has a fee for credit and background checks. Any suggestions to increase the responses.


Does anyone create additional income on top of their nursing job? If so, what do you do? Thanks


AWS Cloud Practitioner advice about the program and details for skills training for the next step. How to be career ready?

Hi Fishes

I will be joining HSBC sometime soon. Can anyone tell me if HSBC gives any one time amount to set up home office ?



What is the pay range offered at Infosys Consulting for Business Consultant designation? Is this profile offered to only MBA grads?

American moving to london soon … is £1000 a month on rent reasonable with flat mates?


*recent graduate* Whenever I ask an employer why I didn’t get the job or get to the second step in the interview process, they never respond. So, I’m assuming my lack of experience (I never did an internship in school🤦‍♀️ ) or portfolio is the problem.


Looking for nonfiction book recommendations relating to international history/diplomacy/American foreign policy!


Hi Sharks ,

Need your suggestion , I am having a HR discussion tomorrow in Coforge .
How much should I ask for below profile .
CCTC : 15.8 LPA
Offer In hand : 20 LPA fix + 1.5 L JB in IBM
YOE : 6.6
Tech : Bigdata , Spark and Scala


I feel like all the younger white girls at my agency are ganging up on me; I’m a black man and am afraid to say that is historical significance here that dictates just what I can and can’t do about it


For those of you who worked FT and studied for another bar exam at the same time, please send some advice and tips on how you balanced everything. Starting to feel the pressure (bar prep course starts Monday) and I still have four more billable hours to go tonight. :( Thanks!!


Any international transplants here? Coming from Portugal!


Bomb dropped on me this morning that I will not be allowed to distribute novels for teaching my remote students this spring. We've done some of Jason Reynolds and Kwame Alexander's books in literary circles in the past, but now I need to replace that with some works that are accessible to my students online. Does anyone have suggestions for available resources and works by Black authors? I can still do my poetry unit, buy need some digital texts. Short stories or other essays. Thanks in advance!


Hi! I am trying to transition into the tech industry as a scrum master. If anyone has any referrals or just know a scrum master that I could talk to that would be wonderful!


Hi Fishes, I have received an offer for the role of Senior Manager (Accountant) from Congnizant for 20LPA (66% higher than current CTC) & Flexible Work Location. I'm already due for promotion in my current organization which gives me 20% hike from July 2022. If I consider this hike. Cognizant offer 20LPA is 38% increase. Should I ask more from Cognizant? Could you please tell your review about Cognizant - Pros & Cons (what you feel)? My research on Amibitionbox & Glassdoor results 80% Bad Review


Any suggestions for marriage anniversary gift or affordable place in Austin when we can go?


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Does any online pgp courses in ai or ml be beneficial in career growth if we are already a DS?


Hello Guys!

I've an upcoming interview at Capgemini
India for Data Scientist profile. They said it’s just for 20 mins. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Would really appreciate if someone can
help me out with what kind of questions I
can expect to help me prepare better for



Hey Fishes,

Can anyone help me understand how is data science work in Munich Re or UBS? In terms of learning opportunities and growth?



Should i go for Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate certification ? I am having total 5 years in IT and recent 1.5 years as data analyst.
Looking to switch my job, wi this certificatiom be any useful...TIA..!!


Hi Fishes,
Will you please tell me how is
Brillio in terms of data science and machine learning work?
Thanks in advance.


Hi everyone,
I am in a certain situation: If anyone can help me out,I’ll be indebted.
I have a career gap of 1.8 years and I’m willing to enter as a Data scientist or an analyst.
Made a couple of projects and started a blog recently. Working on my GitHub too.
If anyone can refer me to a good position in Bangalore,as a Data Scientist or an analyst,I’ll be really humbled and glad.
If anyone reaches out,I can have a conversation about my journey. But I really need to start working before 2022 ends.

Hello people,

Is there any site , channel or pdf for a more guided way to crack interview for data science related positions?
I've been trying on my own but getting overloaded with too much content available and not sure which one to look into first.

Thanks in advance


I am on notice period and my LWD is 16th May (Monday).

My company is calling everyone and we are expected to come on the last week of april i.e 25th-29th April.

** We have to come for the last week of the month (april, may ) rest will be work from home.

I have 6 sick leaves left. Can I take sick leaves for 5 days(a week)?

My date of joining is 23rd May. Will it extend my notice period?

Can anyone tell me what one should do?

My work location is chennai and I have never been there.


I am stuck please help with honest feedback.

Analyst at McKinsey, base salary ₹16,96,000/- + unspecified performance bonus.


Analyst - level 11 at Accenture , they have revised their offer two times and final offer is:
Base/fixed salary - ₹17,00,000/- +
Joining bonus - ₹1,70,000/- +
21% performance bonus which makes it ₹20,00,000/-.

3-4 years down the line which company will add more value to me financially and otherwise.

I have 2.5 yoe as a data scientist.

Thank you.


Any tips for resume building for Business analyst role?


Hey, anyone looking for a data science role with a mix of natural language. Please get in touch.


Which company is best for a data scientist, Have 2 offers in hand, both individual contributor roles

Optum - 34 lpa - 80k joining bonus
Verizon - 35 lpa - 2lakh joining bonus

Need your opinion in terms of job security , work life balance , career growth.


Hi Everyone, can you please share your thoughts on Scaler Academy Data scientist program ?


Hi fellow data scientists,

For those having 4+experience in data science, hows your salary, are you happy with it?

Being a data scientist, hows ur wlb?

What are your future plans? Planning to increase pay in india or move abroad?

Thanks in advance!


Hi fishes,
I started learning about ML algorithms from last 1 month.
Can anyone suggest a good course where i can get the required mathematical background for different ml algorithms or how the model works?

Is jovian datascience bootcamp worth pursuing ? Please pour your suggestions 🙏