{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "Hi ladies! Going through some personal major transitions and would love some inspiration. What is a time in your life where you went through a situation that was initially difficult (layoff, breakup, moving, etc) and you ended up using it to make yourself and/or your life even better? Anything and everything counts: found a new job with better pay or wlb, met your life partner, got into the best shape of your life, etc! Please brag!", "post_id": "62844053218a3f002c62ce53", "reply_count": 22, "vote_count": 21, "bowl_id": "59e88be7e2808e00149b0443", "bowl_name": "Women In Consulting", "feed_type": "bowl" }

Hi ladies! Going through some personal major transitions and would love some inspiration. What is a time in your life where you went through a situation that was initially difficult (layoff, breakup, moving, etc) and you ended up using it to make yourself and/or your life even better? Anything and everything counts: found a new job with better pay or wlb, met your life partner, got into the best shape of your life, etc! Please brag!

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I thought I had it all...the job, my dream house, and was engaged to what I thought was my "forever person". Three months prior to the wedding, he unexpectedly came to me on NYE and said he saw no future with me in it. I was CRUSHED. I had to sell the house we had built together because I couldn't afford the mortgage solo.

Out of the blue, a former client that I worked with 2 years prior reached out to me on LinkedIn. She said she had a Global Manager role for me, but the catch was I would need to relocate to Europe. I had always wanted to live abroad and had no home / no future, so I immediately said yes.

Cut to a few months later, I flew to my new country to meet my future staff. At the end of day 1, one of the girls on my team said she could either drive me to my hotel or she was going to the pub to meet some friends and I was welcome to join. Of course, I said let's grab a beer!

At the pub that night, half way across the world, I met one of her friends......who is now my husband and who I now have 3 beautiful children with.

If I wouldn't have hit rock bottom, I would have never agreed to walk away from what I thought at the time was a "perfect life".

Now I know that something infinitely greater was just waiting for me on the other side!!!


Love love. Wonderful, congrats


Honestly right now. Got dumped for a racist reason and it crushed me. But I’m starting a new job that I’m extremely excited about in two weeks. Finally broke the six figure barrier after growing up in poverty (sub 25k household income). So I’m really happy. I managed to do something no one in my family has ever done. And I’m being kinder to myself in general. Going to start going to the gym and finally investing in a personal trainer. And even though I’m overweight at the moment I love my body 😊 and my birthday is in a month 🥳 I’m thriving and I truly believe I deserved good things now.

I don’t know what you’re going through but I wish you the best!


Congratulations!!! This is great!

Got dumped, went through a layoff, and became homeless… then proceeded to spend three months on the road to see 24 National Parks. Old boss called me back to my old job and was offered an apartment 50 feet from the beach….

When life gives you lemons, make yourself some lemon meringue pie. 🥧


Boyfriend of 10 years cheated on me and put me through hell for a year, then broke up with me on my 30th birthday on a tropical vacation we took together.
I poured all my energy into finishing studying for the GMATs. One month later, I scored 700+. Five months later, I was accepted to my top choice M7. Two months after that, I was set up on a blind date with my now husband.
Lots of ups and downs since, but after years of consulting, I’m working at the job of my dreams with a beautiful life in the burbs with my little family and new son. Life is great on the other side!


We’ll all meet you there 💜


Break up with my ex. I was so heart broken but I realized that suddenly I had a lot of extra time. So I set to find myself and tried so many random hobbies. Lots of memories from that year, and then I met my husband.


Thank you so much all, I literally teared up reading these. All of you all are so inspiring and I hoping to be with you all on the other side soon. Truly, thank you - y’all gave me some much needed hope 💕


I was absolutely miserable in my former job, pre-Covid. I had a toxic boss who didn’t have any desire to support me, and I was living in a city where I had wonderful friends but no family and no desire to stay long term. I had a (at least) weekly breakdown crying and couldn’t get out of bed. It was awful.

I applied EVERYWHERE & snagged a handful of interviews. I wanted to be in the city where my family was & in a job I was excited about but had trouble finding this combo. I ended up turning down / pulling out of 3 of the 4 opportunities I had in the pipeline for those reasons.

I ended up quitting that toxic job with nothing lined up. I moved home with my parents for about 2 months. The job I REALLY wanted that was dragging their feet finally gave me an offer, and I found out the week before I did a 10 day trip with my mom. I got to recharge, spend time with family, find an amazing apartment, and start a new job feeling 100% excited and ready.

Without knowing what your personal transitions are, I will always advocate for quitting a toxic job, if you are able to swing it financially or with some help from your support system. It’s not worth it. I think the same applies to relationships, both romantic and friendships - if it’s toxic, get out and you’ll ultimately be better for it.

Please, send me a message if you ever need to. You’ve got this!!!


Recently went through a tough breakup and have been seeking out distractions to keep me busy, one of which involved traveling to Japan for a short work trip. This seemed like a lovely “Eat, Pray, Love” kind of opportunity in theory, however I tested positive for COVID (asymptomatic) upon entry. So, I am currently on day 3 of an 8-day quarantine in a government run hotel and unfortunately won’t get the enriching experience I was hoping for…Still waiting for the upside to all of this but reading these posts gives me hope 🤞🏼


This is your real life reminder that there are things bigger than your breakup. You’re in lockdown in a foreign country 😂. What a story!


I lost my job last year and would drive 2 hours a day for that job .
God blessed me with a remote job this year making twice as much .
My ex of 1 year dumped me , I’m thriving now sis . I was sad for about 2 months this year but now made new friends , started new hobbies and planned a trip to Vegas with my girl friends . Things will get better I promise you


Recently a breakup with my bf, relocating to Denver soon, work is going wonderful, going to be a brand new beautiful chapter. Sometimes doors have to close for other options to open up. Life is a beautiful journey. The times we struggle allow us to appreciate coming out on the other side. Hang in there 💕☀️


Relocating to Denver is also my break up plan!


2019-2022 has been rough - but I am back on my feet!!

Graduated 2019
Moved to a brand new city to start my job in consulting - away from friends and family, but with boyfriend!
Was hospitalized 2.5 months in on my first project after working 100 hrs 3 weeks in a row with chronic migraine
Recovered and continued working
COVID hit. I’m an extrovert, so working from home was hard. I was sad and scared and far from loved ones. I was also averaging about 70-75 hrs a week.
End of 2020 my grandpa passed away unexpectedly. We were close and I hadn’t seen him in a year because I didn’t want to give him COVID.
My mom and grandma caught COVID at the funeral and my grandma was hospitalized for awhile. She came out with super progressed Alzheimer’s from the trauma (already had early dementia). My mom started driving 2hrs away M-F to care for my grandma.
My best friend from college got brain cancer and a poor diagnosis. It looked like he was running out of time.
My dad lost his job of 23 years, only 1 year away from his retirement.
I got hospitalized with chronic migraine again. I had been working 85 hr weeks for about 3 months and was stressed by my personal situation. This time was bad - couldn’t walk, feed myself, shower… and started having panic attacks and anxiety which I hadn’t previously experienced
Spent 6 months on disability recovering. Was still in a lot of pain, but didn’t have any more disability coverage. Was scared to go back to my job, even though I loved the people and liked the work.
Quit my job, took an offer for $185k for a seed stage startup halfway across the country where I knew nobody. My boyfriend moved with me. We moved in for the first time.
Hated the startup and struggled to make friends in the new city. Went to a pretty mentally dark place for a few months.
Quit my job 5 months in, despite nobody thinking it was a good idea. Got 6 amazing job offers in 6 weeks at big name companies. Decided to go back to my consulting job 2 months ago for the location flexibility and pay and plan to move all the way across the country in a few months to be closer to my mom who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I love my job this time coming back. My sustainability has been much better and the work I’m doing is much cooler in my new office. I’m doing really mentally well and physically in a lot less pain (still working on it). I finally made a community in this city and am enjoying it a ton. I’m looking forward to my next city too, which puts me super close to friends and much closer to family. My best friend’s brain tumor has shrunk 40% due to experimental therapies.
It’s still a work in progress, but I finally feel like I’m on the uphill for the first time in a few years. I’m meditating, going to therapy, taking walks, calling family often. My stress level is so much lower. Accepting that I can’t stress about things not in my control and just focusing on what I can do for me.


I am sending you lots of good energy and prayers. I hope everything continues to get better and better for you and your loved ones. Which firm were you working 100hrs on? I might be moving firms soon and just want to make sure I avoid that.

Babe, you got this 👏🏽👏🏽


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