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Any update?

Did you receive the offer letter?

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Hi all,

UK 🇬🇧. I have a final round interview tomorrow for an Associate Product Manager role. The interview is with the Director of Engineering and VP of Product Management.

Any idea of what questions I could expect and/or anything I should look out for in particular?

HR said it will be similar to my first round interview which was with two senior product managers around working style etc. Not sure how accurate this is though, I am struggling to believe a VP will repeat questions.


I am currently working in Cognizant and serving notice period... I attended Mphasis interview on May 11th and cleared the technical round... Second round is a managerial round... What questions are asked in the second round... Can you suggest any questions... Your help would be much appreciated


I had a question regarding Career transition from QA to Data Scientist role. Should my resume show QA experience and 2-3 personal projects made on Data Science or shall I modify QA experience as an already Data scientist and should follow fake it till I make it approach?

What would you guys suggest?L

What should I charge as an hourly rate as a freelancer in Minneapolis (I'm assuming the location matters a lot) with 1.5 years experience and a BA in Journalism? *cue Avenue Q song*

Is $75-$100 reasonable?

I have a job interview next week and all they said was "rate is negotiable," so I worry about going too low or too high.


Hi Fishes,

Has anyone given interview in BCG gamma for data scientist role? If yes what were the rounds and questions that were asked in interview


Hi Everyone ,
I have passed the technical interview in Capgemini and HR has called for Salry negotiation , after that HR said that offer letter is in process.
Now HR called and was asking aren't you interested in the offer , HR said that client tried to contact you but you werent responding.
But I didnt receive any call from anyone ..
What is this client call ?
Is the process normal ?
Like I have heard the client calls would be after joining the organization .
Please enlighten me.
Thank you.


Hi! I'm entering the work force after being a stay at home mom for the last 13 years. The application and hiring process has changed so much. I've uploaded my resume to several job search sites and am beginning to get emails from interested companies. How do I filter through them to find legitimate potential opportunities? Some seem scammy.


I was selected in TCS in May 2022. Had accepted the offer but didn't complete further process(BGV and all). Now I am getting innumerous numbers of calls daily from TCS to attend the interview. So I attended one yesterday and got selected as well.Now they're asking me to complete profile on TCS ibegin portal. But it is saying duplicate profile found(due to PAN no.) as I had already accepted offer few months back from some different email id. And my profile is still there in the system. What should I do?

Let me share my interview experience with Amazon India

1. Cleared 1 screening and 2 technical rounds. I got confirmation that result is positive but position is closed. We are referring u 4 another role. 2. Again 1 screening and 2 technical rounds which got cleared. On the day of final leadership interview got a call from recruiter that this position is closed. Refering u 4 another role. 3. Direct technical round. Got rejected. No more referal 😀


Does Cerner send rejection mail ?

I received interview feedback form.

Is it positive or negative sign from recrutier?


I am just so frustrated. I have been the finalist for four positions and did not get the job each time. What’s so frustrating is that the interviews all go amazing, so well that I’ve been told how excited they are for me to come on, and I’m a great fit for the role. I just don’t understand why this is happening, but it is so frustrating! Any thoughts?


What advise do you have moving forward with a career. I left my employer after18 yrs in June. my boss was laid off before covid, they didnt post his job for 2 years. I ran the site for that time, received many accolades. When it posted i got no interview. In June a company made an offer for same money for board director I took it. Turns out they were pitching lies. They had no integrity and were incompetent. I left this month. I haven’t been out of a job 25 years. How do I pick myself back up?

Anyone interviewed for strategy role at a bulge bracket bank? Tips on the interview process? Seems like an internal consulting role focused on specific part of their business. Am I wrong to expect similar pay and pay increases YoY like consulting?


10 YOE in strategy/ MGMT consulting. Got an AWS "company fit" fit but not a fit for the position I interviewed for. The recruiter said they are going to keep looking for openings that would be a better fit (non-tech). Has anyone received an offer in this situation, and if so how long did it take?


How’s the structured versus unstructured case interview process go at ZS?


Salary negotiation

Applied to a job, agreed a salary expectation of £125k to £135k. Discussed range as achievable on two separate occasions.

3 interview rounds later, offer of £106k. Strong pushback from me on the call and a follow up note. Awaiting a revised offer.

Any thoughts on that strong a lowball opening offer? I am both irritated and intrigued.


I applied for an internal audit position and quickly interviewed with HR and hiring manager. 2 weeks ago HR reached out and said I am still in consideration for the role but they are trying to get


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Hey 🐠, please suggest some good resources to prepare for AWS certified data analytics certification


So how did you all know its time to switch birth controls? How do I know if my emotions are being affected by my pill or if im just bat shit crazy all on my own 🥴 Ive been on the same pill for about 5 years now


ACN seems to pay pretty well overall in comparison to other firms for people just starting their career. At what level does ACN start paying less than other consulting firms, or equal to industry jobs


Hello, Can anyone assist me with a referral for Diversity positions Google . I have 20 YOE doing this both people and supply chain and would love to get a referral in this area. I am more than happy to send resume and whatever else is requested. I also can relocate to other markets for this opportunity. Thanks in advance


Guys, got an offer of 76k CAD from Deloitte as senior, Audit private... Is it senior 1 or Senior 2?
Please help...


Why does an entry level position require 5 years of experience?


So West Bengal wants TMC government but they don’t want Mamta as CM. She should respect people’s mandate and let someone else be the CM.



Any M 🐠 interested in going on a date?


Is BA Continuum and Bank of america both are same ?

Offer Letter will be based on BA Continuum?


the calm before the storm

Post Photo

This is kind of a personal post but I recently had an encounter with someone who told me I had a "typical lawyer personality" aka found me boring or difficult to talk to, I guess. This was someone totally outside of my social circle. Do you think this is true of lawyers? We do have a very different life than most people, but I'm wondering if it's something I should work on.


I am so discouraged. I have students who are SO LOW. Like, kindergarten skills but 8th grade aged. I have no idea how to help them learn. I feel so unsupported. I have 45 minutes with them each day.


Is there a tool I can use to record and transcribe meeting/calls (google meet, zoom, teams)?


does anyone know if maip selection is over? was a finalist + fellow last year and did not receive an offer this year but no correspondence whatsoever about what’s happening

Part of a large firm which is fairly hierarchical and am fairly junior in tenure. Feel like I don’t actually like any of my “superiors” and most of them have a very divergent views of what life is (given how much they want to work and how often they prioritize work). I like the work, I’m just tired of being exhausted by internal senior stakeholders and their never ending demands. Is industry the right place to look for some sense of reasonability? Any other advice?


Does FCB close the week between Christmas and New Years? I feel like a lot of agencies are moving away from that

Anybody have done procedures to get rid of smile lines in NY? What did you go through and where? Torn between trying a laser procedure like Shurink or just try Botox


My joining date is coming closer, however education background checks are still processing ( international degrees) . My onboarding coordinator told me that I can still join even if education check is still in progress, provided there wont be any flags. I don’t see any issue with my degrees and have done same with my past companies.
Anyone experienced this ? Any problem joining while check is processing ?


Any recs for a good OBGYN close to downtown?


Additional Posts in TCS 1

Is there any chance to get rehired in TCS?

I was contacted by Recruitment agency; they created my profile in iBegin; later nothing happened! Now I couldn't apply to any positions in TCS. Can someone advise what to do next? Looking for HELP! My last working day in HCL is 8-April. I work as Scrum Master.

Can we apply to TCS again once we accepted the offer and not joined.


How much time does it takes for getting the joining date in tcs after offer letter is released? My status is BGC scheduled.


Can anyone help me for an interview with TCS in SAP SD.YOE 7 years

Monthly take home salary in TCS for 27.23 lacs CTC for an associate consultant?

Folks, What is the chance of getting Gandhinagar location for Gujarat candidates?

What does the Associate Consultant do in TCS??


I have received an offer in TCS accepted it and submitted the documents for BGC . The CTC i mentioned is 13L in iBegin portal and uploaded the same recent hike letter. But my current company held my offer of 13L and salary/payslip is with old offer and i have submitted documents with new offer letter which is 13L.
I am little concerned it might impact negative on my BGC..

Does they verify hike letter too ?


I need gugaon location in the offer letter they mentioned as new will i make sure that i will get gurgaon office

Hi, Got offer from TCS with 8 YOE with location as Bangalore. The job location mentioned in the email is one of the offices (there are multiple offices) in Bangalore far away from my residence. Is there any option to opt for nearby location? Does TCS Hr or manager consider such requests? I know its WFH for time being but looks like offices gonna open soon.


Hi Team,

I have been selected for TCS and Infosys on Snowflake. I have total 10 yoe but my salary is less 11LPA. Which one to prefer for joining interms of WLB and project allocation. Seems I was selected for Bench. Please assist me.


I have TCS Site Reliabulity Engineer final Interview round tomorrow.

May I know if any one has experienced it recently of this?


Hey fishes,

What salary can i expect in tcs for system engineer role with 4 years of exp


Does anyone knows how is telefonica germany project in tech mahindra??


Has anyone's joining postponed in Tcs due to bgc scheduled status in ibegin portal? I have my joining and it's status on ibegin is showing as bgc scheduled.

Hello guys,

Any information on below would really help!!
I had package discussion with TCS HR this month 4th but I have not heard back yet. Tried to reach out to hr but no response.

Does anyone know how long they take to release offer letter?

If they put on hold or reject..will they notify us..
Please respond!?

Did anyone receive offer from TCS this month??