Hi, seeking guidance for my job search after 4 yrs of career break. Was working as a TL Financial Analyst in 2018 but then had to move to US with my husband on H4 visa which didn’t allow work (hated it). Got EAD work permit recently. Now as much as I am confident that this gap won’t impact my work as I have been constantly brushing up and acquiring new skills, I’m struggling to generate recruiters interest in my job applications. Would appreciate any guidance on how to kick start my career again

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I don’t have guidance unfortunately but I want to wish you allll the luck! I don’t think a 4 year gap is so big that it would hinder you.


Appreciate the kind words. Thanks 🙂

I think employers are generally understanding so long as things are spelled out- I might wonder why your H4 EAD processing time was that long, but given covid and other extenuating factors it could be reasonable- if there are ways you can show that you were building skills but not employed that's worth noting on your CV too. Networking/cold/warm emailing will be important to get your foot in the door. Good luck!


Delay from my spouse’s employer and then covid both caused such a long time in getting EAD.
I have tried to explain what I did during my break in my resume as best as I could and at the same time keeping it short.
I will start working on the networking aspect too.
Thanks for the advice. Hustle mode is on 😊

Try looking for returnship programs.


In the exact same boat. Job search has been really very difficult.

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Called Chase to set up an appt to open a business checking account for my crypto mining business. Rep talked to me like I was on a no fly list, said she would get back to me before putting it on the books. Anyone have experience banking with a crypto biz?


Hey Team

I'm on a H1B so I am supposed to pay Medicare and SS taxes, but my employer has not withheld anything- my hnr block advisor caught that but she just completed my returns assuming I don't have to pay those taxes

What is the right protocol in this case? Do I owe SS and fica taxes?


Did most of the companies shut their doors for H1B holders? Anyone still hiring people on H1B?

I've reached peak churning levels. Can someone make this pandemic go away so I can focus on the art of redemptions?

Chase UR: 437k
Amex MR: 325k
Capital One: 260k
BA miles: 363k

Discover CB: $970 (most of this was arbitraged back in 2015 with the 10% cashback w/ Apple pay)



Anyone know if google sponsors US visa for EU citizens not living in the US? (Planning to move to NYC)


How do you get a discount on personal Amex card annual fee with a corporate Amex? Heard it’s possible.

If you’d like a referral to the Amex Platinum card with a welcome offer of 100,000 points and 10x points on restaurant spend worldwide in first 6 months, let me know. DMs are open too.


Hi Fishes,

Can anyone tell me how many rounds of interview are there in
JPMorgan Chase & Co?

I had only 1 round as of now, it was with the Process head VP along with the person I will be reporting (if got selected)

It's been almost 4 days since I had that interview; however, no feedback has been shared with me.

I can see that my profile/application is under review for basic requirements.

Should I consider my profile as reject?

Any thoughts/guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

Do @masterCard gives international relocation? Or visa sponsorship for internal job transfer ?


I used to live in the US for 7 years with H1b and left it in dec 20. I still trade stocks on Robinhood and TDAmeritrade but not sure what should I do for taxes for 21. Do I file it or not ? Since I haven’t let my brokers know that I’m outside of the US they send me tax forms. Any thoughts? Advices?


Recently got the Amex blue cash preferred card with 6% cash back on groceries.

How is this applied? I can't seem to figure if the money is coming off statements automatically or if I have to do something to gain the value.

Also whats the easiest way to see how much you've earned from this?

I'm finding Amex hard to navigate


How long visa processing will take for belgium. What will be salary for ITA C2 and C3A?


My H1B petition is approved( visa processing is left). What are the next steps and timeline? Should I retrieve my resignation in hope of this?


Hi guys,
I have two offers to decide on. I have a 5.5 years of experience as a Full stack Developer. Please help me to decide what should be the best option to choose.
Fixed - 30LPA
Variable - 3.6LPA
EPF - 1.8LPA
CTC - 36 LPA
Joining Bonus - 6Lacs
Stock - 10,300 USD for 3 years
Position - Senior Software Engineer

Fixed - 30LPA
Variable - 6LPA
EPF - 1.8LPA
CTC - 38 LPA
Joining Bonus - 10 LPA
No Stock
Position - Tech Lead


Asking for a friend: I am under the F1 visa and I have been laid off (Wayfair) but I will remain as an employee and receiving salary and benefits for two more months, even though I won’t be actually working any more. I want to know if that does or does not count for the OPT unemployment period. Please help


Any idea if Deloitte does premium processing for H1B transfers?


Anyone else got told that they don’t meet the work experience requirements for their PERM role? Have less than 2 years left on my H1B until the 6 year max and don’t know my options. Our immigration team has not been responsive or helpful.

Hi Fishes, working in TCS, Help me choose below option.
TCS giving USA onsite, ~80k USD ( H1B was expired, came back to India, still 3 years left, have approved H1B extension, not stamped yet) - CCTC - 9.25L
Infosys 24L (21-F,3-V)
JPMC - 28L Fixed.

Would it be possible to use my H1B in infosys/JPMC in future.? I don't have new H1B extension docs with me. Can H1B employer be changed in india ? Infosys JPMorgan Chase


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Is $78k enough for starting salary in SF? I’m splitting rent with girlfriend, so won’t be much more than what I pay now in Chicago, under a $63k salary. Is it a smart move?


Hey guys,

Received an offer from Accenture to join at Career level 11. Tech stack: SAP ABAP.
Current CTC: 5.75 fixed + 10% Variable
Offer: 7.5 fixed + 21% Variable.
Is it a wise decision to switch from Deloitte to Accenture at this level.
Education: BCA Please advise!


Thinking of either Belize or Costa Rica late fall this year. Any recommendations? In particular would like to hear about Marriott hotels and off-property excisions in both countries. Thanks!


What is the internal partner promotion to external hire ratio at your firm? (And similar ratio at public firms for PPMD or partner equivalent )


I recently left work to focus on my health and started addressing an eating disorder I’ve had for 10 years. Currently in treatment and slowly making progress. ❤️ to all those dealing with the same.


Hi Fishes
Planning to shift to Pune in Mid May or June.
Any leads on flats or flatmates, please dm
Female A
Looking for a fully furnished flat
Rent can be around 15k.
(Telugu valu ayithe inka better)


In the works of growing my small business digital media company for 2022. Filed my LLC, completed my SAM .gov registration and working on state credentials.

How/where should I look for RFPs from prospective clients, and what is some of your valuable business knowledge you can pass to this entrepreneur?


How much joining bonus you received from nielseniq ?
Comment - {yoe} - { joining bonus amount }

See something you don't like or disagree with?

Post Photo

What is the 5% Jan hike in PwC AC?
Is it for all or adhoc or part of any cycle/performance based?


Question based on another’s recent post. Are there any firms in the U.S. that focuses on forensics within the Oil & Gas space for or with connections to the Middle East?

Long story short, had done Arabic language classes in school and was an Alternate recipient (no real merit and I ended up withdrawing) for the Boren / NSEP fellowship in the Middle East. Funny enough it was actually supposed to be in Qatar. Would love to explore that again.


Something that severely gets into my nerves :

I advise clients on tech and sometimes help them debug stuff. This client told me they tested the solutions I gave and that it didn’t work, and requested a meeting to sort it off. We schedule a meeting. I just inspected their account and they haven’t tested shit, I can see the same code mistakes, they never tried to change anything.

I’m pissed. They’re basically wasting my time and I don’t even see the point in meeting with them.


Taking the SHRM CP exam in July - signed up mid May, a lot of info for what seems like a short period of time, any tips for studying?


Best compliment / best thing your boss has said to you to show how he/she values and appreciates you?

Why are startup and mid sized companies forcing me to attend interview?


Anyone here who can refer me for Epsilon


Anyone take courses/get a degree from Harvard Extension School? Experience? Was it worth it? Are you also able to build a network? Realize it’s not like an MBA, but that doesn’t fit my life now .


Anyone joining PWC KSDC and attended independence checkpoint webinar? Or anyone who is an employee currently who can help me.. where to fill PPF account details?


Does anyone have experience with leca or other semi-hydroponics as an alternative to soil? Im pretty new to houseplants, so I got a bag of MiragleGro and didn’t realize that it had soil mites AND has horrible drainage overall. I’m kind of over soil rn :/


Is there anyone looking for an entry level ,network engineer or firewall engineer , aws cloud engineer or security engineer …you can pm me


Additional Posts in Women in Finance

I worked as a Treasury Payment Coordinator for 5.5 years, my WPM is over 66 with no errors and I can consistently answer over 200 emails a day, with great KPI scores. In August I was let go with no warning, citing “budget cutbacks” but they kept my teammate with low scores on everything. I’m looking for something new now but all I come across online is scam job posts. How do I apply with a legitimate company, how do I protect myself from spam?


What’s the best virtual event you’ve attended? Looking for ideas for our women’s network, new hire class, industry groups etc. so anything could work!


How have you navigated your career being one of the very few women in the room? This is a daunting dynamic to confront early in a career that it will likely be this way going forward.


so I just had my quarterly feedback meeting w my boss and my negative feedback was that I never turn my camera on so it comes across like I’m unprepared.... it was partially due to circumstance but also in part because I’m insecure about being seen as less than without makeup and professional clothes..thoughts?


Did anyone see the post in the Work-Life bowl posted by the analyst? Saying that he(26M) was scared to be judged at corporate events for his gfs(19F!!!) hair color & tattoos? If you didn’t, please check out the comments. And then remember that these are men in the financial industry, that could very well be your coworkers. The grooming. The objectification. I am disgusted, but not surprised.


How do you get the most out of your Series 7? From feeling like you are actively using it and making a nice income. I would hate to feel like I need a career move just because the Pay isn’t where I need it to be or maybe it’s because I am in Ohio?


What are some of the things you guys do while listening to audio books?


My manager consistently makes condescending remarks about my work even though I’m overworked and prioritize what is urgent. I regularly work 12-13+ hours a day but never receive any confirmation or recognition that I’m doing a good job and there is always something to criticise.
How should I approach speaking to my manager about this toxic environment?
I’m the only woman on my team and have noticed my manager does not speak to my male colleagues with the same tone


Any ladies work in FinTech? Interested in what your salary is. I work for an insurance carrier but manage our relationships with our platform partners, manage firm relationships to leverage those FinTech partners, do training/webinars, create marketing, develop strategy, collaborate across multiple internal business partners to create opportunities while also being the SME for the platforms. My job is so new and so random? That it is hard for me to determine what my true worth is.


Would you say this was unprofessional, or would you have done the same? I was called out to present on a call mon night on which I got humiliated with questions: such as why are you telling us this, what even is this that you are sharing, kept getting cut off to explain myself. I was of course the only woman in the meeting. I literally cried after that’s how awful I felt. So today, similar call was scheduled, I just rejected, said I had something urgent come up and didn’t go.


Hi Ladies!

I am a current IB analyst at a BB in an industry coverage group. Have been thinking of recruiting to PE but don’t know where and how to start. Any advice? Also, is there a way we could share our prep resources and materials here?

Thank you in advance!


Anyone have advice on handling other people’s stress rn? My brother is a resident and starting a hospital rotation (family medicine, Nola).  My mom is stressed out of her mind. Idk how to help


Hey all! Recently I got a message from a recruiter from Morgan Stanley to apply to some roles. For those who work there, how do you like the culture of Morgan Stanley? Do you feel there are a lot of growth opportunities?

In a few years I am hoping to start a family and would like to stay at an organization for at least a couple of years. So I’d also like any input/comments on the benefits Morgan Stanley offers.

Currently I work at Citi and I am a black woman so that’s why I ask about culture


Hey all, what’s your opinion on providing 2 Week notice? Do you think it’s still standard or depends on the situation.

I recently received my start date for a new job, and am happy to be leaving my current situation- it is a very hostile environment. I’m debating whether to give a week or two week notice.


Hi! For any CSAs out there. Any tips for negotiating your revenue share compensation with your FA at Morgan Stanley. Is 3% too much for a start?


Happy Friday everyone!! What are your weekend plans?


Any women in IBD who have gotten pregnant as a senior associate/early VP? Tips on who and when to share with different folks (HR, deal teams, ppl in group in general)?

How are you guys staying healthy and proactive during this “tri-demic”?

I quit my job at a bank call center (MF dealer) didn’t give out a 2 weeks. I’m finishing up my licenses and school starts in 2 weeks. I’m 22 with 3 years of banking experience, 1.5 years of investment associate experience. Do you think that leaving without giving a notice will follow me in the future? It’s a call center, and I was not able to control my schedule so we always got it 2-3 weeks in advance but couldn’t plan ahead. Will school/scheduling be a good excuse if my next employer asks?


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