Hi Sharks,

Need suggestions on how to make zero tax with all possible deductions for the salary mentioned below.

CTC - 20lpa (18fixed + 2variable)

1. Standard PF deduction by company for 10k
2. Home loan co-applicant along with father for 10k (property is with father's name)

Currently staying at home. Will be moving to work location from Jan.

No other deductions or investments.

Highly Appreciate for the suggestions on what to invest and how.

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Once you cross the 30% threshold forget about zero tax. There's no way to make the tax come to zero. You can use the old regime and use the 80C, 80D and HRA if applicable. I'm not sure if you'll be able to use the interest component on the loan since you are a co-applicant.

For your investments it depends on a lot of factors. Do you have any goals? When do you want your invested amount (time duration). In case of equity always take more than 10 years to see proper growth and choose for debt part for less than that.


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Hi Fishes,
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Hello Sharks,

Need help on salary and tax part.

I have got an offer from US MNC for 35 LPA INR with YOE 9. Please let me know how much would be the deduction and tax benefit options (basically save taxes).


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Can I get some likes please

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I wish this wasn’t true…

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Additional Posts in In Hand Salary Calculation👍

Hello All,
Could you please help me know what will be in-hand salary for 18 lakh fixed pay?


Hi fishes,
Kindly help
What would be my Inhand salary?

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Please help me out with 11 likes to start DM


Do not switch in FOMO, if you are able to save around 30000 inr per person after expenses. You are good


I've my HM rounds in Paytm & Swiggy for Frontend developer role.
I have 3 yrs of exp.

Which is better in terms of:-
1. Pay
2. WLB
3. Job security
4. How much can I ask (irrespective of my current CTC)


What will be my in-hand salary? Before and after taxes?

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Hello guys I'm new to this application.
Is anyone working in

I'm selected and I've asked for 18lpa
YoE: 3.1years
Stack: Full stack developer (Angular, Java)Uplers


Hi everyone

How to calculate in-hand Salary?
CTC : 19 LPA Fixed
80C : Home loan

How much in-hand Salary I will be getting per month?
And how to calculate that ?


Hey Guys ,
Can you help me find my on hand for below breakup:

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Hi ,
I am dotnet developer
Yoe - 4.5 years
I am planning to switch and want to get the best package. 20 to 25
Anyone know which companies do i have to target.


How last month notice period fnf settlement amount is calculated? pls explain in brief Thanks in advance


Unify Technologies Hyderabad based.

What should I expect from Unify if i join them ..?
Role : Sdet
Is it permanent remote?

Please helUnify


Hi what will be the take home if fixed is 14lpa and 18lpa respectively?


Hi everyone,

I have 11 years of agency experience in Sales & Marketing while leading teams and delivering projects across different countries. What kind of position can I apply for in terms of seniority and what salary expectation should I have?



What will be my in-hand salary.
Pls help

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IBM CIO or LTI.. Which is better for Business Analyst role.

IBM CIO : 20 LPA Data tribe work for Banglore
LTI : 18 LPA P&C Insurance domain for Pune.

Hi All, what would be my in-hand salary?
1)After deduction of tax and pf
2)and also let me know if i use full hra and 80c .
I have 8 yoe in java.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Can anyone tell me what would be my in hand monthly salary for the below posted compensation.

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Hi guys,
Can anyone tell what will be the in hand calculation for this salary

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