Hi Sharks🙏,

Which one to opt...

1. Reliance
Jio (23.5 + 10% Variable)
2. Neustar (a Transunion company) :(26 + 10% Variable)

Both offer 1 lac joining bonus, need help in terms of WLB, Insurance benefits, Term Insurance Benefits. Why wlb and insurance/ benefits is imp. because I'm taking care of my ill father 🥺.

I heard RIL jio wlb and management is very tough. But neustar is also acquired by Transunion not sure about new work culture and opportunities

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Tech stack? And YOE?

Machine Learning, Data Science (5 yrs)

Join jio , never heard of other company.

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Hi All, I fell victim to the recent tech layoffs in July when our startup had its funding pulled mid-series B. I was let go without severance and am starting to panic because sending out resumes in this job market feels like screaming into the void. Do any of you have any hiring leads for mid/senior level marketing communications positions? For reference, my last role was Director of Comms at a consumer health tech brand, 12 yoe total (+6 PR agency) tc $160k.


Anyone made a switch to health tech companies? Do you like it?


Let's do a salary thread for search, display, and programmatic pros:

Post your - Salary - City - Years of experience.

Fishbowl will circulate the data once we've reached 100 responses, so make sure to share with your coworkers.


Does anyone know the interview process for Hisense? I couldn’t find anything online. @Hisense


Looking for a gay woman on the east coast (yes I have given up on confining my option only to my city). I’m a clean person, funny, a good chef, good in bed and just overall wholesome. Bonus points if you are a top.


Does your agency give a holiday bonus?


Negotiating an offer with Amazon Canada. I'm based in Hong Kong (bank,director,12y). My base 1.08m HKD which translates to 180k CAD/140k USD. To count for tax diff (here: 15%, Canada: 40%), +40% to break even. I'm expecting +20% raise which can come from RSU. So: 180 * 1.4 = 252k CAD for base and 50k CAD for RSU. From glassdoor, this seems to be off the chart so what am I missing? If not for this then what role should I look for FAANG in US or Canada for this range?


I graduated in June with a dual BSBA in healthcare management and human resources management/organizational management and two associates degrees in business and arts. I have twelve years of experience as a certified clinical medical assistant.

I'm having trouble finding my first job as a healthcare manager. After submitting many applications and receiving so many rejection emails, I've become frustrated. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated.


Hi Folks,
Need suggestions.
I have got offer from HCL technologies IOMC Noida, interviewed for Azure Cloud and DevOps, selected for infrastructure related project, wanted to know what is IOMC does IOMC has all the support projects, will this be a good call to join HCL IOMC.
Or Infosys with lesser salary interviewed for same role but project still not decided.


How will be LTI- Kolkata as a company to Join with Designation "Specialist - Information Security"??
How is the WLB, Job security and what are the Company Benefits and Perks offered ???

How are the On-site Opportunities here ???


Vent post: I want to break up with my 14 month old! The kid is driving me nuts today! I of course love him and know there is no return and exchange policy, but PMSing and managing his tantrums are driving me crazy! Also, doesn’t help that there is so much information overload. Feel so guilty about giving him applesauce and grilled cheese for snacks when everyone is making homemade energy balls and what not!


I am so sick and fed up with some of the older clients at my job. I know it's my responsibility to take care of them, but they're just so sexist sometimes.


Posting for a friend who is an AVP at a large asset manager in NYC:

A smaller hedge fund is very interested in my friend for their Asst Controller position where the work would be more interesting for them but the organization structure is flat and brand recognition is lower.

How much of a salary increase should they be looking for to jump. Another point is that they've been at their current position for almost 1 year.


Has anyone recently done a HR interview at UBS?
I’ve completed the first interview with the hiring manager and a colleague, and have been fortunate to get to the next stage but im unsure how to prepare. I’ve done the usual compentencies, strengths and weaknesses and company research. But I don’t want to fail at the last hurdle as I really like this company and it would be a dream to work there any support or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


I heard so many people talk about free massages from health insurance. How does that work??


What is the expected Salary Range for Senior Analyst in Natwest.
YOE : 2 years


Can anyone tell the ctc offered for associate technical consultant role in Salesforce India

It will help others to not get lowballed and negotiate better.


Markets have resulted in a lot of loss this year (some bad investments), expenses are all time high, and I have my second kid in the way. I am worried about my long term savings.

I don't have any special skills, but have spent solid 5 years in strategy consulting and now run a corp strategy team within a large company.

What are some ways I can generate secondary income? Any work skills that I can leverage outside?

Any guidance / your experiences would be super helpful.


Hiya… Can we really have it all?
I’m due to go back to work after some time off & not sure how to approach a salary discussion…
I was due for a promotion b4 leaving & that may still be on the table … however the current business unit I work in doesn’t have a good financial projection this year..so may offer less than 7% but with all the increases and now living in London that will go straight to the tax man… how do I negotiate a salary increase pls?


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Taken a page out of Tim Ferriss’s book. What’s a product that’s $100 or less which you’ve bought recently that has improved your life or that you love?


If you are having trouble dealing with an incompetent employee, does it look bad to say something to your manager?

Hi Fishes,

I have YOE : 9 yrs in Dynamics 365 and my current CTC is 28LPA.

I wish to get insight from the community whether the package is good or I lagging behind?


Hi Fish: What are my chances of landing an entry-level position in a firm with 1 year legal intern experience? I’m just feeling very down with all the rejection emails, and the 3 month wait for bar results is very irritating bc I need a way to support myself while waiting 😭 (I’ve cried about once a week at this point lol)


Curious to know if anyone is hiring for any Talent Acquisition, Recruiting, or even DEIB focused roles? I was recently laid off and my background is impressive - I’d love to chat or use someone as a referral if that’s also an option!


Hello Everyone,

I have a query . I want to know about the projects in Impetus, Clairvoyant and Affine company. How are the projects. Is it pre-developed or we get from scratch?


26/F looking for a 1 bedroom, studio or 2b/2b w/ roommate for $800and under. Max I’ll go is $1000 including utilities. Preferably near the MFL or SEPTA bus line. Please dm if you know of something. Move in date, Dec 1


Hi folks, I am working with a few friends on a fintech idea. I opted to build the marketing roadmapping strategy for the soft launch/prototype phase as I want to learn about the field. Any guidance where should I start? Any guidance, books, topics will be helpful 😊


Hey folks!

Any reference for Operation Manager? I have a experience of 15+ years and have managed a team of 250+ employees across several products of a international repute organisation.

Core expertise in Operations Management, Cross team function and communication, Training and development, CRM, MIS, Team Management and leadership.



Which books would you recommend to a product counel for tech startup about strategy, management, and leadership?


Any Boston folks?


is it worth to join hcl with 31 lakh fixed

or to stay in deloitte usi with 19 lakhs only

yoe _7


Can anyone refer me for Mainframe Lead? I'm holding offer and have 8YOE. LWD is 19th Dec.

Anyone here who bought the dyson airwrap recently? I have enough RTR gift cards from PwC where I’d pay $0 out of pocket for it, but I don’t want to just waste it either. I’ve been looking at reviews and videos for a couple months now, but my biggest worry is overpaying for the quality or it not working in my hair type. I’m south Asian with course and frizzy/puffy hair.


How's IDFC first Bank as a workplace? Joining the HQ in Product team


Am looking for Sr. Manager or Manager post in Administration / Facility / Security Management in Coimbatore location.

I have more than 17years of experience in India, UAE and Saudi with prestigious projects and companies.

I can join with immediately. Please refer. I am in Coimbatore due to personal reasons.


Anyone in need of a scheduler? I'm proficient in Primavera P6, MS Projects, Smartsheets, and plain old excel. Reach out if you're in need of some professional schedules!


So rare lol

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How difficult is the CIPP/US certification exam?


Additional Posts in Offer discussion

After 2 rounds of interview (1 hour each) , Deloitte usi hr is telling me that due to organisational restructuring the offers are on hold. Got a salary discussion call last Thrusday (no pre hire survey) . Last working day in a week. Any suggestions? Cloud Data engineer CBO unit Deloitte Deloitte USI

Hi All,

I am having offers with

PwC - 17L fixed
Mphasis - 20L fixed
NTT data - 18.65L fixed
Robert Bosch - 20L fixed with 8% variable
Birla soft - 20L fixed

Could you please give your suggestions which one is the better to go for other positions.

YOE is 8.6 years
Stack: SharePoint, Power Platform, Azure


Hi All, I need help and it is urgent. I have 2 offers , Fractal and Fidelity Investments. CTC offered is same in both. Fractal being in analytics is offering better tech stack. Fidelity is stable company and WLB is good ( as per sharks ).

Which one to choose. Please help me.


Please give 11 likes for activating the DM option. Also, do let me know if a referral is required for Hitachi Vantara.


Please let me know how much is fixed and what would be the in-hand salary.

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If I take offer from hsbc and does not join , will they black list me ?


Interactive Brokers vs Tekion

Hi Everyone,

I got an offer from Interactive Brokers and Tekion for the role of Software Engineer.

Compensation offered is nearly same.

Current experience -2 yrs

Which one do you think is better?


Currently i have one year of experience, i had an offer and during the last day of my notice period management called and asked two days of time and told they will match the offer that i am currently holding i.e 8 lpa current CTC was 4lpa, I am ok if they match my offer, can you guys kindly suggest how retention works.
And what are all the things i need to take care of during this process.


I have 3.11 years of experience as ServiceNow Developer.
With hands-on implementation of ITSM, CSM modules including integrations, good in scripting, virtual agent, flows.
Also ServiceNow certified implementation specialist - discovery (ITOM) and Certified system administrator.

What is the package that I can expect?


Hello, Has anyone heard about/working in osttra company in gurugram. I know its a joint venture of CME group and SP Global but as its a separate compnay so how is the job security. Also how is the work life balance and culture like.Osttra


Does Informatica Business Solutions provides counter offers?

Hello Everyone

Coforge- 21 LPA
Clairvoyant- 20.5 LPA
Zensar Technologies Ltd- 20 LPA
FIS Global- 17.6 LPA
Capgemini- 16LPA

Please help me to choose a company amoung the mentioned companies.
I am looking for job security and work life balance.

Thanks in advance. Coforge Clairvoyant Zensar Technologies Ltd FIS Global Capgemini


Hi Fishes.. I recently got an offer from @Ericsson with 10.5 LPA with variable and @Capgemini with 12 Fixed. Please suggest which one is good to join as RPA DEVELOPER?. Thanks in Advance. 🤗Capgemini Ericsson


Hi folks,

I am having 5 yrs experience
Cituis =16lpa
Congnizant 15lpa

Job title :team lead android

Please help how to deal with infosis HR
She is saying we have 12.7lpa budget .if agree ok other wise i drop your profile. NO JOINING bonus avaiable .

My preference is infosis due to location.

Need help !!