Hi Team,

I am currently being offerd a job as Project Manager for a start up company and they are offering me 7.75 LC per annum now. I had a gap of 2 years due to covid but I have 5 years of experience and the last package was 6.5 LC per annum. Hence I would like to have some recommendations whether I should negotiate for more or should accept the offer. And if I negotiate what will be the best package for the job.

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You should receive a minimum of 15... But considering the gap, you shouldn't be offered any less than 10

Project Manager is a different role, I am not sure they will be offering a real PM role for 5 years exp. But considering your experience and role, the CTC is very low. You should negotiate and get a higher CTC. Gaps don't matter as long as you have the right knowledge.

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Hello Fishes,

I had HR call on package discussion and he offered me 20 LPA for infrastructure specialist role in
My CCTC 12.6 and 1.5 L variable and 6 yoe

Can someone tell me if should I ask for more and what is the maximum slab for this level?


Hi friends, will i get bonus and hike in tp rating?


I recently accepted a management trainee position in Northern California. Just received a call earlier about someone backing out in Austin, Texas and they wanted to know if I would be interested in training there instead of California. They will adjust the compensation because cost of living is cheaper. How do I negotiate with trying to stay in the range of my compensation I initially agreed to, instead of adjusting to the cost of living in Texas?

Hello fishes, need some help. I work for a
company which pays me 10|pa. But I also
have a client who pays me 28 Ipa. This is
my side gig and I want to keep helping
my client but I need to put in 4hrs at least
But now I have 2 offers
Walmart: 25.5 fix + 4.8 var + 3.5
rsu(vested 4 yr)
Zomato: 30 fix + 7.5 ESOP(vested
4 yoe in iOS
What to do?


I’m seeing most of the commission only jobs are mainly cold call sales. Is that the industry norm? I’ve only done inside sales salary + commission.


Do we get complete variable pay in HCL?


I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


Online Masters in Cybersecurity or Computer Science? I’m debating between applying to Georgia Tech’s OMS in CS vs CMU’s MS Infomation Security Policy and Management. My undergrad was in CS at a private school and I’ve had no Cyber experience before big4 cyber work. Lately I’ve been finding the security program strategy/transformation work to be repetitive & boring and interested in getting back to more technical work like appsec. Currently a Senior Manager with 10 YOE. 167k TC. Thoughts/advice?


Hey folks,

I have an offer of 25lpa with Boston consulting group (BCG)
And 22.5 lpa with AthenaHealth.

Yoe : 8
Tech stack : Java Fullstack Developer.

Which among BCG or athena is better in terms of wlb, perks, career growth.l and job security.



Hai everyone I have a years experience in golang
How much I can expect with this experience?

How is the work culture for reliance jio infocomm limited for jio platform limited projects.

What is the appraisal month and hike percent


Which is best company for better future.
Tcs: 16lpa
Capgemini: 22lpa
Xorient:22lpa fixed
Exp: 6yrs


If you have to travel during COVID, it was helpful to have CLEAR. Less physical contact and don’t have to take off your mask. To confirm your identity stand in front of the screen to scan your eyes (with your mask on) and then scan your ticket with your phone.


How much is the hike percentage I joined in October 2021


What should be the expected salary for a lateral joiner in Infosys ?

Yoe : 4.5 years
Tech stack : Mulesoft
Current salary :14.5 LPA

Any big companies recruiting SAP S/4 HANA project managers in London?permanent roles only

For any account people who have made the switch from agency to client side in pharma, what was your job title progression (i.e. Account Director —> Marketing Director?)


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Looking for modeling agency in NYC that represents folks with real skin - does anyone have any recs?! Thanks!!


Kinda tired of ruining my nice work shoes because of rain. What can I wear with a suit that's doesn't look like straight up rain boots? Any suggestions? Something that's biz casual enough.

Should I specialize in Blockchain or AI? I’m a freshman in a CS degree and I can’t decide. My main argument to choose blockchain is the easy entry with little experience and high salary, I plan on growing my skills during the bear market and get a job once the market recovers. Regarding AI, I find this field fascinating but I feel like it requires a lot of experience, degrees and diplomas.


Can anyone share what to expect on the online assessment for a non tech program manager?


Brillio- 26 lpa- bangalore- senior consultant
Nagarro- 22 lpa- chandigarh- Senior staff consultnt
Mindtree- 16 lpA- pune- consultnt

Yoe- 7.5
Ctc- 10 lpa, infy
Role- BA/ Consultant.

Which is best and why? Can i ask nagarro to meet brillio offer? Will they do? Any idea anybody.


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Why are people always surprised when we're closed for holidays? There are emergencies but being rude because we won't book a 9am cleaning on Thanksgiving is incredible


Any account managers/executives from the Netherlands? Let's talk numbers and get the best value this new fiscal year :)

Account executive in tech, 2-3 YOE, €56.5k gross


Is this even active anymore????

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Of the SHREK firms, which is the best executive search firm and why?


If anyone is hiring in the DMV area or remote for a Mechanical Engineer, please feel free to DM me!


Any tips on how to transition into strategy consulting?

Engineering degree from top undergrad
2 years of D&A experience
GMAT ready but would prefer to move sooner


What's the Salary range for Managers at KPMG India for a resource in Model development team (Credit risk modelling)?KPMG India


Quick question: Do you think is it fine to be asked for preparing an outline for marketing plan as an assessment test so, employer decide if you will be the right fit for position ?


I’m in family law looking to do some guardian ad litem work in either California or Washington. (I’m very flexible on area and am aware of the licensure/training requirements in general). Anyone have any insight on the demand and cost per hour for good GALs in those areas? I have over ten years as a family practitioner and am studying for my MSW.


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YOE 5 years in service delivery and assurance segment.


Hi fishes,
Tech stack-AEM

Looking for good wlb and job security. Please help me choose from below offers.

Infosys-JL6A Designation:Senior Technical Architect CTC-38LPA incl 20% VP JB-1.25l
2. Capgemini-D1 Designation: Senior Manager CTC-39lpa incl 15% VP
Infosys Capgemini Tata Consultancy HCL Technologies Accenture IBM


How much IDEMIA pays for 8 years of experience dot net developer

What's the CTC in Goldman Sachs operations,India for associate and senior associate?Goldman Sachs

What should be a good/ideal salary for a .net full stack developer with little under 2 YOE. Also what can be the max ? Please reply everyone.


Hi Folks. I have the below offers.

@Harman: 23.4 LPA fixed + 1.88 LPA variable (total ctc 27 LPA). Client side Mercedes Benz. WFO.

@Accolite: 26.5 LPA fixed no variable + 50k JB. (Total ctc 28.34 LPA) Fidelity client.

@Nihilent: 24.56 LPA fixed + 2 lacs variable + 1 lac JB. Work location is pune & I need to shift from bangalore to pune.

YOE: 9y9m Role: Scrum master

Kindly advise and provide your opinions as to which would be a better deal in terms of company benefits job security & WLB

Hi Champs

Infosys how much one should expect for Infosys consultant level 5, with yoe of 5.6 with java and spring Boot


I've an experience of 7+ years and I am currently working with Wipro as power bi developer/MIS lead. My salary is 6.5 lpa. Am I getting underpaid ?Wipro

What is expected salary of compliance officer in credit suisse?


Hi fishes...I had quoted my expected CTC as 22 lpa to Citi , I am still awaiting their offer. However now I have another offer in hand with 21.2 lpa fixed with variable of 7lpa. How much more can I ask from Citi . YOE 6.9 yrs CTC 16


How much Salary shall I ask in Accenture if my previous company 's CTC was 23 lakhs with 7 YOE in Android?


Kotak Life Can anyone help me, to know.... Does KLI has any salary band at L 8, level I. e. Vice President level


Hi,can someone help me in this . What is going to be the in hand monthly salary after all deductions?Tia!!

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Need your suggestions on my next appraisal which is on November:

Designation: Business Development Manager
YOE: 6 years
CCTC: 7 LPA + variables

How much can I expect?