Hi team,

Need referral for SDE 2 roles

Angle one











Jp morgan

Morgan stanley


Service now



















please refer me

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

may I know why you're leaving a company like Atlasssian, which already would be paying you quite well along with esops etc, and permanent wfh ?



Bro copy pasted all the companies in Bangalore


Left Goldman Sachs


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Pwc AC Do you have any opportunities in life insurance QA I am open to relocate anywhere


Fighting Salary Compression

I have 15+ years vesting in current company/ position, 25 years over all. I love my job!
But for the past 3 years I’m told that my yearly annual increases will be decreased due to reaching a salary ceiling. 2% rate increases barely kept pace with rate of living, especially after this years 8-12% inflation increase. Also, new employees are now being hired at a higher rate.

Anyone else experience this issue? How and what is the best course of action to address?


Looking for lead network infrastructure and operations openings.
Yoe- 11
Cctc - 12.4lpa


Hi All, I am exploring a contract position and they are offering the below. As I am new to contracting, Please suggest which one is better Option 1: $70/hr on W2
Option 2: $80/hr on 1099
I live in the Bay Area, CA if it matters.

Thank you so much !


Documents to take for H1B stamping?


Active position as a CEO for Buzz Chat available. CEO will own 17% of the company’s shares. Anyone who would like to apply…….

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Hello, fellow newbie here 😀
Was wondering if yall know of any remote sales jobs with a good starting base salary? I'm doing great at my current role selling senior health insurance (76k give or take a year) but I know I'm capable of selling at a higher commission range. My calls at my last company were all cold (around 100 a day). I got job offers as a recruiter and also a few SDR offers but both fields the base is under 45k. I have a four year degree and one year of sales experience. Thank you


Anyone H1B petition still not approved for this year?


Any 🐠 at D.A. Davidson willing to give a referral? Happy to share my resume


My niece is an environmental engineer, working on green energy as an intern in the Netherlands and just graduated from her Masters in Environmental studies. I’m wondering if anyone is willing to refer her to entey level jobs in her field in the Netherlands? She is proficient in English and learning Dutch now.


Looking for a program manager / project manager role. Experienced start-up founder looking to transition back to full time work. Located in south Tx. Forbes featured. Proven track record. Looking to transition back from being a full time entrepreneur. Any suggestions on where to start


Hi all, currently interviewing for an AWS Sr. Engagement Mgr role in Western Canada, but am having a hard time finding compensation ranges local to the market. Any suggestions?


How many of you use Trailing stop limits? I’m deciding putting trailing stops for my positions as they might help during a larger market correction but hesitant as it could also lead you to exit your positions more frequently in case of normal volatility.


PwC FDD or CMAAS, which has better WLB or better exit opportunities? NYC based


Hi everyone,
I am in a certain situation: If anyone can help me out,I’ll be indebted.
I have a career gap of 1.8 years and I’m willing to enter as a Data scientist or an analyst.
Made a couple of projects and started a blog recently. Working on my GitHub too.
If anyone can refer me to a good position in Bangalore,as a Data Scientist or an analyst,I’ll be really humbled and glad.
If anyone reaches out,I can have a conversation about my journey. But I really need to start working before 2022 ends.

How does team match work? Is the process typically passing all interviews/on sites then you will enter team match phase where if you mesh well with hiring manager you get sent to hiring committee?


Can you setup an LLC on a H1B with another H1B co-founder.
Both of us are on full-time jobs, sponsored by other companies.


Hi All,

I have been applying for Business Analyst role at McKinsey & Company and analyst role at Bain & Company and
Boston Consulting Group from last 6-7 months but they never proceeded with my profile or even scheduled an interview.

Can someone please guide how should I enhance my profile.
I saw few sites who help with consulting profiles but they don't seem trustworthy and asking a lot of money.
If you want to look at my resume, cover letter, please dm, happy to hear your comments.


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Question: In Maryland, a limited liability S Corp shareholder can’t be sued individually but can they individually sue someone else on behalf of the corp? Or does an attorney for the Corp have to be the one to file suit? What abt in small claims court where lawyers aren’t even required?


Hi All,
I have gone through hcl interview, my profile has been created in hcl ionboard portal there i can see hcl selection statusvis complete but I have not get any confirmation in mail.
In portal it's showing HR assessment is pending I am curious about my selection, I have tried to connect with HR but she didn't respond, if anyone have any idea please comment.

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Can someone explain in details about the Leveling system in Accenture Operations business .

Specifically between L8 to L12

Thanks Accenture IndiaAccenture


need help deciding between 2 entry-level consulting offers (AC/ graduate program)
Teneo - 46k +3k sign on
Accenture 34k +10k sign on
I know the pay at Teneo is better, but which firm has a better reputation in consulting and exit ops in the long run?


Hi guys,
Does anyone got retained recently in TCS.
I have put papers, my manager said he will look for retaintion and try to match offer, which 100% to current CTC. Just wanted to know how things are going on currently..


Minor thing to complain about now but I feel like dictation of notes takes just as long as typing them. I also don't know what's better or worse from a contamination perspective


For a conventional loan, does a down payment gift have to come from a family member?


Does anyone uses Abra to buy cryptos directly from fiat?

Hi Fishes

I have Joined GDS in July 2022 for banglore office, my home town is in Andhra Pradesh, as of now all my team members are working from home.

In my offer letter relocation assistance is mentioned as supposed to be utilised in first 2 months, but there is no business need of relocating at this point of time, will they provide relocation if I relocate at later date.


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to inquire more about Associate Executive roles at Amazon.

Did some outreach which warranted a great response and I'd love to know...
how you broke down and understood the Leadership Principles?

What you like/dislike about your job?

What do successful traits sales reps need to have in order to be great?

Looking to be aggressive and understand all that I can:)

Keep soaring high friends!


After 20 years in a niche market and ready for a change. I have 4 years in sales, 4 years in Installation, Service and Support, and 12 years in Design and Project management. I’ve recently moved my family for a growth opportunity that isn’t panning out. Relocating again isn’t an option but a change is needed. My skills are technical, but not IT or manufacture. Looking a remote openings for Project Manager they seem to mostly be IT, any suggestions on where to look from here?


mujhe itana tax kyu dena chahiye Bhai.
Planning to start a tea stall which tax free


Who doesn’t love a good malaphor?

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Any good apps for collaborating/budgeting with your spouse? Looking for something where income is logged and both can log expenses to keep track of where the $ is going so both can participate .


Anyone have thoughts on LLNW, or worked with them? Stock has been on my radar and has tapered off a bit last few weeks, trying to see if some LEAPS here make sense.

Does LLNW fall into the same category as FSLY, who’s up over 200% this year? Feel like LLNW isn’t getting as much attention but it’s a future edge computing winner


Is it easier to crack tech interviews in US say for FAANG companies than in India?
I see many of my friends after doing MS have joined Microsoft, Netflix Tesla etc.
Here in India they worked for service based companies and simple startups.


Hi Friends,

I have just been promoted to senior 3, is there any possibility that I can be promoted to Manager in mid year, February cycle in 2023??

Please advise me if it's possible what approach should be followed. Service line is GCR Tax!!


How do you tell international students who come to you for informational interviews that their command of English is not good enough for consulting in the US without sounding like a dick?


Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities

Currently I am working as an Senior Compliance Associate in Amazon India and have a total work experience of 1 year 10 months,now I want to switch and look for better opportunities with current experience,so where can I apply with this experience....


Hi all. Iam in notice period holding one offer. It would be great If anyone wants to refer me.
I have 5 years of accounts receivables Billing experience.


Need reference in IHS Markit , Noida specific opening. I have the job ID. Anyone from IHS markit who can refer me for the same.

Thanks in advance


Which company is better Sopra Banking Software(Manual Testing with banking Domain and its a product based ) with 11 lpa or Hughes systique corporation with 13 lpa(automation testing and its a service based CMMI level 5 company).

For location wise- Sopra Banking software is near by my home while for HSC i required relocation

Please help me out fishes!!


Hello folks
I am looking for job change. I had done MHA , Bsc life sciences, if any position in Infosys,cognizant,Deloitte, TCS. Please refer
And please like my post to unlock DM. 12 likes are required.


Hello fishes,

Please can anyone help with a referral in Meesho. It is extremely urgent..

I have 6 years of experience in Data Science/Machine Learning and looking for some freelancing opportunities.

How and where can i find that?

Please don't suggest upwork and something similar. Any direct contact would be helpful.

Hi all,

I recently heard about Stoa School for the working people, who wants to do MBA. Would anyone provide any insight if stoa school is worth to consider for MBA for working professional?


Multiple priority openings at PwC Acceleration Centre. DM for referral.

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Hi fishes, need 11 likes for unlocking dm. please help
Good day.


Dear Fishes,

I hope all is well with you and your family!
I’ve been exploring career options, and My last working day is 2-Nov-2022. (Holding No offers currently..)

I have significant experience in Automation testing , and drop in the comment i will share my current resume for your review. I was hoping you would be able to refer me for the job, as well as share any insight you might have into the hiring.

Skills : Selenium+ Java + Testng + Cucumber + SQL + API
YOE : 3.3 / CTC: 3.3 / ECTC : 8+


Mphasis openings, Dm for referalls

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Can anyone refer me to @shell for BA profile


Hi Any job referrals for QA
YOE : 3.4 (Automation+Manual) java + selenium
LWD: 29th June 2022
Preferred location: Hyderabad


Hello people,
I am planning to switch. I am an experienced Automation and Manual tester with 7 years of experience. Can anyone refer me?


Hi Folks

I'm looking for a job change. Can someone please refer me.

Tech Stack:
Java, Springboot, Openshift, Teamcity, uDeploy, Python, SSIS, BMC Remedy, Oracle DB and MongoDB

4 years 9 months