We are hiring for Software Engineer (NodeJS) position at Optimiser.

Experience Required: 2+ years
Location: Noida, India (Work from home till December 2022)
Notice Period: Immediate to Max 1 month.

Interested candidates, please drop your CV at
careers@optimiser.com along with the following information:

Total Experience:
Experience in NodeJS:
Current CTC:
Expected CTC:
Notice Period:
Current Location:
Date of Birth:

Job Description is attached for your reference.

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Posting as :
works at
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I work in commercial real estate retail leasing. Current employer just increased base to $100k with avg. 20-35% bonus/commissions combined. Received offer to exclusively work for a tenant and help them open new locations. $115k base 10% bonus & also stock options. Remote work, lots of driving, similar job title. Its a VC funded startup & aggressively growing. I’ve never worked for a start up, so curious what everyone’s experiences are and any feedback would be super appreciated thank you!!


Anyone working at L.E.K. here? I have 5 EOY in PBM and medical device industry and would like to break into consulting? I saw LEK is hiring so want to get some insights!


Hey Fishes,

Have anyone opted for extension in Wfh? How to apply for it? Did you get extension?



What is in hand salary for ibm. Also let me know the break up.

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What should be the salary of a tester with 6.5yrs experience?


What is the annual hike in KPMG India and Accenture Consulting Network (ACN)?
Which one is good to join as a consultant?


Anyone know if Instacart gives technical questions in the initial phone screen with recruiter? Have a call this week and have seen mixed feedback posted online.

Data/BI role. TIA 🙌🏼


Any Senior Financial Analyst at CBRE here? How much do you make ? Trying to see if my offer is good or I’m being lowballed


I have an offer from LTI as Java backend developer in Kolkata.
YoE 7.4 Years, Specialist Software Engineer

How is the WLB there? How are the projects?
Do they pay the variable part at the end of the year? How much?

Please help Fishes


Hi Fishes,

Anyone looking for a change can dm me..

Attached are the current openings.

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Hello fishes, does anyone know the salary range for a business analyst role at capgemini uk. I know Glassdoor may not always be accurate and up to date. 6 YOE.


What would be the ideal salary range for a tech lead business systems analyst with over 11 years of work experience in finance domain in Toronto, Canada?

Hi guys,
I havent discussed anything about sign-on bonus with the hr during interview.

My joining is on Jul-18.

Will they give sign-on bonus, if i ask now.

Actually what is the criteria they will consider cor sign-on bonus. I'm new to these things.. Kindly suggest.


Hi I just received an offer as Technical support engineer at Salesforce. But I'm working as a developer in my current organization in a non-Salesforce domain. Is it worth joining this role after sacrificing a Dev role in my current organization?


What's better to look good as of professional future as of backend dev?

Optum 12L CTC + 1L JB - 10L Fixed. (Good Tech Stack)

ComViva 13L CTC + 1L JB - 11.7L Fixed (Core Tech Stack)

Ericsson 13L CTC - 12L Fixed (Core Tech Stack ) - No JB / 1L JB

And If you look at it, please drop your opinion.

Thanks in advance. :)


Average social/digital producer salary in NYC?

Please suggest

YOE 2.4
Azure data engineer

Fractal - 14.5
@Rich Products Corporation - 18.5


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Warm greetings Fishes,

Looking for a Business Analysit role in
Infosys Accenture Tata Consultancy Tech Mahindra PwC Deloitte KPMG on-site in Singapore.
Role- Business Analyst
YOE- 2 years

Thank you in advance. 😄


My wife loves bags. Which is a good one to give around 40-50k?


What’s the deal with BTX stock? Forbes wrote its skyrocketing and ‘Reddit strikes again’.
Are we buying or what??!


My firm has been unfailingly supportive whenever I've had to visit a sick grandparent, attend a funeral, or generally meet any kind of non-medical family commitment.

Is this the norm in biglaw? Has anyone ever gotten pushback when they say they will have reduced availability because of these sorts of events?


Which healthcare consulting companies are currently doing well and hiring?
The bench I’m currently sitting on is getting a little crowded and I might need to make a move...


I am mentoring a junior as an alumni, do you think I should offer her to take a drink or not?


Tech bowl 🐠 - consulting or end user? Why?


Looking to be in a Customer Success position and would love a referral or even just insight in those types of roles. I was with IQVIA for 12 years and coordinated pharmaceutical company's escalations from patients and pharmacies. For 8 of them. First time doing a job search in a decade. Thanks

Please can someone help?

Current Company: Deloitte USI
YOE:12 (Manager)
Skill Set: Data Engineering

Cleared all interview rounds with EY GDS, waiting for HR call.
What designation and salary range can be expected at my exp?


I found a company I was really excited about working at. I applied for the job and went through 5 rounds of interviews. At the end they said I was OVER qualified and they want me for a different position higher up in the company. I was super excited they then had me go through 5 more rounds, 3/5 people were the same. The interviews mostly went "didn't you get the job, I highly recommend you? I'll just put you down as a 10". After those were done they told me I was UNDER qualified. Can't win!


Interviewing for a director position.
What sort of questions should I prepare for?


First time buyer. Sellers agent asking if we can waive appraisal and I’m not sure if that’s a big deal or not. Any prior experiences with this from anyone here ? Please pitch in.


Microsoft Received some feedback yesterday that I’m “Too smart for the role and they feared that I’d get bored and leave quickly. “ It’s honestly the most confused I’ve ever left a call. Does anyone know what this means? I thought it was a compliment initially but in retrospect it just doesn’t seem very genuine. Have y’all had anyone hit you with this one?


How do you ask for an interview reschedule?

My context is that I work on both Live and Test systems which usually have something planned for each month way in advance. When I ask a recruiter to reschedule an interview is it good to tell them that I can’t join because this and that work on this date or should I go with a simple generic can you reschedule this call?


Hi. I’m an exempt employee (my boss’s only W-2 employee) and have two weeks of PTO. He’s making me use that for my physical therapy and doctors appointments, and I just got diagnosed with something related to my I jury (not work related) that could qualify me for temporary disability. How do I approach this and can I get fired for this? I have to take care of my body! And he’s insanely rigid, cheap, stubborn, and at this point I don’t even think he cares about me. I’m a very hard worker!


Hey guys! Just joined the bowl!
I'm planning to start a business in Chicago that will require a special use license. That means zoning board approval and other additional inspections and approvals including the Department of Transportation if the place I buy or lease has a parking lot.
Does anyone have such experience with this process? I'm trying to put my action items in a logical flow starting with finding the right place to apply for licenses but the idea of getting denied kinda worries me.


I don’t work at Accenture yet, but can someone pls fix the list of US locations on the company site to say “Indiana” instead of “Indianapolis” it’s driving me insane


Thoughts on Kelley Kronenberg as a legal assistant?


I have joined EXL today.
For exl employee- When did you join EXL?
For others in this bowl - when are you joining?


Hi All,
How much can I expect in hand per month

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Additional Posts in Top Jobs - India

I am working as a Test Specialist having 7 years of experience in Testing field. After learning programming for automation, I realise that I am not enjoying my job as automation engineer. Mobile app development excites me a lot. I started learning flutter and even created few small meaningful apps. Should I switch my field? Will it be a good decision after 7 years as QA? How can I do that?


11 likes please.


Which company is best with respect to WLB, job security. Looking for long term to serve.
3.standard chartered
5.society general



Hi fishes , Is there a right time to switch to the@ current employer?


Having 6k SGD per month offer for Singapore location and 20lpa offer in india...which is good ,
can anyone suggest please


My salary at EPAM Systems was 23 lakhs LPA with 7 YOE , how much salary shall I ask at TCS? I am going to have an interview.


Please let me know if anyone wants referral for below open positions in IMPETUS.
Kindly DM.

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Help me to enable DM .. 11 hearts required. Thank you


Anyone with following skill sets
Key Skills :
MS Sql , API knowledge (rest api , PUT/GET calls etc), Azure knowledge, experience with Data(master data/reference data,etc.)
Other skills/Tools :
Data Management Tooling
Informatica MDM
Collibra Data agovernance

Location : Bangalore , mostly hybrid ways of working

Please DM me, opening in one of the reputed global brands known for WLB and decent pay.


Hi Fishies, can you please help me with a reaction like? Need 11 to unlock DM


Has anyone taken up and completed any course from upGrad? Is it really beneficial in career growth? Do companies consider upGrad certification as legit?

PS:- I am planning to do a Data analytics course. If anybody is aware of a better course pls suggest.


Looking for job opportunity as business analyst / product management in banking / payments domain. Experience of 5 plus years and understands technology well enough. Please help sharks.


How is the company- Global Logic?


Hey Fishes, Recently I got offer from Nokia. Can you please help me with How is WLB at Nokia & what should be the average expected CTC for job grade - 7. Currently I have offer of 14LPA CTC from a different company.. Nokia


Hi Guys

Need advise

I have around 7 years of experience into PMO/Project management and currently working for Kpmg global service and have 2 offer in hand
Current package 13 fixed

1) Rebit = 18 fixed and 2 lac variable- Project lead
2) PWC AC = 18 fixed and 2 lac joining bonus - SA2

Can you all please suggest if i can ask for more and should i try to get retained in my own company?


Please share your review on Seven Lakes Technology.


Brillio is Hiring !!!

NodeJS Fullstack Developer

Role: Lead Engineer

Experience: 3-5 Years

Location - Bangalore

Skill Set - NodeJS, ReactJs

Interested people can DM me.


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