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Hit me with your most insane travel story. I’ll start... Our client restricted bringing luggage on-site and a teammate “stowed” their bag in a nearby bush outside the office... (see below)

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I was on a flight from Chicago to NYC. I fell asleep and when I woke up, they were announcing our descent into LGA; I sorta nodded back off. The next time I woke up, they were announcing our descent into BWI. Obviously, the flight attendant made a mistake right? NO, we got into LGA air space and hovered in the air for nearly an hour waiting to land due to bad weather, but the plane didn’t have enough fuel to stay, so instead of taking us to Philadelphia, Boston, or ANYWHERE in the northeast, they took us to Maryland. As we were getting off the plane they said to meet in baggage claim and they would tell us how they were getting us home. We got there and they told us that all of the airport type shuttle vans were gone to take another flight to philly and they would come back to take us (they didn’t sound too sure). I hopped into an Uber with 3 other strangers and we split the ride. We agreed to just go to LGA and everyone could make their own way from there (since that was the original stop). ~$240 split 4 ways if interested, apparently rides originating in Maryland aren’t that expensive. Had it originated in NYC it would have been nearly $500 (i checked out of curiosity). My flight was supposed to land at LGA at 8PM Thursday night, i finally got home at ~6am Friday morning. I’m just glad none of them were killers! Don’t worry I asked lol! Thanks United!


Here’s a great lesson learned. When I worked for a much smaller company (I was employee #8), Shortly after being hired I had to travel to San Francisco several times, each time for one week. On the third week I pretty much had the routine down: same hotel, same rental car, same airline, same flight. At the time we didn’t have corporate cards as we barely even had direct deposit, and just opened up our 401(k) accounts.

This was 1998. By then I had my Gold American Express card for almost 3 years; membership since 1995.

I think it was the third trip in when, after getting settled in my hotel room, I received a call from the front desk. They informed me that they were having a problem with my card and that I needed to call American Express.

So I give them a call and the reason why they could not pre-authorize the charges to the room was because I hadn’t yet paid my expenses from the previous trips, even though I explained the charges weren’t due yet. They felt that given my past history (and probably age, tenure of my membership, and length of employment) that I wouldn’t be able to afford paying for all the expenses that I had already occurred and were about to occur on this third trip.

I tried to explain that these expenses were all business related and that I would soon be reimbursed by my company. But for whatever reason the representative on the other end didn’t seem to believe me and demanded that she speak to the “person managing the books” for the company. Then I had to explain that I worked for a very small company and that the “person managing the books” for us was my bosses wife; she was human resources while he was the president and CEO. And I was #8.

And they were on a cruise ship vacationing in Alaska.

Remember, this was 1998. Even if you were lucky enough to have a cell phone, it certainly wasn’t going to work on a cruise ship. So although I had no way of contacting them, that didn’t seem to matter. My problem. Not hers.

So there I was clear across the country, in a panic, because I thought that I would be stuck there without a place to sleep or a vehicle to drive or money to eat.

It was 1998. Even though I stated my career in 1993, I officially earned my Computer Science degree in Jan 1997. So I didn’t have much cash sitting around. No stock investments to sell. No home equity for a loan. Nothing.

So I quickly decided then and there I would hang up on the person, call back, and maybe get somebody else that would be more helpful.

And that’s exactly what happened.

After explaining the situation, the representative on the other end was more than willing to at least give me the benefit of her doubt and believe my story and at least approve the charges that I would incur for the trip based on l my past history with them. Since then I’ve never had a problem and I share this story with every person in a similar bind or any young person I meet today.

And... almost 25 years later, I’m still an American Express card holder. However these days, instead of holding a Gold card...

I’ve gone Platinum!


I miss the 90s

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...then the bomb squad was called with a robot to dismantle the bag just to find that there was just clothes in it. Unreal scenario 😂


A3 - D has one of these projects too that at this point is infamous at tge firm...

Flying from ORD to DCA, flight was supposed to take off at 7PM, ended up getting delayed, we boarded, the plane had too MUCH fuel on it, so we had to deplane, delayed until 11PM, boarded plane number 2, but pilot didn’t have one of the sign off papers from control tower, so had to wait an hour and a half, then plane had malfunction, and we deboarded AGAIN at 1:30, flight was cancelled. I was rebooked one the next flight out at 6AM, slept on a row of seats at gate for 4 hours, woke up, showered in the lounge using the faucets, and then caught the 6AM flight home Sat morning and went straight to brunch and got shit faced


Op write them a letter


Flew a redeye Sunday night, airline made me gate check my bag and then completely lost it. I had to emergency shop for formal client workshop-ready clothes at 9AM. Airline gave me $1500 in reimbursement funds because the only retailer in my client area was a fancy department store. They also gave me $300 in apology credit. The bag arrived one day later and I got a new designer wardrobe for keepsies 💁🏻‍♀️


K5, not on company dime.

I saw a lady get her bag pulled because something was “on”... she very proudly pulled out 3 very large dildos/vibrators, one of them was on. Crystal purple, so perfect. Really went with her pant suit. Can’t make this shit up. I’ve never seen someone so comfortable in their own skin, I was in awe and I totally admire her.


A5- More than one way to skin a cat, and one way gets boring ;)

My plane caught on fire, rode a slide down. Took a bad photo of the plane and made a bad joke on FB before I got mad at everyone for not getting the bad joke, still haven’t called my wife and kids because I’m bickering with people on FB about how funny my joke was, and then accused people of being in sympathetic


Apple needs to take the fall for this. Or you, or my wife. BUT definitely not me.


Was the bag vibrating 😂


It can vibrate from a shaver too...


OP still wins


Traveled to client site from east coast to Alaska. Supposed to arrive early afternoon. American Airlines decided to close the gate and stop about 15 of us from making connection; I got rebooked at Philly (missed flight) back to Charlotte then to Seattle (food ran out before they got to me at back of plane) at Seattle; had to exit airport and go to baggage claim to get my checked bag that arrived on the original flight; go back through security during the recent shutdown of all things; spent so long getting back in had to run to next flight and almost missed it (now have missed dinner and lunch); Landed in -40 degree temps on Fairbanks at 2:30am waited another 45 min for the three!!! taxis that were transporting everyone; Crawled into bed at 4am or so to get up at 6am to go brief all day then fly home that night. Didn’t get any work out if it either.



Guy in front of me died on plane


Who gets his miles?


Lady started giving birth on the plane

baby was 2 months pre mature so had to do an emergency landing and get the baby to a hospital.

Project manager (booth grad) complained that I showed up late to client office. Said I should have take a flight Sunday night then I wouldn’t have been late.


Lol, booth grad


22, living at mom’s; mom is out of town so girlfriend and I are ready for a weekend of git down; Friday I’m packing up to leave the office when manager pulls a Lundbergh “yeah I’m going to need you to...” where I ended up having to catch an early flight next day to a middle of nowhere frozen tundra in February to observe some key business process they only did on certain calendar dates that happened to be that Sunday


This is god calling to tell you to respect your Ma.


Cincinnati -> DC after a rough week
1 hour delayed waiting for plane to arrive
1 hour delay because door wouldn't open
Board plane
Door won't close
1 hour later we're on a new plane
2 hours later, arrive in DC airspace
Wait to land
Run low on fuel
Fly BACK to Cincinnati (5 hours later I am literally exactly back where I started, same gate and all)
They had a plane waiting for us and FINALLY got us to DC.


And it was Delta. Sad because they were usually great on that route

In a pre-noise canceling headphones era, I had to fly out on a much earlier flight and was stuck at the way back between 2 women- a woman in her mid 50’s and her mother. They both were very nice, rocking the sweet late 80’s version of the 70s Farrah Fawcett hair style, and pastel champion-style pull over sweatshirts. We did the polite getting settled hello chit chat and then...mechanical issue. Cut to 2 hours later and my seat mates have told me about the unique personalities of ALMOST every one of the 200 cats living in their feral cat colony. If only I had only noticed that those sweatshirts had cat appliqués embellished with glitter...if only I had known I would be sitting between cat hoarders...if only...


Did you end up adopting a 🐈 and turned into a cat lover 😉

Another flight problem with American again.... Detroit snow storm caught the airport off guard. Now this is Michigan in the winter but no one was prepared????? My flight got pushed back so American said go to terminal X and catch this other flight ok great... well i had so little time I they told me to grab one of their taxis to run me over ($40 fee) I wasn’t told about. Get on plane and engine turns off. Sit on freezing cold plane for an hour why they try to fix. Finally ready then they need to de-ice plane. Engines fail again. We do this back and forth deboarding plane once from 6pm to 11pm when we finally get on are about to start to taxi and pilot says my local airport wants to close for the night and we can’t leave. With snow storm there are no hotels nearby and get to sleep in chair in airport. Can’t even lay down unless on floor.

Next day have early flight. Six mechanical failures later leave at 11am for Philly by 2pm or so. Next flight to home gets canceled everything is booked up so they say tomorrow you fly home. Well it’s now my daughters birthday so I grab a national car and drive 6 hours to great wolf lodge just in time to tuck my girl in for bed.


That's terrible


10 countries with 10 different time zones in 14 days on the trot - landed back at LAX , and got a call that I needed to head back to UK right then


Lol - Mark has it much worse and probably does something like this every mont

Flew out of Columbus, Mississippi - Front desk checked me in and I say that I’m running late and the guy says oh it’s not a problem they won’t leave without you. I thought that was weird but then I go into security and see the same guy greeting me at the security post. I’m a little surprised but OK that’s fine - double duty. Then I get to the gate and guess who is taking the tickets. Same guy. Fortunately he was not also the pilot - But that would’ve certainly been a cherry on this.


I have witnessed that in India many times. Soup to nuts - the same guy except the pilot part


Was in Vegas when an ice storm hit my town, day before on the news they stated the airport was being closed. I called Delta and asked them to confirm my flight was cancelled, they said it was still on. My boss at the time wouldn't authorize further time in Vegas without the airline confirmation. So I call again in the morning before leaving the hotel, still on. Return my rental and ask the desk at the airport, still on. My connecting flight is in Salt Lake City, so I board knowing fully well my final flight is going to be cancelled. Sure enough I step off the plane and check the boards, cancelled. I called a Delta rep and asked how close I could get to my home airport. They could put me in at a regional about an hour and a half drive from home, would land about midnight. I booked it and ended up in Atlanta on the smallest regional plane ever, was stuck on the tarmac until 4:30 am. Finally got in to the regional at 5:30, about a half hour before the rental agency opened. I pick up an AWD and kid you not, no ice at all the entire time back home. Total trip time was 27 hours...when I could have been at the blackjack table.


A teammate rented a car and after reaching client site got a call from the rental car company to please check the glove if the previous renter left something. That was an urgent request. He had to go and check and came back bewildered. He found a loaded gun. Needless to say, rental company came flying in with an upgrade to take the car, and loaded gun, back to the facility


50 seater plane caught in fire on the ATL tarmac. I smelled something funny and looked in the back and saw that everyone in the rear of the plane was sitting in the smoke not moving. I got up and said this place is on fire let's go. The flight attendant emerge from the cockpit and said oh s*** everybody out. Lesson learned always take your carry on. By the way they don't have a slide you have to jump out so stay fit everybody.


I once had to pop an emergency exit door on a CRJ-200 after a hydraulic fluid leak got into the ventilation and the captain ordered an evac on a taxiway. Not fun as it was single digits and windy at ORD that night.

However, evacuating passengers taking their carry ons has been an increasing concern for the NTSB and other investigative bodies as they slow down evacuations. Sooner or later some people won’t get out because others take too much time getting under seat and overhead bin-stowed bags.


Flying KLM Amsterdam to Sao Paolo (12 hours), had an "engine malfunction" about 6 hours in, had to turn back to Amsterdam with everyone feeling anxious and irritable. KLM had a plane ready when we landed, boarded again and flew the 12h. 18 hours of flying just for the first leg....


Also, a return to AMS limits the overwater flying if further problems develop. If this was a 747, of which KLM has a bunch, they probably idled or shut down one engine but flew on the remaining three after deciding the return to AMS was the fastest way to reaccomodate the passengers.

A twin engine aircraft would have needed to divert to the nearest suitable airport by regulation, which probably would have been in Western Africa at that point in the flight.


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I just put in my resignation & teared up telling my client (he’s been my cheerleader for growing my career since day 1). Shout out to all of the men who empower women in their careers, they’re gems.


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Hi all , need to travel to india from USA urgently. Can someone who flew recently tell if covid test and quarantine are necessary ? Fully vaccinated Indian citizens planning to fly air India


JP Morgan gave me a urine test when I joined the project. What is the chance they give a hair test if I join as an employee? Anyone know about JPM?


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I have overall of 11 years IT experience but when I switched the firm I have got project delivery senior analyst which I thought senior consultant level before joining. However it is now I learnt that it's a equivalent to consultant that people get within 2-3 years of service.

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Producers, how do you like to interact with project managers? What support do you seek? What don’t you like about working with PMs?


How can I influence which project I get placed on when it comes down to politics and out of my hands? Found a project I want to work on outside of my sector but getting pulled on to a different project within my sector that I don’t want to work on.


DC is a nightmare flight destination tonight folks.


Random consulting/travel win: bringing in my car for trade in and hearing that I actually have a lot of positive equity cause I’ve put less than 12K miles on it in 3 years 😂


Best spg/Marriott in San Diego?


Finally gotta go back to the office. Best tech pants or business casual to wear as it’s been almost two years since I’ve stepped foot on client site.


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Dear team members, if you show up to a client site with a ridiculously wrinkled dress shirt I will send you back to your hotel to iron it and yes, it will impact the rating I give you.


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If I wear a surgical mask out, people look at me like I have the plague. I’m considering wearing a full ninja costume instead.

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Genuine Happiness, as I spend more time with these guys! My little green..

Post Photo

Cost basis on MGNI is ~$31. Have 100 stocks and selling covered calls regularly just to make some money from this stock.

Do I cut my losses (~$1500) and move on or is it worth holding on long term?


When at least 10 other riders at Ohare get their ubers before you and you requested it getting off the plane....


I am architect and considering a transition to consulting. Has anyone made this change or had any experience transitioning from a design related field to consulting? Any thoughts or regrets?


If you work past 7pm on a Friday, is that considered weekend work?


Deloitte folks - when do we get our bonus paid? First paycheck in September or end of September?


Thinking of jumping ship to a larger firm. The only his is that I like exposure to business clients and individuals, are there firms within the top 8 that give you exposure to both? Tax, NYC


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Any advice on the best place to put a $30K emergency fund? It's currently in a high yield savings account but I'm looking for a safe way to invest the money for better growth but with little risk?


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We've seen this trick before

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Does anyone have benchmarks or personal experience regarding hours per week and expected client travel practices for BCG coming out of the pandemic?


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