Household income is 350k in jersey city.
Traveling to India can we afford business class return flight is around 3.5k per person its me and my wife .
Economy is around 800

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single 25 M here. Income 110k and I always fly business to India. Hope that helps lol


Better than snoring auntie

Our household income is $700K and we always fly economy to India for us. We only do business class for our parents coz long travel is tough for them due to their age


Its all about location, $700k in the bay area is like $350k in NJ..

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You tell me can you afford that?


Don’t know thats why asking


Also want to add that I am on a path to retire early. With every increase in income we did not increase our expenses. We still live a very comfortable life and spend where it makes sense to us and spending extra on business class is something we think is extra.
If you have no added responsibility and no plans to retire early, a little treat would not hurt.


Wow- this is what keeps rich people awake at night??


Not awake due to think just working on something else


To each their own. If I am traveling for work or for Leisure with a packed schedule on Day 1 or god forbid an emergency, I would fly business. If you have time to recover after landing , economy is fine. Business class is great for getting through security especially in the ME airports which used to be crowded pre-Covid. If you want to avoid that hassle and arrive in India well rested, go for it.



Economy is soo middleee classsss …. We are NRI


If you spent that money for tickets, would you be in a noticeably worse financial position? Answer that question and you’ll know if you can afford it or not.

There’s no income bar you need to reach to afford business class, it’s about your own financial situation and discipline.


Leverage the point game to travel business class.

Which airline is best for that?

Economy, why spend extra money? Buy something for yourself with the money that you saved.

Always used points for business. Having said that. What are your expenses? How much disposable income.? That will decide whether you can afford it or not.

3 RT in Business gets you the fourth trip free from points. 3 x 3500 = $10,500

Which equates to $2,625 RT for four flights.

With that HHI you dont want to be cramped up and should aim for atleast a Premium Economy which is about $1,700, so for a $900 difference I would opt business.

How 4 th free on getting 3

Miles = Smilles
Each trip is 40,000 miles appx and you need 140k to book business

Also Business ticket fron NJ area should be around $2200

No its 3000 from ewr to del return checked all airlines

When are you flying OP?

Del last for about 60 days

Yup found few for around 2500 too from jfk but looking from ewr

OP everyone have their own opinion about money and how to use it. Someone earning 350k won’t spend on luxury and someone earning 100k might. Ask yourself and your wife if you can afford it, what your financial situation is. If comfortable travel and convenience is important for you then why not?

If the price difference is not much opt for business…
Invest in experiences people. It’s worth it.

Are you sure you are a consultant? Use points to upgrade. Last few trips have been on business. Even flew our in-laws one way on business. $6/$7k is not bad even if you have to pay for it cash. Just plan for it. Once you fly business you aspire to it.

Working for Salesforce so didn’t travel much so no points

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they cannot counter it and it looks genuine and safe as well.
I do not want to say that I am leaving because I am getting another offer.

Kindly guide 🙏


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