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How can I loose my belly fat ? 😭 any one have tips on both diet and exercises ? I am male btw!

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Better posture can help reduce the perception of belly fat, as well as seeing if you are consuming some foods that might be causing excess bloat (bell peppers cause bloat for some people for example). Other potential helpful things are to make sure you drink enough water - if you are dehydrated you retain more water in the form of bloat (creatine can cause this too). For actual fat reduction - PwC1 above had the right answer.


I’ve looked into this a lot because I have the same struggle. What is your age? Because T levels dropping contribute to belly fat. I’m at a 30 year old man and have noticed my T levels have dropped some w age recently and also frequent marijuana smoking has lowered my T levels. Maybe a less sedentary lifestylewith lots of strength training for raising those T levels would help. HIIT ideal


I am 30 too. I don’t have too much belly fat. You can only see if I sit 😂 but I can hide it way better when I stand

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You can't spot reduce / burn fat. Just need to be in a caloric deficit and you'll lose weight. Your body will decide which areas / parts of your body it's removed from. Eventually, it'll come from your stomach.


P2 is you're able to spot reduce you're just luckier than us. Fat usually comes off not uniformly but a bit more where it was gained last. And every person is different. Generally spot targeting won't do much. And doing abs can result in strongee and thicker abs on top of the fat, which makes you look larger. OP - Like others said, get your diet under control if you want to lose weight, and work out so the weight you lose is mostly fat rather than muscle.

Burpees! You’ll lose overall but worth it! I did 100 burpees a day for 30 days on top of my workouts and had abs last summer (female)


I'm sorry. All you guys that talk about just calorie deficit, don't know what you are talking about. It is the equivalent advise of trying to turn off and turn on your computer. Does it work sometimes? Yes. But is that pure luck than science? Most likely. Factors that play a role - 1. Body type: are you an endomorph or ectomorph or mesomorph? 2. Metabolism: this has several sub factors like age etc. but mostly has to do with activity levels 3. Genetics: back in antiquity, people that could actually store fat survived droughts and famines. Thin people didn't. But with advent of the industrial revolution, your body has to do almost no work to absorb the nutrients in the food. So thin people survive and people prone to store fat, store more 4. Water intake: it's what gets rid of the bad stuff like alcohol, toxins etc. The more your liver and pancreas work on getting rid of toxins, the less they are working on breaking down food. Hence store fat And the mother of all issues... 5. Insulin resistance: when you put food in your body, your blood sugar level goes up. Insulin is secreted to bring sugar levels back to normal. But eat too often and too much, your body doesn't absorb the insulin so your body can no longer process glucose and hence high blood sugar, fat storage and diabetes I have studied this a lot since I have family members with diabetes/obesity. But I am quite sure even my summary above is full of flaws. Why? Because I'm not a specialist in this field. OP - a long way to say, pay a well reputed specialist so you know what your body actually needs/responds to. What you get on the internet is the same you get on diet magazines. A whole bunch of BS.


I'm going to go on a mini rant that will aortiallt be in support and partially in opposition of your points... Many of the factors mentioned play a role in weight management (some of them quite a bit), but they do not invalidate the calories in vs calories out point. Your metabolism is faster? That means you burn more calories than someone whose metabolism is slower. Your body type is different? Well you're mostly burning more or less because you're likely to move more or less in a given day (as I've mentioned, somatotype theory had been scientifically disproved when controlling for calories, though it does play a role in where that weight is lost / gained). A calorie is a unit of energy, that's it. And energy cannot be created or destroyed. When you burn more calories than you consume, the difference comes from somewhere. That somewhere is either your stored carbs, fat, or muscle. Now it is true that fewer calories does not necessarily mean weight loss, but it does in most cases. If you're retaining water weight, this won't be true, for example. If your body type is different, or if your genetics are different, those do not invalidate the calories in vs calories out point. They indicate that your calories out may not burn at the same rate as someone else, or that you may be inclined to consume more calories, etc. HOWEVER - these ARE a big deal and have a huge impact on how easy or hard it is for someone to lose weight. Telling someone that calories out vs calories in is all that matters can actually be pretty disrespectful and cruel. It's just like telling a poor person, "to stop being poor you need to earn more money than you spend". It may be true but utterly pointless at best, and likely very condescending, and probably mostly not in their control. Similarly for food - Glycemic index matters because it affects your satiety, and while person A and person B may eat the same amount of calories, if person A consumes more simple carbs, they will be hungry much faster than person B and therefore likely consume more calories. Sleep matters, stress matters, how much water you drink matters, how much you walk matters, genetics matter, etc. But those do not invalidate calories in vs calories out. So frankly I think people should stop saying "eat less than you consume to lose weight" because that's a completely useless comment, even if mostly true. Instead find ways to regulate your consumption or your activity, and specifically ways that are sustainable. And yes, consult a registered dietitian or a doctor to get advice specific to you, because you will respond better or worse to certain stimuli than someone else would.

Anyone who says that they “toned” a specific body part is mistaken. They merely exercised and burned calories which contributed to or helped create a caloric deficit and the caloric deficit caused weight loss and that’s why the body part looks better.


Thats what toned means lol

Sorry, amigo. The fat’s gonna come off where it wants to come off, and unfortunately most dudes are genetically coded to have belly fat come off last. Closest you can get to “toning” your stomach is to do abdominal exercises on top of being in a caloric deficit. Solidify the base under the subcutaneous fat and you’ll look more solid as the pounds shed.


Change in diet... high protein very low carb ... no alcohol is what my trainers say


I’m working on this too. Hoping cutting way down on booze and working out 3-4 times a week will do the trick. And noodles. I must cut down on noodles 😬


Remember everyone, alcohol has 7 calories per gram! A vodka shot is about 100 calories.

Run 🏃


Fork putdowns


Strength training, lifting weights. Go to a cross fit or bootcamp. Get a trainer for a couple sessions

You have to lose weight on your entire body. There is no secret to one area.

1. Caloric Deficit - look up ‘bmr calculator’ and find your maintenance calories and subtract 500 from that per day. 2. High protein intake - 1g per pound of body weight 3. Strength training - 4 days a week 4. Cardio - studies show low intensity cardio burns more fat that high intensity. So go for a 30min walk a few times a week

Try Intermittent fasting. Lots of resources online on this but I found that it was the most effective in losing belly fat. I do the 16:8 principle but you could do something stricter.

Walk the treadmill on FULL incline everyday for 1 hour. 3.5 speed

Is that a sweat coming out of your eyes?

No way to burn just belly fat but you can work your back and shoulders heavily to create the illusion of a smaller waist

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