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How can people use the my body my choice argument for vaccinations and not see the irony of that, especially when when they refuse to wear masks as a simple preventative measure to save lives?

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Because it is their choice ? At least in America.


The irony IS the point. Every single abortion ends a life. Ask any woman desperate to hear that heartbeat at her first prenatal doctor appointment. Life exists before birth. In situations when that life ends, it is often life changing and devastating to the parents because they know the truth. In my opinion, we should all be totally okay with going above and beyond to save human lives, up to and including refraining from aborting unborn babies as much as possible, wearing masks in public places during a pandemic, and taking safe vaccines to protect not only ourselves but others from harm. I don’t hate those who haven’t been vaccinated yet, I hope that their intuition was right for them and that they are able to stay safe and heathy.


They aren’t pro life, they are pro birth.


I honestly can’t tell if this makes it more or less ironic.

Interesting discussion. I’m going to give another perspective on this issue, not to provoke anyone, but just to provide context for the thought process that has been mentioned by the OP. If you’re not here for that, skip the rest of my post and go about your day. If you’re genuinely curious why other people think differently than you do, here’s my contribution to the topic: As a pro-life person, I would say that the “my body, my choice” argument stated by some in those terms is probably directly trolling those who use that slogan to advocate for abortion on demand using that terminology. It’s not meant to be an actual basis for an argument, but rather making the point that if a woman has the right to hire someone to end another (not yet born) human’s life for any reason at all including life and death decisions as well as inconvenience to her dating life, personal or work schedule, gender or disability status of the baby, etc., then it would also make sense that a woman who is concerned about the possible adverse reactions to her own body by taking the vaccine is perfectly within her rights to decide that the risks outweigh the benefits for herself personally and decline to take the vaccine. Yes, there are some nuts out there that think that all vaccines are terrible, but the people I know that are refraining from taking the vaccine are genuinely concerned because of previous vaccine reactions (which DO happen) or their overall propensity to develop side-effects from medications & vaccines of any type. I’m fortunate that I almost never experience side-effects from medicine, but I know several people who, I’m not kidding, seem to suffer more than they benefit when taking medications and so they’re very reluctant to introduce any new substances into their systems. I think that’s completely understandable. No one knows whether their unvaccinated status will directly harm another human or not. Every single abortion ends a human life - it’s the purpose of the procedure. So actually, “my body, my choice” is a better argument for declining vaccines than for advocating or abortion on demand. Not that I have ever personally made that declaration, but I can see why some pro-lifers have used it to point out the irony of the common usage of the phrase. One other thing I find really interesting about this whole thing: I find it really interesting that in a pandemic it’s just assumed that all of us should stay at home, work form home, shut down our businesses if they’re not considered “essential,” lose our jobs, lose our customers & employees, stop visiting grandma, etc, etc, etc, to protect each other (which I support by the way within reason), but a pregnant woman shouldn’t be expected to refrain from ending her child’s life if it inconveniences her in any way. What if carrying the baby until birth would cause her to have to withdraw from somesocial situations, change her work schedule or work-from-home status, lose her business, lose her job, lose customers & employees at her business, or limit visits to close family members… if we will do this for total strangers, why won’t we do this for our own children? There are countless couples who are desperate for children to bring into their lives or passionate about providing homes for “unwanted” babies. There is no such thing as an unwanted baby in the United States. Many of these couples end up taking out loans for tens of thousands of dollars to try expensive medical procedures in the hope of adding to their family when they would be perfectly happy to adopt an infant if there were any infants to adopt. I also want to point out than many pro-lifers are passionate about helping birth moms. Pro-life non-profits are actively helping expectant mothers with everything they need from healthcare, to car seats, formula or lactation consultations, diapers, short-term foster care for tricky situations when moms need a little bit of time to get things in order to be the parent they want to be… it’s really heartwarming to see the amount of love and support that is available for those that want it. Of course, more can always be done, so if you think it’s not enough, why not donate instead of criticize? I personally know and love women who have had abortions, chose to place their babies for adoption, and have decided to keep their “surprise” babies. They are each precious and worthy of love and consideration. I’m not here to shame anyone for having an abortion, I just want to point out that it’s important to value all humans - moms and babies alike - and preserve as many lives as we possibly can. ❤️


Here’s my issue: You can be pro-choice and still want to help mothers who are unprepared keep their babies, promote adoption or find other solutions that you’ve mentioned. Not everyone who is pro-choice is pro-abortion. You can’t be pro-life and support a persons right to make their own decisions about their body because that is the choice. Typically these pro-life folks using the argument that it’s your body, your choice to not get vaccinated or wear a mask are literally making the pro-choice movements point that it’s a choice and it should be up to the individuals. Pro-life is the extreme in the case of abortion that no matter what you believe a baby should always be born. The equivalent would be that no matter the circumstances people should always be vaccinated. You sound moronic when you try to use the ability to make a choice against people who believe in choice. It’s also not really equivalent at all or a sensical argument because we’re taking about a communicable disease where the individual can’t control transmission and are potentially actively harming many people by not using masks or getting vaccinated (anti-life). The decision affects everyone you come in contact with, not just yourself. That said, it’s still your decision.

They are not harming you since you are vaccinated, if they want to harm themselves, it’s really a freedom to self harm, no different from ppl who eats junk food and do drugs. If you want to mandate your social circle for masks and just go ahead, it’s your freedom to control who you interact with. But you cannot dictate what kind of argument people want to use.


M1 I’m not sure where your going with this. No one has tried to dictate what argument someone can use. But the irony is I deniable, that a group of people who have fought so viciously against the validity of an argument are now adopting that argument when it suits them. Now to your agreement, no we do not govern self harm whether that is right or wrong is a larger discussion. Since there is current some systems in place to prevent it, assisted suicide as the main one. The social norm is to cover your mouth when you sneeze as to not spread germs and reduce transmission of disease, this is why masks and vaccines are introduced and should be social norms and a common curtesy to avoid spreading disease while it’s still a point of concern. Your comparison between unvaccinated and unmasked people to drug users is is not a good one, both in terms of potential disease transmission and potential affect on society.


That crowd is 10000% too dumb to see the irony. Unfortunately they make up half the country


Have a co-worker who was a “single issue voter” being pro-life who is now “I’m not getting a vaccine and that’s my personal choice!” Also adamantly against gay marriage. The hypocrisy runs deep.


Had this same thought yesterday actually. One is rooted in religion (pro life) and one is not. But I agree, it’s still ridiculous.

I mean technically if you want to go the religious route they both have roots in the bible. So really it’s just about people ignoring the parts they don’t want to follow and highlighting the parts they want everyone else to follow


Post-hoc rationalization

It's the same reason why you choose to eat out or go shopping. Best way to save lives? Stay home. Why is it that you should be able to live life as you choose fit but others cannot? What if someone told you masks and vaccinations are unnecessary if you simply stayed home? You'd call them unreasonable right? Is it actually unreasonable or simply disagreeable with your own views? I'm vaccinated and wear masks. However I don't really care if others are vaccinated or wear masks. It's already a 99%+ safe virus. To top it off, my life isn't centered around big crowds and close proximity with people, especially strangers. I, and many people, are comfortable living out our lives without additional protection against covid. At the end of day, aren't you just demanding vaccination and masks for your own convenience? Why should anyone conform to that? Of course there's a balance. If you want a strong in person social life, you should modify your lifestyle to consider those around you.

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