How did you figure out you had ADHD? Official diagnosis? Or did you research the symptoms yourself first? Read a Time article this morning saying that TikTok opened a lot of peoples eyes to the fact that they have ADHD.

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No joke, figured out I have ADHD from Instagram reels. They just so happened to show up in my feed, I found them interesting in general but also to understand my partner better (he has ADHD). The more I watched it dawned on me, "No way! This is me!" So at 33yo I discovered via social media that I have ADHD. Honestly, such a relief looking back on things I've struggled with and now knowing why. There's such a burden lifted knowing that it's not that I'm not motivated enough or just plain not good enough, my mind just works differently.


I tried one med, it quieted my racing thoughts but after a few weeks it made my anxiety worse. So I'm not on that anymore. I'm undecided if I want to try another med again.

When it comes to work, it helps to me to start the day with a written, paper priority list. If I'm really busy, I'll block time for every project on my digital calendar. I allow myself leeway to have days where I don't list or schedule block because I go nuts with having rigid daily structure.

Task stacking also helps. Like at home, I'll get food cooking on the stove and then I'll work on washing some dishes while it's cooking. It makes the unpleasant tasks less painful and helps maintain momentum.

I'm still learning tips and tricks to help me out, but haven't explored CBT yet. But really, just knowing my diagnosis has been the most significant help so far. I don't feel the shame when I'm struggling to focus, but just gently to try redirect myself back on task (which is definitely my struggle today 😆). When I'm having an off day, I try to do the best I can and know it isn't going to be forever. It's taken a huge burden away knowing that it's not my fault, that it's not that I'm not motivated enough, and that it's okay that I struggle sometimes.


I went to get my MBA and my brain went … “Good luck reading all these case studies we don’t want to read” 🤣 I was then informed of my father’s ENTIRE side of the family having adhd, my younger siblings being diagnosed, and then Instagram posts made me think I needed to revisit the convo with my psychiatrist and ask if this was actually adhd and not anxiety and depression lol. Turns out I was right and I had been overcompensating for my adhd my whole life which made me anxious and depressed that I would never be organized or on top of it enough.

I mourned the lost time from mis diagnosis and wanted to comfort the little girl from my childhood that wanted to jump out of her skin in class but over achieved to the best of her ability.

Thankfully I got the care and medication I need it and made it through my MBA program. I’m a mother of 2 kids and the parent tasked with remembering how to run our lives - my husband has adhd too and I used to struggle with the mental load. Now I’m happy to report I rarely do things like lose my phone in the laundry basket or put my phone in the fridge 🤣.

Wishing you the best of luck 🤞🏽


This is actually a significant phenomenon. Lots of brilliant, high performing women were overlooked for diagnoses because they were rule bound so didn’t act out and showed up as excellent students. Definitely get the eval. Sometimes anxiety and depression are the RESULT of the adaptive strategies needed to try so hard to (out) perform in the face of the ADHD challenges. You’ll probably discover from the eval you’re a brilliant person with significant cognitive capabilities and have been energetically depleted from having to work so hard to manage the ADHD in your everyday life.


I always had a suspicion and tiktoks solidified that theory for me with all the experiences of women diagnosed as adults as our symptoms don’t always align to the classic adhd symptoms.
Since then I’ve spoken to my PCP and we’re trying out Wellbutrin XL.


Thanks for looking out PM1! I actually did see others have similar reactions or worse to alcohol so I was concerned. I’m not a big drinker though but I did try a pint of beer the other day with no reaction! I probably won’t be taking shoots anytime soon though 😂

Watched a YouTube video on procrastination…and then another one…and another lol. Did and online assessment which was reviewed and discussed with a psychologist and voilà! Been living undiagnosed all my life most likely so it’s nice to have an explanation for some things.


I've had the symptoms for years and years but never really knew what was going on - felt like I was a misfit or just not succeeding the way others were. Getting the diagnosis was like a huge relief


It was youtube for me. I just came across a creator who was talking about their adhd experience. It was at that time that I was urged to research about its symptoms because I experience everything the creator was talking about. I went to a doctor and there it is.


It was basically a given with my family’s track record, but I didn’t worry about it until I noticed how much my impulsivity and forgetfulness were affecting my family life.

I've struggled with ADHD since elementary school, there is no such thing as adhd in my country, so I learned about it in high school by accident, looked up all symptoms/characteristics and realized that its my case


My sibling got diagnosed and I had a chat to them about it and found I also had symptoms haha

I consulted a specialist. I was in denial at first about the idea of having ADHD. I never really relied on the internet regarding this matter.

TikTok unofficially diagnosed me until I went to the doc to be prescribed meds for an official diagnosis.

failing the bar twice.

I had a feeling I had it because it runs in my family and I also had sooooo many symptoms of ADHD. I went to my primary care physician and basically told her my symptoms and she diagnosed me. I have been on medications ever since.

One of my kid was diagnosed and I was complaining about my forgetfulness to my therapist who encouraged me to read Driven to Distraction. Lots of high performing women who grew up before ADHD was regularly diagnosed in girls and got good grades were overlooked for support. Got a neuropsych eval and discovered many wonderful things including getting an answer (and finally therapeutic support) to make it all so much easier.

I felt like I might have it based on the symptoms I was experiencing. I talked to my doctor and based on the questions she asked and a questionnaire they gave me, they officially diagnosed me and I have been on medication and feeling better ever since.

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Additional Posts in ADHD Professionals

Anyone a manager? I’m recently diagnosed (26F) and I can’t help but beat myself up everytime I fall short of my to do list. Makes me feel like a huge disservice to my team. I’ve been trying vitamin D and working out, but it makes my “highs” and “low” SO extreme. The simplest things are so complex in my mind.

If anyone feels similar, how do you manage these feelings? I’m personally considering switching to an individual contributor role, but can’t help but feel like a disappointment if I do.


My ADHD has been a massive barrier for me in my career. I can’t stay at a job for more than 1.5 years.

My ADHD keeps me from being a consistently great performer. When I manage my ADHD, I am amazing. And when I fail to manage it, I fall short. And everyone then wonders why I can’t do my basic job responsibilities.
It’s frustrating. I am V qualified, talented and capable, but this thing is killing me. Everyone I know is getting ahead and I’m constantly struggling even though I’m ambitious.


Many of us are trapped in positions that are not in alignment with our values and work abilities. Much like using "superman" to drive a vehicle and deliver mail. You not allowed to fly, use your xray vision or strength. We are confined to live in square box when we are so much more than the shape of the box. I'm not saying quit your job. But atleast explore what makes your tick: what excites you and where you excel.


Anybody else inattentive type? What are people’s strategies for getting up and getting going first thing? I can be laser-focused once I get on task, but it’s a real struggle to start my day. Any tips?


I don't know for sure that this is an ADHD thing but does anyone else get really irritated by small things or have trouble regulating their emotions? Especially when you take a day off from medication? I feel like the smallest thing can piss me off, especially in the AM. Am I just not a morning person or this a symptom?


Executive dysfunction is so annoying. Not only am I avoiding things I don't want to do, I'm also avoiding things I DO want to do, things that make me feel good or that I need.


Procrastination help! Any advice?

My boss assigns projects with unclear expectations and provides no guidance on how to achieve them.

I've asked for help, and, to avoid a long post, she expects me to figure it out. Perhaps you go through this too, but when I don't have a clear guide on completing big projects, it paralyzes me because I don't know where to start. On top of that, I have anxiety, so "it has to be perfect".

How do you approach projects when your boss plays the "guess what's in my head" game?


I don’t know about anyone else but I’m feeling like I’ve hit a wall and the thought of coming to the end of the year is giving anxiety. BUT I’m glad we have each other for support. This bowl is for us. Would love to know what happy discoveries you found this week.

Happy adhd awareness month ✨


Hi, i been really struggle with work. Do you feel like ADHD med works? Do you have some natural alternatives? I get paranoid about side effects.


ADD or Burnout?

I'm having difficulty assessing whether my resistance to doing my job has to do with burnout or ADD. Is there a way to tell the difference ?


Can you cut 18mg Delmosart (i.e. Concerta) to get 2x 9mg?


Started software development apprenticeship around a month ago, for the first few weeks my manager (unaware of the adhd) basically had me sit down and watch videos what he believes are relevant subjects (all during office hours 9-5). I'd basically got to the point where I would get home after the day and have no memory of anything that had happened. I finally got given a real project last week and have learned so much from the practical element of it, he now wants me watching more videos.


My new insurance doesn’t cover Vyvanse. Today is my first day not taking it, and I’m really struggling. Any advice would be so appreciated.


I work as a fully licensed State Farm Team Member. I have ADHD as well as a few other health problems. Due to my problems- I need a job that doesn’t have me on my feet all day. Currently I am making $13 an hour and I need a pay increase but I am not likely to get that here. I also need benefits which are not provided here. I REALLY need health insurance. I feel like I’m not appreciated like I should be- am I just burnt out or should I look for a new job? Any job recommendations?


I'm a fellow ADHDer and am an expert on ADHD after over a decade of researching it at the social, cognitive, biological, and molecular levels in both personal research and academically. I coach those with ADHD on leveraging their strengths, and creating systems to deal with weaknesses.

I want to help others as I've been helped over the years. Ask away with questions and I will answer to the best of my abilities. I don't have all the answers of course. Love you all. 🙏❤️


What kind of accommodations can I ask for especially since I work from home? I am having an extremely hard time with the pressure and time constraints on getting the work done. I am a very fast pace worker but it’s like I can’t work fast enough here at this new job. And I don’t know what to ask for.


Does anyone have any experience with Qelbree? I was diagnosed this year (38 yo) and I’ve tried handing it without meds but have been unsuccessful. This is what my doctor prescribed since I am trying to avoid stims. What was your experience like? Thanks!


Stress is causing a massive flare-up of racing thoughts recently. I feel like it's been at least a week or two since I last was able to completely clear my mind. And if it's not random stream-of-consciousness mess, it's music. Ever had a song stuck in your head? Because I've had one for four days now. Driving me nuts. Anyone else struggle with this/have a solution?


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