How is the annual hike this year and bonus percentage??

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Koi toh 30 wala reply karo yaha


9% and 120% here


Your YOE in SAP?

35% and 3 Lakhs RSU


Heard many of them got 20 % plus this time


Yes those who were underpaid and below their salary bands

Mine 8.5%
Bonus 113%


Hike 28%
Bonus 118%


Hey guys, can you please comment your YOE, CTC (fixed and variable separately) so that we have an understanding of the pay scale


Bonus is good but hike is not from my opinion
I too heard people got RSU also this time
There was too much say from board and MD about investment in people is the highest but that's not the case

Thats true, managers didn’t get big cap as per boards announcement. Unnecessary hype was created

Range heard from 8 to 30 %

32% and 12 Lakhs RSU

Yes its enabled now....didnt you get the mail?

My friend got 25% hike, last year he got like 3%.

Yoe 2.5

Hi Guys, when are we gonna see our hike letter, do we receive any mail for that? Or just in People profile?


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This is an inclusive survey, but I wasn’t prepared for someone to identify as their bonus.

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This is a really great free online class. Check it out!

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Just some holiday nonsense. . What should I order? 🤨

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Hey guys 🥺 What do they ask for Airtel Xlab for Automation Testing ? Plz do reply don't ignore.


Additional Posts in Sap Labs India

Please share your thoughts on Sap Fioneer , does it operate similar to SAP's process and KPI / wiki's. How is the job security being a recent joint venture with sap, does it have projects or potential growth for the next decade @SAP FioneerSAP


SAP So... Hearing about this hiring freeze in SAP...

What about cases where offer proposals are given and accepted... And i do see new job postings in career site as well. Which is few days ago or hours ago as well...

Kindly validate and confirm on this news...


Hi guys,
I havent discussed anything about sign-on bonus with the hr during interview.

My joining is on Jul-18.

Will they give sign-on bonus, if i ask now.

Actually what is the criteria they will consider cor sign-on bonus. I'm new to these things.. Kindly suggest.


Does salary negotiation happens during internal transfer? If someone has experienced it can you tell a little about it. What is the hike that can be expected?


Hello Sap folks,

I m QA engineer with 5 years of exp working in oracle, my current package is 12.5 lpa, I am looking for QA role at SAP labs, can you please tell how much package I can expect and please refer me if anyone has opportunity in their team, thank you


Hi, My joining is on 29th August in Bangalore. Will SAP send laptop before my joining date or they will give it on the joining date in person?SAP

I have seen many SAP ABAP professionals posted here that they had got offers from SAP Labs.
I have also noticed comparatively their CTC is on the higher side than the other tech stacks in a particular T level.

How is ABAP as a module? Why does it seem so important to SAP Labs? What is the future scope? And what do you think about it? Please share your opinion, anything you can write.

I am an SAP Basis guy and am thinking of learning ABAP also side by side. Cause I think Basis is dying.


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Hi guys , can someone please suggest how appraisal cycles work in SAP.. e.g in cake i joing in june in Gurgaon office then what will be my next appraisal time? And how much can we expect if current position is T2-3


Hi, What is the average hike and variable pay percentage we will get in Sap labs yearly?


Hi Fishes,
Do we need to upload 10th 12th certificate to also in first advantage for BGV ? Please clarify as in one of the doc they have mentioned to upload only highest qualification