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So basically they have paid like this
FIS Severance package = 1 Lakh * No of years in Service
+ 75 days full Salary + encashed leaves + Incentives + Gratuity if eligible

Its around 10Lakh for an old employee

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In my 8 years of job in FIS, never had I seen a mass layoff. No idea how a change in CEO causes this. Women.


Am not a Gary Norcross fanboi. But your point is baseless. FIS did major acquisitions during his tenure.. Sungard and Worldpay. Stephanie is Worldpay employee. Pls go check it out. :)

Same as mentioned in the article


What about Mohali office ?


Any news on Bangalore and Chennai zones


Merchant solution


No, what I understood from the news and frnds is:
1 month full salary + (no of years)* basic salary..

So if you have completed 5 years in FIS, then you will get 1 month full salary + (5 * basic salary)


Mostly from world pay!!


It is just a start in India as things might get even worse..


Ohh bc

Got around 6L total compensation is 10L+

You got fired ?



Compensation paid = No of yrs (max 12) X per month Salary.

Did anyone get fired who is in the probation period?

Isn't the severance package too low?? I am not sure if there are any statutes for white collared employees.. if not high time we have something

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Hey Fishes,

Can anyone tell me how much is the standard salary for a 4+ years experience ETL(SSIS/snaplogic) developer gets in the Market?


Hi Frontend heroes... I'm a new guy here.

Need a bit of guidance regarding job change.

I have 3 YOE (relevant 3 years in react)
actually I started directly with React and later on JavaScript for core fundamental.

what should be the expected salary I should be asking right now and what companies should I target.

**By the way I don't know DSA**

Please help me guys... much thanks..


Hi Fishes,

Legato vs HCL? Which one to choose?

Please note - Both Compensation & Role provided are same.

YOE - 9.5 years

Please suggest. TIA!


Is Pharma the best exit opportunity from consulting or would doing something like PE/VC be better? Looking at comp, WLB, and autonomy as metrics


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McEnany on Fox

" You'll have to refer that question to the WH press team"



Tax question.

Filling up the W-4 form and I'm not sure if I can declare my tax status as resident alien (qualify for the exemption?).

My wife and I arrived in the US earlier this month for work relocation. I know that I don't meet the substantial presence test but i also know that it's possible to be as a resident alien if some criteria are met.


I’m taking the SPHR in less than 2 months and haven’t started studying for it. How difficult is it? I’ve been in HR for 20 years and have experienced ALOT in that time, although there are always employee relations scenarios that surprise me! How much do I really need to study for this? I just can’t seem to motivate myself to do it, I’m so mentally burnt out at the end of the day from a high stress HR job, the last thing I feel like doing is studying HR!


Does anyone know how the $10k student loan forgiveness will work for GSAP purposes?

i am joining on 17th oct with lti, will i be eligible for next april hike?


Hi fishes, I'm a full-stack javascript developer with 2.9 years experience looking for a change. If there's any opportunities please refer me


So my husband just gave me a very valuable Louie V bag for our anniversary. It is extravagant and although we are both PPMDS I feel strange very carrying it. So you ever feel awkward showcasing privilege ? I feel better better just hiding In the background


Infosys vs TCS vs Cognizant
Can somebody help me with following points:

1) WLB
2) Long term association
3) Work load
4) Job security

And if anybody have any other point to share please guide.


Spend the day gardening/building a shed. Such a beautiful day weather wise.

What did you all get up to?


Best way to politely address interrupting, esp from a male line manager? Whenever I lead external calls he tends to jump in with 1-2 word phrases ending my sentences and it totally kills my flow.


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Recommended leather care products? Just bought an awesome vintage brown leather jacket and want to make sure I treat her right

How much is your student loan payment each month?


Hello 🐠fam! Making a career transition where excellent communication via writing can be of paramount importance. Think of it as writing for large audiences.

Would like to invest in my writing skills as much as possible. Any suggestions on classes / tutors / books / workshops / techniques / or anything else that may help?

That’s be highly appreciated.


What is the best book to learn about Investments, and Retirement Planning in 2021 or any timeless book? I am 36 and only got 160k in savings lying in bank accounts and feel I am way behind. I regularly watch people providing screenshots of them reaching million.. Family composition: Couple with 2 kids. HHI: 150k. Hoping someone could provide some guidance here.


Additional Posts in FIS Global

Hi.. did anyone join FIS Global recently. Wanted to know after onboarding, in how many we will receive the laptop?
And till we receive the lap, dont we have anyone contacting us??


Hi Fishes,
Currently I have offers from Airtel, FIS and Accenture. Which do you guys think should I consider joining?

Also, will I be blacklisted if I decline an accepted offer after a month?


Hi ,

Can any one know how much FIS offer for Team Lead position

Hi All , What is the onboarding process in FIS global?.Do they ask for background verification before or after joining? FIS Global FIS Infosys


What is P5 band in FIS ? And do they give variable pay 100% ?

Hi, How can we transfer PF from FIS Global to Mindtree ??? .

In PF portal still FIS Global PF account is not closed i mean they didn't update LWD there.

It has been done 4 months already to leave FIS and join Mindtree

Kindly tell the process.

FIS Global I recently joined FIS payment solutions and services with main priority as work life balance (lots of positive comments in Glassdoor regarding work life balance) but it is worse than my previous company! Late night tasks, weekend work and meetings on very late night or early morning.

So is FIS payment solutions different from FIS global?

Should I check for outside other jobs? Still in probation. Please advise 🙏🏼


ZS Associates and FIS global..
Which company is better to join?
Please help me to choose

Hello Fishes,

I have got an offer letter from FIS global in last month their after no communication with HR and if she want any information communicated over an email.And i have responded within time.
On last friday she has asked me to send bgv document and she has told me that you will get the joining email.

As my joining on monday 11th july 2022 and still didnt got any email regarding joining or onboarding can anyone please explain about process of onboarding and bgv check?


Can some one refer me to a position at FIS Global, I have the job ID.