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How much are you being paid and how many years of experience do you have? How much do you think you deserve?

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I'm so grateful for this thread. I feel like this is the only place I can express my complaints about my salary without backlash.

I have my MA, this is my 3rd year teaching, and have maxed out on the payscale. My salary is $67,000 and next year it will be $70,000, which includes the 1% raise the district gave us for adding extra work days... Not that bad, but so much of it is taken out of my monthly paycheck for dues and adding health insurance for my husband. Considering I live in Southern California and my husband is still going to school, I barely manage to get by. Instead of thinking about buying a car or saving up for a place of my own, I'm preoccupied paying off student loans, bills, and rent (discounted rent with family, because I wouldn't be able to afford living on my own).
It just upsets me because the admins and district personnel get paid 6 figures+ and are reaping the benefits that teachers have worked so hard for with the students. We're being promised reduced class sizes, more resources, more support/ opportunities for growth, but I still have an overcrowded Kinder class, I'm still buying things for my class out of my own pocket, and I don't feel like I'm supported. I love going above and beyond for my students, but at the same time I sometimes feel as though why should I put in the extra effort if I don't feel supported or acknowledged. And I know I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Okay... Well I went on a little tangent, but thanks for reading my little rant 😊 If anyone would understand, it's teachers. I appreciate you guys ❤️


And about 15 miles away from Waukegan, I've got a master's plus 30 with 13 years experience and will be at 98k this year. Master's +0 with 13 years experience is in the mid 80's.

I tried to skim through and make sure I am not being redundant but I haven’t seen anyone from TN post yet. I am in a suburb of nashville and with the growth this area has seen over the last 10 years the pay isn’t changing. Started in 2008 at $36k and left in 2018 at $42k after taxes. With the rise in the cost of living that is absolutely unsustainable, especially as a single mother. The district I worked in is in the top 5 in the state every year for performance but we are 33rd paid in the state in one of the richest counties in the state. People move here to send their kids to school in this district but aren’t willing to pay more taxes to pay the teachers extending that top notch education. The lack of and allocation of funds is the problem and makes me sick to see all these people driving up in their 100k cars living in their $500k houses as a stay at home mom while I have to live in a terrible area full of crime and commute into the town I grew up in to teach. I had to leave. I didn’t have a choice. I had to do better for my daughter. I’m not a millionaire now and I still can’t afford to live there but I’ve at least been able to afford milk and not have to make choices on which bills to pay.


Did you change careers?

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I’m confused. Did you not know the salary range of the profession when you chose to join it? It’s a free country ... primarily capitalist ... as least for the moment. If you can’t make enough teaching to support your life choices ... with respect ... I’d suggest changing those choices or professions.

As a relevant aside I walked away from a six figure salary for a $35K a year teaching over twenty years ago ... with my wife’s absolute support. I worked my butt off and have well more than the MA+54 at the top of the pay scale. I coach two teams. I make about as much teaching as you can at my school but not as much as I did 20 years ago. I’ve never regretted my decision My wife and I raised two wonderful kids on my teachers salary, were expecting our first grandchild in October and we’re still crazy in love. I can’t think of how money would’ve made any of that better.


16 years with M.Ed with computer science endorsement, NBCT 2010 with renewal 2020. Now, don’t pass out! My salary with SC’s $7500 NBCT stipend each year is still under $60k a year.


I'm in the SF Bay Area, with five ELA classes and one CTE multimedia course. I have no prep period, so my salary is %120. I'm also the support provider for two teachers completing their credential, and facilitate a club on tobacco use prevention education. My classroom is exceptionally large because of the CTE class. I have a large spacious classroom, a small film studio with green screen, a back production room, and a sound proof room for audio recording. Lots of equipment to care for, know about, keep in order. I'm never caught up.

I have a Bachelor's and two Master's, and I'm currently working on my National Board Certification.

My regular salary is about $63k, but at %120 and a few stipends I'm closer to $73k.

It's unsustainable with a family of four, and I may have to move (I'd hate to go) out of California.

I think I should be making $100k easy.


2 Masters, credentialed in both Special Ed and General Ed. Making $45K. Pay my own health and life insurance. Definitely not a living wage. Very expensive to live here. No school materials or supplies. A lot of out of pocket . The pay is terrible and I couldn’t do it if we didn’t have my husband’s income. But I was born to teach. That’s how they get by with taking advantage of us.

Baltimore City, this is my fourth year teaching and I make almost 70,000! It's a tough district but very good compensation if you work hard for raises.


Make 101K. 18th year. 11 month salary so I only have to save for 1 month. Stipend for club advisor. We got a 2.75% raise this year. Looks like a lot, but a tiny 2 bedroom home where I live starts at $600k. The cost of living in So Cal is ridiculously high, but I'm happy with what I make.


I’m in SoCal as well - make 109k (no planning period) and don’t even have a mortgage, but it’s still tough getting by! I want to move, but cringe at the salaries I see here (I know COL is different, but still...)


65K with 4 years of experience - considering where I live, I think 100K is reasonable.


The MS I started at was 58k base starting year one, Southern California

38 with a masters, first year. Would hope for 50


5th year, BA+12, $48K-Michigan. Next year though I will make a lane change to MA, so that and 6th year will be $54K.

46,000 but 16 years 🤮


7 years, $49,000, bachelors

Generally speaking,teacher compensation nationally has been going in the wrong direction. In Wisconsin,our average salary was ranked at 18th in 2010 and in 2017 35th in the nation. Starting average in the state today is $43,000.


I’ll be in my 27th year with a specialist degree. I teach in a small, rural county in the eastern part of the Piedmont region. Our supplement is much less than some of the neighboring counties, but we don’t have the same discipline problems that they have. I make $73,000.


Soo....basically all teachers deserve more pay. And I think we can all agree it goes beyond the money; it's the class sizes, resources, and administration support that play a crucial role in how our compensation feels.


I’ve watched a lot of posts and comments about salaries and teachers struggling. There are posts asking what others do part time. There are some saying they can’t afford to teach based on healthcare increases.

I work with other educators part time. Some are also administrators. We are doing a live zoom call this Thursday October 24th @ 8pm EST. This will give your an idea what we do part time and if it’s something you’d like to do with us.

If you’d like the link please inbox me so you know who I am. Or you can also email me


I’ve just completed my 24th yr of teaching Sp Ed in Alabama. I’ve got my Masters in Sp Ed and make $58,800.
I’m in a room the size of our janitors closet and have no windows to see outside. My caseload is 31 and I basically pull groups of 4th & 5th graders all day for Reading, Math and Social Skills. I have no aide or prep time on many days. I get to school by 7:20 and stay until 6:00 almost every night.
I can retire October 31, 2020. Unfortunately, I’ve still got one child in high school and another who just finished her freshman year of college....
Sooo I’ll probably work until I fall flat out on the floor...in front of my students.
Love my students but the paperwork, lack of Sp Ed funding and being treated like a second hand helper by both admin & reg teachers wears away at my soul. I’m 51 and have no idea what I could do next....especially since I carry the family insurance. I’ve threatened both of my girls to never major in Education! It’s all politics, red tape and long hours without getting paid. I also tutor after school two days a week to help make ends meet.
I think most men who have a graduate degree and have put in 24 yrs at the same place would never settle for $58 grand a year. Sorry for the long bitchy post. I’m just disgusted and sad that most teachers are feeling this way yet year after year, nothing changes. I’m not even going to start in on the mold and lack of AC or heat in my cubicle of a room. I freaking dread going back in August but again, I love my students.
It’s the working conditions and low salary
that get to me.


Our district is in the process of “modernization” mandated every 25 years, so we’re hoping we’ll have a classroom by next year.


57k, 2nd year. I think I deserve 60k, only because I know how much cost of living is here and I know how much other people make for jobs that are alot less stressful. I think I'm compensated well however our pay isn't stretched over 12 months. So budgeting for 3 months of no pay is HARD.


I agree that our first responders are a different category because of the danger. I also think that teachers’ time is not respected. There is an expectation that we will volunteer our time, under the clause: “other duties assigned”. Rarely, do we get time off or monetary reimbursement of those times away from family. When my husband works late, he gets paid. He does not bring work home. When he is done creating subdivisions during the day, he is not in our home office working on those projects. When I get home, I’m grading or planning. When my firefighter nephew gets home, he’s not doing firefighter work, except cooking really great meals. 😊 I think that is where the real issue is.


I make 37,000 with a bachelor's (2 years experience) and will make 43,000 starting in December when I graduate with my Master's. But considering I'm a sped teacher and technically work 3 people's jobs, I fill like at least 50,000 would be fair. My husband has 5 years experience and makes 34,000 because he teaches in a VERY rural district. I think the taxes to pay teachers should be spread out evenly across the state so that all the first years make the same from every corner of the state.

NW Arkansas


Yes and wouldn’t change a thing

Wow. Kudos to all the educators in here sticking to it when the pay does not reflect what the worth is. Sending each one of you a huge hi five. I can’t believe how little some of these salaries are with the experience and accolades.


It’s my fourth year teaching and I make 39,000


Im in my 6th year. Started @ 33k, now make 35K. I think we should make around 45k. However, I would take a state tax break instead.


I'm totally with you on I would take a state tax break. Every year I up what they take out of my check and every year I still owe everything I get back from Federal. I am essentially paying for my own paycheck for two months. It's like not being paid for two months.

18 years, make 61k with Master’s. Pretty satisfied


how is that satisfying


52k 3rd year
Admin makes over 100k
Superintendent makes 320k


I'm finishing my 23rd year teaching in the Bay Area. BA + 75. I made $100k last year (with some adjunct duties). It sounds like an incredible salary considering others' responses. However, it's still not enough to buy a house in our area. A smallish two-bedroom apartment rents for $3,500/month.


$33,000, 2nd year. I think at this point I should be at least making $45,000


63K with Master’s Degree and 23 years experience...my husband is in law enforcement with NO degree and fewer years in and makes almost as much as I do.


You both deserve more.


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