How much does a senior associate or Consultant make in MBB in Southeast Asia (specifically Singapore and KL)?

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SG should be $100000-$120000

Around 8k sgd per month

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Hi fishes,

I'm looking for good opportunity,

I am having total experience of 9.1 years and 8 years in the Treasury. I am having 10LPA..

My key responsibilities are cash management, forecast, variance, Hedging, and investments, opening and closing of the bank accounts, bank reconciliation, handling customer, vendor, tax, and IC payments, audits, borrowings and handling bank KYC and AML issues.

Thank you.


I recently obtained my MBA, and I've been eager to start working as an analyst. But I'm not sure where to begin. As an underwriter assistant, I now make $43,000. However, it's quite difficult to get by, and I'd love to start doing what I enjoy. Any suggestions?


Hi, Is P5 band ( associate principal) a good one for a 17+ years experience senior PM /program manager role ? I am working as a senior project manager in Infy. LTI has offered me P5 band.


What is your rating of capgemini out of 5.

Wlb :
Learning opportunities :
Yearly hike % :
Onsite opportunities :
Your location :


I’m promoting an Account Supervisor to Account Director in D.C. and I only have super experienced AD’s so I don’t have the lower range salary. Can someone share the salary market for new AD’s in DC for small ad agency firm (150 staff across the US).


Anyone have a perspective on JMI equity? (WLB, culture, reputation)


Salary kyun nai aayi?

For the last 5 years, I’ve worked at an insurance defense firm and I have gained a ton of overall litigation experience. I have 1st chaired and second chaired over 17 cases. (Mostly auto and premises work) However, I’ve realized that I do not want to try cases anymore and don’t want to stay in insurance defense. I currently make $150,000.00 per year and I’m interested in switching areas of law while still making my same salary. What are some good areas of law to consider post insurance defense?


Hi, Everyone.

I have two YOE in one of the Big 4s. Current salary is 16 lpa(fixed + bonus). Have an offer from EY India.

They are offering Consultant role in their Advisory Division. Should I insist on Senior Con. ? They are citing lack of experience as a reason.

Also what is the Salary I can ask? I understand there might be band limitations. Just wanted to understand if someone can shed some light on the max. I should expect & can someone help me understand about the bonuses there? TIA


How's the work environment at Ares Management Mumbai? I've read a lot of negative review for its IT section, no work life balance, toxic environment, favouritism etc, though the pay scale is good. I'm skeptical and confused if I should get interviewed. Any suggestions is highly appreciated.Ares Management

JP Morgan operations/project management associate salary in London ?


Amex relocation bonus kitna aur kab dega?


Is today salary day? I havent received my salary yet?

What would be the take home monthly Salary in Wipro for 16Lpa after standard deduction....out of this 160000 would be variables...Can some one help me understand what will i get in hand monthly and also quarterly.

Im transfering to CA office from Texas and they are bumping up my salary 4k for COL adjustment.. Is this going to be bad for my career? newly promoted S1


I've got an interview for a contract that would give me a 60% bump in pay
My current manager asked what they were offering and if there was anything he could do to make things better where I currently am. There is no way they can match the offer, but I'm a little worried about leaving a permanent full time with benefits and vacation time. What's my best move? Ask for 20% and be happy with 10%? Aim higher?

For the record I just barely make living wage as is so it's not going to be massive jumps


I'm interviewing for SDE position at Microsoft Bangalore.
YOE-9 months
How much CTC can I expect? And what would th breakdown be?



Can someone share how would a salary structure look like if you opt out of epf


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Not sure if this is the right place to post this.

Spotify (mobile) Software engineer ll - 6 years of experience. Stockholm package TC is 105,000 USD.

Is this good or bad? Im able to live elsewhere in europe and was thinking of the netherlands. Any suggestions on what to expect or how to handle this? I have other offers from other companies and am clueless as to how to use it in my favor.


What are some general warm-up prompts that can be applied to different texts & get students' wheels turning before a lesson or discussion?


being a freelance we need some regular inflow of income and mutual fund are one of best vehicle providing asset allocation and diversification of intrested connect me@9302340643


Is it a wise move to switch from EY GDS to Capgemini Engg

Ectc : 26
Yoe: 7+
Domain Consulting


Hi all,has anyone here made a mistake like choosing wrong category while booking appointment for Germany on VFS portal..

If yes what is the solution.....

Can anyone please help me it is urgent.....


Doing a little reflecting and I realized I've always fumbled opportunities with potential dates. Either I didn't make a move when I should have, or I waited too long and the moment passed. Any advice to prevent this?


Hi! I’m a Colombian Pharmaceutical Chemist recently moved to the US. I’ve 3 years of experience in RA within Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods for Latin America markets. I want to get a job in US RA field. I’ve sent my resume for several RA openings but without success of getting an interview. I’d appreciate your advises on how not being ghosted by recruiters! I mean, how you got your jobs and what helped you to do so (most relevant info in resume, formatting, useful courses you’ve done) tks!


I am actively Looking for Job Change in UAE, Qatar having 2.7+ yrs of experience in Cyber security domain ,#cybersecurity, #networksecurity , #SIEM , Log analysis, incident response, threat hunting and vulnerability assessment.

Ready to relocate , Any leads could be helpful for me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

For further information please contact me.

Overheard at the bar..."What are Dallas people like?"

Basically if Fyre Festival was a person mixed with a healthy dose of entitlement.

Let's discuss.


Hey Fishes,

I got recently graduated ( at 27 of my age which I feel is too late. Currently working as transport Executive on contract roles with 3+ years of experience but it does not have a broader scope in coming future.

Looking forward to change domain and make my future in it. I am passionate, quick learner and super hardworking.

Seeking you suggestion/advice/refferal to move in some valuable domain.


For those of y'all who are truck folks:

Entirely subjective, but what do you think are the best looking current gen 1/2+ ton trucks? My rankings:

Half ton: GMC > Ford = Ram > Toyota > Chevy > Nissan
3/4 and 1 ton: Ram > GMC > Ford >>>>>Chevy


Does anyone have a link to these exact sneakers

Post Photo

Best exit ops for someone in GPS? Experience in process improvement/ops


Good morning!

Still trying to figure out this whole Fishbowl thing, so here goes my first post.

I would love to get into provider credentialing, but all employers I've looked at want at least 3 years of experience. So, I'm looking at Provider Network Coordinator roles, because I'm finding some of those roles don't need AS MUCH experience. I'm a RHIT, and have been working in healthcare for nearly 10 years.

Any input on employers is appreciated!


Anyone know if Columbia B school is generous with scholarships, fellowships, etc? Top school but not sure if I can afford it.


Does oracle has a office at Kolkata ? My current location is banglore , can I change my base location to Kolkata ?

If yes , what's the process ?


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Hello Fishes!!
I am currently working in the US Healthcare domain holding more than 6 YOE Since I am recently transitioning to Data Scientist.

What are the chances of being selected as a Data Scientist and of course what would be the salary range offered to me?

will I be treated as fresher in this domain?


Calling all Insights Specialists at Google, what is current base?

Following would be a helpful format for everyone:
1. Base
2. YOE
3. CTC


Need help regarding current salary
Have 3 LPA, 1 year of experience in mechanical engineering field (design engineer)
Should I switch or stay or ask for increment.


Do Publicis Sapient require DS n Algorithms... mandatory..

I find them in some of JD's...but not all

YOE 4.7

Java, Spring Boot, Microservices


Cleared 2 technical rounds in EY GDS, expecting call from HR for salary discussion.
How much should I ask for and what designation should I expect considering my YOE and tech stack.

Yoe: 6.5
Current CTC: 11.1
Tech Stack: Informatica, Unix Shell Scripting, Oracle SQL, Data Modelling


What should be the salary for a HR manager with 8 years of experience in Singapore?


What is the salary bracket for IC5 level in Oracle Development.?@ Oracle India Development Center


If we have home loan of 1.5 CR for 20 yrs tenure. Is the good option to try to close it asap or complete entire 20 years from financial growth point of view. Please guide.


Anyone from Harman international. Please respond need to ask few details about company. Harman


I have these offers as of now with 25 days left in notice.

Altimetrik - Nagarro - [x]cubeLabs - Justdial - CitiusTech

Instead of rejecting in last weeks, I want to send them emails now based on your suggestions. Please help.

1) Also is it a good idea to send them now or wait and send in last 15 days?
2) What would you suggest me to join for 2.9 yoe Frontend Developer?

Altimetrik Nagarro PurpleTalk Justdial ltd CitiusTech

Thank you!


What is the salary of senior software developer having 5.5years of experience?


Hello fishes ,
Need your help in selecting one from below . .
I have offers from
Benz - 26lpa
Publicis - 26lpa
Wipro - 30 lpa
HP - 28 lpa
Dunn and Bradstreet - 30 lpa
SRS consulting - 30lpa fixed + 2l jb

I'm looking at job security too .
Yoe - 8
Data engineer


What should be an average/ general CTC for an employee who has put in 25 + yrs of service in Finance. Presently @ Manager grade


Can someone please help me to decide between Zee entertainment enterprise ltd and Deloitte for 3 YOE in NodeJs Developer ?


Got placed in one the US based healthcare product based company. Total YoE is 7. My current CTC is 13.5LPA and new CTC offered from US company is 27LPA +15% variable= 31LPA approx. How much in hand salary I would get with 27LPA fixed? I keep 1.5L in 80C.