How much is the salary bracket for staff 3? Please help

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Salary of SA from Treasury Advisory Practice in PWC india. Please help. Asking for a friend who is negotiating salary

Hi fishes,
I interviewed with
Siemens Energy for SAP ABAP position on 21st Jan. The interview went on for about an hour and in the end, the interviewer asked my expected ctc and wanted assurance if I won't negotiate on Siemens offer with some other company as i am currently serving notice period and join Siemens if provided an offer.
Till now , the HR team has not reached out to me for salary discussions and my LWD is 7th Feb. Can i expect a call or i got rejected ?Siemens

Just received an offer from a competitor firm for higher role & 30% salary bump. I have a pending LCA with my current company. Will I face any problems with H1B transfer? Would it be wise to move now?


Can someone let me know the hierarchy of KPMG global and its avg salary for each level.


Does TCS mention joining bonus in the offer letter? or they directly give it once joining TCS? Anyone have idea?

How do you ask for a raise when you know you're not getting paid the average salary wage? I've been reworking for the company for 4.5 years.


Need advice:

I'm debating between a Deloitte USDC role as a Software Engineer for 100k + 5k bonus and a small but established private company for 110k, which is fully remote with no expectation that I have to move at some point. Health/Dental/Vision, 401k and PTO are pretty similar. I'm an experienced hire with ~5 years of relevant background and currently work on a small, independent team at a large aerospace company, so either job is going to be a bit different than what I know.


LinkedIn bizops manager - what’s the typical comp range?


Hi Fishes
I have two offers, YOE -4.
Qualcomm offer-
Base- 33L
Joining bonus- 5L
Retention bonus - 5L (paid after 1 year of service)
RSU- 30k USD (3 years vesting)
Nvidia offer-
Base- 30L
Joining bonus - 4L
No retention bonus
RSU - 90k USD (4 years vesting)

Which offer is better considering company and future hikes? Intel Corporation Qualcomm


I have been offered 17 lpa fixed+ 75k joining bonus from PwC kolkata with current ctc 13.08 lpa in tcs. Recently I got a promotion and ctc increased to 15.03 lpa and I shared the promotion letter with pwc. They said I will get a call for offer discussion again. Could anyone tell if pwc will really revise the offer and how long will it take? How much ctc should I ask for?
Yoe - 8.3 years, sap fico
Designation offered - Senior associate

What do you think Verizon India's plans are to keep up with market inflation and rising job salary slabs? Attrition has been high, and understandably so. If you again get the same routine ~10% hike at year end, would you leave?

What types of roles can pay 1M+? Consulting partners, banking MDs, buy side, corporate VP/C-level come to mind but curious what other ones might exit


I have been an assistant manager at a retail store for a year and a half. This chain has about 60 stores. I get paid hourly. What is a fair hourly wage for an assistant manager position ima store of this caliber?


Need help with in hand salary calculation post tax deduction at source

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Hi everyone, if you have got an offer from Big4 in UK, can you please share your base salary, core skill, designation and YOE?


What could be salary range of a IT product manager with PMP certification with experience of 3 months .Total work experience 13 years.

Back when the pandemic first hit, everybody at the firm took a 20% pay cut (with 20% reduction in billables...which was meaningless because I still had work to get done in a timely manner). Pay cuts still in effect through end of year. Anybody else out there still working under pandemic-related salary reductions?


I got an offer of 2.8 L inr per month to travel to Muscat, oman. But currently I'm getting 70k per month in India and expecting a 15% hike next month along with promotion. And I have a freelance project alongside which pays me 1.5 lakh per month. My official job hardly has 3 hrs work in a day but still have to stay login and for the freelance project i work 8 hrs. Is it wise to leave the current job + freelance project and move to Muscat? Is what I was offered a good package in Oman for 7 YOE?


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Hi All,

Currently working in Capgemini Engineering as c developer with current ctc 4.62 Yoe 1.8

Got selected in different company as devops Engineer what ctc should i demand in hr discussion?


I have 2 offers with almost same package- BofA and Virtusa. Which one is better in terms of learning and career growth? YOE - 5.

I'm Arkansas make 120k per year (rent is only 450/month) and spend all my money on watches, suits, booze, and sushi


Is consultant a good position for 6 YOE.. technology domain servicenow


Has anyone else told their religious parents that they were moving in with an SO before marriage? I did, it didn’t go super well- they disapprove of it (cont)


What if Will Smith was the one who said he “entered into an entanglement” with someone else during a break with Jada.

Would he have received the same or worse reactions?


I’m an AE that wants to make the switch over to PM. But I also want to leave the agency life some point soon. Anyone have any advice? I’m also not sure how different PM responsibilities are in house vs. an agency


Good lord, how’d he survive that?


Have you ever been to court? If yes, why? (just curious and bored!)


Has anyone got any Diwali gift from SAP Labs this year

Just curious SAP


Hi fishes,

I have joined cts pune recently and have 3.7 years of experience in react js .. I am currently on bench and looking for opportunities in project. Let me know if someone can help.


You struggle to stay consistent w/ your business because you get distracted by any notification on your phone.

When you work, hide your phone.

You’d be surprised what a difference it makes.


I’m thinking about starting my own cloud storage/data center business. Do any of the giants have a franchise model? Or is the only way to start from scratch?


That feeling when you get an offer for a full time job… but:
1) they change it from W-2 to 1099
2) they won’t provide a job description
3) they don’t offer health insurance
4) BYO hardware and software


Are buyside or sellside processes typically more work? Which do you enjoy more?


In the last PDM town hall, they said they were going to lower utilization targets for those that work on projects with capped hours. For those people, have you seen your utilization target lowered? I haven’t seen shit change for me.


Bad bad credits, has anyone used OpenSky to rebuild their credit? Help!


Can anyone speak to the work-life balance/lifestyle of a Tech Advisory Consultant?


How do you manage the property taxes? Like do you save/invest it every month somewhere and then pay it on the due date? Any recommendations?


Additional Posts in EY GDS

Hi Everyone

I am from Technology Consulting

What is the hike cycle in GDS.
When they will anounce hike and from which month payslip it will get reflected.


Can anyone explain on the retention bonus being paid at Assurance? Also is it applicable only when the counter-offer is from a big4? And is it applicable for Staffs?



Hi all,

I have two offers in hand:

PwC India - 9.5 LPA (fixed, ready for counter offer)
EY GDS - 11.2 LPA (fixed) + 60,000 ( variable)

YoE- 3 Years
Tech- RPA

Which one is better in case of WLB, Hike and opportunities, please suggest? 🙏


How is EY India (not GDS ) terms of job security and WLB ?
Client - Fidelity Investments


I’ve joined newly and wanted to know if I can request for my email ID to be changed? Is there a way?


Hi fishes,got offer of 14.5 fixed in Ey gds for scon 2 position in sap consulting at 8 years of experience.
What is the salary range for scon 2 in Ey gds ?


HI Fishes, i got EY GDS offer in my hometown . TCS will provide the onsite opportunity if i revoke the paper. Is it worth to switch from TCS to EY ? i am looking for long term


Does ey gds gives counter offers? Technology consulting


In EY GDS does gratuity and insurance is separate
From the fixed pay as they are mentioned separately, will it get cut from the fixed ctc part?


Tech. Consulting, progression from Staff 1 to 2. Rating: Progressing. How much hike and bonus to expect?

Hello fishes,

Is it possible to switch teams from EY GDS to EY consulting?


Is there a difference between Strategy_SaT EY GDS and Strategy_SaT EY P (In India's work)


What is the salary band for Senior 1 at TTT?


Anyone who has used EY India or GDS relocation bonus ?


Hi Folks

Can someone help me to know which organization other than FAANG / MAANG which can provide more employee benefits compared to EY

I plan to quit EY GDS. Please advise.


Where is non sez ey hyderbad office? I got welcome kit distribution mail and it is mentioned that venue is non sez- 6th floor reception. Anyone from hyderbad office who collected welcome kit- can you help please


Anyone else in GDS who are lost and frustated ?


Why are most people OOO till June 6th?


How many rounds of interview will be there for EY GDS.