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How much money is “enough” for you guys?

I’ll go first - $2M/year from passive investments so that I can work on whatever I want or not work if I don’t want to.

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You seem quite young and naive as well as very eager and driven. Kind of a dangerous combination. I think you need to learn a bit more on how hard it is to make and maintain money of that value. For reference I have 2M equity in real estate and we made some very good deals in a very hot market. It has involved quite a bit of weekend work and stress and not at all as passive as people think. And it isn’t 20% cash on cash return. This isn’t a game of Meme stocks. Once you start talking real money your risk appetite changes. It would suck to lose half your value overnight wouldn’t it? Again - not to put you down - I am young 30s and also very eager to make a bunch of money and do what I want. But it’s a very thoughtful approach with non stop work across a career, stocks, crypto, real estate, and now a new business franchise. Just be careful and spend some time educating yourself on benefits and risks and effort required.


OP what franchise are you looking at ?

I'm getting close on the income side. I'm 30. In my HCOL city I will be very comfortable with about $200K/yr. Of course, more money can always be spent, but that's my approximation as I'm at about $140K/yr right now. Coming from initially $50K/yr my financial life is very different already (in a good way), but I'm still seeing some gaps (mostly in my retirement/investment strategy, real estate options, and student loan payments). For my retirement, I'll want about $4.5M to maintain a comparable lifestyle. I'm at $150K saved at the moment, but I've spent the past 4 years increasing my income as much as possible.

I don't have kids yet which could change this calculus a little, but I honestly think it'll just reduce my savings/retirement capability as I only spend maybe 40% what I make currently so there's room there... It also depends on my partner and how much money they make - if they make a similar amount it might actually not have an outsized impact. I anticipate to get to around $200K/yr a couple years. I could actually make changes now and get to around maybe $170K/yr, but I'm sensitive to lifestyle changes and stability. Taking my time and trying to make strategic moves where I'm not going to burn myself. I work maybe 45 hour weeks at the moment - want to keep it that way as much as possible.

As time goes on I definitely continue to see a ton of value in working a "normal" schedule... I do not think I'd trade a 40 hour week at $200K/yr for a 60 hour week at $300K/yr... I know some people feel differently.

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$2M seems like an absurdly high amount of passive income to need every year. What kind of lifestyle are you living OP? 😯


Facebook 1 - It feels to me like my $20M is real money. I started with nothing and have made all my money while in a Consulting career at a B4. Yes, I did invest my savings in real estate and equity markets. And those investments have performed well. And I have thoroughly enjoyed my career snd am very thankful for all the experiences and wonderful people I have worked with. It has been amazing so far. And for the record, I have more net worth than I ever imagined possible and absolutely believe I have enough. Everything is fine here. No complaints.


I had enough at $10M. Allows you to take out 5% a year, pay 20% in taxes and have plenty to live on. At 5% the balance grows faster than inflation and so can live forever.

Once I hit that I found I liked working for fun, only working with people I like in clients, with teams I like, and know I can say screw if any time.


Good analysis in Washington Post. Top 0.1% pay about 22% of taxes, top 1% about 30%. This was in answer of Bernie's claim the last tax cut went mostly to the rich. Taxes for wealthiest as a percentage of revenue went up.


$2m/year is kind of obscene lol, how could you possibly spend that every year?

To play along my number is probably around $5-6m and live off interest/appreciation.


I could spend $2M a year. I don’t need that much money but I could spend it haha


Let me tell you, if you’re an analyst who already thinks they need $2M/year in passive income to have enough, you will never have enough. I live in Manhattan and know people approaching 7-figure annual incomes who are damn near living paycheck to paycheck. This is the mentality which gets you there.


People dont get it. You need to find a sustainable lifestyle. Not adjust your lifestyle everytime you get a raise


$5M goal. Then take 3.5% annually for $175k in spending.


Why does the word algorithm imply it’s this super complex HFT model... This guy literally could have made a 2 part decision tree to buy Tesla or game stop everyday


$100k income and I’m outta this biotch. No need to be greedy.


Invest till 1.2 M and put it in combo of growth fixed income and high dividends stocks. Easily get 8 percent return. Tax favored for dividends. Retire at 100k year passive.


$6M cash is my fuck you number
Passive income of $300k annually would be nice, provides flexibility to take any job without worrying about compensation as the top priority


No one tells me how to live my fuckin life...except my boss


I will be happy with whatever is the combined wealth of Musk + Bezos.


Here we go again..

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This number will keeping going up as you approach it...it is never enough



I like to live lavishly with the latest gadgets, nice clothes, fast cars, and swiss branded watches.

I have about 500k in crypto, and 125k passive income building outside of my day job.

Im an immigrant and didn't have much growing up so living lavishly entices me. I currently waste rent money on a lavish high rise with top amenities, however I'm looking to move to Texas so I can have a big house.

Im living the American dream and want to keep getting richer.


Why is everyone hating. Let the man live how he likes. At least he can admit he has expensive taste and has the passive income to back it up... Nobody here is judging you for your beat up Toyota


The more I read this thread the more I realize OP is in dreamland. So just to recap, OP wants to:

- make 2M per year in passive investments
- believes “passive” investments include buying and running businesses and franchises
- thinks that upper/middle class income is 2M+ per year
- would like to solve world hunger and create clean energy
- has a trading algorithm that is up 12% since January
- seems to think buying property is easy and anybody can do it

Ah, to be young and naive. I miss those days.


But dude 12% in Jan!! That’s crushing the boomer s&p. I’ve dm’d to see if I can give them my money! If you want in, Venmo me! They’re the next cathie woods


Wife and I are currently around
- 1.5m equity investments in specific companies
- 1.5m if ETFs
- 400k bonds (mainly rainy day emergency funds)
- 1m equity in home (and $1.5m mortgage)
Combined we currently earn around 400k annually aside from investments.

We currently spend around $250-300k annually with twin toddlers (super expensive! Cant wait to get them into public school).

Think we’ll focus on minimizing impact of costs for next 4-5 years then maybe achieve FIRE. Wish we could do today. Probably could if we kept costs down (smaller home in cheaper area, less travel, etc.) but we like the lifestyle. Also no idea how start/transition.


Could you adopt me?


5M all in


Some practical numbers

Why bet against yourself? The sky’s the limit...


Hmm 🤔

It seems a lot of people here don’t consider that your income needs should be a lot less in “retirement/ financial independence” because you are no longer in the accumulation phase and don’t have a need to save any portion of your income. You could replace a 200k salary today with a much smaller number in retirement/FI when your tax liability should be lower and you aren’t contributing any portion to savings. Best was to calculate this number is to look at it from an expense standpoint. Figure out what your annual expense target is and multiply that by 25...30 if you want to be conservative. That would be your answer to what’s “enough”. For me, I’d guess $3-4m would allow me to live very comfortably with plenty of discretionary spending into perpetuity.


Don’t forget healthcare alone is 1k/month/person


My target is $20M by 61. If I can double my money every 7 years then it’s doable. Also have three kids and they just seem to double their food intake every 2 years so I’ll have to see where that nets me.


Good point p4. Last double might be harder than the first double. But last 10 m will def be easier than first 5 m

I’ll probably have a very happy and content life at $300K/year base salary. $250K is doable too.


That’s a solid goal. I hope you make it! :)


All I need is enough to keep a roof over my head, the house warm, a bed to sleep in and food on the table I’m fine. Just want to have a little extra to travel a couple places a year. 100K in passive income should do it for me. Anything extra would be a gift


I am 37 and Hit 2.1 mn net worth today minus 600k home fully paid off. After crossing 1.5 million the compounding effects become real. It is like managing a small firm with investing in 6% hurdle rate. Also we both work in consulting and it is big help

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