How much would be in-hand salary monthly.

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Yoe and techstack bro



Which company, your exp and domain please?

Group 1 + Group 2 - Group 3

1.54 lacs per month depending your Taxzz income tax will also deduct from 1.5 lacs

Close to 1.35 LPA or above, if you follow necessary investment steps.


Different organisations have different name of components, and payment period and payment percentage also varies.

It helps people to understand what is the probability of getting the amount mentioned, how much and when.

So fair enough anyone who have worked or working in that particular organisation can help. People are looking for clarity and guidance, let's help if we know.

Looks like its an offer from NTT data?

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They have offered me CTC of 12 LPA..
45k is my variable pay..hence my fixed will be around 11.5 Lpa
How much will be my in hand salary?


I probably know what most people will say but without revealing way too much (due to CDAs / NDAs and such), wanted to get opinions on which way to go? Have two offers: 1. Mastercard Business Development Director - $206K base; bonus - 32%, RSUs - 25% of base awarded annually, $50K sign-on and 2. Moderna Associate Director, Medical Affairs - $205K base: bonus - 20%, New hire equity grant -$95K, Annual equity award - $70K, $30K sign-on. I have 10+ YOE with a M.S. in BME.


Hello fishes

Could you please provide feedback on below companies and their work culture for a Java Developer

UST Global
T System
Yoe: 5.5 years

UST global offering 2.5 lakh more than T system

Hi fishes,
What would be the salary range for sr. BDE having 5+ yoe profile in NCR?


If I join LTI in October will I be eligible for variable/incentive payout?


How much should an L2 engineer with over 4 years of experience working for an MSP be making in NY metropolitan area? I am jack of all trades working on ESXi, Windows Servers, firewall, switches. I do have a couple of CompTIA certs. I am making somewhere around 90k and I feel I am underpaid. In the last four years I haven’t really went out to interview and get offers as I kind of like my current job. However, I feel as I am leaving money on the table, which I shouldn’t be.


How much to expect for GTM Systems Manager role for taking care of Salesforce sales cloud, CPQ, PRM and New product enablement , Subscription offerings etc…manages team of 4 with - CPQ analyst, Sr BSA -2, TPM and large set of contract consultants ,,,,,location as Dallas, TX


Looking for a change please help me out
Informatica developer hive pyspark unix shell scripting and datawarehouse

yoe 12 plus
ctc 29 lpa
np 60 days negotiable


Can anyone give an idea on salary range for record to Report Associate/Sr.associate in metro cities.

What is the base salary for a BCG 2nd year Associate? (~1 year after joining out of undergrad)


Hi fishes,
I have 2 years agreement for 2lakh if one leaves before completing 2 years. What if a person put papers after completing 1.5 years and then serve three months np . Will he have to give 50k ?? As amount is decreased with Time.
<1 year then 2 lakh
>1 <1.5 years 1lakh
1.5 to 2 years 50k


How much would Microsoft offer for 3.5 years experienced, SE2 position?


Low key hoping I don't get a raise so when I quit within the next 2-3 months I have an easy excuse


5 YOE In deskside support with Google technical support certification and m365 administration certification from udemy

How much can I get paid for my new job

Current CTC <3 under paid

Have a final round at Slalom for Solution Architect role in Chicago within their tech enablement practice (focused primarily on custom software dev). Any idea on expected base, bonus, etc?


Hi Fishes,
What should be a salary of a Senior / Lead Business Analyst having 8 YOE?
I am looking for a change and have couple of leads, how much should I ask for?
Current CTC: 14 LPA


Do tcs change the offered ctc if we counter it with higher ctc offer?


How much do VC folks earn?


I’m currently interviewing at Goldman Sachs - Diversity recruiting under the human capital management category for experienced hires. I’ll really appreciate any advice on - Interview prep, and salary negotiation (specifics on salary range would be helpful).

Goldman Sachs


What should be the Salary ask be for Sr. Consultant @ EY India Tech Risk practise?
Relevant YOE - 5 years.


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I learned the meaning of the word “compilation” from a very unsavory place at a young age


Looking at the bright side

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How much time does it take the Home office to provide approval on CoS. Specifically for SVW?
CoS is taking more time than anticipated and it is getting difficult to plan the actual joining date and put down notice at current firm.

All you meagre corporate workers. Eat dust!!!

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From 15th November will TCS employee need to report to "ODC Location"? If their "base location" and "ODC Location" is different; will they get deputation benefits i.e. "air ticket, tata quarter, deputation allowance"? Or will they forcefully transfer and change the base location without employee's consent?


Hello! I am currently a Technical Curriculum Developer (TCD) 1, making 70k, and I’m coming up on my first year with the company. There’s talk of “moving me up” to TCD 2. Is there room for salary negotiation when being promoted internally? What does it look like getting a title change? I’ve done a couple big projects (and continuing to do so) and taking on responsibilities of the Sr Developer. I’ve never been in a position like this so I don’t know what to expect, is it silly to ask, etc. Ty!


I don’t know what to make of this. I’ve been out of work and interviewing for 3.5 weeks now. I feel like they go really well, then I get, we will call you and let you know we have a couple other candidates. Then poof nothing. SMH…I am very skilled and would be a great benefit for someone. Has anyone else run into this problem? Please any advice would help. Thanks so much.


Anyone from the account - 'Godrej Consumer Products Ltd' in IBM ?

Is going to office mandatory? And how is pressure in the project?

Someone joining in 12 dec and 14 dec in tcs


How can I learn about investing in real estate? Any good books or articles?


Hi guys, I have below offers, please suggest me which one provides better work life balance, career growth

State Street
# JPMorgan Chase

YOE: 6 , tech stack: java developer
Please suggest , i am going to join by next week. Please provide your valuable suggestions

Ok. So I have a Speedmaster Mk ii that I LOVE, but I noticed last week that the chrono hand is stuck at about a half second off zero. It’s a bit outside of warranty, and Omega said I’d need to send it in and wait 8-10 weeks just to receive an estimate for a cost and time to fix it. I’ve only worn it maybe 30 times since buying it. I’m considering:
1. Bite the bullet and send it to Omega.
2. Ask a local luxury watch repair shop to do it.
3. Do nothing since it works fine otherwise.

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Hi All,
I'm looking for a Salesforce Developer opportunity
Any referral would be a great help to me.
Yoe: 3.10yrs
Relevant exp: 3.6yrs
Skills: Apex, LWC, Integration, Service cloud
Preferred location: Hyderabad


Lot of debate whether CNN’s Jeff Zucker was over-penalized. Baffles me when media folks defend their own when the simple and simplest organizational rule…you can’t sleep with someone you supervise, is being violated.

How important is a company's brand to you? I'm starting to have misgivings about working at Amazon, and feel conflicted about working at Google, Youtube or Facebook.


Hi Fishes,

Could someone help answer this.
I have a offer from CTS and I'm considering joining here but I've heard a lot of bad remarks regarding bench policy.

Now I'm worried whether i will get a project once I join here or will I get kicked out in 30 days if not.

Tech stack: Mulesoft

This is the first time I'm switching companies so I'm really worried about how life will be if I take the risk and join here.


Can someone let us know about leave and insurance policy in detail 🙂


I'm looking for an opportunity in AWS-Devops. I have total work experience of 3.10 years ... please let me know if any opportunities are there..


My body is ready....for analog gaming

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Additional Posts in In Hand Salary Calculation👍

Openings at OpenText

DM me or send a mail to

Please mention YOE, preferred location(blr/hyd), tech stack and the job id.

For other openings visit the career portal

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My current package is 15 LPA fixed 5 years of experience. How much should I ask in the next switch?

Benefits that mercer provide excluding package?

hello 👋 , i am a UX/UI Designer with 1+ year experience and currently working at a very low 1.9 lpa salary . Can you guys suggest how much increament should i ask from them or i am thinking of changing the company and if i do so what salary should i ask for ? Please suggest for both cases

Hii folk please help me to chose among Below company . NetApp - 24 LPA Daimler Truck - 21 LPA Gartner - 25 LPA YOE - 5.1 Technologies - cyber security (IAM) tool OIM, Azure ADFS. My sole criteria is job security, i am single earner in my family and doesn't belongs to rich family or have any backup in any way Daimler Truck Innovation Center India NetApp Gartner


Hello, my hdfc tax saver direct scheme ends tomorrow which had 3 Years lock in period, so tomorrow can I redeem all the units?or on Monday? It's surging high currently want to sell it asap.want to make a home loan prepayment of 1.54 lacs

Fellow fishes , How much would my In hand salary per month be (excluding variable pay) according to the given breakup post taxes and 12% employee PF. And on yearly 100% variable pay out how much would I be taxed?

And could someone help me plan better tax savings ? I can claim max 1L as HRA , no home loan is possible , single parent so 25K insurance premium is what I can think of. What else can I do to minimize my tax liability and increase my inhand.

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what should be in hand salary with work experience as a german language expert for 3.5 years ?
need guidance


Hey Folks,

Can someone please help me with the in-hand salary calculation?

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Can anyone help me to calculate in-hand salary after tax deduction.

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Anyone Joined Orange business services recently???


I am a Full Stack Developer having 3 yr of experience. What salary expectation would I tell HR? I was thinking about 30 - 35 LPA.

Current CTC - 10 LPA

Please suggest guys. Thanks.


Any one help me to identify the take home salary from this CTC break-up

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How last month notice period fnf settlement amount is calculated? pls explain in brief Thanks in advance


Sharks, I need some advice. Currently working with VMware and recently given an interview in Koch for Bangalore location. All my tech and manager rounds are clear and today I got a call from the recruiter that coming Monday I need to be in a discussion with their HR manager for salary discussion. Need advice from you about how much raise I should ask for which is fine with Koch ?
My current CTC is below:
Base Pay : 32 Lacs
Bonus : 4.9 Lacs
RSU : Valued at 8.5 Lacs
Other benefits : 3 Lacs


How much a Marketing Manager with 6 years of relevant experience should expect from Adobe India? Current CTC - 20.5LPA