How will be work from home policy in 2023 ?

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Need suggestion!!

I am working at 12 lpa, having one offer of 20lpa fixed (remote) from one US company. Having 5YOE in QA selenium uft capybara.

Should I continue looking for better offers?
If yes, what should be my expectations?

Also, say if I get another offer, will it be okay to say No to the previous offer? I mean they trusted me and gave more than expectation earlier.


I’m looking to leave Resource Management at the Big 4 level to transition to a much smaller organization with more manageable volume and remote opportunities. Can anyone help?

Ladies! I currently have a cooking / food account and I’ve been stuck with ideas and crammed with time to help it grow (but I want it to). If I did a series along the lines of simple recipes for WFH lunches, would that be interesting to you? Just trying to get a sense of if people are out of the WFH life or not?


Anyone here looking for an accounting manager in industry? I have five years of experience including regional firm, Big 4, and industry. Recently, I moved into consulting but it’s a bit uncertain with trying to get clients, plus I’m ready for management. Looking mainly for a small private or public company in retail, media, advertising, publishing. Thank you! I’m in Dallas, but open for remote work!


Hi everyone,

I was on 7 months contract basis with Wheels Inc but it got over yesterday.

I am currently looking for Entry Level Jobs in Hr field, Adminstrative Assistant and Customer Service field.

I am open for Remote, Hybrid, Onsite roles for full term/long term contract basis.




What benefit would you like to see implemented in your firm/company due to the pandemic? How about WFH forever. No mandatory going back to the office.


I love practicing #iopsych and being able to make an impact for my clients. I’m currently looking for my next #HumanResourcesConsultant role and would love to find something more long term and with room for growth! A remote role would be ideal. If you know of any teams or positions that are hiring or you’re willing to be a reference it would be appreciated!


Any Canadians here land an exit for an American company that works remote-first?


Are a lot of firms still remote?


Guesses as to what happens to remote hires when offices life comes back? Not talking the local WFH crowd, but full-time COVID hires that live elsewhere.

1) allowed to stay remote ad infinitum
2) option to relocate to the office, but not required
3) slowly phased out for local talent

Obviously if you have ladder-climbing ambitions you'll need to be in the office to play that game, but it gets more interesting for the work-to-live crowd.


I work for a small (yet quickly scaling) tech startup that is fully remote regardless of Covid. Outside of healthcare and vacation, what benefits do others in similar companies have? Or even better, what do you expect? We are going to be hiring a lot of people while watching our dollars (limited investment dollars available) but need to make sure we are competitive. Do you have things like matching 401ks, office allowance, phone/internet stipend, etc.


[Remote Job] @Laskie is hiring for: Product Manager

Apply here:

#design #productmanagement #productdevelopment #agilemethodologies #productdesign #jira #userexperience #exec #digitalnomad #hiring #remotejobs #digitalnomad #career #jobs #remotework #workingfromhome #remotefirst

After spending some time in the WFH consulting/accounting/advertising hybrid bowl, I'm reminded how much I value the progressive humanistic integrity of the people in our industry, ctd.


Hey 🐠🐟🐡🦈,

Which one I should choose :

Deutsche Bank - 22 LPA (20 fixed + retireals + 5% variable)
Location - pune

Spice money - 19 fixed
Location - Permanent WFH

Which one I should choose because only 5 days left ?


Considering joining Workday. It's a remote position.

How is the work life balance? Anyone else working remotely and how is that experience?


Marsh & McLennan I am moving 2 hours from my office. My manager says i have to come 2 days to office. When i come to the office its only me and couple of other people. No one seems to care about coming to office. When i asked manager if i can work remote i was told that its for my career development. Can you guys tell in Canada which companies are offering remote opportunities?

Marsh & McLennan


Which companies are providing complete remote opportunities offering 30L+ Fixed? Atlassian ? Not looking for startup/service based companies, Fintech or Product Based Companies only. Developer (5,years of experience) Java Spring


Its a long shot but I am looking to move to Charlotte next year and wanted to know if there are any open remote jobs in learning and development. i have 8 years experience with specialty in lms and compliance

Hi folks
Please suggest
I am working in service management and ops domain (non tech) with two year of experience.
I have been offered
Epsilon- 8lpa wfh for initial 6 months
Capgemini- 8.7lpa (have to relocate immediately)
Which one should I join

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I got a test link from quanthub MGI. It was my dream to work with McKinsey global institute any help to clear the test I have 10 days?


Does Amex have offsites or any trainings/work that requires travel?


Hi everyone, what is a good asking salary for CFE Associate Consultant in SAP Ariba? I have asked for CTC of 9 LPA during salary negotiation, is it a good ask?
How much do a CFE Associate Consultant usually get with 2 years of prior experience?

SAP Infosys Consulting Wipro Amazon


Anyone knows a massage up to $150?

Hey All,

I have four offers listed below.
1. PwC: 22 fixed +3 lakh variable Role: Senior Consultant in tech consulting
2. Adobe: Fixed 23 + 2.5 lakh variable + 3 lakh joining bonus: Role: Value Consultant
3. Natwest group: fixed 25.5 Fixed Role: BA
4. SHELL: 21 fixed + 3 lakh variable Role: Product Analyst

Please help me choose the company. The parameters I'm looking for are good work life balance and growth opportunities.
Current CTC 18 fixed. YOE is 4 years. MBA from Tier 1 college.


Hi Sharks
What EY offer in FAAS profile to fresher and 1year experienced candidate.


What credit card do you use?


Question for anyone who knows, I have a Europe trip coming up next year and I am trying to travel to 4 different countries (Spain, Italy, France & London.) I saw an American didn’t need a visa for these four countries but my wife is saying she was told we WILL need a visa if we want to visit multiple European countries in a month span?


Any recommendations on resources for standard legal agreements such as paid talent, locations, photo releases, etc.?

Engineering influencers to follow?


What does one do in a typical rpa projects?

Accenture India Hello Fishes, Need to decide which organization to join I have offer but decided to go with one of those Accenture India Accenture Amdocs Wipro Please suggest on the basis of opportunities or future scope



Has anyone used homeroom? I saw their ad today it looks interesting. They are offering end to end services. Basically they help you find a rental property, close the deal and then you lease it to them. They will provide monthly rents to you.


Guys... Any idea ? If PWC SDC will plan or ant prediction if offices could be open in PUNE location...
I believe we have Deloitte USI/EY /KPMG GS in Pune..?

Any idea? If PWC SDC will plan ?

Any managers managing remote/distributed teams pre-covid? Would love to connect and discuss team building challenges and process changes that was necessary.


Looking into a luxury German family vehicle (BMW, Porsche, or Benz). Anybody here buy new or is everyone just leasing these? I never lease but usually buy and hold cars and feel good if I keep up the maintenance. Unfortunately lot of folks tell me to only lease these brands and I’d rather not.


Is zenbusiness good to use for your LLC? I can’t decide it’s worth doing it myself rather than paying a company


I got this cutie today!

Post Photo

Additional Posts in BNY Mellon

🚀BNY current attrition rate is lower than the industry average and the rate of BNY ‘returnees’ [employees who return after shifting jobs] has also been encouraging.

Is this true? If yes, Anyone knows reason behind it ?

Hi Fishes, Joined BNY mellon Technology India as a fresher. YOE - 6.5. CTC - 9.5 LPA. Am I too low? What should I do? Will they normalise my salary?


Hi All,

It's been 2 weeks, had managerial discussion in BNY.
Yet no update, will HR call/connect?


Got job offer in bny mellon
Level: H
role: associate(Data engineer)
Experience: 1.5yr
current base: 13L
offered base:18L
Is it good to move ? or negotiate?


Having offer of BNY Mellon | Pershing and SAS. CTC offered by BNY Mellon | Pershing is slightly higher than SAS.
Plz suggest which is better in WLB, job security, hike, etc.

Hey fishes
What is an ideal package for 3 years experience in corporate actions portfolio services?


What is caregiver leave in bny ? How to opt for caregiver leave? Any medical proof required for the same?


What is the hierarchy at Pune. What does a VP do and what are these A,B,C grades? Can a salary of 75 lacs be offered at a VP level?


How long @BNYmellon take to release the offer letter ?


CEO bonus (750 USD) standard for all employees in JPMC every year.

Just heard in news
BNY going to provide some BK share 1 time gift i.e 10 share.
(10*45 USD) 450 USD

JPMC rocks in bonus compare to BNY.


Can somebody refer me to Oracle Finance Functional position in BNY Pune if any opportunities..

Is it good to work for BNY but the Payroll offered by Experis India (Manpower Group)?? Third party payroll.

🔥How much Annual hike(%) & bonus (%) bny Mellon technology employee getting every year? BNY Mellon BNY Mellon Corporation BNY Mellon | Pershing


Hi Fishes,

I got an offer from BNY Mellon and have a long notice period, the offer is very low and I plan to search outside to get a better offer. But they started with sending someone to my location for a drug test. I am confused now as will this cause an issue if I refuse to join them later?

Hey Fishes,
I am suppose to join BNY Pune on grade I very soon. Wanted to check on how is the bank doing in the recession time. Any chances of layoffs predicted? Is the bank suffering any loss?


Urgent !

I heard, BNY india is offering parental leave, regardless of gender for 16 weeks. Fully paid.
Can someone please confirm if its true.


About to join BNY Mellon this month pune location as a Technical Lead. I am eligible for bonus in Jan 2023 or not ?

Any insights on bonus & hike ? By considering recession/inflation.


How we can expect market correction in bny ? When to communicate with manager for market correction?

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