I am a 15 yrs experience guy specialising in Cloud and DevOps. I got an offer from below three.. All 3 has offered similar compensation. Please help me to decide.

EXL Services
NTT Data

I am a family person and i need good quality work plus work life balance. I am confused which one to go for finally.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

What's the yoe and CTC offered???
And Go with Rakuten.


Join rakuten, it’s a good company comparing with remaining two offers


I don't know why ppl Shay away from telling there offered CTC...

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Anyone working for Quest Diagnostics? I am currently a Forensic Processing Supervisor and would like to compare market value in other cities. I am currently in the Kansas City area.


What's TAS? And is the 190-200k for base?

Hi fishes

I have a 4yrs of exp in analytics(SQL,python,tableau,ML) with CCTC 15(13.5 fix + 1.5 bonus).
Switching to other company and asked HR for 20CTC (19fix + 1variable), earlier she said budget of only 19CTC.
Planning to stay here for atleast 2yrs.

Can someone please tell if the ask is too much/ too low / perfect for this work ex and industry?
I am asking for avg standards in industry, obviously I am aware of some people earning much more in same or 2-3 yrs exp also in some companies.


Joining Meta in the ad sales team, what should I expect? Any advise on NHO and joining virtually?


Why do advertising agency account people claim to be experts on business strategy when they’ve never even read or know what a 10k is?


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Just got an offer for 70k salary with around 10k in bonuses. Now the recruiter at the beginning told me the budget right away which was 80-120k. Now i only have 1 YOE so i can't leverage that to squeeze more out of them but curious to know how to tackle the negotiation. I would like 80k salary instead with bonus's staying the same, how to best negotiate with limited YOE?


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Hi guys, I have below offers, please suggest me which one provides better work life balance, career growth

State Street
# JPMorgan Chase

YOE: 6 , tech stack: java developer
Please suggest , i am going to join by next week. Please provide your valuable suggestions

Considering a job offer in nyc coming from the south. Making about 400k here and we live very well but won’t lie - life’s quite boring here. Have an offer in nyc (my fave) for 500k. SO will probably stay around his 200k comp. 300k of my 500k is guaranteed - the rest is bonus which I am 50/50 on depending on how the company does. We’re 30s and thinking of starting a family. Don’t want to deal with commute so thinking Manhattan. Worried about nyc COL. Should I take it? We have about 1M saved fwiw


What does the background check consist of at Deloitte ?

Does anyone know what kind of questions asked in communication round at MS.
Is it elimination round?


How does compensation work in tech firms? Seems like there's a focus on equity at the expense of slightly lower base?


Does Gartner Gurgaon provide free employee to and fro office transportation?


Anyone join jp morgan Bangalore on sept 20th for the Asset and wealth management LOB


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How do you hint to a client (who is constantly praising your work) that you would be 1000000% down for them to poach you and save you from the agency misery? Client is in the process of hiring for their team so it’s the perfect opp but…politics and professionalism and all that blah blah. 🤣😇


Which zelos watch?

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Hey guys..

I recently switched to new company . I am now missing my previous company and project..

Am feeling out of the place in new company... Feeling difficult to perform new projects.. the projects are little new to me .. thought to check if anyone feels this way ..


Urgently Required
Lead Network Engineer 10-15 years experience Cisco ACI, Cisco Enterprise, Data Center Switches, Cisco Router
Bangalore/ Hyderabad/ Pune/ Gurugram
Kindly DM me your YOE and email id.

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Welcome to the bowl everyone! For those who’ve joined, drop the club you support in the comments!

I want to buy something - small or large purchases. Any refs?


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Dang PwC fired me today……

for saying I’m going to Deloitte.


Any tips pivoting from Scrum Master to a product owner role?


How good is health insurance in TCS ?


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Is it worthy to join CTS as Senior Associate - Projects for bigdata domain ?
What will be the roles and responsibilities for this position ?

Hey Guys,
Quick Question
What according to you should be the average salary of a data Engineer with approx 6 years of Exp??


Harman connected service offers 24 fixed 2lakh variable pay and 2 1/2 lakh joining bonus... Position: Lead Engineer
Global logic offers 27.5 fixed and 1 lakh joining... position : Associate Consultant

I have only 2 days time...can someone help me in choosing the company?
I wantgood work life balance


Need 11 likes for DM. Thanks


Waiting for offer letter from IBM. its been 3 days,HR said you will get offer letter. BGV is done, uploaded documents to their portal but still no offer letter received. HR not responding to mails, calls. Hopes are fading now. YOE : 14


In IBM Chennai, they are asking me to work from office thrice a week.Does everyone following that?how is the office atmosphere and culture?


Hi Fishes,

I have got offers from 3 companies, with equal salary,
Boomi with 8% variable
Allstate with 7% variable
Sony with 15% variable

But sony is ready to match the offer of other companies as fixed.

Could any one suggest which one to join?


Got one email regarding insufficient or missing information. They put bgv of blue yonder in cc. Asking for client name disclosure. Can anyone please say what is that? Should I share my previous company's client name? @Blue Yonder EeyTata Consultancy



I have offer from Bosch.

Offer - 12.8lpa fixed + 1.2lpa variable +1lpa joining bonus (level 51)

YOE - 4.1

Current CTC - 10.7lpa fixed

Should I negotiate to 14lpa fixed + 1lpa variable + 1lpa joining bonus.

will they revise my package?

Thanks in advance.


Mmt or Paytm what to join?

Hey All,

I have the offer from Legato, CitiusTech, and SOTI for the same designation and similar technologies and matched package.

Which one should I choose?


Hey Folks, I have offers from T systems Pune and Nagarro Softwares... Which one should I join

My yoe. is 6 yrs , tech stack: Bigdata

T systems i offering slightly higher pckg but location is pune so its work from office

Nagarro is having permanent wfh/wfa


Hi all,

I recently joined a Big4 org. For more than a month now, I am only attending project calls where mostly, I am a silent listener as I am one who jumped in between ongoing work.

Consequently, I am filling the bench code in timesheets.

Is it normal?
Do I need to take steps on my own so that someone add me to the project.

Can anyone suggest?


Kmpg KPMG India Deloitte EY PwC


You will receive a monthly performance pay of Rs. XXXXX-. The same will be reviewed
on completion of your first Anniversary with the company and will undergo a change basis your own ongoing individual performance.

So, I want to know if I get bad appraisal will this amount also go from my hand?