I am an IT manager in a Telcom company. I am a Canadian wanting to move to Florida. Any advice what Telcom companies are in there. Do they hire Canadians? Any Canadians who had applied tn visa before? Please advise

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Are associate bankers at JPMorgan Chase and BMO currently starting between $25 - $28?

Basic credit card/expensing question. Joining McK as EM (Fall 2022).

My question is specific to hotel reservations - can I put these on a personal card or do these have to go on the corporate Amex?


False 498A filed by my wife. Case moved to court recently. Can I get on site? Will it problem to get Visa?


Hi guys, does the Bank of America support Canadian who works with TN work Visa? Will their HR or legal team know how easy it is ?Bank of America


I-140 approved.
H1-B extension in process.
Mostly extension will be filed before the review for the year.
If I get promotion or internal job change then what will be the impact on I-140 and pending H1b.


I am about to accept an offer with Deloitte Digital. Curious to see what the timeline for H1B transfer looks like. Has anyone been thru it recently and can give me an estimate.


Why is the visa bulletin moving back in July ? Any reason for that ?



Any reviews on American Express Global Business Travel (
Amex GBT)?
If anyone knows someone who works there, how is the culture and WLB and other perks. Amex


How are people managing visa stamping outside of the US ?


If given a choice to learn between AWS and Snowflake, what shall one choose looking at the long term benifits. Current Tech stack: Azure, pyspark, databricks. Impetus technologies inc Amazon IBM Google Visa Mastercard Paytm UBS Citi Capgemini Pepsico Walmart Wells Fargo


Hello Amex people

Can some refer me for the job ID: 22015392
Please let me know I can mail my resume
Thanks in advance.


BNY Mellon technology specific questions -
#0 How much max salary for grade K ?

#1 How long does it take to promote in bny from grade K to L ?

#2 Any specific criteria for promotion? Expr , certification etc...?

#3 How much % hike to expect post promotion ?

Skills- Java, microservices,react, cloud

HSBC India JPMorgan Chase BNY Mellon | Pershing Citi BNY Mellon UBS Citi Allstate BNY Mellon | Pershing BNY Mellon Corporation HSBC India


Has anyone been rejected at the H1B interview in india?


I have cleared all my interviews for Visa for the role of Sr Project Analyst which band I6 can someone help me with the seniority level of I6 is it entry or mid level?


Hi Fishes,

Can anyone tell me how many rounds of interview are there in
JPMorgan Chase & Co?

I had only 1 round as of now, it was with the Process head VP along with the person I will be reporting (if got selected)

It's been almost 4 days since I had that interview; however, no feedback has been shared with me.

I can see that my profile/application is under review for basic requirements.

Should I consider my profile as reject?

Any thoughts/guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Any gems worth working at in Vancouver?

Does ZS provide counter offer to initially offered before joining if we give a competitive offer to them does that happen?


looking to spend a night in NY for thanksgiving. Any recommendation on which hotel to get (using Bonvoy Points)


Can we use the travel portal to book car rentals for personal use ? Also, is the provided insurance effective during this ? (I’m Brand new to the field)

Any other poor unfortunate souls out here do work for Citizens? My partner doesn't email me on weekends, but the litigation specialists do. Can't stand working for citizens. Don't they ever stop working?? They aren't even attorneys.


I’m interviewing for BCG and had a principal reach out to me for a zoom chat. Is this normal for principals to reach out or is this a positive sign?

Hi ,

How much PWC India offers to a 4 year expected Java developer?
Can someone tell me pls.


My partner wants me to refer him for a role at my B4 firm, but I really don’t want to work together (although he’ll be in a different service line). What do I do?


Anyone want these books? Amazon sent a second copy. Local to Chicago only :)

Post Photo

Thoughts on tag carrera as a first dress watch? Any other suggestions?

Post Photo

Does anyone have a recommendation for a smooth looking gym bag you can bring to a client site, but is also pretty sporty and functional?


Why are we still doing coding challenges? We all know nearly every engineer/developer is using stackoverflow (copy/paste code and switch up somethings) or watching that YouTube tutorial. Honestly, there thousands of examples of doing the same thing and we have platforms that check for ‘cheating’. The process needs to change, seriously.


Could I get referrals and/or leads on remote/WFH jobs? I’ve been applying and possibly having a referral may help. I’m looking to stay in healthcare.


Looking for a referral. M&A manager based in South East US. Open to all consulting firms and industry corporate strategy roles. Thanks!

Where have people seen healthcare big law folks leave to? Mostly pharma? Providers/systems? Universities? Trying to get a sense of exit opps.


How many of you work on weekends?


Hello all,

Through Monjin platform - TCS Interview completed one hour back ,interviewer told that I am selected.

When will I have HR discussion?

How long they will take to release offer letter?


Will society accept me if we don't post the 150 year momento received from PwC india on social media? PwC Typical nibba nibbi behaviour or maybe some sort of marketing gimmick.


Has anyone had experience deferring due to visa/immigration reasons? Is this something the AdComs would accept? I am currently going through the green card process and wouldn’t be able to go to school without abandoning the entire green card process


Additional Posts in Jobs in Tech

I’ve been approached my by company (software) that one of our large clients (who im currently project managing for) is looking for a consultant of sorts, and if they hire us, I’d be the first person asked to take on this consultant role. This isn’t something my company typically offers and would greatly change the scope of my role. Has anyone ever taken on a role like this? If so, were you able to negotiate a percentage of the consulting fee? Or was it a bump in salary during the project?


How do potential employers look at a 4-6 month career break? Been at current job for less than a year and is mentally draining. I want to re-evaluate my career


I think I’m at that point where I need to look for a new job if my company isn’t going to raise my salary or give me a promotion. I have the skills to be a specialist or a manager

Are there any good companies you recommend?


Please, I need your opinion on this. I have 6 years of experience as a software developer and just finished my masters degree in data science. Now I am looking for a job here in the US. I went through the hiring process with this company and finally got an offer. They offered 88k/year and I responded opening a negotiation. They emailed me back saying that I am no longer in this process anymore with no further explanation and in Thanksgiving day. Is that normal?that email really got me very upset


Private or Public?

Graduating soon and I am faced with two offers , money is not really a concern right now, I just want to pick the route that will benefit my resume the best down the road.

Top 10 Fortune 500 fully wfh job in tech rotational program
software analyst 1 , 3 wfh 2 on-site, for a city in California.

12 years experience as a software developer. How much package should I expect from a MNC company(Software company) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada?


Hello Everyone

I accepted an offer with a great company. I am happy with the position and there are good growth opportunities but I wasn't able to negotiate well and I accepted the offer as I was laid off and wanted to start a new role asap. I feel my salary is too low and with all the rising costs it will be hard to sustain. What should I do in this case and is there a way I can ask my company to increase my base salary.

Hello All!
I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and have a 1 yr experience in tech industry. Earlier I have worked as a software associate for 6 months and currently working as a support engineer. Both positions I have been were on contract. I am eagerly looking for full-time job roles. I have OPT work authorisation, so I’m not eligible to apply for many entry level roles. I would appreciate it if you could refer me for entry level tech roles in your company.
Email: saee.a.gore@gmail.com


There have been surprising news with layoffs lately. Has anyone here been affected by the layoffs at Twitter or META?


Looking to pivot from biotech to big tech in a less technical role (bizops, analytics, implementation manager) . I have a degree from Stanford in Biology (c/o 2021) and experience leading technical client implantations, but feel like companies just see my degree isn’t finance/CS/ statistics, and throw out my application. Am I overthinking? And what certifications have you seen help boost a person’s resume?

Hello all,

I’m a recent graduate of masters and currently have 2 offers in my hand.

1) One with CITI Bank with 100k salary and no sign on bonus and as it is in my home town as I stay with my family needs no relocation bonus required.

2) This is with American Airlines in Dallas Fort Worth which offered 100k + 10k bonus + 18k relocation bonus (required)

Which ofer should I consider given I’m a new graduate and this is going to be my first job. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


If you were a candidate that was reached out to by an internal recruiter and went through 5 interviews spanning more than one month would you be put off by the fact that the company couldn’t even have bothered to get back to you that they went another direction? What a poor experience as a candidate I had with them. Would they want to know or even care? Like at least thank someone for all their time and be courteous.


Hjelp 😭 I have an interview on Monday for a research and advisory firm, and before the interview they want me to pick out a tech article to discuss. What exactly are they looking for here? What kind of article should I chose?


Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to land my first product design role and I can’t seem to get my foot in the door. I’ve asked mentors from ADPlist to review my LinkedIn and resume as well as my portfolio and I haven’t had any luck. I graduated from uni in 2020, was bedridden for a whole year which led me to fall behind and I’m embarrassed that I can’t seem to get a job after months of actively trying - I desperately need help as I’m on a Visa that requires me to be employed.
Any advice?

I am starting a 4-months internship at a company B in January. However, I just heard from a company T that they will interview me for their full time position.

Company T is paying me way more (twice) than Company B. And I like company T more. However, they want me to start working in February if I get this position. If I end up getting the offer, I will have to quit my internship at Company B, almost immediately after I begin the internship.

Is this okay?


Which Big Tech companies hire remotely? I’m based in Europe, but I’ve worked for US based companies before as a contractor


I am a QA lead looking to break into google Spotify or meta as a program manager or project manager . Can someone please guide me on what does it entail to be a PM at these companies?


Anyone made the transition from NYC to Austin?

I find myself asking why I am in NYC when everything is so damn expensive. Making good money, but limited on savings and quality of life due to the HCOL. Or recs for other cities for that matter.

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