Poland: I am earning 20 LPA (fixed) in India. I recently cleared all the rounds for a role in a large global bank. How much gross salary (including tax and pension) should I quote?

Job location: Warsaw, Poland
Role: Statistical modelling
YOE: 2.5 years

What would be monthly cost in Warsaw? I have estimated it to be 3.5k PLN for basic needs.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Remember that the tax is 32% if your annual income is more than 2.4 lakhs zloty


Yeah I know that.. Unlike India, there is mo tax deductions as well.

Which Bank Citi ?


Hi! Can I know how you pursued this opportunity?

I've 1yr of software experience and 3 months of consulting experience.

Can we connect?

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Looking to get an idea of salary ranges for Senior Visual Designers and Senior UI Designers with 7+ YOE.

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Any idea on salary ranges for PwC M/SM? Trying to prepare for salary negotiations... thanks!


Hi everyone,

I am looking for a job change and enquiring if you have, or are likely to have, any job opportunities in your company.Please refer me for the position of Software testing engineer.
Skillset : Selenium, Cypress,java,jmeter,soapui
Experience:5 years
It would be my sincere pleasure to hear from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Satarupa Panda
Email id:satrupapanda1@gmail.com


I work at HCL as a Pre sales consultant which involves technical understanding and being in touch with latest technologies, I have got an offer from Genpact Bid Management team which I heard offer BPO services, should I join or stay in a techno functional role and how is the bid Management department in Genpact Genpact HCL Technologies

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Dear Fishes,

Recently my juniors are joining Novartis and they're paid heavily, now I feel I am underpaid and loosing motivation, if I wish to switch higher roles in other functions, is there any possibility my salary would be corrected accordingly, Need your input guys?


Will it be a mistake to join a valuation practice as an experienced staff/associate for $85k when i have the option of continuing with stupid b4 consulting at 105k? would move for solid exit opportunities in fp&a & higher paying job later down the road. but it’s tempting to stick with public consulting for more $$ and zero exit opps. i like val, i want to do it; just not sure it’s the right move.


Anyone hear of busy season bonuses at Deloitte?

Ericsson R&D vs BMC software vs NASDAQ Which company is better to join. All of them are paying more or less the same in-hand salary. YOE 3.2 years Skills java + MySQL

Ericsson BMC Software Nasdaq


Hi Fishes, I applied for an role at career portal of Accenture is was moved to hold and shows same status after 5+ months now… any idea how do we apply for roles or connecting through team leads on LinkedIn


Hi people

Got an offer from TCS , and joining in a month.
Will I be eligible for early joining bonus. If yes how do I claim it ?
My profile is IT analyst
7 years for experience


Hi All. What would be the monthly in-hand after tax?

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💠DevOps Openings in LTI💠

Interested can apply in links given or share profiles to
Immediate to 30 days joiners preferred

Specialist - Software Engineering [3+ yrs]
Azure DevOps

Specialist - Software Engineering [3+ yrs]
DevOps with CICD, Jenkins OR Azure DevOps

Associate Principal - Application Architecture [12-15 yrs]
DevOps Architect


What's the SM1 salary at PwC AC in assurance line of service? Non Mba

Deloitte PwC


2.2 YOE

Have 2 offers in hand, extremely confused right now
Deloitte India 10.5 lpa fix 1-1.5 variable

UBS 12 lpa fix ( variable over and above) not disclosed as part of ctc.

Please advise which one to choose considering growth and learning.


Pet/CT Nuclear Medicine technologist dual ARRT certified In both Nuclear medicine and CT . How much should I be making with over 15yrs experience?


Please help to choose from, i m really in doubt with airbus retaintion policy and overseas training, also what is the avg % hike yearly in airbus?Airbus

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Hello Sharks,

Got LOI for engagement financial advisor analyst and Deloitte is offering me 6.5 lpa. Quite less than I expected but can anyone suggest how much I should ask for?

I need to relocate from Kolkata to Hyderabad.

Thanks in advance.


How much bonus can be expected in EY UK? Any ranges which anyone can share please?


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Furloughed now and thinking about my job situation. Female physicians: need advice on advocating for myself when I was passed up for what I thought was deserved promotion for a male colleague.


I am currently working as an automation tester using Java & Selenium to write and maintain a testing codebase for one of the major Indian consulting firms - I’m looking to pivot into front end development professionally in ~3 months at a medium or large US-based company. I have some experience working on personal projects in Vanilla JS and React. Anyone have some recommendations of projects to add to my portfolio or certs to get?


Nishita is the most loved leader in deloitte today... go girl.. make us Desi proud


Left public accounting as an Audit Manager to take a Controller position in private. Realizing I don’t want to get stuck in a Controller position LT and would like to possibly be in FP&A if I stayed in private. Have always had an interest in FDD and I am considering leaving private for FDD. Any thoughts on this potential move & if it would improve my chances of getting into FP&A later on?


Are there Tech consulting opportunities at MBB? If so what do those look like and within which of their practices?


How has COVID-19 impacted your company and your benefits? (Examples: layoffs, furloughs, terminations, no more 401K matching, no promotions, hiring freeze?) Please share :)

Boyfriend got me a fruit & kale edible arrangement for Valentine’s Day. I told him not to get me sweets or chocolate and didn’t expect him to take me seriously but I’m glad he did! 😅


Can anyone recommend good/great scientific papers on climate science, climate change and Energy Transition?


Hi All, please provide 11 likes to activate my DM..Thank you


Anyone live in the city and have a second place on a suburban lake? Curious about the experience, do you use it often? Is it worth it?


Have a really bad ant problem in my condo; what can I do to resolve it? We’ll have almost no ants and then out of nowhere hundreds of ant swarms. They just attacked our dog food. Never had an issue with this until the last few months. SOS. 🤮

Currently I use Raid or Windex to kill them. Trying to not spray raid everywhere bc we have 2 puppers that we don’t want to get sick. advice is appreciated.


Hi Folks,

If we need any cognizant logo t-shirts ,books or other cognizant logo products where we can book.

I wish our 5x2 NYC office would be elsewhere in the city. I can't stand the area anymore..


Anyone have a good brick and mortar store I could stop by to look at leather messenger bags? Got an offer for Bain and want to use my sign on to upgrade the wardrobe and backpack to something a little nicer. For reference I've been looking at Satchel and Page but I don't think they have a physical store


In my office we have a very small number of black people. I don’t know the exact numbers but it doesn’t seem like more than 10. All of them I know >3 are on a personal improvement plan for very basic reasons. One faced blatant racism and was placed off the project. Therefore it was harder for this person to find a new project. How to investigate if this is correlates with microagressions and discrimination towards black people? Any ideas? How to convince non POC that this is a problem?

Curious to know about the process of leaving PwC or another big four. I signed an offer letter today and plan on putting in my notice when we get back from the break. What happens when I put in my notice? Also, will they have me leave that day if I am going to another PA firm (though it is a niche firm, so not really a competitor). Thanks!


Gobble gobble, data people, hit me with some Thanksgiving stats to flex at dinner 🦃


Additional Posts in Onsites and working abroad

Offer comparison below, any feedback would be appreciated from the group members.

32lpa fixed + 10-15% bonus in Gurgaon based Asset management firm


€4700 pm gross + holiday allowance + 8-12% variable in Amsterdam based Big4 firm.
On HSM visa, eligible for 30% ruling

Anyone who has gone through the HSM application process in Delhi recently? How long is the processing time? If I go for the Dutch offer, should I resign before getting the visa or wait for the visa process to be completed?


I’m a iOS Tech lead with 10 years of experience have salary of 35L before taxes.
I have got an onsite opportunity in London with approximate payout of 70K +12k(variable) GBP annual before taxes(Company will bear relocation).
Currently single. Is it worth moving there for salary and experience? Am I underpaid compared w.r.t London?


For someone earning 11 LPA fixed in India, is 50K Euros in Germany a good package?

Numbeo says it will be equivalent to my current salary, however tax deduction will be higher. Thoughts?


Hey All, EY GDS has nominated my wife for raising L1B. Does anybody know what are the chances for this to actually become a reality ?

Is there a filtering process internally in EY before it is actually filed ?

Also, what is the average approval rate for L1B when raised from india ?


Good morning everyone,
I have 7yoe in DevOps, Azure & AWS cloud experience. Am working as a Team lead to build from scratch, interview, internal KPI trainings, team handling. Please refer me for any onsite jobs.
Can we get a onsite job from India if yes please send me those details.


€75K offer from Netherland is low or good deal ?

Dependent -2
YOE - 13 year
Skills - java, angular, spring boot microservices

I am interested to relocate.

How much I can demand based on my experience & skills?


Is it possible to apply for a foreign job from India?


What are your suggestions on accepting a job offer in the following scenario:
The job location is in Japan, Tokyo. Since the borders are closed for Indians, my work location is remote in India for now. Salary is paid as per Indian market.
When the borders are open, I need to relocate to Japan. I haven't been told about the salary that I would get when I relocate. HR here says once borders open and the Japan company's HR will discuss on the salary range suitable for the Japan market.



I hold Malaysian offer of 96,000 MYR/ Per Year and 16LPA INR India offer. Which is best ?


What should be a good salary In Poland for a family or 4? Two kids and couples

Ey is offering me relocation to Poland and they have initiated the process.

Is 25K zloty is decent salary? I heard they charge monthly 32% tax . Is it true

17 years of project and program management experience


Hey guys, any idea if Accenture Dublin folks are working from home in Dublin or going to offices ?

What if you are a full time remote (wfh) employee for an employer and go abroad (Schengen countries) on a dependent visa and work for your employer. is there any legal issue or any problem?


Hi fishes,

Looking for any referal Or opportunities in Spain, Italy, Portugal.
Yoe: 3.3 yr
Domain: Data science/ analytics


Hi 🐠🎏

Need genuine suggestions!!
I have cleared 1st stage of Business Analyst interview with
Deloitte UK.

For the second stage it's a Case Study of 45 minutes followed by an interview.

Any idea how I should prepare for this round? Or what kind of case study it will be? Deloitte


Hi everyone, i wish to work abroad and have been going through job openings in countries like Canada, NZ, Denmark etc . I have a degree in journalism and media and have mostly worked in M&E sector. Currently i handle Marketing at a tech company. My question is do I need a seperate work permit to apply for the jobs posted on LinkedIn? How does this work? I am absolutely new to this. Would appreciate some guidance on legalities, documentation and paper work. Thank you.


Hello all , I am trying to apply for on-site job openings . Would like to ask for suggestion or any resources to apply for abroad job opportunities from india . Thanks in advance