I am earning 50LPA in India as Tech Project Manager with 12 years of exp on cloud and data engineering, What should be my expected salary for same role in JAPAN (Tokyo or Osaka).

Please dont suggest as per PPP, that is not realistic when we negotiate.

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Hi Guys , Currently i am having an offer of 14.5 from a product based firm , I have an HR discussion in Deloitte for the role of consultant.
How much I can ask for ?

Stack - Informatica
Thanks in advance

Bain and Mck increase pay too?

I have joined Sunlife yesterday. I was having offer from Capgemini as well but decided to join Sunlife.

I am settled in Bangalore and cannot relocate to Gurgaon. Sunlife HR provided me remote work option.

Now I am not sure that was fair decision for me or not.

CTC was almost same.

Need your comments.

Thank you!


What is the scope of work for TSE service line under Sat EYGDS/EY India


Anyone have some life-changing SmartSheet hacks? Just got set up and it seems really powerful but outside of predecessors and resource allocation, I feel like I'm missing a lot of tools. I am a PM on a social client with anywhere from 5-15 projects (posts) in pipeline


How much time, Capgemini takes to release the offer letter post HR discussion and documents submission. Submitted the same 7 days before.


I'm looking for a prenup (in CA) any recommendations for lawyers or roughly how much I should spend (for both lawyers for myself and my partner - I think in CA each person needs their own). I'm a lawyer but I don't know if that would make me a good or bad client 😂


How did you become a consultant ? What did you study and what role did you start with ?


Client just called.

I have 6 hours to clean up 3 years of a balance sheet in a manufacturing company.

FML. Should I start day drinking?


Hi All, I currently have 1 year of experience in the Service Desk and I am not satisfied with the job and the salary. I also have a bit of experience leading the team during the project transition. I am planning to switch to getting a better package since I feel like I am underpaid compared to the market value.

My CTC is 2.96 pa

If there are any openings kindly let me know.


Hello All, I am moving back to India from Abroad. I work in a Semiconductor lithography company and have experience as an Agile Product Owner (HW) . I am open for new challenges in India.

YOE : 6
Education : MS Mechanical

Any referral is much appreciated. Looking forward to your DM.

#hardware #semiconductor #productmanagement


Hi Guys,

How is cognizant softvision? Is it cognizant only or some other company? Appreciate for any inputs.


What should be the average Salary for Accounts Manager in CBRE with 13 years of experience in RTR


Has anyone interviewed for the Accenture network engineer position? Can you share your experience with the technical interview. Accenture


How much should I get having 6+ years data engineering skills : DWH, ETL, BI, SQL, Python, She'll Scripting, AWS, Azure, Neo4j, etc

Hello Fishes,
Can anyone give me information about Product manager role in JindelX? Is it a good option?

What will be my in hand salary on normal months and on QVA months?

Is monthly performance and QVA will decrease if we get an average band next year?Tata Consultancy

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Anyone here work at Apple? I would love to connect. I’ve been thinking about apply and would appreciate to hear your experience there Apple


What is the package being offered before guidewire developer in CGI for 5 year experience? Please let me know it would be of great helpe!


Well, that was quick. Peter and Madi are no longer pursuing a relationship...


How do I ensure I receive sales credit when there are multiple SMs on it? Am I just along for the ride?


I start a new job Monday. I’m the oldest 🐟 but am as excited as if it’s my first job.


I’m wearing this shirt while posting this meme

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Have you ever experienced discrimination or a setback/bad interaction in the workplace from your sexual identity being known? Our industry seems to embrace it, but every workplace is different.


What does ‘work on yourself’ mean? Like what’s the first few steps?


Any insight into Product Management recruiting timelines in tech (DoorDash, Peloton etc)? I submitted apps last week, when will I hear back (if they decide to move forward)?


Competition of silence in this group 🤣. No one comments for any post


When will we get our ratings communication from our counsellors ?
Really desperately waiting to know what they're gonna give this year 😓
They're taking sooo long


How should I tell my manager that I am transferring to other office? Like...should I just tell him that I will start in the new office on certain dates?


I feel like I’ve been job hunting for so long, I’m never going to land anywhere 😭


Torn on going all in on Marriott (more locations, often closer to offices and client sites) vs. Hyatt (better rewards program). Thoughts? What have you chosen?


Salary for a CA fresher in TIAA India as an internal control analyst

When to follow up after phone screen? Phone screen on 10/15 went well and they said they will reach out to me regarding a formal interview. They did warn me that their HR is very very slow. Just want to make sure they don’t forget about me.


Hi fishes

##How to use ##LTA




Can anyone attest to their experienced hire interview process at another B4? How many rounds, video chat or in-person, time frame, etc. I’m interviewing for M&A.


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

What should be the expected CTC in PWC India for an Associate position?
YOE: 2+, Domain: Serviceanow

Hi all, I am getting rehired in HCL in 2 months as the team there was very good and I expressed an interest.

Though I was there at 11 lpa, I was drawing out 16 lpa from TCS in last 2 months.

The director in HCL had called and confirmed that I am getting rehired.

So, what salary will they offering?
Can I negotiate on the salary being offered?
If yes, how?

Hcl was trying to retain me by giving 14 lpa.

Please help.


When you are on vendor payroll..should you mention on CV or speak about it directly in interview ? pls suggest


Perforce technology, pune or Aera technology, Pune or Nagarro, Gurgaon.
Location is not a constraint. Which should i choose? I know Nagarro is very good company but its a service based. I want to move to product based company. Anyone know about Perforce software/Aera technology.

YOE: 6 years
Backend python developer


17 lpa at 7 YOE.

15.5 fixed, rest variable.

Am I underpaid?

Expecting a promotion next June with 25-30% hike. Bh that time I will have 8 YOE


Hi all,

I recently joined a Big4 org. For more than a month now, I am only attending project calls where mostly, I am a silent listener as I am one who jumped in between ongoing work.

Consequently, I am filling the bench code in timesheets.

Is it normal?
Do I need to take steps on my own so that someone add me to the project.

Can anyone suggest?


Kmpg KPMG India Deloitte EY PwC


Hi Fishes,
I have 8+ years of industry experience and working at good MNC as of now
Got an offer from
Google .
Current salary :
Base : 26 LPA
Bonus : 3 LPA
Stocks: 5 LPA

Final offer from Google after slight negotiations:

Base: 57 LPA
Bonus: 8.55 LPA (15% of Base)
Stocks: 1,01,000 $ for 4 years
Joining bonus: 10 Lacs

I feel its good and going to accept. Please let me know if I overlooked something else Note: getting L5 level in Google based on experience and interviews.


Hi Friends,

Need some suggestion as I am in dilemma to decide which company, I join out of TechM and Oracle.

TechM says Cloud Architect, but I don't have any other information on the work and all.

Oracle is senior programmer/lead on their products.

I currently work with Ericsson.


Hi fishes,

Stack: Java, Spring, Springboot
Yoe: 7.3
CCTC: 9.5

Offers: IBM & CTS - 18 LPA
Pipeline: BNP HR pending - how much can be asked?
Notice: 60 days left

What is the current market standard ctc for the yoe and stack?

Many thanks in advance!


Hi Fishes,

I am having YOE: 7.5 and I have offer from Synecron, Fractal, lnfogain all giving approx same package, Could you please help me which should I opt for, I am working on Data Engineering Side.


Hi Folks,

I am working as a Senior linux Administrator from past 3 years. Can anyone let me know how do I move to devops role. I am getting calls only on linux even though I have experience working in devops


Have offer from Standard chartered gbs and FIS Global which one to Join? Both offering similar package.


Waiting for offer letter from IBM. its been 3 days,HR said you will get offer letter. BGV is done, uploaded documents to their portal but still no offer letter received. HR not responding to mails, calls. Hopes are fading now. YOE : 14


Hi, if you join a company and you feel like your team is a complete organisational mess, should you stick it out or can you start looking for other places?

I'm worried that I will be fired for no fault of my own.

How do you explain in the interview why you are leaving?


Can someone please provide feedback about Ameriprise financial company for project manager profile?


Recently I got an offer with good package, but the joining date is over.

So, By editing the joining date in that offer letter and I'm planning to showing it my current employer (MNC) for salary hike.

Please advice.


Whats should be the expected ctc for a 10yoe in project management domain? Non-IT product based


Hi fishes,

I just got an offer from Morgan Stanley. The offer is indeed handsome and provides other benefits as well. The problem is I just relocated to Pune for my wife's work, we have set up our house here and now if I accept offer I again have to relocate to Bangalore because they aren't offering WFH. What should I do? I know Morgan Stanley is a very reputed firm and might make an enormous impact in my technical growth, but is it worth taking the pain of relocation again?? I am confused.


Hi Capgemini vs Morningstar plz suggest Package offered same Capgemini Morningstar