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Many times these companies use u to do free work, give then ideas and templates, especially when the problem statement is related to them. So just be a bit careful... Also gomechanic not too great a startup

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Interviewing for a tech job for BlackRock. Do they really want people in Atlanta office 3 days? Doesn’t seem competitive for the market. Is there flexibility in this? Or are they watching badge entry?


State of Ohio:
Anyone have experience with Dept of Public Safety? Are they disorganized? Do they have a bad culture? I am starting to think they suck based on my application experience with them , compared to other state agencies.

Has anyone interviewed for a Senior Project Coordinator role, or something similar, at Wells Fargo/another big bank? I have my second interview tomorrow morning and want to be prepared. Do you remember any of the questions they asked?


Tata Consultancy Hi..can you advise on Tata consultancy sevices retention policy and salary revision process? I have below queries as process just started. But haven't withdrawn

1.CTC revision can start without withdrawn resignation or it has to withdrawn first and then they can proceed?

2.Any mail confirmation from HR on CTC revision should trust and paper can be withdrawn?

3.In mail, HR will mention, how much revision they are going to do?

4.Base salary will be revised or only variable part will be revised


Hello guys,
Does Barclays reimburse phones for employees?

Hi I got offer from Wellsfargo Bangalore as senior software engineer, YOE-9+ , Skills- .net core/Azure, if someone knows about WLB, hikes, work culture there, please let me know.


Hi friends,
I have offer in PS, I have 8+ years of experience. I got the role for senior associate QA L2. I am from automation testing background. Can anyone please guide me if we have enough projects and how soon we get the projects? How about the work life balance in PS. Please reply.


I had an interview for my dream job today. I designed to ask my interviewer questions about race and the firm. I decided that if the people don’t know how to talk about race it is probably more going on there. Am I stupid or just too protective of my energy.


Hi folks, I've got 2 offers in hand i.e. 1 from accenture technology for associate manager L8 and another Deloitte India Manager level with 10 YOE. Both are from SAP SCM practice. I am looking for some help to decide further keeping the WLB, future prospects, benefits and travel obligations in mind. Kindly help.



I am currently interviewing at TikTok for the Content Partnerships Lead role. Can anyone share some insight into the salary bands in the Sub-Saharan African market? Should I benchmark with the global rates?

Any tips and experiences interviewing in this region are also welcome - and highly appreciated! :)


Hi Fishes,

Going through interview for Senior Data Analyst role -
Uber Hyderabad.

Skillset - Business Analytics & Intelligence, SQL, Python, Azure, Power BI

YOE - 5.6 | CCTC - 11 lpa | Counteroffer EY GDS - 18 lpa

Kindly provide any ballpark number/range of CTC at market standards for Uber for above profile?  Uber

Thanks in advance ;)


i am btech fresher in IT branch , i got selected in CTS at 6.75 lpa my interview role was java developer but now i have started internship and got SCM domain (SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT).
Now i am very much worried as i came to know that there is no coding in this domain.can you please tell me future in this as a btech fresher ? Please 🙏🙏🙏
They are going to give training on JDA and manhattan

Please guide


Exp 7yrs
Currently withdrawing 15LPA.
How much I can ask for Senior Engineering position in
Delta Air Lines? Just want to know about market and Delta's standard!

Thanks for response in advance!!💐


Pwc ke Fayede ?


What's the salary range for a Senior Coordinator in Operations at Marsh Mclennan . I have Bachelor's and Post graduate in Finance, Project management cert and Financial crimes certification with about 10 YOE?


Hi Fishes,
What is the tentative salary correction expected for someone who is Senior Consultant at
EY in Transfer Pricing, YOE is 6.5 abd Ctc is 14 So what should be my CTC as per my experience in EY and my expected salary correction this term, pls give some insight

Any advice on how many slides a ~15min tech interview presentation should be? I know there’s no perfect number but is like maybe 8-12 slides good enough? Context is this is for higher up like we’re talking Directors+ and they’re very smart in tech with phd’s.


Anyone know the role of Research Analyst in S&P Global?
And work environment??

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I know have seen posts on this but can’t find

Thoughts on lo & sons Brookline bag? Worth it ? Quality?


Consulting exits at 300k at 50 hours a week: Can be in Dallas or remote. Any thoughts?


Getting ready to study for the CAMS exam. Do I need anything extra besides just studying the study guide and practice exam over and over. I’ve read online about people using AML assassin; is it worth it?


Strategy at Heartbeat? I’m getting good vibes so far.

It’s a crazy feeling for someone semi close to you, to of “been in competition” with you. For years. And you’re just now noticing. Like, girl. Is that why you act so conversationally constipated from time to time? You’re just a hater? 😂😂


Should I decline the offer and ask to be considered for a higher role that better fits my qualifications? The offer I had was with a great bank but I'm overqualified for that. Its been hard to find a job because I dont have prior experiences.

Recently I cleared 2 technical rounds and had salary discussion with HR on 26th July.
When I enquired about offer letter last week, hr replied in mail that "Since your education under blacklist with cognizant, we are unable to process with your offer. Many of college alumni are already working with cognizant. Even mailed them what part of education is blacklisted but they are not replying.should I still expect offer letter from them?

6 years of experience with couple of years of Big 4 experience and making 92K in NY; Taking into consideration the current inflation and Great Resignation - how much should I negotiate as an AVP/Sr Analyst for a bank like Citi?


Why are people so upset that Katie Hobbs is still acting as Secretary of State in AZ while running for governor?

These same people didn't have any issues when Brian Kemp did the same exact thing in GA in 2018.


Do we know if there is a sponsoring partner that oversees this benefit/ program that I could have more of a heart to heart conversation with? Not getting too far with the general email box and admin contact. From the benefit policy documentation, my understanding is that EY reimburses employees for surrogacy / adoption related expenses up to $50k lifetime. However, anything related to IVF or medical procedures has to go through insurance (also limited to $50k lifetime benefit). Continued…


How long did it take you to pass CPA? Do you think it’s worth it, should I keep trying to pass ?


Hi all,

What is the formula for Grauity calculations, on HRWeb it states

Basic Pay x 15/26 x (number of years with
Microsoft India).

However, according to other Indian sites it is

(15 * your last drawn salary * tenure of working) / 26.


Returning from work after a year of mat leave (Toronto in-house at a BIG company) - can I expect my salary to increase as though I was still working over that year? (Regular increase, obviously not expecting a bonus. Am hoping to get something to keep up with inflation but I don’t know if that’s standard.)


anybody looking for a data person at the manager level in NYC ?


Did anyone ever confirm the BCG Post-MBA level pay increase to $175K? If so, has anyone matched it yet?


Any Microsoft folks have insight to comp for Director/Sr Director roles? Want to understand base and eligibility for cash bonus, stock bonus, etc. if possible


Thoughts on Quinn Emmanuel? How grade conscious are they?


Hi all,

I recently heard about Stoa School for the working people, who wants to do MBA. Would anyone provide any insight if stoa school is worth to consider for MBA for working professional?


Asked for a raise and was told to wait for the annual raise period even though I was doing extra stuff on top of doing my job at a very high level and they would not budge at all. I started looking around 2 months ago and I just signed an offer for a new position with a raise just above 50% of my current salary. Know your worth and go get it!!!


For my next career move, I’m contemplating transitioning to a social listening role. I have experience in marketing, social media strategy, management of all social platforms, as well as an undergrad in PR and a grad degree in Advertising. Is there anything else that I can be doing to be a favorable candidate? With my latest experience in tech, I’m weary. Would love to hear from anyone currently in social listening!


Additional Posts in Business Analysts - Bangalore

I am keen about if it is possible for a Senior Test Engineer with 4.6 years of experience to switch as Business Analyst based on skills.


IQVIa or Wipro?

IqVIa current offer - 18.86 fixed +1.44 lakhs VP

Wipro - awaiting for 2nd round , 1st round cleared.had asked for 24 fixed and recruiter agreed.

Skill business analysis, 8 YOE.

Heard IQVIa offers max 90% vp, while wipro Provides 100% quarterly payouts

Submitted documents with capgemini for business data analyst, data strategy delivery group( capgemini invest) ,8.1 YOE. Already have an offer of 24 ctc from wipro. Before the interview i told my expectation as 30CTC. Will recruiter now lowball me? And how much would be variable pay %


Hey folks. I am having 2 yrs experience. I am getting 130% hike to my CTC in IQVIA. Should I go for it? Is it a good and worth company? The profile is G130- Business Analyst! Also, in terms what is the level of G130 grade?


Is CSPO certification helpful??


Does wipro accept a counter offer? And revised with a fresh offer?comment ple


How is NIIT TECHNOLOGIES as a company to work as BA?

Hello fishes hope you all are having a lovely day, i am looking to switch to a BA role.

My background- BBA (electives - research methodology, stats, marketing and operations) graduated this year 2022

Work- combined exp of 1.5 years as a project manager, Business Development manager and currently in amazon as an account manager.

Relevant skills working experience of SQL, advanced excell with data visualization, currently learning VBA and Tableau, soon will start with Python. Any more advise.


Is 16 LPA as a senior BA considered good package for 7 YOE?

How is Virtusa as a company for Business Analyst? How is the growth and average hike percentage?


8.1 YOE as a business analyst, 2 offers IQVIA -20lpa and wipro -24 CTC, got 45 days remaining before joining. Should i expect higher offers? Around 30?or stop looking for it?suggest pls


Hello everyone ,

I'm looking for openings for business analyst or senior business analyst roles. Kindly help me out with referral. YOE - 3.4


Hi Fishies, can anyone help me in understanding how I can get a break through in the field of analytics? I'm from a different industry and want to switch into analytics, have done a few basic courses, but how do I move past the hurdle of all companies seeking experienced people?
Any insight and suggestion would be helpful!


Is IBM Consulting (GBS) a good company for Business analysts? I heard that IBM GBS has only support and AMS projects and BAs doesn't have prominent role to play in such projects.


Hi guys,
I am currently working as a servicenow consultant in Infosys and I want to get into a BA profile in future. I have an MBA in HR and marketing and a BTech in CSE. I have already cleared my ECBA certification and I wanted to know what all skills should I acquire to transition into that role in or outside of ServiceNow.

Looking forward to your tips and suggestions


Anybody working here at Groww ?


Please comment your Thoughts.Bank of America Bnp paribas ispl

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Tot Experience- 5 years
Have 2 offers:
1. As Business Analyst (non-technical profile but domain specific) in product based company.
2. As Data Analyst (technical which includes tableau, SQL, python) in considerably smaller company to above.
CTC is nearly same (Comp2 on a higher side)

Which one to choose as I'm not sure whether I should continue with non-technical BA (which has been my profile so far), or should explore technical (DA)?
[Aim is to select a profile for better financial growth]


Looking for a job change, any M or SM innthis group who need a Ba? Im Having 8 YOE.

Please comment or DM