I am wondering if I am underpaid so would appreciate some input. Chemical engineer B.S with with MSEM 20 years experience. Got MBA in Finance 2 years ago but didn’t really look for a new job it was just something I wanted to finish since I started it years ago.

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Also, you didn't mention your salary and other benefits. Without that information, it's difficult to address your question/concerns.


Your salary and location would be another factor to consider.


I am live in Pennsylvania United States

Really interesting career path that as a chemical engineer with strong interest in economics, seems to be pretty enticing! What made you go in that direction vs engineering/managing?

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I’m an academic working at a research institute. I’m pivoting into tech. Got an offer at a fantastic company, but I’d need to take a $5k pay cut. (My current gig pays pretty well.) Long term, I may make more in tech, and this is my chance to pivot, and the job is interesting work and company has great culture. But not sure if it’s dumb to take a pay cut, even if it’s small. Any advice?


I’m a graduate from a reputed college in south India..having around 1.8 years of experience in the industry and Barclays is offering me BA2, saying I don’t have 2 years of experience..how do I negotiate with them? I have gotten a promotion in my current job due to performance too and campus placements from my college get hired as graduate analysts, BA3 Barclays Barclays global service center


I have 2 offers in hand - Global Logic - 23 LPA fixed , Tech Mahindra - 26.5 (including variable).
Which one is good for job security , work life balance and hike and all.
Need your suggestions pls

Are big law firms going to have another pay increase this year? Jefferies/GS just raised first year salaries to $110k. If not, any discussions re: significantly larger bonuses?


Hi Fishes,

Could someone please tell me the In hand salary (after tax deductions) for the below salary break up ?

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I’m a Junior accountant, recent MBA grad in Finance, located in NYC, just got laid off due to a merger. Anybody hiring or know any opening positions?


Your suggestions please! 🔥
I have 6 years of experience in Higher Ed Recruitment (combo of running my own agency + in-house).
If I move into tech in-house recruitment now, how much salary I should be on? Location: Ireland (euro)


Designers! Let’s gather some salary data.. Share your level, company context (design team or solo contributor?) location, annual base salary (and bonus if applying)


Hi Capgemini vs Morningstar plz suggest Package offered same Capgemini Morningstar


Let’s talk about the taboo topic of speaking with your coworkers in regards to pay. Do you do it? Is there any laws requiring you not to? I know pay/salary can be a touchy subject but how else will you know that you aren’t getting cheated?


Hi All,
What would be the designation offered by TCS for development role having 13YOE and Digital skillset.
Also appreciate inputs on the approximate package that can be expected.



Is it SAFE joining Wipro as technical lead (B3) with 37LPA? Knowing that package is pretty high as compared to collogues in same band. HR is not ready to give project manager(C1) position.

Appreciate your suggestions/input.

Would there be any scope of increment going forward?

YOE 8.7

Tech SF DevOps

Wipro Infosys HCL Technologies Tata Consultancy Cognizant


What is the average percentage hike in Nagarro


Just found out that Deloitte U.K. (London office) new managers total compensation is £59k ($78k) plus a discretionary annual bonus of up to £3k ($4k). In Tax, seems to be higher in consulting. Surely this cannot be right?

Fine the pension seems great I would have an 8% contribution and the firm matches that 100%, 25 days annual leave which apparently you are encouraged to take, but only earning $78-82k as a manager in London?


Hi Friends,

Need your valuable thought process and idea..

How much one can target(min - max) range in terms of compensation for 11 years experience.

Skill set - Net background., .Net Core + Azure - 2 Years.

Thanks in Advance.


To all the QA and SDET share your journey here. I will start with mine
2016: 1st company 2.73 lpa (manual qa)
2018: 4 lpa (manual qa)
2019: switch 2nd company 7.3 lpa (manual qa)
2020: same company 7.6 lpa
2022: switch 3rd company 20 lpa (SDET)



I have 2.5 years of experience in IT industry as a business analyst, I have through knowledge from requirement gathering to maintaining of software, I am a MBA graduate specialised in Information Technology.

Currently, I looking for a job, open to any industry, would like to request for any referrals



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I received offer a month ago n PES started at the same time
How long does it take for PES to complete..
Where can I check the status.....or how long be notifies
What is the process post PES.....
Please someone clarify who has joined recently


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Salary thoughts for a credentialing manager at a staffing company? 3 years experience, would oversee around 15 people.

Recruiters, do you ever delete emails from prospective candidates (who are cold emailing) without even opening them? If so, any tips for avoiding being thrown in the metaphorical and literal trash bin?


I had two interviews with two people at different companies and each time the interviewer had their camera off stating that they are having connection issues. Is that acceptable for candidates to do?


Has anyone given Pega CBA 8.6 exam recently? What type of questions come? Are there dumps available anywhere.


Got laid off. Have savings to hold me until I find a new position but mostly I'm just embarrassed. Has anyone ever gotten laid off and not told their friends/partner about it? I just don't want people in my circle to know I failed basically.


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Was offered a new job recently in a big pharma company:
Role: engineering lead (no direct reports)
Pay: 140K base + 10% annual bonus + yearly stocks
YOE : 5 years with Masters degree

I am confused if this is on higher or lower end salary range for lead roles as they are SMEs. Would appreciate some input.

Zscaler offered me position in Amsterdam for senior Qa. Offering 85k base pay and 20k equity for 4 years. I am 12 year experienced, feel lowballed with the offer.
How much can be negotiated here, what would be a good number to check with HR team?

💲For those who DON'T think a six figure salary is possible:

👉Just ask for it. Really, you would be surprised. Might be easier to switch to a new company and ask. I did that 3 years into my career.

And 🛑 wasting your time at a company that under-values you severely. Sometimes switching companies every 2 years or so will allow you to keep raising the bar for yourself.


Seattle Salary?

I'm a civil engineer with 2.5 years experience in the water industry with an EIT.

I'm interviewing with a company for the Seattle area and moving from a lower cost of living area. Glassdoor is guessing around $120,000 which seems high to me when one of my friends in the area is making $84,000 (same field and experience)

What is a fair pay I should be asking for?


Are the google salaries listed on levels.fyi show yearly stock of is the stock part split across multiple years?


Currently from mainland Europe. Offer from capco at senior, also offer from big 4 as a manager. Both within data n analytics - and in London. I’m interested in strategy (want to branch out into digital strategy in the future) based work and haven’t heard the best things about capco. Can u guys pls give some opinions. Salaries quite similar. Im 35 and the next move needs to be the right one.

Hey guys!

Can anyone give me ideas for remote jobs that can be done at my own time?

I work 9-5 and i would love to work a remote job during nights and weekends...


Does anyone know the mechanical engineer II salary range for Pratt & Whitney?

Do they offer profit sharing or any other financial incentives?

1YOE medical device NPI Lead looking for salary perspective

Mechanical engineering grad, joined a medical device startup that I had done co-ops at. 8mo into full-time, pivoted from engineering into more of an operations role doing new product introduction (NPI), now with 3 direct reports.

The combination of startup+medical device+NPI seems very unique and I'm struggling to find salary comparables. Currently making 75k but it feels very low given my new responsibility and impact. Any advice?


Does anyone have tips for negotiating salary or other perks specifically at a nonprofit?
SDZWA has a large research side that many don’t know about but the pay is rubbish compared to other research organizations.

Tips on negotiating a raise! I’m no where near the timeframe for one(only been there just over 90 days), just want to be prepared for when that meeting comes up at the one year mark 😅

Used to have a career with a. Union, this was never a concern till now LOL



May I know what is a good salary for a R&D project engineer(2 YOE) in a semiconductor industry in Belgium?

Can someone tell me if this is legal? The organization I work for pulled some of us aside today and said they are going to pull back on our salaries to cut costs. Can they do this? Do I have any options here? Can I simply refuse to go along with this?


Does anyone know the compensation for a senior analyst at McKinsey with a Master degree and 2 YOE? Looking for base pay and bonus.


How much Technical account manager earns with 10 plus years experience?


How much could be paid a power electronics engineer in Germany (automotive field)?


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