I don’t go to college FB won’t let me make an account without selecting one. I’m 20. I recently got a full time school photographer position that pays very well ($18-25 an hour) and I’ve been having issues with them not giving me any hours after I’ve been pushing for hours. Could I be doing something wrong to cause them to not give me hours even after being clear as full time/ open availability? I have bills and insurance so if this doesn’t work out good chance I’ll just look for a second job.

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That's weird that they would hire you and then not give you any hours. I doubt you've done anything wrong...they could've had a change in their budget or something that is making it so that they cannot support your new fulltime role, but they should definitely communicate that to you. I would absolutely look for a second job if they can't provide the hours for you that they promised. Good luck!

That's frustrating. The good news is, there are still a ton of companies hiring. If you're not getting the hours you need to make ends meet, perhaps it's time to find another opportunity elsewhere.

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My new employer is gonna pay 100% of the premium for the employee(I am single - no husband/kids) for medical, dental and vision. They are providing 2 options:
1. BCBS TX PPO $750 Ded
2. BCBS TX HDHP HSA $2800 (High deductible plan)
I am interested in opening an HSA account for tax benefits but not sure how much it will be taken from my paycheck as the salary here is pretty low. I also will be contributing to 401k by myself. Can someone please guide me on this?


Just responded to a recruiter who cold emailed about a position with all the prototypical “reasonable annual billables, collegiate culture etc etc” and said:

“I’m not currently interested in any positions that have a billable hour requirement” because that is absolutely my mood going forward.


My biggest mistake was accepting a promotion to manager, it made me realize that I'm not very good at managing people. Should I ask if I can go back to my old role?


Anyone here work at LinkedIn? If so I’d love to talk about an opportunity I’m interested in hopes of getting a referral!


Can anyone refer me for any position in Deloitte. I did bcom honours and I am a fresher.


Hi ,

Looking for job change and interested to join qualcomm (AI/ML stream) in below jobs:

3022863 Staff Engineer - Machine Learning - Chennai
3032785 Machine Learning Engineer- Chennai
3037733 Machine Learning Engineer- Bangalore
3034025 Staff Engineer- AI Software Tools Developer – Bangalore
3034024 Senior Software Engineer- AI Software Tools Developer- Bangalore

Please DM me and I will help you with referral process.


What are the exit opportunities from asset management? Is this a good area to work in public accounting?


Going from PR agency to a marketing role in-house, tips and advice pretty please!!!


I applied for a position and then messaged the hiring manager on LinkedIn. I haven’t gotten a response from three days ago. Would it be appropriate to email her using her work email address? I don’t want to be bothersome, but I also don’t want to get lost in the noise of hundreds of applicants.


Hi all,

I am looking for a job as I was made redundant by my employer last week. I have 9 years of Investment Banking / Corporate Development (buyside) experience.

Looking for opportunities in Greater Toronto Area or remote position. I am also open for contractual / project based work.

Appreciate your support


Hi all. Needed some ideas on the ongoing trends in hiring of Big 4s. Is the catchment still campus plus laterals ? Or have we moved to other catchments as well ? Also, any plans apart from the salary component, to attract and retain employees, which is being implemented in any of the big 4s ? Any views on these would be appreciated.

EY India is hiring in the tech risk space for IT audit, Third party risk management and Computer system validation. Please find the eligibility criteria for the same in the picture. If anyone is interested, pls DM. Will refer. Thanks

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Hi All,

How to confirm whether my selection in
Publicis Sapient is for a specific project not for the bench.
I don't want to sit on the bench for 4-5 months as I got some reviews that java developers are on the bench.
Role Senior associate technology L1


What agencies use freelance account people? I’m looking for work and think freelance is a good foot in the door. Know health/pharma agencies use freelancers a lot but looking for agencies outside that category too.


Hi Friends,
Can anyone share any referrals/openings in AI/ML domain for freshers?
I have a friend who did her M. Tech from IIT Delhi on AI/ML and is looking for an opportunity. Pls help. Thanks!


H1B transfer to new employer : Got an RFE asking for more evidence to that my engg degree is relevant to the H1 application (analytics role). Have others faced a similar situation? How long did it take to respond and for USCIS to approve?...


Is Microsoft hiring freeze still going on? I attended interviews in June end for SDE opening in Azure & cleared it. Post which I got to know that the position went to on hold & dint hear back anything from HR. Do they even come back once the freeze is lifted? Does it make sense to wait?


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I don’t feel I’m being paid what I deserve and don’t expect the amount of my upcoming promotion/salary will be what I hope it will be, but I don’t want to leave my company. Does getting an offer elsewhere to receive a counter offer cause bad blood? Should I avoid that practice?


Thoughts on those watch subscription boxes like Watch Gang that send you a new watch every month? Anyone here ever sign up?


What do you think if i want to leave from audit to data analyst ? And who is able to help me to that and advise me on the steps taken


SPHR exam- has anyone ever been “randomly selected” for an application audit? This just happened to me and the sheer amount of effort that is going to go into collecting all the documents almost makes me not want to follow through. Since I didn’t finish undergrad, they’re asking for a copy of my high school diploma or transcript and that itself is going to be an absolute nightmare to get hold of. Guess I’m not really looking for a solution here, just venting.


How close do you live to the office? What are the pros and cons that you have experienced living far/close?


Rumors spreading around, tcs to roll out good yearly hikes.

Don't do that kind of joke with a TCSer. It hurts :)


How does bonus work in PEPI if you join mid year? Does the formula still hold true and your salary pro rated?

Say you join at 6 month mark would your comp be: billables x performance rating - (salary/2)
Or: (billables divided by 2) x performance rating - (salary divided by 2)


How's the data analytics work in PwC LLC Advisory?


Anyone who currently works or has worked at Baker McEvoy (in NY)? If so, can we chat? Thanks in advance


My facility want us to run Bipap on Med-surg floors. I don't think that is safe. It's one RT in the entire hospital.


Do people give honest feedback in reviews? I only heard people saying nice thing about each others. That's nice, but I found that is too naive sometimes. There are definitely smart people in QB but I am also surprised by some people as I thought they are junior but they are like 2 levels higher than I expected.


It depends on the unit tests.

It depends on the dependencies.

It depends on the data.

It depends on the environment.

It depends on the service.

It depends on the config settings.

It depends on the build framework.

It depends on the network firewall.

It depends on the server.

It depends most of all on the team I emailed last week about a prod issue that I still don’t have an answer to.

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What are some great strategy and innovation certificate / degree programs?


People and how we view the world

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Hi Fishes !!
I have joined american express india last month band 30 and now I heard some news that amex had layoff their employees during January by giving excuse of reorg.
I am quite shocked to hear that as I have rejected many big Mnc Offers just for amex policies. Can someone help me is it real do amex layoff their employees very frequently??


What is your ABSOLUTE FAVORITE lesson?

Looking for insight into interview questions for lead tech program manager (L4) at Disney Streaming. How technical will the questions be?

Russia: Bombs Grozny, invades Georgia, annexes Crimea, threatens Baltics and Finland, invades Ukraine

Russian Propaganda: "Why is the US trying to destabilize Eastern Europe?!?!"


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Any knowledge of what the job responsibilities look like for a seasonal stadium operations role for an nfl team. What’s a normal day look like and what’s the typical pay hourly?


I am currently a SA at EY-Parthenon on the West Coast and looking to case for MBB. Comment if interested.


How are consulting firms handling coming back into the office this fall? Starting at a consulting firm this September but have yet to receive any updates if we'll be in the office, just that they want us in the area but I kinda wanna save on rent


Besides Accenture, what other companies have veteran recruiting.


Is it true that comp changes at some top consulting firms depending on how well your bschool is ranked?


Debate time:

Which would you recommend more: public or private accounting?

Private: Big companies vs Startups? Remote vs in-person?

Public: Tax or Audit? Start your own firm/partner or work for a company?


Do Microsoft or Google care about drinking tickets for internships. I got caught in the wrong place at the time and won’t be able to get it off my record by the background check. I have spent 2 years networking and my resume is stacked. I’m just a bit worried now.


I'm struggling I have been looking for a job since
October graduated in December. I don't know
what I'm doing wrong I have applied and keep
getting rejected. How do I land my first job ?


Seeing everyone post about their compensation has been slightly disheartening. I can’t tel if people are embellishing for the hell of it or if everyone is just making enticing amounts of money. Is it actually not super difficult to earn 70k-80k salaries or is everyone posting about theirs just a small subset of professionals?


I'm evaluating two offers and would love any advice.

79K + 10K bonus (around 90k)
Chicago (worried about exit opportunities, I would like to leave the Midwest eventually)
Interactive Development Program
401k 1 to 1 match
Stock Options

74K + 5K bonus (around 80k)
NYC (they're not willing to negotiate and very worried about cost of living...90K in Chicago vs. 80K in nyc seems to be a huge difference)
Customer Solutions Practice (Advisory)
401K 0.5 to 1 match
No stock


Looking to go into tech sales/marketing after graduation in May 2023. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies in Phoenix or Austin?


What can be the expected salary for a recent masters grad for demand planning role in supply chain ops team in a networking company (like Cisco or Comcast) in one of the major city?


Why do public accounting firms put a great emphasis on culture?

I have an offer from ACN strategy and Deloitte GPS (both in Washington DC). Pay is higher for ACN, but I am really unsure of which to choose. Would love any thoughts/ suggestions!!


Anyone open to give me a Microsoft internship referral?


Moving to top consulting firms after 1-2 years in the non profit sector? Will I be taken seriously?


Hi everyone! I am new here. Excited to meet you all.



I am a CS major student and I am about to graduate. Is
Manhattan Associates a good company to start as a software consultant? How is the work-life balance? Thank you in advanced.