I got cal from Deloitte for senior tax consultant. How much can i ask ctc? I have 6.5 yrs experience. Currently working in ey with ctc 554000.

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Is it possible to switch from Accenture technology to Accenture Digital?

I am from SAP background and trying to switch to Data Analytics/ ML


Arthur D. Little Limited what are salary, bonus and perks for Dubai for Engagement Managers and Principals?


Does FAAS role at EY will give more work satisfaction and CTC if I dont want to continue in Statutory Audit and don't see my career in audit due to lack of interest in that? Can someone helps in giving more insights on FAAS role? Will I enjoy it if i want to discontinue auditing?


Hi Fishes,

Working at Infy for 10LPA on AWS, DevOps.
Got offer from TCS of 15LPA
Serving NP - 45 days left.

People around are saying save tcs for retirement. I am confident enough that I will get a better salary offer than TCS in next 45 days. Will turning down TCS offer really cost in future? What should I do?


KGS - Tax shared services overall review? Do they have good transformation projects? How's the culture, benefits, work life balance and increments offered in this area?


Hi Fishers,

I have 5 years experience as PL/SQL developer in banking domain.
My Current CTC is 10Lac.

How much hike should i except if i join TCS ? Help me to get insights.

Hey, does EXL conduct drug tests for the new joiners ?


What do job hoppers do about vesting periods for 401ks and such? Unless your getting a pretty big pay bump, isn’t it always worth it to stick around for a little longer?


Do tcs change the offered ctc if we counter it with higher ctc offer?


Deloitte GES - what’s the scoop? Hows the culture/workload? Any details on your experience is helpful !


Hi All,
2.5 years back I was earning 11LPA with 9yoe. That time I was thinking tester’s salary will never cross 20LPA(I was so wrong).

Now my current salary is 37LPA. This still makes me wonder how far can an automation profile reach in terms of ctc..


How is PwC IFS workwise, can I expect quality work there?


Seattle Salary?

I'm a civil engineer with 2.5 years experience in the water industry with an EIT.

I'm interviewing with a company for the Seattle area and moving from a lower cost of living area. Glassdoor is guessing around $120,000 which seems high to me when one of my friends in the area is making $84,000 (same field and experience)

What is a fair pay I should be asking for?


What is the Salary range of Product Data Manager in Jio?

Cctc- 14 LPA
I have asked for 20+ 2 LPA

The HR is Negotiating to 16 + 1 (JB )+ 2 (RB) LPA only

YOE -3.5 (Analytics)

Should I go with offer?


Hi fishes,

Can anyone tell me the salary range for b2 band
Yoe 4.2 , as senior engineer in Wipro.

Can anyone tell how to fill timesheet in Accenture



Hi Fishes, I have salary discussion round with McKinsey tomorrow for senior software engineer role. My current CTC is 21 LPA and YOE is 7 years. What is the reasonable salary to ask? TIA


Today I got offer letter from Oracle

In the letter they did not mention any joining date, but I informed I can join from Oct but question is where I can confirm this?

Next, in the letter they mentioned following:
Basic Salary (A) - XXX amnt
FBP (B) - XXX amnt
Total Gross Pay (C = A+B) - XXX amnt
Company PF (D) - XXX amnt
Total Gross (C+D) - XXX amnt

In addition bonus 15% p.a. on annual gross pay (basic pay)

Need to know what will mnthly in-hand & other deduction? How to calculate bonus?


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Help, simple task can’t figure it or. List of user names in one sheet compare to another list on another sheet and highlight duplicates.


Looking to remodel our kitchen, has anyone used Lowe’s services before?

I am starting a new job where I will be investigating sexual discrimination cases. Employment law will be a new practice area for me. Do you have any recommendations on good learning resources? Any treatises?


Will Mindtree allow to work from LTI office if its closer? Mindtree


What is everyone doing for the bears game?


Hi Guys ,

Any one joining TCS ( Preferably Pune Location ) on 2nd or 3rd nov . Just wanted to connect and know what documents you need to submit while virtual onboarding and when will the onboarding link will be sent ?


Need advice: currently staff at regional firm. Have an internal offer to move to the itax specialty group but was planning on leaving to live with girlfriend in other city. (1/2)


Anyone in Tokyo ?


Hi Fishes,
Looking for a PG/Flat sharing(Female) in Mumbai Near Nirlon Knowledge Park (Goregaon/ Malad) - Single occupancy room.
Any leads or suggestions are most welcome.
Please DM for any questions.


Internal Referrals...

Is it true that an Amazon employee can't refer you if you've applied directly within the past two years?

Is there a way around this?


Attrition rate for other SBCs -

Infosys (28.4%), HCL Technologies (23.8%), Wipro (23.3%), Tech Mahindra (22%), Tata Consultancy (19.7%).

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Looking to move to DC in the fall for work. Expecting to bad to commute to Tyson’s/McLean a lot; is the commute from DC terrible? Which neighborhoods are good and have lots of transit options?

I'm a fresher and I joined TCS with a wish to work on Developing Projects.. but somehow they put me in a BPS Project and i didn't complete a year also. I just wanna change the project immediately. Can you suggest me how to do so?


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Taking cissp in a few weeks. Best way to study for the next two weeks to better prepare?


Does TCS offer stock as part of bonus ?
Can employees (associates) purchase TCS stock?


Strategy at BBH NY?


Additional Posts in Big 4 Discussions!

Hi Fishes I am looking for a change however not getting any good opportunity.
Currently associated with Genpact as a Management Trainee. I am quite in Accounting, Reporting and Monitoring.
Let me know if if having any opportunity or should I go for some kind of cource something like that.
If yes please suggest.
Appreciate your support 🙂


Hi guys ,

I have been lately feeling lot of anxiety majorly work related. Have even consulted a therapist regarding this and since my situation needs immediate attention, have put in my papers as I am not happy with what I am doing with my current role and need a break.

Has anyone of you felt the same before and how did you managed it?


Any Big 4's got diwali gift? 😂


Hi fishes, Can anyone please guide me if there’s any opening for .net developer or generalist role like software developer.
Available to join within 15-20 days
YOE - 1.3
Tech stack - .net, c sharp, sql



1. Hi fishes, which funds are you investing in right now and how much every month?
2. Is anyone investing in liquid funds?
3. Also, so you all consult fund/wealth managers on how to manage your money or make decisions by yourself?


I joined EY gds a month ago and want to leave because the manager is not good and always confused about the work that he wants me to do. He keeps on changing his wants after every call sometimes 2-3 times in a day. This leads me to working late nights almost every day and also weekends. I am looking to exit from ey gds asap. Will it leave a bad mark on my resume? Also what can i tell recruiters about the reason of leaving job, as most recruiters dont want understand valid reasons. Plz guide.


Is anyone in INDIA working for 2 companies??


Hi... Just wanted to ask if 55k GBP salary is good for living in UK Glasgow location.
Position AVP in one of the leading bank of UK


Hello sharks/Fishes

I am getting role of Associate consultant / Senior Associate consultant in

YoE : 4 year
Skills : SAP BusinessObjects + SAP Native HANA + Qlik Sense

They are offering 10 LPA fix + 1 LPA VA + 1L JB

Please suggest me is it okay to accept this offer ?


Anyone from PwC SDC Bangalore here. What are these vouchers and who are eligible for it.


Hi all, could you please help me understand what would be the in-hand salary based on the attached screenshot?

Please note that I have not opted for PF so that will be in-hand as well and I am looking to opt for new tax regime.

Thanks in advance!

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Does FAAS role at EY will give more work satisfaction and CTC if I dont want to continue in Statutory Audit and don't see my career in audit due to lack of interest in that? Can someone helps in giving more insights on FAAS role? Will I enjoy it if i want to discontinue auditing?


Hi all, I joined EY GDS in Jan 2021, was tagged into informatica Powercenter job, was going good till Oct 2021, then project got over. Since Then I was on bench (from Nov 2021) till End of July 2022. I had told my managers to tag me in big data project as I am having skills on that. No One listened me , Now again tagged to informatica project. But most frustrating is I see my colleague working on Big Data although they did not have any prior knowledge. Dont know how they assign the project.

What does an MBA start with in management consulting in Big 4 in the US? Say the person is hired as a Senior Associate.


Hello Fishes,

Kindly help me with your suggestions.

YOE: 6
Tech: ETL (IICS & Informatica PC)

Having 3 offers in hand & 3 days left in NP

Mindtree:18 LPA (All are fixed, since they pay 12% VP each monthly completely)

2.) HCL: 21 LPA (19.3 is Fixed including 5% VP paid each monthy completely)

3.)PWC AC - Banglore:22/23 LPA (All Fixed - Approval & offer in progress)

Could you pls give some insight which is better to join as I'm looking for Stability, Learning, & Wlb majorly.



Anyone who worked in all Big 4s ?? Which one is the best and why?