I got tech mahindra offer with 17 LPA including variable pay 10% and they said it will be paid out on monthly basis with 100% variable for senior soft eng role. So, will IBM match my tech mahindra offer with 17 LPA ?? Or it wll match only fixed ? Has anyone matched IBM with tech mahindra counter offer ?? Need ur help. Thanks!IBM Tech Mahindra

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Yes they will match. They night offer you an ARS with fixed as - fixed + variable pay of techM approx.


You will get 100 % variable pay in your monthly salary at tech Mahindra. Also yearly hike 6 to 10%.


No. IBM will only consider fixed component. You can ask for joining bonus instead.

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Hey guys. I am a lawyer and want to switch fields to a customer success management role. I am thinking the best way for me to explain why with my law background I am the best candidate for the role and why I decided to switch careers, is thought a video. I kinda want to do a mini clip instead of a cover letter because it will expose much better my personality and my reasons for applying. Is this weird ? What do you think ?


Just got offered a job at a small biotech in London (UK). ~£45k plus bonus but only 1YR FTC and no equity.

Pretty sure it's a discovery role too.

I just finished my PhD at a very good uni with 3 years technician experience before that. BSc and MSc also at very good unis with good grades.

I think this offer is well below par, but curious to hear what you guys think/if you have any comparisons?

Thanks in advance :)


I have landed an executive assistant position right after graduation. I have been here for a year and am looking to consider my options. I was also wondering if my 3-year diploma in financial planning can be considered experience from an employer POV? Moreover, how much did your first landed job after graduation pay? TIA


Looking to shift from litigation to corporate roles. Considering these difficult times, does it make sense to take a corporate in-house paralegal position within a large company?

The goal would be to use the position as a foot in the door to this new practice area. It has been difficult to land a job within litigation, let alone switch practice areas. Thoughts?


“A salary is a drug they give you when they want you to forget about your dreams.” Mr. Wonderful


Applied at Meta for a Creative X Art Director position. Anyone able to take a look at my portfolio and give me a heads up of the creative hiring process? Thanks


I am an Account Executive and work in the programmatic team as part of a wider agency, but I’m not sure this is where I want to be. I want something more collaborative, creative, and less to do with numbers and budgets.
Does anyone have any idea what I should look into and how I could transition into that role?


Anyone here from Accenture Song? If yes, do you have any openings at mid senior level for digital marketing in your team? Please help refer. TIA.


I’m an Audit Senior looking to transition. I’m interested in real estate( potentially advisory- helping real estate companies and individuals plan financially and make better business decisions), entrepreneurship (working at a startup or building something from the ground) and I like business in general. What are my exit options? Also pls include what salary range I should ask for. Thanks!


Anybody in KPMG could refer for the tax consulting openings based on cybersecurity. yoe 5.5 yrs and currently employed by one of the big 4. Your help would be much appreciated. KPMG PwC Deloitte Deloitte USI EY



Hi everyone - one of my friend looking for a new role and would appreciate your support.

Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer to her in Bangalore, KA, India

YOE: 8 yrs
Skills: #informatica #iics
NP:- Immediate joiner
Preferred Location: Bangalore, pune

#immediatelyavailable #immediatejoiner #jobseekers #jobhunt #jobchange


I was referred for a PM role in Accenture. Though I have 14 years of work experience, I was not considered for interview because of education gap and Distance learning Graduation. Is this fair???


Anyone work at Flatiron willing to chat on company culture/wlb/comp?


Hiring Drive on 19th Oct 2022 by LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech.

*Interested can DM JobID with EmailID to Apply*

All LTI Locations!!

At least 3+ yrs of Experience is must!!

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How much is the general salary hike after you're promoted from say an Analyst to an Associate?


Hey all,

I work at SaaS startup in Senior engineering role. I'm thinking about switching to fully remote role. I am not looking for roles at FAANG. Can anyone suggest US/Canada/UK/EU based companies hiring Indian devs?


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Hi any advice for someone who has 1 1/2 year experience in industry and wanting to switch from market access to medical affairs. I'm open to any job opportunities in small or midsize pharma or guidance I have a vaccines and neuroscience background


I was recently hired at JP Morgan Private bank and randomly selected for a drug screen before I start. What are they testing for? Will THC be an automatic fail or cause an offer to be rescinded


Hi 🐟
I have joined tcs in July and filled HRA from July 2022 March 2023 can I claim HRA tax exemption from April to June?


Accounting Firms in a nutshell

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Looking to move to Accenture Startegy - M&A practice. Can anyone explain the actual work that is done? Trying to understand where is would fit.


Creatives who have worked at JOAN NYC, how is it?


Hello friends, I am looking for job. I have more than 9 yrs of experience in application support role. I can join immediately. I will much appreciate if any lead/referral.


Hi Sharks ,

Need your suggestion , I am having a HR discussion tomorrow in Coforge .
How much should I ask for below profile .
CCTC : 15.8 LPA
Offer In hand : 20 LPA fix + 1.5 L JB in IBM
YOE : 6.6
Tech : Bigdata , Spark and Scala


Looking for a couple (2) Mid-Level teams for a freelance gig! Will likely run 6-8 weeks and focus in the healthcare space! TV/Film/OLV experience a must! Will start ASAP :) Work is remote.


Hey all, any insights on transitioning from Account Management to brand? Having difficulty gaining traction which could also just be a sign of the times?


What do you think:

Teachers should/should not discuss their opinions and ideas around sexuality, gender, and religion with students.

I’m new to the city and barely know anyone. Hit me up if you want to hang out!


Those in relationships, do you miss the excitement of hooking up with strangers? Been in a relationship for a few months and sex has been fine, but sometines just miss the old days


Looking for advice on what to do with clients if I want to go in-house. We have 5 other attorneys so as of now my clients could likely be absorbed into the rest of the law firm. However if 1-2 of the attorneys here left that wouldn’t be an option. Has anyone done this and have tips?I don’t have an offer yet but I’m trying to prepare. My firm knows I’m exploring this as a career option.


Anyone know anything about BraunHagey SF?

Any Digital Agencies, seeking a QA spec ops (remotely) to help testing efforts??? Send me a signal💭

Hi Guys,
Can someone refer me in JPMC , I have 3.10 YOE in core PMO. TIA

“I’m the opposite of zen right now. I’m like an octopus on stilts."


Additional Posts in IBM india1

How earned leave credited in IBM ? I want to take 1 week leave immediately after date of joining. Would it be loss of pay or can I advance earned leave?

I have filled BGM form on 4th Oct, and completed cognify test on 6th Oct. How many days IBM will take to release offer letter? I do not have any communication from them after that.

Will IBM pune match the counter offer for 9 YOE??


How to get HR contact in IBM? I need form 60.

I got an offer from IBM band 06b @8.6 LPA.
YOE- 2.5
Is it okay or should I negotiate for more on this?

Hi fishes
My wife is looking for open projects in IBM.

Skill set : Java,spring,springboot,microservices
Let me know if there is any vacancies in any of the projects at IBM


Does IBM still provide wfh assets via IBM bond, I joined last week only,let me know the process pls.


Hi Fishes, Can someone refer me to IBM? I have the job id wth me, thanks in advance. IBM


Is there any requirements for ETL testing in Kolkata?


acenture AI (level 7) or IBM ( band 8) ?

whixh one will be bettr in terms of
learning and WLB?

Can I expect promotion in IBM after serving less than 1 year?


How long does it take minimum to apply for 7A from 6B ?


Hi fishes, need referral in IBM.I have the job id. Thanks in advance.IBM


I have completed and submitted my PDM and BGV on 5th October. Following then my candidature is on 'interview' stage on IBM career portal.

Now after 60 days HR mailed me that my candidature is on "Business Withhold",They will get back when it's resolved.

Is there still any hope or it is just a false explanation before they will permanently close my candidature.


Hi fishes 👋🏻
Anyone here from IBM India(Location:Kolkata) and Technology- Microsoft Dynamics 365?


I had a technical interview with IBM last wednesday and on thursday they had set up a managerial round for discussion. It went well and the manager asked me about my expectations. We had few discussion regarding the salary and finally I was told that HR will get back to me. It has been 4 days but I didn't receive any call from the HR. Should I consider the fact that they might have rejected me even after all those discussions ? Shouldn't the HR atleast have a discussion ? IBM Tata Consultancy


Any news regarding new ibm centers in mohali/chandigarh?

Hi all,

Does IBM provide international transfer from india to Canada? If the employee has received Canadian permanent residency.

I saw it in news that IBM will start a new office in Toronto in November so I was just curious that if I get a Canadian PR, can I get job transfer?