I had an initial phone screen interview with HR; should I send a thank you email?

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I would, maybe something simple. Just thank them for their time and express that you're looking forward to hearing back about next steps.

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Hi Fishes,

How hard is pre interview assessment in
Capgemini . I am asked to take Linux assessment for Linix Admin position.


Can anyone describe the McKinsey interview process for the business analyst position in India?


Hi fishes, has anyone attended Accenture Test Automation interview? Do they ask to write code or tell code lines???

a word of encouragement: if you feel like you're being underpaid, you probably are. I realized I was and started applying for new jobs immediately - just landed a job that not only am I excited about, but I'll be making 58% more, base alone, than at my current company. and it's a lateral move!

this big of a jump may be an anomaly - I think it mostly highlights just how much I was being underpaid. but if you think you're underpaid, find a company that actually values you!


Hello Everybody,

I just got mail that I have cleared technical and managerial round for big data developer position for Cognizant.

I have 6 yrs of exp in IT. Current CTC is 13.4 lpa

Now next round is HR round.

How much package should I ask for.

And also i have 90 days notice period, will they agree.

Please guide how to handle this HR Round.
will be a lot of help 🙏

What would you do?

(Or really this is just me typing out loud. )

Currently 6 years at job A at 100K and 10K annual bonus but lil to no upward mobility. It's safe if not going anywhere.

Recruiter reached out regarding Job B at 130K with greater advancement potential but it starts out at 6 Months Contract to Hire per the agency contract. No bonus, benefits adequate by comparison. There is no guarantee to go full time.

Interview just for practice?


Just said smb port was 443 in an interview.. Ohh my god..! Kill me already.. Smh


For those who work/interviewed with Facebook (Meta) did you have another interview after your virtual on-site loop?

Recruiter initially said next step after loop was an offer if selected, now she’s telling me they loved me but want to deep dive into my response to the case study, so one more case interview.

Is this strange?


I’d appreciate if anyone has any tips for an upcoming in house litigation interview. What are some good questions that are important to ask? For litigators who were at firms, why did you go in-house and what was the most challenging aspect of going in house? Thank you!


Has anyone left to go to a startup/early stage company? I’m interviewing for a role I’m excited about at a company that is aligned with my values and the chance to do finance and operations (I’m in audit, new senior). I’m nervous about making the leap from big 4 with an established culture and generally stable employment to what is essentially a giant question mark. What are some good questions or indications to get a sense of if it’s a going to be a good opportunity or a total mess?


I just completed a pre interview for a potential job through Rangam Consultants Inc. they specified that the “Candidates need their own working laptop – Client will set them up on their cloud”. Is this normal? Should I be skeptical? How is it working with Rangam Consultants?


Hi, I have cleared an interview and now my status shows as Offer. Kindly confirm what it means

Hi guys, I have a interview in PwC India for Tech Consulting role. Director have asked me to present 2 slides PPT on topic relevant to Consulting.
Please suggest which topic should I choose to present.


Does anyone know a interview coach in the area? Consulting style interview coaching preferred



I am done with the multiple rounds of technical interviews in PWC AC and HR confirmed that the feedback is positive and they are working on next process.
Its been one week I haven't received any communication on that. When I called HR, she told that background check team will reach out to me over email or call in some days.

Can anyone suggest if I should hope for the offer letter in this case from PWC AC or not.
Also, what salary I should negotiate for Senior Associate.


What are some examples of interview questions around API’s for PO’s and PM’s? Have an interview coming up with a financial client and they are planning on asking questions around working with API’s. Thank you for your time!


Hi Guys,

I am working in the Oil & Gas industry.
YoE: 10
CCTC: 10.86

I got a call from Accenture, Deloitte, TechM and VISICS, Netherland.

Last conversation with HR is mentioned here.

Accenture-more than 30 days
Deloitte-more than 30 days
TechM-last week
VISICS-last week

Accenture and Deloitte HR is not responding. Frequent interviews are scheduled and cancelled stating official reasons.

Expert comments please.
Anybody having similar experience??
Or is it happening due to FY ending??


Despite having felt it was a great interview, being ghosted by the a couple of the big 4 after final stage. Felt connected with the interviewers and positively answered their questions and felt culturally fit for their org. What would have potentially gone wrong? Not heard from one for 1 month (probably move on now) and another 2 weeks…


Hello guys!

Any idea if HR will be able to help with offer letter? My profile is stuck at evaluation in progress from quite some time. All the interviews and negotiations are already done.


Do we get a response after an interview, even if we're not selected? As I am waiting for a response from OpenText . My interview was last week Thursday, and I have even sent a follow-up email on Monday. Still no response. Shall I consider that I am not selected and that I will not be informed as well?


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Hello! I’m new to Human Resources (7 months). I definitely want a career and to be quite honest, make a lot of money. I wanted to know if anyone got their masters degree in Human Resources and recommends it or if studying and acquiring certifications should also suffice. I’m currently trying to decide between aPHR and SHRM. Thanks!


Tik tik tik..... Still waiting


Any idea how is nagaro selection aptitude test like?
Ps : its been long i gave an apti
Pls guide..

How is the work life balance is LTI?

What is something people should be aware of before deciding to pursue a career in engineering?


Deloitte audit join the new bowl for ourselves 4yxov


Anyone else feel like they’re not right for the corporate world? It’s not my personality to let my manager know of everything I’m working on - I’m heads down and I get the job done and only bring him in if I need help. However, I’m now learning that this is hurting me because my more vocal colleagues are being recognized for tasks I already do. I just hate these corporate games. Why isn’t it enough to just do the work well?


I made a mistake starting SIP in a ULIP. Used to invest 7500 per month starting from November 2018. I have discontinued my premium payments since last year. That is when my fund was moved to an interim surrender state and now it earns 4% per annum interest.

After 5 years of lock-in that is November 2023, can i withdraw the entire amount at a time? (Of course after paying surrender charges)


I have a thing for 40 year old women. I don know why but I always get attracted to them!


Me during meetings

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Do mortgage companies send back copies of the materials used to verify accounts and bank statements?


Looking to make a move to either NY, DC or Bay Area.

Currently a manager in accounting/finance at a fintech company. Wanted some insights on the following:
- Opportunities there
- salary and other compensations
- culture/environment
- cost of living in the area (housing, transportation and day to day)
- easy to live in the outskirts and commute to the city?
- how is the support provided by companies to potential parents

Is the comp enough after expenses for a family?


Folks Please help me calculate my inhand salary

My 80c deductions are 1.14 lakh

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me: how can i help you today?
customer: can you get me a younger wife who talks less?
me: …


Hello there! I'm currently getting specialized into AI/ML and want to get into the finance/Fintech sector. Is a MSc worth it for the task - an online course would do?

Also, I'm new to the platform and based on what I read, most of the users are from the USA, is there no European influence here??



Hi FishBowl. Can somebody answer my question. How much does new grad PT make in NYC? I have no ideas, and felt like they're low balling me. Also do you really recommend doing Mentoring or everything will just learn along the way?


Thoughts on McCombs vs. Owen? Trying to better understand student/social life, culture, living in Austin vs. Nashville, etc.


Additional Posts in Interview Tips


Has anyone ever worked for Vibrent Health? I have an interview there next week and the reviews look atrocious lol. Check out the Glassdoor reviews if you have nothing better to do — skip the 5 star reviews and go straight to the negatives. I’m genuinely curious as to what’s going on over there.


I applied for a job based on the job description and now have an interview with the Recruiter in the next couple of days. In preparation for the interview I did some research and have serious concerns about the company. E.g., most of the most recent Glassdoor reviews describe the company as a "sinking ship" with poor benefits and poor leadership.

How would you approach this situation? Would you mention the bad reviews to the recruiter? Cancel? Continue and see what happens?


Any of you taught at software engineering/coding bootcamps? In terms of compensation, should one expect roughly the same compared to the job of a software engineer?


Anyone worked / works at Kitman Labs?
How was your experience?

Thank you 😊


Anyone else feel like the interview questions you prepare for are never the ones that get asked during your interviews?


Anyone have experience with a required on-site final interview for a fully remote job? I'll have already had an interview with the hiring manager and a teammate and a presentation of a case study. So with some of the team being fully remote and the role I'm interviewing for being fully remote I'm not sure what I should prepare for the on-site. I really want the role and want to respect their process but it's hard to justify visiting (across the country) and getting time off my current role.


Had an interview Thursday, went really well. Was told I'd be a great fit, they even had me turn around return, and meet with the decision maker the same day. When I was leaving they said they were sending an email with "quizzes" required by corporate.

I sent my thank you message the next day, and the reply said "keep an eye out for the quizzes, so we may move on to the next stage."

It's Tuesday and still nothing. What should I do? Another follow-up email? A call? Or just wait it out?


I’m interviewing for a non-technical, mid-senior level role at Stripe. I know culture is really important to them. To that point, I have a half-dozen or so friends that work there, and I’m wondering how it would be perceived if I asked them to formally or informally advocate to the hiring team on my behalf? I know efforts like this can rub people the wrong way, so I just wanna be careful before deploying them. Anyone who works there or knows them able to comment on this?


As a hiring manager I always know from the screening/1st interview who I am going to hire. What do you think ?


Recruiter is trying to set-up an a short 15 min call today or anytime tomorrow regarding feedback on my final interview?

What are the chances this is an offer or rejection? Hoping it's an offer but what are the chances that this is a rejection? Do companies still give rejection through call? Also, this is just an early career role if that makes a difference 😬


Hello there! I have applied to so many jobs at Tesla (like 10 no kidding), and I don’t even get to the phone screaning part… I have a Master and a lot of certificates, any company would be lucky to have me, is there a secret I don’t know to get an interview at Tesla? 😁


I got an informal offer stating the salary range before they officially extend a written offer. I accepted over email and the recruiter said this:

Are you comfortable accepting at the (lowest part of the range) and everything else listed? Or would it need to be on the higher end of the range I suggested?

What the heck do I say while being polite??? Of course I would rather it be higher than the lowest part of the range!!


I'm venturing out and starting to interview for different companies. Is it okay to lookup the interviewees on LinkedIn beforehand? I know most get notified so I wasn't sure if people sometimes think it's weird?! I'm probably overthinking this but I haven't interviewed in almost 10 years! Thank you for any insight!

How to prepare for an interview using the Star model☺️great tool for behavioural interviews and to come up with some situations.

Good luck to everyone who is looking for their next opportunity!!!

Be empathetic and refer someone who could be a great fit ☺️ and don’t give up

They are so many talented and educated professionals!!!

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When accepting a verbal offer should I email my decision to the recruiter or call?

I’ve accepted a job to fill a maternity leave for a few months, but then 3 other companies have reached out for permanent roles. If any of those end up offering me the job, how much notice should I give? Will I burn the bridge there? In the new job I will have no benefits and health insurance is a deal breaker for me, but I don’t feel like retracting now.


Anyone with insights into monetization / pricing strategy roles at ServiceNow ? What kind of team, culture, interview type, etc kind of details will be welcome. This is for their Santa Clara location.