I have 1.5 years of experience in QA automation. And currently holding an offer from product based company with 10lpa fixed , 1lakh Joining bonus. How much should I ask in CGI?

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Hello All,

Tomorrow i have my first round of interview @infosys

Tech stack : Python, Django
YoE : 3 years

JD : python, Mongo DB

Please help me with the level of questions I can get during interview?

Thanks in advance


Hi Guys,

I have offer with Deloitte USI with 13.25 Fixed , 0-10 % variable, 50k joining bonus.

and CGI 15 Fixed , 3% variable, 2L joining bonus.

I know Deloitte offers other perks as well being allowance upto 25 K year, etc .

Which one should I pick ??


Hello All, Can someone help me what would be the salary range for L5 and L6 in Non Tech


Hey Fishes !!

I am serving my NP in Amazon and have 4 offers in Hand tell me which one should be go to grab !!

Deloitte : 33 LPA
Microsoft : 30 LPA
Virtusa : 25 LPA
PWC : 27 LPA

which one is your go to company if you are in this situation .


How is the manager role of Deloitte India for analytics and cognitive practice? Anybody from this practice who can help me on this decision please. How is wlb, I know mine is going to be client facing and that I would be expected to do more that just project work but does that mean I would have to work on getting projects for practice or how it will be?


What is your rating of capgemini out of 5.

Wlb :
Learning opportunities :
Yearly hike % :
Onsite opportunities :
Your location :


Anyone know what the comp is for MBB return offers this year? (As in this summer’s intern class)


Has anyone received the interview challenge from Palantir Technologies Inc. called “Product Reliability Challenge: Slow Searches”? I’m seeking some advice on topics I should prepare before taking the test. Thanks so much for any advice!

HCL Technologies

Does provide early joining bonus?


Anyone working at Fresenius medical care in software technology side? How is the experience?


I just got an offer for 20% below my current pay but I hate my job and can’t bear to stay in it. The new company would be fully remote and the team seems infinitely more supportive than my current job. Is it career suicide to retrograde in terms of comp? Anyone been in this situation?


What should I be making? approximately 8 years consulting experience, approximately 7 years small business ownership experience, a MA degree (not entirely related to job). Little managerial experience in consulting, but biz dev experience and high performer with multiple promotions. Range?


Hi All, How is the career growth in Clinical Data Management field. How much pckg generally company pays in this field.
Location Pune
Exp 7


Currently I am having 3 years of total experience as a junior data manager in clinical data management at a 4.50 lac per anum .i am looking for an job change how much CTC i should expect from other organisations..?


what Is the avg salary of 601 in JPMC WITH 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE


Hi Fishes,

I have shorlisted below offers, Please suggest which one to join.

Capco - 24 Fix Plus 1.5 JB
Mercer - 25.3 ctc (23 fix)
Exl - 22.3 ctc (20 fix) plus 1.5 JB

Yoe - 7.3 years
tech stack - Data Scientist

Note - Mercer hr is saying first say no to exl in a mail then i will release offer letter.


How long does HCL take to release offer after completing joining forms and BGV completed?
HR discussion done on Jan month. HCL Technologies

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Hey BNY folks! Can anyone share the hierarchy/ org. structure for Markets Group- Risk and Control at BNY Mellon, Pune office?


Asking for a friend, she got two offers 1. Deloitte Toronto SC ($115k) and 2. Tech consulting New york SA ($120k), which one should she choose? Leaning more towards US but confused due to oncoming recession! Thanks


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Unfortunately last Friday was my last day at Dell 9/16 due to the company wide layoffs. I have over 2 years of experience in commercial sales. I’m open to account manager and accounts executive roles in the Saas realm.


Any one around in Nj and want to grab a drink? Male seeking female


How hard is it to get a "strong" rating at year-end review compared to "on track"? How bad is it to get all "on track"?


Good adult tennis instructors in Brookline/Newton? Looking to correct my form and work on some skills & drills


Any thoughts of Atlas CrossCoupe?


Best neighborhood to live in Boston for a young/single person? Prefer lower price, but still mostly convenient via T or walking to most places


Cetrom down for anyone else ?

Any senior managers, directors or VPs of customer support, operations or advocacy around here in startup world, traditional insurance, fintech or insurtechs? What’s your salary and experience like? Who is hiring remotely?


After speaking to several friends at life sciences boutique consulting firms, sound like they make way less and work similar hours to life sciences folks in MBB. Stop buying the lies about better WLB over there and come join us 😈


Comp check folks... need insight. Total work experience 18 years including industry’s. 12 consulting ... moved around a lot in earlier roles in industry. Comp 270k base, 15 percent bonus 10 percent stock. Low high? Tier 2 city?


Is EY SaT going back to office? All the job posting in the LinkedIn now showing on-site....


Adopted this rugged gentleman this weekend. Thinking of naming him Echo since he loves to chirp and answer himself.

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Hi.. can someone please tell me salary for a Senior consultant 3 at EY London in Supply Chain consulting? I work in India right now for PwC. Do they benchmark based on current salary?


Hi all! New to fishbowl and looking for some advice! I currently have 2 bachelors degrees and a Masters in Health Sciences. I have 7 years of inpatient healthcare experience and have started as a Data coordinator in solid tumor cancer research about 3 months ago. I get paid around $20/hr and am highly overqualified for basic data entry. However through out this process I’ve realized I love the science of what I do and want to possibly be a clinical scientist. Path/job suggestions?


Ranking in terms of home price / average income of residents for the peninsula cities? Trying to buy a home.


Give me recommendations for your worst whiskey, hit me up with that garbage stuff, the kind of swamp water you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy!

(Planning ahead in case I need a spite gift for the holiday season. Extra points if the bottle is deceptively classy.)


What are the best conferences/classes/events for writers? Things that are actually fun and helpful?

Any suggestions on resources to improve communication, specifically verbal? Books, podcasts, YouTube channels, etc. Got some feedback that I need to improve my ability to 'speak to my audience'.


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Hi Fishes,

Just would like to know the time interval Between revoking the resignation and resigning again in Publicis Sapient. Is there any mandate time we need to stay in company once we revoke the offer. I am in a toxic team and resigning due to that. If I get release, I might revoke again. But just wanted to know if I have to wait for few months to resign again if I get a good opportunity.


In India IT/Software employees are paid way more than core employees. Does this thing happening only in developing countries? Since they get profit from USD.

Do we also find this difference of salary in developed countries like US, Germany, France? Or Not ? Or this difference is not drastic there.

Hello Fishes,
Need some help here. On what to opt for.

Deloitte - 24.6 LPA +10% Vpay ~~26.9 LPA total
Sopra steria - 27 LPA Fixed
Serviceberry - 28LPA Fixed
Nagarro - 27 LPA Fixed+5% Vpay ~~28.35 LPA Total

Thank you.


People having offer from hcl for 8-9 yoe recently could you please share what all offers you got? I think I'm getting very low though I'm trying to get it increased with counter offer.. I would like know how much should we be getting


(She/Her) mentions in LinkedIn profile name is for what?
For those who couldn't confirm its female with their name or pic?


Hi Sharks, need some help regarding the company selection.

Airtel X Labs vs Persistent systems vs Tata Communication. CTC is in similar range so that doesn't changes anything.

Generally looking for good WLB and Learning opportunities.

Persistent Systems Limited Tata Communications Airtel


Hi all,

I got a new offer with 80% hike compared with current CTC. Current company gave same salary. But I denied. Now, they are requesting me to work for them daily 3 hrs after joined to the new company. Also, they willing to pay for me unofficially.

I denied their offer because of they kept me with low salary for 5 years. They are recruiting and till now no one accepted their offer too.

I've 10 days remaining notice period. Is it good to accept 3 hrs plan?
How much safer?
Should I say no?


Deutsche Bank - 33LPA Or Barclays -34LPA, which will be better in terms of WLB, Bonus and Yearly Hike? Yoe-10years


Hi folks,

Senior manager of global logic doesn’t approved the salary amount that I asked for.
yoe 2.10 yrs
offer in hand 11 Lpa
asked 13Lpa

please suggest something


Hi Fishes !
Which all companies gives shares and at what level in IT?


Hello all, I have two offers
1. Service based company with 22 lpa ( including 10% variable), designation as Manager
2. Another serviced based company with 24.5 lpa ( 24 fixed), designation as Senior Associate.

Please help me choose which one to join considering I have 10 years of experience


Can anyone provide referral for financial and treasury risk roles in bangalore.

Thanks in advance.


I am a 15 yrs experience guy specialising in Cloud and DevOps. I got an offer from below three.. All 3 has offered similar compensation. Please help me to decide.

EXL Services
NTT Data

I am a family person and i need good quality work plus work life balance. I am confused which one to go for finally.

Hello people, Please share your thoughts or experience to help me decide between ADP( 19+1.5 VAR) VS DBS(25 Fixed)
yoe:7+ Kindly help with work culture(is there any login hours tracking policy or micro management),job security, average annual hikes. ADP DBS Bank DBS
10 days left, no more negotiation possible.


Dear Sharks,

What will be my In hand salary per month ?

LTA, Food coupon, upskill allowance , Tele bill-- all these includes In take home salary ?

My CCTC is 7.5 as Fixed, take home monthly 56k. Is this a good deal ?

Please Help

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you all doing well!

This is my first post as well as my first switch after working 6y in the same organisation.

Recently I have cleared two interviews one from
Infosys with 11.8 LPA (10.2 fix, 1.6 variable) - offer letter received
2) Cognizant with 15 LPA (14.3 fix, 0.7 variable) - documents submitted, yet to receive offer letter.

YOE: 6y
LWD: June 6

Considering the opportunities I have which one would be the better choice in work culture wise.