I have an interview coming up this Saturday(5th Nov) for IICS Developer at Infosys anyone from @infosys help me out with the interview questions and any tips to crack interview will be much appreciated as I desperately want to switch. Infosys Informatica Tata Consultancy Wipro Cognizant

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Share me your resume.. DM me.. I will help you out ... Go through the website .. ThinkETL IICS


Yes I have gone through thinketl website.. it’s great.

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Hey guys I got an interview call for salesforce developer at pwc. How’s pwc for Salesforce @ / ncino also how much can I expect for a 2.5 years of experience currently at 9.4 ctc.

Is it a fair assumption that all the large HR/Recruiting software (bamboo, dayforce, workable, etc, etc.) uses keywords to match resumes (AI) to the post and not a real person for first glance?

Will it be wise to join CTS now?
EY- 15 LPA


What should be the average pay for Software Engineer with 2+ years of experience.

Tech Stack
Google certified Associate Cloud Engineer.

Java, Spring, SQL, Rest Api.


Does Kyndryl encourage counter offers? Anyone recently joined please share your experience.

Anyone here work at SimpliSafe? I see a position I'm interested in and am curious about culture and benefits


Does anyone know if Dwell Design in DC is a good company to work for?

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Hello Sharks!
I have 5+ YOE can you please help me in understanding better for the following questions?
1. What would be the salary for Materials Engineer role? (Fixed and variable)
2. Which is currently been followed WFO, WFH or Hybrid?
3. Will you recommend me to join Eli Lilly?
4. Is Saturday and sunday off

Your response is highly appreciated❤

Kind Regards


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone tell me the questions that are asked generally in interviews for Senior BA role for data science and analytics in VMware?


Is Infosys giving permanent wfh for new joiners?
If yes, will they mention it in the offer letter?
Infosys office is not present in Kolkata and I don't want to relocate as I need to take care of my old parents and in-laws.


Rank these from best to worst WLB: KPMG AAS; PWC CMAAS; EY FAAS


Anyone here familiar with the hiring process of KPMG consulting in Van? Had a partner interview on Nov 21, thought the feedback was positive but haven't heard back yet (no rejection/offer). Is it something normal or the interview just didn't go as well as I thought?

It's an experienced hire for an SC role. I saw the posting is still open atm, and my guess is that the recruiting team is comparing candidates since competition is higher due to recent layoffs.

Thanks in advance!


Unify Technologies Hyderabad based.

What should I expect from Unify if i join them ..?
Role : Sdet
Is it permanent remote?

Please helUnify


Can anyone tell about the wipro car lease policy?? Is it applicable for B3 band??


Anyone know if Instacart gives technical questions in the initial phone screen with recruiter? Have a call this week and have seen mixed feedback posted online.

Data/BI role. TIA 🙌🏼


Hi fishes, Anyone joined HSBC EDPI Bangalore recently? Do we get to choose the location between Bellandur and Bannerghatta Road ? I've an offer, HR told it would be Baanerghatta office, but the offer letter says to report to Bellandur office. HSBC


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Good companies for tax outside of public? In the DMV area.

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Hello everyone,
I saw a job opportunity at Qualcomm India which suits my profile. Anybody would be kind enough to refer?


What is the average salary for a product manager at jio platforms Ltd with 2 yoe ?


Just realized that I can't dm anyone till I get enough likes. So here's my offering to the fishbowl lord by gifting them this meme.

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Guys! Little old me managed a negotiation on my own and managed to get an increase from double digits to half a million. I’m so proud of myself. Especially after I only took this job after leaving my old toxic job after just two months; in which I was told I was incapable but never actually given any support. I could almost cry but I won’t cuz I’m a thug 🙅🏾‍♀️.


How did you get started in your career as an FA? I work in the home office and have been an assistant to an FA before. I have a network, I have ambition, I have credibility and connections at my firm..

How bad does it look to reneg two days after signing an offer?


Looking for all lateral move at manager level. I’m looking for an established company with a good rep in digital transformation, but also looking for a good work life balance. Pretty sure this rules out MBB, Accenture and EY.
Any suggestions/feedback on firms?
Current shortlist is Deloitte, Capgemini, Baringa.


How soon after a final interview with a DM is ok to call and follow up on a job potential?


Thinking about jumping from a Havas agency to an Omnicom one. Would I just be swapping one corporate overlord for another? Should I just try to go an independent shop (if any exist anymore)?


Is Al Anon really helpful for spouses/children affected by alcoholism or other addictions? Does anyone have insight on this


Do you guys free feed, got my boy a couple weeks ago. He’s 5 months old and I can already feel him getting chunkier. He was skinny when I got him now he looks much fuller but not fat just yet.


I’d love some advice on recruiting in China, Japan, Korea and Singapore. In the tech industry and for sales / tech roles. Insight into cultural nuances I’d need to be aware of and how recruitment strategy differs (ie WeChat vs LinkedIn) would be fantastic - thank you!


Can anyone share the pay range for Team Lead position in Accenture? I can see on other salary aggregator sites as well but those are outdated.
If anyone recently joined Accenture as Team Lead, please share your experiences and pay range.

Resource: Are you looking for additional communities and job boards for women in tech? Check out LadiesGetPaid.com, an online community with lots of subgroups available to join based on career, location, and interests.


Ran into someone I went to highschool with the other day. She said “oh cool, I’m in marketing too!” Turns out she sells makeup for a pyramid scheme. No ma'am, we are not the same.


Hey folks,
Need few likes to gain access to the DM feature. Appreciate your help :)


Additional Posts in Referral and Opportunities


Hello Everyone,

Looking for a job change. I have an experience of 2.6 years in IT industry. Intrested to work in Azure projects. Any referrals or opportunities would be helpful.
Thank you in Advance



#Looking for a Job Change

Dear folks from-
Zomato Zomato Pvt Ltd Swiggy Bigbasket Grofers Supr daily Myntra

Need referral in a non tech role
YOE- 1y 1m.
MBA- Marketing & B.com

Currently managing operations and key accounts in a startup- Gemcorp Recycling.

Pls suggest roles.


I am serving my notice period and immediate joiner as well.

My LWD is 21st November.

I have around 12 years of experience in testing.

Let me know if is there any opening for QA lead/Manager.

Got more than 20 likes still my DM is not open😢


11 likes please.


Can someone refer for PWC, Deloitte, or KPMG for any tax opportunities, I have about 2 years experience in Individual tax. Didn’t mention EY because they don’t have an office by me. Thanks in Advance!


Infosys Tata Consultancy Accenture Wipro IBM HCL Technologies

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Need referral in WIPRO
Req ID: 2709147


Hi All,

I am looking for referrals for post data scientist, Data Analyst or Data science entry level jobs in product based company. Currently working as Python developer in STPL, Lucknow and has overall experience of 3+ years.

Served: Tata consultancy services

Got acceptance from Many good universities like: The University of Melbourne for Master's in data science but can't pursue due to financial conditions.

Much passionate for Data science field.

Please let me know if any one can refer me


Anyone from NSEIT? MUMBAI.


Accenture hiring | looking for referrals| Share resume at helpacenreferral@gmail.com
Experience 2-12yrs, if apld or intrvwd in last 12 months pls ignore.

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can someone refer me in accenture for role of Functional Test Planning tester.

I have the Job ID.

Total Exp. : 3.5+ years


Hi Fisher and sharks.

Which company is good for Job security and work life balance.

HCL 20 LPA + 1.6L Relocation bonus
CyberArk 21 LPA+2L recessive bonus

Have CCTC 13.4 and Tech stack- DevOps (git, jenkins, maven, gradel, Docker, K8s, helm main skills and Ansible and Terraform secondary) Cloud-AWS (DevOps Services).

Yoe - 6 years approximately

Tata Consultancy Deloitte HCL Technologies CyberArk

Hey Sharks, anybody at Cargill . Need a quick referral.


please see my updated profile and dm me if you have related open role...


Any openings for Team Lead Accounts Payable?? Location: Kolkata Atleast please like and comment so that the message can reach out for better opportunities. Thank you everyone


Dell is hiring for the below position, let me know if anyone interested. Dell

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