I have an interview today where my friend works. She gave me these questions they asked her to prepare. Any good answers or advice?

1. There is a famous saying that goes “those that can do, those that can’t teach” how do you respond to that?

2. Your principal says they are coming in to observe you, how do you prepare?

3. How do you address issues of diversity and racial inequity in the classroom?

4. How do you explain to students that equal and fair are not necessarily the same thing?

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1) That’s a hackneyed expression by people who can’t do anything. If teaching was so “easy”, the profession wouldn’t be losing people by the thousands.

2) Always be yourself. Kids know when something is off and they will rat you out in a second. “Mister, you don’t normally do that…”

3) I have an open mind and I am listening.

4) Fair isn’t that everyone gets the SAME thing… but you get what you NEED. Equity is not equal. A person in a wheelchair NEEDS an elevator, for example.


#2 I don't prepare. I do the best I can everyday. If the principal comes in and see's disaster, then they see how I respond to disaster and how I "monitor and adjust" to meet the situation.


Be honest and confident in your answers. Most of these can’t be prepped from others as they have to be answers that come from you.


Let us know if you get the job!! Rooting for you!


#4 I am 5 ft tall. Equal is every teacher getting a smart board to use. Equity is me also using a step stool to reach the top of the smart board


Or them lowering the board? I’m also 5 feet and I would fall off a step stool 😂

1. Those who can, teach.
2. I tell the kids I have ab observation so they know why the principal is coming in. I tell them it's normal and happens twice a year. Not a big deal. But I do want them to know what is going on.
3. I teach English so I use texts that are relevant to my students. I post everything on line so even those that can't get there every day (taking care if siblings etc) can have access to the readings. I always give them an audio of the reading for those that struggle or just prefer to listen. If a student comes to me and explains what the issue is- I will work with them to get them caught up- even if it means exempting them from some assignments. Everyone has access to what they need. Everyone can pass as long as they are doing their very best.
4. Equality vs. Equity i found a great graphic on this that shows 2 pictures of 3 kids watching a baseball game over a fence. In the first image they are each standing on one crate. They are all different heights though. The tallest kid doesn't even need the crate to see over the fence and watch the game, the shortest one is still too short to see over the fence and watch the game even with a crate. The middle kid can just see over the fence standing on the crate. So in the second picture the tallest kid has no crate and can see the game, the middle boy has 1 crate and can see the game, and the smallest 1 has 2 crates and can finally see over the fence and watch the game. Equity is about having equal access- equal ability to experience things in life. In the graphic the kids are all able to enjoy the experience of watching the baseball game. I also sometimes give them the example of my husband- who is deaf. He can't go to the movies and understand what is being said like everyone else- he needs an assistive device to show him the captions so that he can understand the movie just like other people can.


My responses would be:

1. Obviously the person who said that has never taught.

2. I would tell my students someone may be in the classroom and to behave as they always do - we're a team so let's show them how well we work together.

3. I follow the district's policy on diversity (look it up so you know it). I would make sure I am following policy and admin site goals for diversity and inclusion.

4. With cookies. I would set the cookies up high so only tall kids could get one. That's "equal" - all the same height. But is that fair? How can we make it "fair"? Let the kids answer.

Good luck. I hate this crap.

1. Those who can teach, teach. So that quote is true. It’s been used as an insult for years, but I prefer to look at it as a positive.

2. My principal gives us the opportunity to schedule observations and walk-thrus. I told him I didn’t want to do that, because I want him to see what the students and I really do. Not just what we do when we know someone’s watching.

3. If the question comes up, which it rarely does…if it’s pertinent to what’s going on, I’m not opposed to a discussion.

4. I am a SpEd teacher, so my students are exposed to this every day. It’s usually other teachers I find myself having to explain this to.

Good luck in your interview. Be yourself. Let them know who you are.

As a recently retired Master teacher, I was asked to interview candidates often. I don’t like the kind of questions your friend told you they would ask. Teaching is about how people communicate. That’s the most important aspect, but I’ll give your questions a go…
1. This statement might be true in other fields, but certainly not teaching. Teachers can do, they are the direct influence to not only the brilliance of people who create, but the acceptance and love we show to and for others. In my book this is “doing.”
2. Whether the principal comes in or not I am prepared to provide the best education to all everyday. I would only prepare on top of what I already do by introducing the principal when he/she shows.
3. I address DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) by using sources and materials that use all cultures and races, as well as consistently asking if my students have other examples they might offer.
4. Being fair and having a level “playing field” makes us all equal.

Some other questions to consider. (Questions that I asked during interviews.)
1. Why do you want to work for this district specifically?
2. How would former colleagues describe your communication style?
3. In what ways would you engage a reluctant or unmotivated learner?
4. Describe your strategy of dealing with uncooperative or angry parents.
5. Because of the pandemic we are seeing more instances of teacher burn out. What would be your strategy to avoiding this common pitfall.
6. Name two trade source magazines a teacher could read.

Good luck! Knock their socks off! Be yourself!!❤️❤️

Not sure if any of these questions are asked...
2. Always teach your best regardless of observation... they are coming to see the way you teach, Nolan over the top pony show...
4. All my students can finish my words... Everyone in my classroom gets what they did, but not always everything they want. Students need different things and ways of teaching so each can be successful. I have fidgets in my room...some kids need them while others play with them. We talk about needs vs wants.

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