I have an offer from Novartis for data analyst position for 11.87 lpa ctc with 10.10 fixed and 1 lac annual performance bonus. I have over 2 years of experience. Is it wise to join Novartis ? Can someone working in Novartis in same position help list down pro's and cons of working here in terms of career growth, hikes, learning, job security and other perks and benefits. And also comment if the offer is fair? They also refused to provide any joining bonus, doesNovartis usually provide it?

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Do you’ve any better offer at hand? Are there any more interviews lined up for you?

Pros - good WLB
Cons - slow career growth, office politics (which is pretty much everywhere)

Pay wise this seems in line with what most data analysts at novartis gets hired at. You can get a joining bonus only if you’re in a situation whereby you’ve to return your bonus at prev org otherwise they won’t give anything.


No other offer as of now but I am trying to get one

Bhut politics hai re baba ..technical and financial growth ke L lag jayenge bidu


Satya vachan prabhu!


Noticed everyone is mentioning about office politics here on Novartis, saw these comments in other posts also. What exactly is meant here by office politics , can anyone provide an example? Is it that bad and ubiquitous?

Highly depends on which team you are joining.

What is current CTC? How much hike are you getting. Depends on that

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😀Help me decide which one is better 🙏. How are Tollring and Milestone Inc in terms of WLB, job security etc?

Tollring - 21 LPA Fixed (hybrid Noida) 🤑 (no gratuity)

Milestone Inc - 18 LPA Fixed + 1.8 LPA Variable (WFH) 🤑(fixed includes gratuity) - I have not yet renegotitated them - Thinking to do on Monday

Days left in notice period - 12 days

YOE - 2.4 years

Stack - .Net, Angular, Azure, Devops (FullStack)


Hi All,

Mindbody (US- based Product Company) is hiring for below position.

If anyone need a referral then DM me.

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I got to final rounds with Bain and unfortunately didn’t get the offer. I’m now interviewing with Kearney and am unsure how the processes compare. Any advice on prepping for the Kearney interviews?

Switching from commission to salary-only.

I’m considering a less sales-oriented role (supporting some post-sales). It doesn’t pay commission, ie. will have a higher base but less overall earning potential.

Would you consider this? What reduction in cash should be expected going from a variable to fixed compensation? For example, if you made $200k today, would it be realistic to ask/expect $180k (10% cut) + equity to make up the difference?


It’s so dang hard to stay away from the gym, which is closed do to the Pandemic. Motivation and caring about your health benefits are left to the individual. I might try a Peloton or something indoors.


Just finished a long recruitment process and decided to accept a new CEO role for a healthcare organization. Need to give 4 weeks notice…should I give more and help my current organization find a COO replacement?

What are some things you’d want to know about an incoming CEO or traits you desire in your new executive leader?


Can anyone help me understand my inhand salary for 12.5lpa and attached breakup. I find it very complicated

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How long do you all take to prepare for depositions? Lots factors obviously. But generally, what should I aim to bill for an upcoming depo. Simple workers comp case. It’s my first one.

Hi fishes, Please help me with the below, im a QA engineer with 5 YOE, 1) how is the work culture in arista networks banglore? 2) how good is wifi system test team? 3) is it a good place for career growth and long term Arista Networks, Inc. Arista


Looking for a referral for data analyst role please help

Hi, What's the salary range for Technology Risk Manager?

I have to place my expected ctc. Please can anyone help out?

Hey fishes,
I have a technical interview with Bd medical device company for the role of design quality assurance.What type of questions can i expect?
Please dm me..
Thank you!

Quick poll for A/Cs.

Are you going to:
> Stay
> Leave, like NOW
> Leave before end of year
> Leave in 2022, after 2021 gets bonus paid

Anyone heard of or worked for the company called nesto.ca? It’s a Montreal based company. They are hiring like crazy. They’ve hired over 100 people with last year. Please share your experience with this company. I would like to know about their salary negotiations, culture, how they treat employees and any lay offs in the past. Thank you.


Hey all, what's a fair salary range for Manager in EY Business Consulting (Digital Finance) in London? 8 YOE in industry and not done consulting before. Any insights on culture and work life balance would be great!EY


Hi fishes, I want to submit broadband connection reimbursement request via Global Claim System GCS. Is there any chances of background varification regarding the broadband bills??
Thanks in advance.


Hello Fishes,

Please take a minute
Your suggestion might change my lifestyle.

I'm have cleared data analyst interview in 2 companies one is a product and another is a startup and am in the stage to discussing about package. I have the discussion tomorrow.

How much LPA can I ask to the companies?
Please suggest.

Current ctc- 7 LPA
YOE - 2 years
Current role - Mainframes System Engineer


Hello Fishes,

Please Genuine Help Required

Which one to choose for 8.5 years of Exp

Exl Service ( 21 LPA fixed and 2.5 LPA variable)
Wipro (21 LPA fixed) client location and No WfH, No Cabs
Xceedence (21 LpA ) and 1.05 LPA variable)


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SM told manager & I to stay on the line after a cnf call. Manager forgets I am on the call & starts accusing SM of not backing her for promotion. I want to hangup, but can't cuz of the cnf line beep..


Hi all,

May I know is there any one from pega testing...wanted to know is there any projects available in citi for testing.I have development background now want to switch to testing.

Appreciate ur valuable thoughts on this.


Is today another red day?


What kind of training did your company provide?


🎇What’s your biggest win from 2021?

Drop it below, let’s celebrate 🥳


Hi fishes, I have got an job offer from natwest. My concern it like travel to office. it's nearly 55 kms from my home. Is cab facilities is free or paid? i can't relocate due to my current situation.
Please pour your comments.


Big4 vs top 20 FDD/TAS exits comparison?


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Hi Fishes, What is the average Increment (in terms of percentage) in Nagarro after completing an year ?


I'm a pca in TN with around 8 years of experience. I am making 13 a hour. Is that low?


Current CTC 14.4 fixed in Thoughtworks . What I will be getting after 3 years in thoughtworks


What’s a good resource for finding freelance copywriting gigs? Looking to make a few extra bucks on the side of my full-time job.


Thoughts on this bag?

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How do you combat your internal clients throwing things over the fence with little to no pre-work, changing up the contract versions they want you to review and generally being lazy af. I'm about to lose my shit. Gah!


So recently got a tiny piercing on my left ear a few weeks back which is still healing. However I’m due to attend a face to face event at my new employer in a few weeks and wondered if I can leave the piercing in without reputational consequences. What are thoughts on tiny piercings (size of a pin) at consulting workplaces?

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Advice for dealing with a micromanaging research lead? It’s pretty suffocating and it’s honestly killing my drive to work on this project


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Have any of you discussed complete remote work with your manager?

May be a very naive question - Do Novartis provide comapny cell phone based on the designation?


Hi Novartis Fishes,
I had a question for you all experienced folks out there.
What does growth at Novartis Looks like.
How does the pyramid looks like starting from Analyst.
Really appreciate your inputs.


How's the reorganization going for you people? Budget cuts?


Anyone know of available opportunities in FFO ?

Will i get a mail that my background check is completed.My joining is on 21st march ,when will i get mails for PF and gratuity forms

Does Novartis have a sabbatical policy?

What is position structure in Novartis India for consulting side?


Anyone know about practice operations manager designation in Novartis? I want to understand how is the role, career ladder and how much experience required for this role?Novartis

Hey folks i am recently done with offer letter for senior analyst Novartis Hyderabad. So I just wanted to know how will be the further process like employment verification and background verification. Is EPFO compulsory during bgv as my previous don't provide pf .. please let me know..


Anyone who has recently relocated to Hyd or has used relocation benefits recently. Need to understand know how's on what documents are required.


Hi Fishes,
Does anyone know about NBS CONEXTS in novartis? If so please share details about it and how good is joining CTS division.


What is the average CTC for a consultant at Novartis?

Hello All, What is the role of specialist in Novartis?


Interview process for Senior Analyst ?