I have been asked to resign from Luxoft as am on bench from 1 month.
Can you please help me refer job in your organization.
Tech stack- ETL Informatica Developer

Thanks in advance

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at


Hey bro can u pls check DM ..Important for me

I have received offer from them ..Will it good to join ?

Ping me your name along with email address, I can help you get referred in Wipro if you’d be interested.

Dm me

Ping me with your preferred location and ectc

Apptad Inc me chalega. One of the HR is there jan pehchan ka

Send cv referforthebest@gmail.com

Asked to resign for being on bench for just 1 month?


Ask them to fire you bro, they have to pay you compensation for firing you

Nothing will happen . Just prepare your skill and start giving interview. It is part of sw life . U r not the only one . They will consider all if u suit their skill . I m talking about Bangalore location other i dont know . Even i was not in job for 2 month earlier this happened to me. Relax and start preparing and give interview

Dm for nagarro

Dm for Deloitte

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Just got a job offer as a bench applications analyst. Looking for an insight into the company! TIA


Haha why is it called bench “blues”? I’m the happiest man alive on the bench. I do the bare minimum


One of my friend having 14.5lpa offer from accenture & 19lpa offer from cognizant. From job security point of view which is better?

As cognizant has 35 days bench policy.


Anyone have any advice breaking into LIS work? I’m looking into getting away from the bench with stable hours. If you have any other suggestions let me know. I’ve looked into clinical research, but half the time they want a nursing degree.

Hi Fishes,

I need your help.

I joined 3 months back having and was undergoing training for d365. I have been tagged on bench this week but haven't recieved any project calls/emails so far. Contacted my staffing partner but no response.

Recieved 1 project call bt that's from different BU, they are ready to tag me but my current BU is not releasing me. Please if anyone can help me know if it's difficult to change BU?? Also, will I be receiving calls for project if I'm on bench?Capgemini


Can anyone tell me from which path i can find that from which date i am on bench and what will be end date of bench?

Anyone know of work in the Midwest? L9 on the bench.


How long is it okay to be on bench in D? I joined last Monday.. Had a discussion for a project opportunity with one team, haven't heard back after that
I have updated DPN.. Anything else I need to do?
And apart from the MCD training anything else to do during bench period?


Anyone on bench reporting to airoli office?


I always feel like I’m not performing well enough, might get rolled off soon and not good enough for my projects. Anyone else feel this way? Makes me v insecure


How's HSBC in Coforge?
For 6+ yoe, mainframe developer

Work culture, Job security, Bench policies?


I feel that getting staffed on the first project is really hard. They asked for transformation consulting experience for a new project but I just started a few weeks ago and did not come from consulting background. Therefore I would not have any consulting experience unless I get staffed. Have been on bench for a couple weeks and have been networking internally. Any recommendation? Thank you!


My husband went and took a work call outside, sat on a public bench (we live in a downtown area), then came back to the apartment and proceeded to sit on the bed with the same clothes.


Does ThoughtWorks also have the internal client round even after the job offer? What is the bench policy over there?

Role - Scala developer


I just started a new project 2 weeks ago and just found out it’s a train wreck. I am set up to fail already! No training and a lot of soft lies to client by Senior managers leading. I’m a manager, can I just ask to roll off? How does this affect my job security?


I feel drained, everyday it’s a struggle for me to do simple tasks. Between being on the bench, covid-19 & the uncertainty of everyday it’s really getting the best of me. This past week I’ve been(cont


Hi Fishesls,

I have joined epam 3 months ago still on bench, getting no leads from manager on project allocation. Should I start looking for other opportunities?



Wanted to ask Freshies joined in August this month, are you still on bench??


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Friends, talk to me about salaries. I’m British but have been overseas for 5+ years. How much are you on and how long have you been on that number? Are pay rises frequent or non existent ?


Hi what is the availability package for a senior data scientist in paypal

Anyone been able to get into faang with a software bootcamp? I have a bachelor in Mechancial engineering


I’m moving out of PR but looking for someone to fill the role I’m leaving, in an adtech company, based in London. Does anyone know of anyone that’s looking or a bowl/forum for PR recruitment?


Whats the best wireless headset on the market? Need a good one to be able to walk around and take calls.


Any tips on getting a recruiter’s attention in an In-Mail message? Looking to make a career transition and am having a tough time getting responses from recruiters after I reach out. Thank you!


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Mindtree Vs CTS which one should I opt. YOE- 5 , Skill- SAP. CTS is paying 1.5 lakh CTC more than Mindtree.


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Hi everyone! I’m new to this group. Looking forward to some insightful conversations.


Is there such things as FP&A positions in Big 4? If so, are there better times to make the change than others (I.e. at senior vs manager)? I’m currently in FP&A and looking to work at a Big 4, or another company that offers the ability to move abroad. My current company and many others I know about do not offer the mobility to do so until much later, which is not what I want. Thank you.


How are the experience hire D folks here, any thoughts and insights? Hows the work life balance for a manager level as well as colleague experience, particularly for digital controllers group? Whats the range of compensation expected


What kind of exam has to pass to clear certified technical interviewer training? What kind of questions they ask?


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Hi Sharks,

I have an offer from Accenture and only 2 weeks remaining for my LWD.

This is the only offer I am holding.

YOE :- 8 Years
Relevant experience :- 4 Years
CCTC :- 11.50 LPA
Offered CTC :- 17 LPA

I think this is below market.

I had a word with my recruiter they said they only look into it after sharing counter offer. Can I generate fake OL and share with them for revision?


I'm financially stable with no dependencies no commitments no loans at all

I've 3 yoe, and earning 17lpa from a service based company with decent techstack

I see my friends opting for ms in us
Should I consider this option?
or continue to grow in job itself?


How many of you feel you are in the wrong pofession?


please suggest best books for program management and product management?

Also, if there's any short course which will be helpful?


I'm new here and in the country. Recently moved to Bangalore, India from Cape Town after my wedding.

I've received the following opportunities as UX Designer.

22LPA +1LJB + 2K monthly Expenditure + Quarterly Bonus based on Company Performance


30LPA + 1.5L Variable + 3L ESOP.

Both seem great companies.

What would be great in the long run in terms of taxes and benefits ?


Hi all,

I am working in tcs and have offer of exl inductis. Is it good offer to go with? I mean how many employees they have and kind of wlb and job security?


I have 5 YOE working service based companies. I have worked in Java, Cyber Security and Sailpoint.

What will be the repercussions if I leave EY GDS and take break for few months and then start looking for job in product based. If any HR can weigh in.


I’m which zone are you?

Post Photo

Hi Fishes I have offer from IBM and 1 from other Org. I shared count offer to IBM but they are not giving much. Now I got call from IBM HR and she was asking are you joining or not..so I said NO. So in that case will IBM blacklist or Blocks me?


What will happen once office starts fully how will ppl give interviews?


Is it a bad idea to date someone from work?


Is it ok to keep switching careers for every 3-4 years? I am interested in so many different things and I want to work on them. Does my compensation kind of stagnate when I switch careers often?


Any content writers in here looking for job change?
Experienced persons preferred.


What should be ideal salary for the AWS DevOps Engineer having 3.5 YOE having tech stack AWS, Terraform, Gitlab/GitHub , Jenkins/gitlab-runner, Prometheus/Grafana. Seeing the demand as per market.
Pls suggest for service based as well as product based