I have offer from Sapient. Please share the reviews
Company and culture
WFO or WFH? and any ETA of WFO
work from office for outsiders also?
Looking for reviews from planning team

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Sapient is not providing wfh for employees with less than 5 years of exp.

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Hello Fishes ,

I'm looking for opportunities in Azure Cloud Administrator, Support or System Administrator.

I have a total of 5.6 years of experience in System Administration and Networking with 3 years of experience in Cloud.

Skills:- Deployment in Azure & Support, O365 Administration, Intune, Active directory, Hardware & Software management, Networking (LAN,VLAN, Wireless controller,Basic Routing)

CTCT:- 10.8L
NP:- 90(negotiable to 45)
Expected CTC:- 16L
Location:- Remote/ Hyd/Blr


Hello Fishes, I have offer from Cognizant (14.5LPA) and Deloitte India (16.5LPA). Which one I should prefer. Also Deloitte India is having wfh or we have to report to office?


Has anyone exited from Management Consulting in KPMG to Microsoft Consulting services? Keen to hear of opinions primarily around quality of work, WLB, Pay, bonus and work culture. Any opinion/ view is greatly appreciated.


Recently i was selected for a Talent acquisition role, i heard earlier that Publicis sapient is giving Wfh to all employees but for my case they are asking to be onsite.
Is it only for Talent acquisition team they are only asking to be onsite?
Because I heard for some of my friends who are working in developing side are asked to do Wfh.


Hi folks, Got an offer from ZS.

1. Pls suggest, is the wlb so bad in ZS. ?

2. Apart from CTC, does ZS offer any other perks such as work from home setup, like
Deloitte, Accenture offered recently, etc. Thanks

Also, it would be great if someone who has worked in Deloitte and ZS can help me with their personal experience and which one they liked more. PS: i am currently working in Deloitte usi

ZS Associates Deloitte


Anyone wfh from a state not licensed to practice in such as barred in California but work remote in jersey? What’s your experience been like? Difficulty finding work?


Does anyone have experience working at the NFA (National Futures Association)? And would like to share their experience? E.g. culture, comp, etc


Hi why IBM is focussing on Return to office culture ,as in past years before covid it was known for remote and WFH flexibility.When there is no team ,still single resource is being called at office .What is the use to work from office if you don't have anyone from project ,team building,networking ,anyway it won't develop.IBM


Hi I’m wondering what other customer service specialists in healthcare make per hour? I’m severely underpaid and I work from home.


Nagarro ES Hi may i get referal for Nagarro ES Nagarro or any other companies offering permanent work from home

Having 4.5 years of experience in .net.


I just had a really, really busy 5-6 weeks of work and now this week is so quiet. Does anybody have any tips on what you should do with your free time during the day while WFH? 😊


Any Citi alumni working at Freshworks Inc ?
How’s the culture, pay scale & benefits and promotion cycles?


Is there any non technical openings for females mostly wfh?


Is it okay to receive some money from former company after leaving them? I got wfh reimbursement (seems to be required in CA) them with W-2 but not sure if it's okay to receive it in the federal level.


Permanent wfh companies:











Interview Kickstart











Publicis Sapient


Paytm Insider



Reddit, Inc



Mutual Mobile





BOA Planning for permanent WFH ?? Is that true??


Imagine you're looking for a remote job at a large company with a sophisticated marketing function, strong manager, and room for growth. Making good traction, but then you're contacted by a company in a niche that FASCINATES you...like you read books about this subject for fun, you'd probably love this job. It's remote, the salary is good, the manager is nice, but you'd be the most senior marketing person; the company is about 200 people. What would you do?


Finally come to accept that this WFH is going to last a while, and looking for inspiration to set up my “home office”! Please send along some pictures/ideas 💛 Thank you!


Looking for a very experienced immigration paralegal (remote or NYC) part time, specifically experienced in work visas. If you are interested please pm me.


Considering making a switch from Big 4. Comments to share on bonus this year and in a normal year? Culture?

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8/7/22 check in🙌🙌


What are all the award shows / competitions a young creative should be entering in?

iA planning on doing umrah this March. Any recommendations on packages, or booking hotels yourself? I have enough points for flight and hotel. Is it worth going with a group or buying it yourself?


Hi Fishes,

Working at Infy of 10LPA on AWS, DevOps.
Got offer from TCS of 15LPA
Serving NP - 45 days left.

People around are saying save tcs for retirement. I am confident enough that I will get a better salary offer than TCS in next 45 days. Will turning down TCS offer really cost in future? What should I do.

Infosys has openings on below mention skill set. If you are interested please share your resume to parish.galaiya@infosys.com

Location : Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad
Experience : 2 to 7 years.

Skills : linux #media professional #androiddevelopment #azurecloud #automation network engineer #sdwan #golangdeveloper #reactjsjobs #skype for business #dotnetdevelopment #apriso #csharpdeveloper #devops consultant #javadeveloperjobs #UC expert #plm developer #pythondeveloper


Can somebody refer me for ibm / accenture/ Amazon, FAANG, or any company who you think can offer 30 lpa on my 8 yoe.

Current org- Infy

Role skillset- Agile BA

Serving notice and can join within 15 days.

Drop your email id or message me or drop comment.


Anyone want to do case/pei prep on Monday evening EST?


We all know it’s slow in the creative freelance world, but accept a gig at a significantly lower rate? Something is better than nothing or no?

hi guys! i wanted to ask for advice if anyone can help. currently i’m a scientist at a CRO and i’m doing work that is at least a title or two above mine. feels like im overworked and underpaid. i keep getting rejected to positions i feel like i can fill due to my years of experience. i technically only have been working since may 2020. but i have learned so much so quickly, im already doing method development/discovery work. should i settle for a job title below my current in pharma?


Hi fishes , I want to know in which month of the year , Cognizant will give yearly increment.


Hi, I work in Texas and am finishing an administrative fellowship. Looking to get into consulting. Any recommendations for consultating groups in Texas ?


What are some typical roles that Digital Producers on the agency side would become on client side? Looking for titles that I could research to determine a move out of agency when that time comes.


What makes something like figma better than Sketch / inDesign? I’ve just come across the tool and looking to understand from people who have used it before

Edit: InVision


Old company said I would get paid through the end of the week but only paid me for my last day.. I’m very annoyed and trying to contact them but can’t get an accurate number. What should I do?


Looking for a role in healthcare, preferably WFH. I’ve been in healthcare for 3 years, with a Masters and only making $18.61. I need a change and I’m hoping someone will share good leads. Thank you!!


What, if anything, can be done to increase and encourage female representation in hired STEM positions? For example, should female and other minority employees have input on your companies yearly class of interns or new hires? Do you think women are underrepresented in STEM because of societal standards or because we have to fight harder to get hired? Having a bit of a debate with a coworker over solutions.


What % of increment hike and variable pay Capgemini provided in this year March 2022 ?


Is TC or base more important to you and why? Will you choose:
1. Lower TC, higher base
2. Higher TC, lower base (higher bonus and shares)


What is the best tech stack that a BA or PO should learns, to keep updated with current market and will be helpful for having a strong future.

Thoughts ?


Additional Posts in Publicis Sapient India

Hi fishes

Can someone help me out related to the interview process of PS. As per HR there will be 2 technical rounds 1st will be based on react and 2nd will be about html and css.
So what all things they might ask in react ? I have hands on experience in react of 3.2 years.


How much max ctc can be asked for manager role in @publicis Sapient / lead sdet in Agoda.Any suggestions ?


How good Publicis sapient for java developers and they are offering associate technology L1 and what package i will expect for 2.5year yoe?


Hey fishbowls which is the better company to join ?? Trantor or Puresoftware?


How is job security, annual hike and onsite opportunity in Publicis Sapient?

Role: Product Manager

Please let me know your views.


How is work life balance in automation testing in Publicis Sapient as a sr assosiate l1?@


Hello all,

I am serving notice period at TCS. I am looking for better opportunities in Data enginer roles. Can someone refer me for Publicis sapient. I will ping you separately if you can.
Yoe: 3.4 yrs

Does publicis sapient have RPA-Uipath projects?


Hey guys
How much salary should I ask
For Associate Infrastructure L1 in Publicis Sapient
I have 1 year of experience


Hi friends,
I have offer in PS, I have 8+ years of experience. I got the role for senior associate QA L2. I am from automation testing background. Can anyone please guide me if we have enough projects and how soon we get the projects? How about the work life balance in PS. Please reply.


Hi All
I have 2 offers one is boeing india and other is publicis sapient yoe is 2.5 yrs
Boeing is providing me X + 1 lakh bonus
Sapient is providing me X+4 fixed
Please suggest me on this in terms of work life, growth, hikes


Is Publicis Sapient firing people on project as well?
Any specific criteria for firing like designation or CTC of candidates?
Lets discuss guys


Does PS give Diwali gift


Do Publicis Sapient actually deduct your bonus component if you don't get assigned to project within 8 weeks.
PS : they don't have clients and I have not interviwed with single client.
Joined on 31st
Tech: java


Hey fishes..

I am having 21.5 Pl. How much amount i would get from leave encashment..they mentioned vase pay/312*PL

WHAT is meant by base pay? Basic components in our salary PKG?