I joined a pharma company and was told I’m getting paid very high for my level.. but I did get 2 offers of same CTC/fixed. Now the annual hike is nearing, is it possible I get a good hike still or no? Any bad stories or experiences anyone?

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Very difficult to get good hikes in pharma. It always pays below industry benchmarks, even lower than service firms unfortunately

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Can anyone tell me that how is work culture and anual hike for eTMF Department in Lilly?

Salesforce 🐠, what's the salary range and RSU for Solution Architect? What is the wiggle room for negotiation?


Folks, How is it like to work in the Trust and Safety teams?
Do you like your work, pay and WLB?


Can I lie and tell HR that I have an counter-offer of X amount to negotiate the offered amount? Ya uska bhi proof dena padta hai ab?

Hi fishes! I am in final HR discussions with Ericsson. They are offering Job Stage 5 -- 13lpa (not final). Java Spring Boot, YoE 4.5/5.9. CCTC is 7.7lpa and offer in hand is 11lpa. Am I being low balled as per Ericsson's standards?

How do I deal with this?


Is today salary day? I havent received my salary yet?

Should I take the job?

Job Offer On The Table:
• marketing manager
• $65k, I already was told they’ve maxed out on the offer
• added duties of budgeting, multiple locations to visit
• pto is awarded in hours not days and can carry

Current Place of Employment:
• I am the primary graphic designer
• Employed for 8.5 yrs
• $50k
• Kept me on through COVID
• 3 weeks PTO established
• Flexible & lenient
• Good team to work alongside


What's the maximum CTC at Cognizant for 6yrs exp in Java full stack. Considering current market standard especially for senior Associate role.


Is 19LPA for 3.5 YoE - Full Stack developer is good?
Should I look for long term at Nagarro?


Any idea on how to navigate a first time performance review? I am a lonesome designer at a Marketing agency and was looking to increase my salary. Any advice? #graphicdesign


Hey all, I’ve been a solutions architect associate for a year now as my first tech job out of college. I was able to get my AWS SAA Certification and followed that with Azure AZ-900. What is a normal salary range for someone in my position who recently graduated last May with a year of experience and holding these two certifications?


I am starting a 4-months internship at a company B in January. However, I just heard from a company T that they will interview me for their full time position.

Company T is paying me way more (twice) than Company B. And I like company T more. However, they want me to start working in February if I get this position. If I end up getting the offer, I will have to quit my internship at Company B, almost immediately after I begin the internship.

Is this okay?


Anyone willing to share a recent BCG C2 starting salary?


Why does @Deloitte India have so many different teams for the same work?? Basically what is the difference between:
1. Deloitte India SAMA (Strategy and M&A) team,
2. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (domestic) team,
3. Deloitte India Financial Advisory (International) team also called as DI Joint Venture??

In terms of work, culture, projects, hikes, growth etc??


Asking for a 10% raise - realistic? Im important to the creative department

Was reached out to by a recruiter at Apple for a Test Manager role in Cupertino. I have 7+ YOE, MS, and MBA. Can anyone give me an idea of the base compensation range to expect?


Wtf? I’ve had 3 different Wells Fargo recruiters reach out to me all offering vastly different salary ranges for iOS developer roles.

Two weeks ago and last week I had recruiters offering $55 for remote work. And today I got an offer requiring me to be on site for only $85k/year in either SF, NYC, or Raleigh.


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What's your Age/Sex/College you went to ?



Hi. I am desperate to change jobs. I have two offer in hands: Deloitte Hyderbad on a contract basis with 15% hike and KPMG Bangalore FTE with 25% hike. I like Deloitte as a brand better.
None of of these two companies are willing to offer more saying that they have a tight budget.

Which one should I take? Please help me decide.


Does anyone here use live streaming as a part of their brand strategy?


Hi folks! Does EY/Deloitte offer holiday disconnect during Christmas/NYE?


Trying to understand risk of loss and title better. When does it make sense for title to transfer upon receipt of payment? Why would title and risk transfer separately?


Got ourselves a winner, folks.

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I am selected as a Python Developer in Acuity.
Please brief me about your experience in working with Cians Analytics (Acuity), Like how it is to be working with this company, work culture, career growth, work from home policy etc.
Considering this layoff season, shall this opportunity?
Any suggestions or advice will also be appreciated.

I am calling it now. This prediction will come true, and Biden is going to pull out of the live in-person debates to avoid national embarrassment.

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Chances G will move job location? Only applicant / hit it off w the team. Recruiter told me HM had only positive things to say. How to spin in my favor? Cant move due to fam commitments. Tysm!

Interviewing for a buyside m&a associate role - any resources out there that could help with my interview prep?


Google onsite to HC rate? Is it around 50%? Do you need to get 3 leaning hires to make it to HC?


Is it ever too early to start networking? I’m in my first year of an online bachelor’s; my current employment has no avenues for networking besides going to someone several levels senior to me and asking for mentorship.

I’m looking at either a consulting or an HR management track, but internships still seem a long way off.


Riyadh fish, what are some good compounds/complexs that you would recommend for solo male? Preferably not too far from centre & with a decent international crowd.



For those that have a nanny: how did you find him/her? Been having no luck with nextdoor, care.com and sittercity. I need a part time nanny two days a week. Anyone in the LA area have a referral for me? 😀

From S/w development standpoint, is Genpact better or Genpact Headstrong?


Hey everyone, I’m looking to get my HR certification. Should I get it from SHRM, HCI or HRCI?


Everyone on my team forgot my birthday 😒😒😒😒


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

Please suggest which to join.

BMC Software - 19 LPA+ 2 lacs Variable

TMF group- 20 LPA fixed

Please help me.YOE-7.5


I have an offer in hand and another company is about to make me an offer. I'm not so firm on my expected CTC - usually if I like the company I will compromise reasonably. I feel that HRs deliberately delay the communication after they ask me expected CTC - expecting me to follow up with them. So I don't follow up with them until they call back. I have 6 YOE and expect 24-25 LPA in Bangalore to which they hesitate. How to handle these situations? I'm very confident that I deserve what I ask for.


Fishes i accepted offer already and month left in notice period. my current company not paying variable as short fall of few days in system so is it normal to negotiate accepted offer and ask them for JB or stock options? I have not got any perks excepts CTC...any suggestions?


Hi All,
I have heard that taxation in Infosys is little weird and in-hand salary is very less when compared to other competitors and thats because of salary structure. Can anyone from Infosys help me understand this?


Hii fishbowl ppl How much CTC can a Salesforce CPQ consultant can get yoe - 1.5 with billing and revenue knowledge?

What will be better choice among following companies?

LTI (Specialist - P3)
KPMG India (Senior Con)
BNP Paribas (Senior Associate)
Persistent (Senior Engineer)
Oracle - OFSS (Staff Consultant)

1. Onsite (not immediate but should be possible at the firm)
2. Work Life Balance
3. Learning and Job Security

Almost in the same range for Salary, Work Ex - 5.5+ Java Backend


works at HCL Technologies
You are currently posting as works at HCL Technologies

I have cleared 2 technical rounds in TCS, and now they are saying that they can't proceed with my profile because of instability. What should I do?

Hello Fishes ,

I had a final round interview scheduled ( 2 rounds cleared ) but i somehow got confused with the timings and did not join it at the designated time. Will this lead to the cancellation of my candidature and they will not pursue further or can I be given one more chance. I informed the HR and apologized and requested for help.

Will they still consider me ? I really want to join the org. Can I do something for them to consider me again

Hello Folks, I am a .net +angular developer. I am keen to learn Azure. Currently at 2.5 years of exp and 7.5LPA CTC, what kind of salary can I expect for these skills while switching.

TIA :)

@Reltio Hi all, any idea of Reltio. Got offer from Reltio 3.5 YOE offer : 21 + Stocks


Hi Fishies,

Need your suggestion
Holding multiple offers
IBM -12.59
Happiest Minds -15 + 1LJB
Marlabs - 17 with 85k variable
YOE - 4.3
Tech - .net

Only 3 days left for joining



Hi Everyone,

Does any work at Tata Technologies?
I recently got an offer but am confused about whether to join it or not? As technical team informed that it will be ultimately DevOps into Oracle on-prem application. Currently, in my Organization, I am working as a lead developer in the cloud application but the salary difference is too low.
Not sure what to do


How much I can ask for as a PHP Developer. ?

Yoe: 1.5 years
Current ctc: 3.5lpa


I have 6+ years of experience, wanted to switch to other organisations as I am not feeling comfortable,this is 5 th company


I have 4 offers in pipeline from a month ago, what should I do about them?
I know I should still keep looking for new interviews.

But should I send in a Follow-up to those 4 HRs?

1 of them even told me that they have the offer prepared for me but I don't understand why there's so much delay?

Should I be worried or Is this normal?



How much salary will CitiusTech offer for Technical lead 1 role? My yoe is 3 years and 10 months. Current CTC 10.7 lpa


Hi Bainies,

Can someone please tell me which is better Bain BCN or GBS in terms of work and pay.

I aspire to work as a front end consultant in future, so need more exposure and engagement with the client/consultants in the work.

Bain & Company


Hi Fishes,

Has anyone joined MUFG for analyst role ... What is the CTC to ask with 4 YOE in Bangalore - financial crime compliance domain. @


Hi Fishes,

I am currently with Data Axle as a Data Specialist and getting 4 LPA + Sat, Sun off. also got an offer from Bajaj as an Assistant Manager (Digital Product) for 4LPA + 1 lac variable (only Sunday off depend on business). I have around 2 years of experience in MIS reporting and database management now I am confused where to go.

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