I just remembered reading an article on my big four’s internal homepage about how proud they were to have Monsanto as their client. 🤦‍♀️

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Monsanto was bought by Bayer.


Care to elaborate ?

Oh that sounds lovely! Great to know that CSR is front and center of their business model

As PwC1 said, please elaborate?

From a quick google search, isn’t the company now defunct?


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Anyone here in corporate banking? Interested in the career and not really sure how to break in at the associate level (have corp fin and project management experience)


In 2018, I founded a boutique ODD advising firm with a primary client base in healthcare and biopharma. I am now transitioning from FT consulting through my firm and exploring new opportunities.

I have over 25 years’ experience in healthcare and oncology clinical research. While I’ve worked in a variety of business entities, my preference is start-up. If there are any HCLS/health tech start-ups looking for a leader that can hit the ground running, I’d love to chat.


Hi, I have received offer letter from IBM. Can I switch technology after joining? Or do I have to work in the same technology. The HR was telling that I have been recruited and tagged under one account and they don't have any information on that. The problem is that I don't have that much in hand skill in which tech I am selected and I may be screwed once I am put into live project in the same skill. How to avoid it. Any suggestions please. Can they terminate me?

Thank you guys in advance.


Anyone looking for a CD/Art with tons of big brand retail, grocery and CPG experience on the agency or client side?


Freelance Project Opportunities in Gulf region

When the client begins an email “I was watching TV and saw an ad for....”



Does it take long to get a project in Salesforce in Apisero?


Ladies, do y’all enter time for emails? If yes, are y’all billing it to the client or as a non-billable time entry


How to get onto my first actual strategy project? Experienced hire, consultant level in US. Been on a pmo outside of OP for 10 months…about to roll off


If you work for a staffing/placement agency as a recruiter do you operate with candidate ownership?
Is there a duration of ownership length?
If you do not operate with candidate ownership, what’s the model (client ownership, role ownership or no ownership at all)?


Hi All,

I left the company after 6 months as I was in support project. Being a Developer, I was not interested. I have been hired for development in new company but here also they put me in support and promised me the development project... If they don't provide development project, what are the options I have? If want to leave, how much duration I need to work here? Will it affect in future if I leave the company as I will be changing two companies within a year? Please advise me...



How can I approach this guy sitting on 6th floor , looks really good with specs from GSK i guess . I cant focus on my project work bcz of you SB


How some people are clearing interview and then getting into a project even though they don't have any skills, no desire to learn new things, can't perform a very very simple task even though it's already documented clearly, totally burden on team members. They don't even try to do basic troubleshooting when they faced simple issues, rather asks stupid question to junior who is having only 1 years of experience and ask for solution.
I noticed this in every project I joined


Greetings from HCL Technologies!!

 We are pleased to inform you that we currently have opening for Project Managers

Skill required  - Project manager , Change Manager

Location      - Chennai / Bangalore

Experience – 13 – 18  Yrs

Please reply back with the below details Along with attached profile


Anyone had clients pitched conservation easements for tax savings? Have a client being told that if he gives $30k the deduction will be $180k. I have my thoughts but would like to hear from the group


There is an open position for C# Automation testing resource.

Client: Credit Suisse
Payroll: Atyeti

Interested folks can DM me.

Note: Possibility of getting converted to an FTE of CS based on performance.

Hey 🐠 - Do you know or have any open roles for my brother who is looking for an “entry-level” roles like Project Coordinator or into Sales/Marketing? (Toronto, Open to US Remote jobs)
He’s done 2 Post Graduations in Project Mgmt and International Business Mgmt. Graduated in Sales and Marketing.
Currently working with Home Depot with their Sales team since 2019. He’s young, hungry and works like a horse!
Please let me know if I can DM you if you see anything fit.
Thanks again everyone!


Hey Fishes,

What is the "Amaze delivery project" in hexaware? Can someone give an overview on the same?

How do you handle difficult clients? Our agency has a client that asks for MANY corrections yet refuses to pay more for the extra work we're doing for her even if we followed her original guidelines to a T due to a history of this happening before.


Anyone looking for SAP Project Managers, I am just finishing up a 3 year Greenfield S4 HANA implementation focused on project delivery. Please PM me for details


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DM me if you need referrals for following positions at Virtusa

Cypress+Automation (4-7 years)
.Net+CRM Developer (6-8 years)
SDET Engineer - Python/Java & Rest API (4-6 years)
QA Lead - API Automation (9-15 years)
Big Data Developer - Spark with Scala (5-7 years)
Wintel Admin (12+ years)
Java Microservices (4-8 years)
Java Developer (4-10 years)
Java with AWS developer (5+ years)
Business Analyst - Capital Marketing/FX Products (5+ years)
Salesforce Health Cloud (3+ years)
Synon Dev (4-10 YOE)


LTI - Larsen & Toubro Infotech is hiring for multiple #DATA job profiles.👇
Interested can apply for below jobs opportunity, DM your EMAIL ID with JOBID
*Experience Required 4+ yrs Freshers do not apply*
Grab this opportunity...!!!

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How much should a mid-level copywriter with 2-3 years of experience be making in NYC?

Does PWC give a diwali bonus.?


How is job security at S&P Global Market Intelligence Ahmedabad location for financial modeling ?

Is HSBC client good in LTI ? Which accounts should I avoid ?


Best place for guys to get a haircut in NYC?


Are there any clawbacks on GS bonuses??


What are the best (or most passable) mid to small agencies for creatives in Chicago?


Thoughts on the recent biopharma market correction? (Admittedly its market-wide). Will this influence consulting firms in any way? Think DD work should remain the same (funds are still loaded with cash and might see discounts), market access is also fine. Not sure about g2m work or commercial. Thoughts?


Guess now the extensions will be a bit easier ?

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What is GC immigration process at Nttdata? How is ogletree doing? Does NTT doing downgrade from eb2 to eb3?


Anyone have a great Oahu Hawaii itinerary for a week? One 7 month old, visiting the first week of March. Looking for general advice, places to stay, pitfalls to avoid, fun things to do with a baby, good food etc.


I get the joke. Make agencies great again, it’s just not funny. I get the pseudo-controversy of “coming out” as a MAGA agency, it’s just not interesting. I almost hired this agency. Crisis avoided.

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Anybody has insights in working at Apple? How’s the company culture? Currently working at Salesforce. Culture and WLB is great, but upper movement is slow. Interviewing with Apple, and want to see what’s it like there.


I pray the peace of God over all the teachers today. I pray the stresses of teaching fall off of all you and your students are calm and have no behaviors today. May wisdom overcome you and strategies flood your minds to be able to deal with your students. Have a great teachers! We are all in this together.


How do you keep Santa happy?

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Additional Posts in Audit Bowl

Other Jobs: buys mouse jiggler to show available all day so people think your working

Public accounting: turns status to offline just to work in peace


Can someone familiar with CLA let me know what audit software they use for audit programs? Is it proprietary tool or do they use PPC/Thompson Reuter’s, etc.


How to reason with your manager when she is unwilling to hire additional staff on the audit engagement and you are constantly overworked. Also the fact is there is available personnel who can help.


Senior consultant position at proviti?

The best way to hit someone’s ego is to put their name last on an email and everyone before in rank order (high to low)


I have the opportunity to work in Germany EY i am currently in KSA.
How is the salaries , living , etc....?
would you recommend that i move to Germany?


Anybody else feel unnecessarily guilty when emailing your manager that you are taking a sick day? Idk why but I always feel like even though it’s completely normal, that it is being judged negatively.


What are some people career goals after audit? At what level do you plan on leaving? After how many years and what would you like to do/ what can you do with the audit experience?


As a new manager (~1/2 year in), I still find myself deferring a lot to partners. For example, “here’s what I think but let’s confirm with (partner/md)”. Not all the time, but often enough to notice. @Is this something I should be doing? Does it matter?


Have anyone worked at blackrock for audit? Can you give me review? (Salary, wlb, etc)

At my new job, all of my coworkers are from big 4 except me and I feel intimated because I feel like im not the same pace as them


Does Big4 hire ACCA individuals from international countries (they will not need visa sponsorship and would be legally authorized to work in USA).

Anyone else just loves their partner so much?


(UK BASED) PwC have a 3 month notice period here. The audit I’m on for for the next 3 months has a draconian manager who treats it like a dictatorship. When I get my results in 2 weeks I plan to leave immediately or give a 1/2 week notice. Can any repercussions occur from this? Surely they won’t seek legal action.


Who likes bourbon? List your top 3 favs


Could someone explain what finance closing process is? I passed CPA and have audit experience but I don’t really understand how industry accounting cycle works :( What does it mean to close the books? Are they referring to 12/31 deadline? Do all JE have to be recorded within this date? How does one close it?


For people who have been to client sites in the past few months, has your client required you to get tested weekly for Covid? I’ve been vaccinated, but I don’t know if getting tested is routine or overkill?


If I apply and get an offer to another big 4, can I delay accepting the offer for a few months?