I resigned from my job and manager agreed with 50 days np. I got released from project in 30 days. My manager also resigned . What happens now? I still have 20 days to go before I join the new company? Will I be forced to leave early since I am on bench?

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If the last working day is locked in tool(WD), only you can change it no one else. Avoid taking leaves if you don't need to as leaves are encashed after resignation.


I have been asked to use leaves since I am on bench and avoid clocking on bench time

Make sure that you have mail conversation you had with your manager saved somewhere . It will help you a lot

There is no mail conversation as such but agreed date is already there in the tool .

It would be useful to record your conversation with your manager.

Why would you be forced to leave early? If it's in the contract that you have a specific number of days?

I am being asked to take leaves which I have since I will be on bench for 3 weeks before my end date

I don't think they can force you to leave early. Not having a manager to facilitate the process makes that seem even less likely. I say enjoy!

They might try to force you to leave/take any available holiday time etc. If you don't want to do it though, refuse. See what happens; what do you have to lose at this point?

Yeah that's what is happening. They are asking me to take leave so i don't claim idle hours

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Hi everyone! I am an MD (pediatrician w/out fellowship) with a lot of experience in bench and clinical research, as well as 1 year of experience in early phase oncology clinical trials. I am looking to transition from a heavy clinical role to more of a role in pharmacovigilance/medical monitor/ clinical development or medical affairs.

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After how many days the Date of exit gets updated in the UAN portal after the LWD in TCS.
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Because after Date of exit is updated only we can start the PF transfer process right?


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Thinking about tax planning

Let's do it for you
It will be free

& We will save good amt of tax for you

You can also DM all your queries


How is OFSS(Oracle Financial Services Software)?
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Current company TCS.
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How is work culture, WLB and job security in OFSS?
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Could you plz get me 10 likes to get DM access.


Opening for Engineering Manager!
DM if you’re interested

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For someone who has experience in Development
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Didn't take any formal course but learnt from blogs, youtube videos, LinkedIn course


Hi Fishes

Please give me 11 likes. Need to DM directly.


I am looking for a job change. How much salary should I expect?
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Hey Fisheries,
How do we manage to get job in 90 days Notice period🥺. There are 2 choices.

1. either search for job
2. give resignation and search for job ?
With which one we need to go ? Plz explain.
Note : Spoiler stay away this is serious questions 🤞


Friday is almost over. Time to relax 😎


How is this for a smart move
We know companies give u ctc based on last drawn ctc.
So suppose u earning 5 lpa
.U cracked amazon and they giving ctc 40 lpa
We know Amazon is an unsustainable company In terms of wlb.
Now use this ctc to switch to other good wlb company in 5-6 months like adobe etc..atleast they will match that ctc


How do you deal with your boss taking your resignation badly?


Any vacancy for Company Secretary professionals with 2+ years experience?? I need referral. Thanks in advance


I joined Jio last week , I received better offer from another company today itself. Can I resign immediately or do I have to serve notice period(60 days). I think there is no probation period.