I tried re-negotiating on the salary recently. HR was really hesitant to modify the CTC. But she offered me the option of Joining Bonus. I'm yet to get the revised offer letter since its in progress. So is it okay to push again for CTC increase? Any suggestions/inputs?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Do you have a counter offer with better CTC than this one?

You can ask the HR to atleast match the counter offer if you're really interested in the company. Explain him/her why salary is an important factor for you and you're really eager to join the company if they are ready to match the counter offer+50k if possible

Pp L pp

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Hi Guys,
I am a PA with 7.4lpa CTC and 2.1 YOE after 6 months I will get promoted to A. How much increase in CTC can I expect?

Hi Guys, need help in decision making:

Gartner: 25 + 3.75 (variable) + 1 (joining B)
Avizva: 33 Fixed
Total AI (startup): 40 Fixed + Total WFH

Tech BA, 8 YOE

You see the difference? That's the dilemma!


Any idea of what Slalom would pay for a Global (Internal) Senior Manager role if based out of Toronto?


My base location is chennai and I got a project from Hyderabad location and that too I have to work from client office so I will have to travel to hyderabad and work at client office. Will I be eligible for deputation allowance and accomodation??
If yes for how long will cts provide me these??


I wish all states were like Colorado and had to be transparent about their salary ranges for positions.


Hi Fishes, I have 6 year of experience in networking at a package of 12 LPA as a base and 1 LPA as a variable in Cisco as a Consulting engineer. I always heard that Cisco pay scale is better than most of companies. I thought that I am underpaid, please clear my doubt on this and let me know how much CTC will be suits for me as per market standards ? Thanks in advance !!!!


Hello all, I have two offers :-
1) General Ledger and Fixed assets Analyst at ChargePoint- 10 L + RSUs
2) Team Leader Reconciliation at Clifford Chance - 9.5 L + Yearly bonus.

Which one should I opt for? Any insights on the work culture in both organisations?


I'm currently working as a SWE and am interested in learning about the PM role and the experiences of others who switched to PM from a different role.
I enjoy customer engagement and planning/timelining work in an agile manner. These make me think I'd be a good fit for the role but I have some concerns/questions:
1. What is the pay-range compared to the average SWE pay range?
2. What skills are critical for the PM role?
3. Should I obtain Agile PM certificates?
4. Anything else I should know :)


Which will be good wrt work culture, job security wlb, all are offering same package Nagarro or Mindtree or virtusa or Capgemini ? Tech jave selenium RestAssured Yoe 6.5 Offered 14 lpa
CTC 7.4 Thanks Nagarro Capgemini Mindtree HCL Technologies Infosys Tata Consultancy Amazon Virtusa


Hey fishes,

How much epam.anywhere is offering to Functional manual role having 4 year of exp.
Anyone knows that ?

Hi guys,

What is average yearly increment in Persistent?

Switched into strategy a couple months ago, and I’ve been praised for my work already and rewarded. Would it be too soon to ask for a raise in the upcoming months? (2-3)


MYTH: Unions hinder advancement and promotions.

FACT: Unions are designed to oppose favoritism and to set salary and work standards, providing structures to promote fair decisions.


Hello fishes,
Growth Post :
Lets share the salary growth with age.
Heres mine:
age 22: 2.5 LPA
24: 3.0
26: 7.5
27: 12.5 LPA
Skillset: Embedded C Software Development
(Copied this idea from another bowl)

Comment yours below.


what is max salary being offered to manager in Capgemini??


I haven't started at Accenture yet, but I was wondering how different the pay is from CDP vs TDP vs Strategy. I'd imagine that strategy pays the most, but by how much?


Hi Banglorians,

I am shifting to Bangalore next month. My inhand would be between 50-57K per month.

Is it enough to live in Bellandur with a friend ? Rent will be anywhere between 20-23K for 2 people.

I don't want to leave my hometown if I cannot survive on my salary regardless of how good the company brand is.


Does Wipro provide full offshore salary during short term onsite (UK)? Relocation policy mentions "If on allowance model you will be on payroll of home country". Can anyone who recently went please confirm if it's full salary or just basic? Wipro


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Hi All,
I need help with a referal at Sanofi. Could you please help me ?
Thank you


Me: I've been good! I'm keeping my plants nicely and everything is in its place.

Also me: /brings home two more plants


I live in Texas, I graduated with a degree in criminal Justice and always wanted to work for the county or state. Mainly because I am a musician and I do make good side money as musician, but the main thing is that I have had a very difficult time being hired on state of county jobs. I live in Texas (south Texas) and currently work at a law firm.


Hi all,
Today I saw on the iBegin portal that my evaluation has been completed, all documents got verified, also HR confirmed my location preference yesterday. How many days will they still take to release the offer letter ??


Looking for a pharmacist job with a pharmaceutical company. Have prior experiences with pharmaceutical company including Medical Information and Safety. Please let me know.


For your cover letter/rejection inspiration file.

Post Photo

How the heck do people afford psychiatrist /therapy appts ? I know I need both medication and therapy for anxiety but each session is over 200 dollars until I meet my 1500 deductible. Havent had luck finding the right medication but I know thats paramount before doing the therapy or I wont get any progress. Any recommendations on other people in similar situation in past ?


Capital one or MSFT?

Anyone hiring for strategic account manager, or AE/SaaS Sales roles?

I’m constantly told to speak up more. Problem is, when I speak up I feel the eyes roll and it crushes my confidence when I say something and it’s ignored. Does it just come with the territory?


Even if you do get followers on TikTok, they don't have much money to spend on your product or service—and they're likely not going to stick around long enough to do so anyway.


Whether we need to Collect the Laptop from the HCL Office directly, as I got the Mail from them to collect the laptop from their Jigani Campus. Why they will not send to our home address???? Kindly confirm guys, as i am a new joiner.


Hi, all. I’ve accepted an offer from a firm. Though my joining is 2 months from now they’ve already sent me the onboarding portal link where I need to submit documents like form 11. Should I complete this process this early? Can the new company go ahead and create a pf account number with joining date earlier than my exit date from last firm (which I’ll provide in the form 11)


The same people who claim "not to see color" or that "race doesn't matter" lose their minds when its suggested that Batman/Superman/ James Bond, etc be played by a black actor.


Can I hear people’s thoughts on Blue Matter? Considering making a move from a boutique shop due to very narrow scope of projects. Thanks in advance! Blue Matter


Can anyone help me here,

I have absconded an XYZ company in the past after joining then within one day, but they have created PF account in EPFO portal, Now I have to join Accenture will the be any issue joining them while background verification?


Hi folks

BirlaSoft has changed variable payout policy?
Is it now monthly payout instead of 6 monthly?


Does H1B transfer in India need stamping again? Please let me know

How to apply for on-site opportunities


Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations

You will receive a monthly performance pay of Rs. XXXXX-. The same will be reviewed
on completion of your first Anniversary with the company and will undergo a change basis your own ongoing individual performance.

So, I want to know if I get bad appraisal will this amount also go from my hand?


Hi Friends,

Need some suggestion as I am in dilemma to decide which company, I join out of TechM and Oracle.

TechM says Cloud Architect, but I don't have any other information on the work and all.

Oracle is senior programmer/lead on their products.

I currently work with Ericsson.


Pals, can you please tell me what is the range of salary for E3 band in HCL, thanks in advance.

Any leads please advice...

#hcl #wipro # infosys #tcs


Walmart how much salary can I expect from Walmart for UI Full stack developer role.
YOE: 4.6
Current: 13 LPA
In the initial call with HR I told my expectation is 24 LPA but now I do have parallel offer of 26 LPA can I negotiate again? If yes what is max that I can ask for?


Who all are surprised and benefitted by Cognizant revised offer just a week before LWD ? I got beyond expectations offer which I counter from LTI and joined LTI. Cognizant LTI Information Technology


What is the Salary range of Product Data Manager in Jio?

Cctc- 14 LPA
I have asked for 20+ 2 LPA

The HR is Negotiating to 16 + 1 (JB )+ 2 (RB) LPA only

YOE -3.5 (Analytics)

Should I go with offer?


Hi guys..
How to convince the new company HR to change the joining date to 1 month in future?
My doj is 22nd June.
Please help


Hi everyone,

Emerson system- i gave 2 technical, those were cleared then there was 1 HR round, but now when i asked them about status they are saying they are working on getting the salary approved but now they got an update to keep that position on hold for now.

Is this behaviour right after taking 3 interviews and what should I do now


What should be wise choice between Ericsson and MindTree..


Hello Everyone

I received offer letter and launch pad details from
Infosys team. But after that I didn't hear from them, my joining date is approaching and I'm bit worried as this is my first switch.

Please suggest


I have offer from Mindtree(16lpa fixed and 75k JB includes Gratuity& Medical insurance ) & legato (19lpa fixed Medical insurance and Gratuity will be covered out of ctc)
Mindtree is located in my hometown, for legato in Banglore but I have asked WFH for few months.. Confused on which to choose..! Need your inputs.. YEO: 6


Just to help you guys
1. Started career with 3.4LPA, I worked there for 2 years
2. Joined another company with 9.1LPA I worked there for 2 years
3. Joined 3 company 19 LPA, I worked there for 1 years,
4. Joined another company with 40LPA,
I have total 5.1 years of experience with Java and Kafka


Hi All,
Need your opinions regarding which company should I be joining !
I have total experience of 4.8 yrs as JAVA Developer.
Suggest w.r.t career growth , opportunities, culture, stability, appraisal.
I have offers grouped by location -
Cognizant - 12 L + 50,000 bonus
Accenture - 17.90 L (14.80 fixed ) + 3.25 L bonus.
AMDOCS - 14.90 L fixed + 1 L Bonus

FIS Global - 16 L (10% variable) + 1 L Bonus.
EPAM Systems - 18 L fixed.
Mphasis - 19.5 L ( 10% Variable)


Hey i have got an offer from fintech product based company for 42 fixed plus 3 lakh variable. I've also got offer from a accion labs with 46 fixed.

I don't want to join accion labs, how can I renegotiate with product based company, any good way to not scare them away and get better offer.

Yoe 8 tech ml engineer


I have 2 offers for cloud engineer role, 6 yoe

Barclays 24 Fix
pwc 22 Fix

Barclays is paying high, which one should i pick considering wlb, projects and learning.


Have offer from Standard chartered gbs and FIS Global which one to Join? Both offering similar package.