I want to do a full body checkup and have a basic plan in Optum. Can i reimburse the amount and which is the good option for a full medical checkup.

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No you can't

One standard checkup is free in India basic plan, try claiming that through Livewell portal(it will ask to book appointment in one of their network hospital/lab).

I booked one through livewell portal. Basic full body is free . Rest for vitamin panel I paid 1700 something


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My new project has been overwhelming… to the point where my 3 year old was sick from school and all I can do was give him Motrin, leave some snacks, and turn on Peppa Pig for 10+ hours… had extreme mom guilt… and I just found out I’m pregnant 🫠 I have the option to quit but I feel like that’s the ultimate irresponsible thing to do… what do I do?!


How do people balance living for today and being responsible enough to prepare for the future? I’m 40 and have been really concerned that I’m not living life enough. Just doing the things that make you happy whether it be experiences or material things. My biggest fear is retiring early or whenever and being too old to enjoy it or having less time to enjoy it. Just seems like so many people are getting sick or even worst dying much sooner than expected.


Does anyone know any companies that allow you to place any person (like a parent) on your health insurance plan?

The only company I know for sure that offers this is TD Ameritrade.


State just announced they’re opening up vaccines to everyone.... very very scared of being forced into the office five days a week... not sure I can do it


I apologize about bringing our fearless leaders name up in here, but those recordings of trump.
He knew now bad covid was and intentionally didn’t tell us all.
What’s to stop me from telling every single kid in my classes today?!
I feel like a sacrifice.
Everyone should be 100% virtual NOW.
I don’t want to go to work today.


Insomnia advice: Baby is only waking once at night to feed, but once I’m done feeding and pumping ... I can’t sleep anymore! Tips and tricks to help go back to sleep?


Has anyone used WINFertility? According to Accenture health insurance literature we are required to go through them for all fertility related matters. What was your experience? Helpful?

"Public Accounting firms grow global revenue despite coronavirus pandemic"

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Looking for a job? I have 2 openings for content marketing manager. 6 figs, unicorn company, completely remote, equity, and full medical send me a message


I just joined a startup in the HR space as the creative director after being in house for the last seven years leading a small team. Ill be growing a team from zero and many hats being worn along the way.

Any advice for a first time CD at a startup would be much appreciated 🙏


I was offered an extra help position as a medical social worker. Pay starts at 41.16, what should I negotiate for? And the reasons I should use. I will be traveling to different locations as there’s multiple clinics.



I work in a consulting firm for more than 12 hours everyday. Sometimes, I have to work on weekends too. I am with the firm for last 1.5 years and did not practice coding (Data Structures and Algorithms) and I was into data science before getting placed at my current company.

I am completely burnout and when I tried to push myself to study hard and switch the job, my health became worst.

Continued in the comments


I am a disability attorney helping veterans and other disabled people with disability applications and appeals. I handle cases at all levels of the Social Security and VA disability processes, including at federal court. I have been doing this work for over 20 years and I love it. I love all referrals, and I take most cases. I’m based in Tulsa but I help people all over the US. please let me know if I can help you or someone you know. 


Hey folks,
I have heard cs doesn't Provide laptops to their employees.
Can we purchase the new laptop by ourselves and reimburse it & how much amount they reimburse if we purchase a laptop worth Rs. 1 lakh.

Does anyone have Idea here?


Hi! I work a full time job but would like to earn a bit extra . Does anyone know of an online part time job available ? I am bilingual (spanish/ english) , medical interpreter and have a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Been trying for 2 years, started the fertility doctor tests, then lost coverage. Just got it back and did a “reset” appointment at fertility clinic, only to find out I’m pregnant. The irony!


I am expecting my second child after 10 years and I need to decide if I'll be having a second C-section or VBAC. I am scared of either option but need to make a decision soon. Can you please share your experience on either options? Thanks in advance.


Does anyone know any dentist office that accepts Aetna PPO dental insurance. Around the Houston downtown area. I'm always okay driving further as well.

My app keeps saying there is none. Thank you


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Anyone in the life sciences domain BPS here ??


Hi IBMers ,

I joined IBM last week and was checking my PMR which is 1.107
Band 7B , Senior Data Engineer
Is it on the high side? And does it have any impact on anything?


Read some posts that wipro is delaying joining by more than a month.

Anyone has any insider info on what is going on.

Is it a technical issue or it is being done purposefully


Curious. Is there any other teachers out there who wish they had parenting classes to help special need children because as the teacher you don’t want to overstep the teacher-parent relationship? Like I have one parent who just needs some extra guidance with their kids, but I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. Any suggestions?


I was recently laid of from a entry level digital marketing role that I held for a little over a year. My main job duties included supporting account managers with their paid marketing campaigns. Currently I don't have any product experience but I would like to get a product specialist role as soon as possible. Any advice on how to get a product specialist role without any product background?


Does anyone know about the GC policy at Deloitte? Like when will the company start to perm for you?

Ladies, I’ve noticed (pre-covid) that when men introduced each other or even when they enter the room they always shake hands with each other - even if they’ve known them/worked with them for months. But for myself, I may get a handshake on first day but never again. And I find it annoying like do you not think of me as your equal or do you think because I’m a woman I want a hug?? Has anyone else noticed this, or am I taking this the wrong way?


Hello Guys,

IBM India not giving onboarding. Waiting since last year.

Nov 2021:-

• Applied for IBM GBS (Off-Campus) on their brassring portal.

17 Nov 2021:-Gave Assessment.

30 Nov 2021:- Gave Interview.

7 Feb 2022:-  I got my Expression of Interest 

My Questions :-

Why are they taking so much time?
Am I a backup candidate? Or is it because of recession?

Any further insights would be highly appreciated!

Its been 1 year I have got selected.I have completed my Graduation too.

I'm 2022 batch.


Looking for book, podcast and webinar recommendations for starting a new job in a leadership role. Thanks.


My friend comes over with his daughter (6) who frequently runs and does cartwheels in my home. I told my friend I don’t like it and his response was that’s she’s bored and I need to be more patient with kids. Since when did asking parents to have their kids respect your space a problem?


Cross posting: For those of you who have had a miscarriage, did your cycles return to normal intervals immediately after your first period post miscarriage? Asking because I'm TTC.

For background, I was only 5 weeks along in my last pregnancy. Most info I'm finding online is about the first period after miscarriage, not the second


What do you call the litigation tactic (especially in discovery) where OC hounds you to hurry up on everything, then they drag their feet and do bare minimum in return? "Speed-up slow-down" tactics?


Every time a car cuts me off while I’m running and I have the walk sign, I throw rocks and break their windshield.

I’ve done this 40+ times


What did you guys think of the admit weekends you attended?


Folks, where did you apply for Indian passport renewal in New York? Just to confirm - is it through Cox and Kings (CKGS)?


Birthday present from my wife

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When does the resourcing team reach out for the documents ? My joining is on 22nd august?


I do so much for my firm and sometimes my stress bubble pops and I go crazy. Some people say that I need to voice my concerns. I know I should voice my concerns but I think it’s sometimes upper


Anyone else noticing how much more difficult it is to find parking now that the ~200k college students are back?

Additional Posts in Optum Global Solutions

How to access uhg hub portal. I joined organization recently and didn't yet received office Asset.

Can anyone please guide me. What's the domain round in Optum about.

Got a interview call for domain discussion for pega , not quite sure what it means.


How to apply for Internet Reimbersement? And can we apply on Monthly basis or Quarterly??


Do we have access to learning platforms like Coursera and udemy or anything else? Or do we have an option for reimbursement?


I recently did an IJP from grade 25 to 26. My question is if I join the new team in Dec-January, Will the RRP and rating be based on my previous team analysis or new team?


Just had a word with the Recruitment HR for Optum , they cited that my profile was on hold using senior management, structural change and related terminologies. Just want to understand is there any chance for me to get any call back in future , or maybe any ray of light for the same.
Optum Global Solutions


My yoe is 3.9
Current ctc: 4.94
Tecnology: Python

I cleared
Optum interview and salary discussion is yet to happen this week.

How much can i ask for?



I had my managerial round a week back, any idea how long does it take for HR to get back after the managerial round at Optum.. any leads will be much appreciated! Thanks


Anyone recently joined Optum in India? Did you receive welcome gift?

When is the appraisal cycle at Optum?
I might receive an offer anytime this week, and if I join Optum in November, will I be eligible for next appraisal?


Do we get internet or furniture reimbursement at optum?

How much time hire right takes to complete background check
And did we get any mail when this is done



I joined 2 months back.
A new team was created soon with all new joiners.

It turned out that, no one underatands or knows anything about the tech stack for which they were hired(god knows how they cleared interview)!! Now i'm the only one doing all teams work !!

Wlb has gone to hell !!

What can i do?


Hi, is it now allowed in optum to login into teams and outlook from mobile. ??
I'm getting error like your sign-in was successful but doesn't meet the criteria to access this resource

Anyone who have got relocation assitance in optum?