I'm a fresher need to know one thing. I have 10 special days left. Once I applied/take the special leave for 2.5 days. In how much time/days I can apply for the remaining special leaves. One more thing is the special leave is auto approved.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

There is no time limit to apply. You can apply anytime during any period. If the leaves are taken between two months it is approved my spoc. And in case leaves planned two months later, they it will automatically be approved by the system

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What is the leave balance structure in Aryaka Networks??
Other companies offer 40-50 leaves including PL, CL
How about Aryaka Networks
Is anyone here to help me with this information?

Does tech mahindra provide sabatical leave to employees for higher education?

Does anyone utilize a partner system where someone covers your files/desk while you’re out? Trying to propose a vacation coverage system for associates to encourage vacations.


Should I take the job?

Job Offer On The Table:
• marketing manager
• $65k, I already was told they’ve maxed out on the offer
• added duties of budgeting, multiple locations to visit
• pto is awarded in hours not days and can carry

Current Place of Employment:
• I am the primary graphic designer
• Employed for 8.5 yrs
• $50k
• Kept me on through COVID
• 3 weeks PTO established
• Flexible & lenient
• Good team to work alongside


Guys,my friend recently joined Capgemini, what is the sudexo meal allowance end to end process in Capgemini ?


Is there some sort of tuition reimbursement program at Google if employees decide to pursue part time masters program (i.e CS, data science, etc) Also, is pursuing part time degree frowned upon due to the perception that there may be other commitments, thus not giving 100% at work?


What are benefits for B3 role employee in Wipro.

How much would be the medical insurance limit for group family medical insurance, will there be any additional cost for parents addition.. if yes how much would be approximately.

Top -Up & OPT will be possible.Wipro


What are the benefits that thoughtworks provide, generally how much hike do employees get(frequency & %) and how is the culture there?


I’m a claims adjuster and have been working in the property & casualty industry for about 15 years. Can anyone recommend any companies that pay well, have good benefits and a good culture? My current company has great benefits, and a great culture but I feel I’m severely underpaid.


Hi Guys,

What is the medical insurance cover in impetus?


Hi Fishes

Please please please help me with the following:

What are the perks or benefits provided by SCB?
How is associate manager placed in the hierarchy?
What is the avg salary for associate manager?



We’re an international company with generous PTO. In the UK, we have a PTO Lump Sum bank. In the US, we’re stuck on accrual due to risk of not being able to recoup @ termination. I take issue with this as it shows lack of employee trust and asks for under the table PTO deals between managers & employees.

What is your current policy and days allotted?


I want to take leave without pay in my 4th month of pregnancy due to complications and I have been with my company from last 2.5 years.
Please help is it possible to take that long lwp leaves ?

Has anyone successfully gotten UI benefits? Would love to chat if so. Filed mid March, mine is still in pending status, got one random payment two weeks, and nothing since. History shows no payments have been made. Losing my mind a bit 🤪


Which is better Fractal Analytics or PWC India in terms of learning, career growth, wlb, other benefits for 8 year experience in data engineering?


Hi, I wanted all your opinion I have got
offer from ADP & Thoughtworks almost
both are paying equal. Which company is
better from learning perspective, Job
security wise & benefits ? My skill set is
Automation Testing - Selenium Java.
Please let me know your inputs. Thanks in

How many leaves are there in PwC AC. Do you guys have winter disconnect?

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Does Amazon have a Mobile phone cost reimbursement policy?


Hello. I’m lateral moving to Bain & Company and I’m curious about the PEG/ringfence practice. How is it? Hours? How much tenure i need to work in PEG? (Entering as an AC). What is the type of work? Thanks!


I thrive on social interactions, in a work from home scenario how is this even possible.
A little background :
Joined 3 months pre covid, had great feedback from seniors and genuinely felt happy
9 months later : Not able to complete work on time, always having problems
I genuinely want to improve, but being around people is how I thrive.
In this scenario of work from home, how do I do better ?


Hi Fishes,

I have a offer from EY and I am scheduled to join in December in a location different than my current location. The offer doesn't mention the joining process. Should I be planning travel? Are the offices open and physical onboarding started or is it virtual onboarding? If anyone aware, please help me with this.


This is brutal


Guardian life vs HCL vs Virtusa (City client)
Please share your suggestions Interms of work life balance,growth and job security


Been waiting for feedback from final round at Big4 for over 2 weeks now, recruiter ignoring my emails - what should I do?


AAPL earnings. Hope they are better than Amazon

I am on notice period with 12 yoe, I have 1 offer of which is still below par considering my yoe and I am still looking for better opportunit, I am half way on my N.P and haven't been receiving any offers.

Any thoughts how I can get more offers, my current role is of IT Business Analyst.

I do not have developer experience, my par experience is in Production/Infrastructure Support.


Does Bain & Company pay a signing bonus for experienced hire consultants? Is yes, is it negotiable?


Has anyone implemented an effective wellness program that they recommend?

Just had a mid-year review with my health insurance provider and my people aren't looking too healthy - a lot of high cholesterol, diabetes, and other issues that are commonly attributed to health choices.

Thanks in advance


Actively looking for opportunities as function QA...not getting calls from companies..wat to do please suggest


What other function can I use for a multi criteria sum aside sumifs?


Hi fishes,

I'm looking for DevOps Engineer roles.
I'm AWS CCP certified azure certified.
Tech stack: Devops, Kubernetes, docker, aws cloud, Jenkins, CICD, git, shell/bash scripting, Linux, terraform.

YOE: 2.1

Let me know if you guys have any leads.



9th Sept : I observed some people get a t-shirt, cup, chocolate etc. Today in Kolkata as part of a 150 year celebration.
Simple question - is everyone getting it?


ADHD Diagnosis later in life? Guidance appreciated.

My parents were very anti-drugs... I was never tested for ADHD. I scraped my way thru undergrad & grad school with the minimum GPA. I was doing alright at the office, but these pains have come back with WFH and I’m concerned.

I may have a legitimate medical need for adderall, but I’m worried about going thru this process as a 24yr old. Can anyone list the steps needed to get a diagnosis? PCP, then psychiatrist? Just unsure where to start. TY


Any home buyer around? Are you still making offers above the listing price and getting out-bid?

I just got out-bid with about 8 offers ahead of mine 🫣

I heard that my bgv got RED in HCL , what they gonna take next step ?


Additional Posts in EY GDS

Acha chalta hun, duaaon me yaad rkhna..


Does EY GDS has Standard Chartered bank for salary accounts?


Anyone joined on Nov 21st? Did you guys recived any emails regarding adding Bank account for salary? And is the greythr portal working for you? I have joined on Nov 21st and till now not recieved any emails regarding adding bank account details, i have existing salary account from HDFC mapping is done.


Is there any relation between the Feedback cycle deadline of 27 Jan and hike/promotion letter?

Any idea or guesses


In EY GDS Are Counsellor and Manager Same ?


Hi EY GDS Friends, kindly guide please if possible.

EY GDS..21 lakh fixed plus 10% variable
Delloite India..21 lakh fixed plus 10% variable
Infosys..19 lakh fixed plus 15% variable plus joining bonus 1.20 lakh
Position..Senior Consultant 2..Consulting

1st priority.. EY GDS
2nd priority..Infosys
3rd priority..Delloite India

I have heard in EY GDS as it is an offshore model , we can learn more practical hands on from backend rather than direct facing the client, is it true?

Kindly help


Anyone from CBS ET here? The management is so toxic and pathetic. I want to resign without even having a backup offer. Too scared to take such a step owing to financial responsibilities.
Not able to bear with their shitty attitude.


What is the expected salary for manager in EY ?


Is it possible to get your notice period shortened from 3 months.i have 15 carried forwarded annual leaves from last year.


Hi, i was interviewed for ey gds ems pratice (Tax) for a Project Mamager role, first round went well and he said that you will have 2nd rnd with ED, but i didnt hear back, anyone help me what wipp be the best way to connect, not getting ajy response on call or email from the recruitment person.
Any help.or suggestion as i am interested in the role.


The new RTO mail doesn't change anything does it? Teams not required to come to office can continue WFH?


Hey guys ,

I got an offer in EY GDS...

I am a food blogger trying to grow my youtube channel 🙄🙄🙄not yet grown to earn anything from youtube but just wanna know if I should inform the HR before I join or its not an issue for now


By when do we get to know our rating and informal communication on promotion? As per email the date is today.


How much hike can we expect at an AM2 level with a Differentiating rating?


How can I increase Salary i did B.com and have 6 YOE in Finance and accounts.

Please advise any course or something else to get more amount.

Please help🙏🙏


Which location is best for ey gds office?


What's the average salary for Senior Software Engineer.?

I am currently jumping from 7.15 with 3 yoe. Ho much can I expect.?

How long does it take Ey GDs for thr Hr to have discussion? I had my managerial round last week. The person who refered me told me that am selected but i din get any call from the Hr yet?
Does it work like Accenture at times..? 😛


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