I’m a project manager with 7 years of PM experience in all kinds of industries. I’m currently in construction, but absolutely hate it. I’m looking to break into tech and was wondering if anybody has a good pathway into project management for a tech company. I’ve got a PMP, will have my AWS CCP in the next week and am hoping to have my Scrum Master by the end of the year (I’m on a waiting list)!

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I’ve broken into project management by getting PMP and applying for Project Liaison/Coordinator roles with big and well known companies. Then after couple years of experience and having great names on the resume, many doors were open. Couldn’t be any happier with the career path! Wishing you best of luck.


Thank you so much! I just worry about dropping to a PC role. I feel my experience should at least get me into a PM role but you may be right

I would say apply to all the tech companies both big and small. Big tech companies tend to want people with tech comp background, however smaller tech companies are more willing to hire without tech background. Just keep applying, at the end of the day, it's numbers and luck!


Absolutely! I’m hoping something comes through soon, but my goal is to work for a company like Splunk and build into big tech! Thank you!

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I currently work as a healthcare consultant with a B4 in London. I’m now looking to make a move into healthcare PE.

1. Is this move possible?
2. If so, would what be the ideal firms to target?

Any tips would be very much appreciated!! Thank you 😊


How long does an internal transfer from audit to advisory usually take?


Is a part time mba a better move? I can’t imagine the opportunity cost going full time at a school


Hello Fishes,
I need urgent help.
My brother is looking for urgent job.
He has done hotel management degree passed out 2010 . after that he has stated preparing for MPSC and UPSC and simultaneouslydone his PG ,MA economics passed out in 2017 but unfortunately he couldn't clear it & now he turned 37yrs. 😢
Didn't married yet. Now he left the MPSC and UPSC and started hunting for job.
Can anyone plz suggest what job he can do?
He should get marry now and atleast 40-50k Salary is required?


Hello Fishes

I had recently posted here about getting a job offer abroad(UK). Now I need your help to make a decision about the same. Just wanted to know if it makes an impact on your CV if it has a stint outside of India? The current offer I have is one level lower than my designation in India and pay wise also its decent enough but nothing extraordinary. Just wanted to know if it will help in future if I was to go now and return in 2-3 years time?


Hi Fishes,

I am looking for the job change in ServiceNow profile and having a experience of 4+ yrs.

Currently I am trying to create network in linked in and naukari but still not getting the response from some companies like JP Morgan or mindtree etc.

Can u help me to understand what is the best way to create a network to some major companies.

I know applying directly to the company site mostly doesn't have any benefit or will take long time to schedule the interview.

Why are there so many Private Client Advisor positions/ Private client Banker positions open?


Hello All, I have been applying for roles at Amazon India, Amazon for the past 3 - 4 years, but in vain. I was identifying open positions via LinkedIn, Naukri & applied to them via the Amazon jobs portal. I did not get any response to my applications thus far. I figured I might find some luck through referrals.

I am a Senior Project Manager based out of Bangalore & looking to move into a similar role or a Program Management role. Can you please let me know if any pertinent positions?

Would you be a second wife to be able to keep your career? Asking for a friend


Hello all, could someone share the level of embedded software engineer (I, II, V) in the US? In YOE ? I'm in Europe and we use just two: junior and senior


I have 5 years of experience in embedded, which is the fair level?

Are there any Scrum Master’s out there that are interested in mentoring me? I recently became a CSM a month and have used Scrum & agile methodologies for the last few years as an insurance adjuster. I desperately want to get out of claims, but I am having a very hard time with this career pivot to become a Scrum Master.. each job rejection email makes me more and more discouraged. Any type of guidance would be so appreciated. Thank you all.


What’s the best way to transition from Communications role to Marketing? Any tips?


As an M Is it better to take a project with a bad SM but potentially easy work. Or a harder project working directly with a good PPMD with a tough client and tough project?


Anyone got a good/effective cold email or message template for building a network with MBB consultants/associates? Never really had to do much networking for undergrad recruitment and looking to lateral to MBB from big4 in the next 6-9 months. Thanks in advance!


Hi all,

Please suggest.
I've 3 yoe in techno-functional domain.
I wish to go into technical (development) profile now, but not as a fresher. I want to continue with 3 yoe.
But the issue is, I have no (dev) project to show in interview as an 3 yoe person.

I've learned Java, springboot, restfulAPIs, kafka, but still hesitant to go for interviews as I do not have projects to discuss.

I shall be very thankful to you if you help me here.
How/where can i go to make projects now to justify 3yoe?

Thinking about boomeranging. It’s been 3 years and I’d be coming back 2 job levels higher than when I left. Thoughts/advice from anyone who has boomeranged?


Is having a CIA and CFE with no CPA worth it?
Is this looked down upon? Planning to just stay in forensics or hop back to IA down the line


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How do you guys describe what you do when you don't want to tell people you're in IB without lying?
I'm really sick of people assuming I'm rich if I say I'm in IB, but don't want to completely lie either.


What’s a good way to get buy in from non-sustainability oriented clients into the benefits of spending into more sustainable practices (they are always penny pinching so it’s borderline e impossible).


Holy moly. I just passed the Regal movie theater parking lot and its packed tonight.


This cutie 😍

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How’s metaverse different from multi-player online game?


Any good gated communities near Taramami office ?

Looking for a place to stay


Hi yesterday my hr round completed in tcs but in ibegin tcs portal job got expired May i know whether I got selected or rejected


I am in the market for my first home and I am looking for a 1+1 condo but I don’t know where to start and what my budget should be. My base is 160 with TC about 190, single, no debt. Prices seem crazy, and I don’t know what I would be pre approved for and what is a reasonable $$ to keep as budget. Please help 😩


I am looking for a career opportunity in HR Compliance. I have 5 years of HR experience as a associate, generalist, people partner and training coordinator. I am flexible with any type of job remote/on site permanent.


I lost my super power!


Micron is hiring for below post. Let me know if anyone is interested.

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Downloaded the “Days” app. No frills, no extras. Just a number staring you in the face. I’ve made it almost habitual to open and check... even multiple times a day when I know the day counter hasn’t changed, but it’s helping and encouraging. Each day is a sense of accomplishment and a win over the pull of my own thoughts. Forcing my willpower into further restraint. 10 days strong so far.


I am having 8 YOE earning 16 LPA, tech: Salesforce. I have 2 offers:

1. IBM
Location: Pune
Offer: 24.3 fix (including gratuity)
Designation: senior package consultant (7B)

2. Accenture
Location: Jaipur (3 hours from my hometown)
Offer: 28.3 (22.3 fix + 6L variable)
Designation: Application dev TL (level 9)

Which one I should choose and why? Thanks


Is anyone active here? If yes, can anyone tell is there onsite opportunities in hexaware and what are the reviews of the company.
Skill: ServiceNow

I just brought in some business as an associate. Feeling like hot stuff today!!


What's a better option? EY Parthenon vs BCG expert track - both at the consultant level

TC (minus sign on bonus) would be approx the same
Range of work is broader at BCG, also remote friendly


Looking for a remote/hybrid/onsite (Calgary,Alberta) job for my boyfriend who got almost 5 years of experience in proposal writing, RFP, RFI and bid management for a civil engineering firm. He also got an MBA, non drinker, non smoker, clean driving abstract and very polite. He gave out tons of cv in indeed job posters for the past 5 months, ends up becoming the filler candidate, took a huge toll in his mental health and we are going through some very rough patches. Can anyone please kindly help?


I am INFATUATED with this man 😳.


Is it ok to ask for 2 weeks leave for my own wedding 20days after joining the company? How and when should I inform the same to HR .need genuine suggestions
There are 60days left to join the company

Does in our payslip 80C and HRA mentioned as tax exemptions ?


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I'm looking to apply to a few tech roles at @The Hartford. Is there anyone who can offer me a referral?


Would you work for DealHub?


Looking for a Spotify referral 🙌


Is it true that this time of year is the worst time to apply/ try to get jobs? Looking to pivot out of a contract I got after being laid off in August by 2023.


Hi all! My company just laid off 5% of the workforce. I was safe but I am looking for new roles. I’m in final interviews for a company but worried about making moves because of the impending recession.. what are your thoughts? Make the move or stay put?


Hi, I'm planning to start a software agency (solo or 2 person initially) while working full-time in a company. Any advice you could give me? Or, is there any problem with this?

Thanks in advance!


Looking for some advice on how to branch off into a job in tech. I’m a Mechanical engineer interested in working in a big tech company. I have some programming experience but excel mostly in mechanical and product design as well as 3D CAD. Was wondering if any other mechanical engineers have managed to make the shift from a traditional mech job to a tech job and if you could give me advice on the best path that worked for you. Thanks!


I’ve been approached my by company (software) that one of our large clients (who im currently project managing for) is looking for a consultant of sorts, and if they hire us, I’d be the first person asked to take on this consultant role. This isn’t something my company typically offers and would greatly change the scope of my role. Has anyone ever taken on a role like this? If so, were you able to negotiate a percentage of the consulting fee? Or was it a bump in salary during the project?


During my job search, I am getting a lot of recruiters asking for me to answer right to represent emails. These particular recruiters follow a same pattern and seem unprofessional. Shall I be aware and not sign these right to represents? Are they a scam? Or is it a cultural thing… can someone advise me, I’m based in the USA


I am starting a 4-months internship at a company B in January. However, I just heard from a company T that they will interview me for their full time position.

Company T is paying me way more (twice) than Company B. And I like company T more. However, they want me to start working in February if I get this position. If I end up getting the offer, I will have to quit my internship at Company B, almost immediately after I begin the internship.

Is this okay?


Currently work with finance industry. Looking for SE role in Travel/hospitality industry (I.e. EXPE, Marriott, Southwest, AA, Delta, airlines).
Some questions:

1. Which one offers job security?
2. How is it like working with them?(WLB/teammate/culture/support for career growth)
3. Which Business Unit I should avoid?(known for its horrible wlb)

4. Other advice/insight?


I am royally mad for this rejection email. This is what I got after code test (check the 2nd paragraph) :

I assume that HR request whoever reviewed my code to return 2nd paragraph with something actually written, but whoever did it doesn't gave a single damn..... wow and wow.

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What are some entry level tech jobs that might still pay well?

My husband has been a restaurant manager for over 10 years (GM for 5). He worked at one place for 8 years and another for 5 (wasn’t a manager at first at the other place) - so he’s consistent and dependable. But he’s ready to keep normal hours and transition into corporate…. But it’s been tough with no “relevant” experience.


So I started my first remote tech job. Up until this point I’ve been a field tech. But I’m curious about my salary vs what other people are making in similar roles. Is 60K/year for a TSE decent to start?


I am an IT manager in a Telcom company. I am a Canadian wanting to move to Florida. Any advice what Telcom companies are in there. Do they hire Canadians? Any Canadians who had applied tn visa before? Please advise


I am a Reliability Maintenance 3P contractor for Amazon. I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering on June 2022. I’ve been working with Amazon for a year, but there’s a lack of prospective EE positions within the company. The job postings I see are either less or barely above my current salary. I’m not sure if staying longer is beneficial for my future career as an Electrical engineer. I plan on getting my FE license within the next 6 months. Any suggestions will be appreciated


I’ve recently accepted a role as a business systems analyst. I have an unrelated degree but I have 3 core CompTIA certs(a+,net+ and Sec+). I also have experience with Unix sql and python. Is it possible to transition from a BSA role to a production support or devops role?


Has anyone taken ITIL 4 foundation test?