I’m a recent call at a global law firm. When are bonus’ paid out generally? End of February? Thanks.

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Sometime in Feb, or first week of March. My old firm (international firm) always used to pay the day before the RRSP deadline.

Right before the RRSP deadline is most common.

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Hi everyone I got an offer EY 25 LPA variable pay 15 percent apart from fixed role of assistant director my current company agree to pay 24 LPA (wlb good but no growth)during this appraisal process. Is it good to join EY ? Total experience 11.5 Please suggest .


What's the salary range for P20 band?

I've been working with JPM chase for more than 3 years now and am looking for a change. I've got a salary package of 8LPA and CIB Custody middle office and am looking to work as a consultant or as a risk ops for trades and need referrals. Please can someone help

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I'm a Strategy Director making $160k and I'm up for a promotion to VP, Strategy Director. What salary should I expect? I'm looking for at least a $35-40k raise. Thanks for your help


What is the average pay now in midsize if you guys don’t mind sharing you salary details? Senior tax associate year 1.


How do you find test subjects for your research project? What kind of incentives do you like to offer?


How much should a laboratory supervisor make? 11 years of bench/lead tech experience.


I have got an offer from Siemens Technology Services of 35.5 LPA for Pune location.

Position- PL8
YOE- 12.3

Is Siemens low-balling me or is this standard in Siemens for this experience?


Does anyone know of a brand (or agency) hiring director level employees in the influencer space (health and wellness brands preferred?) bonus karma points if it’s one you would truly recommend joining! thank you!

I have an offer in PE VP role in Citco and JPM and I am at cross road on which is one to company to choose. Their pay is very similar but JPM is offering an attractive signing on bonus. I need a honest advise on which is better between these two firms.


Agency staff producers, what is your title and billable hourly rate? Our rates are comically low (Sr producers with comparable hourly rates to Associate Account Execs) and I’m trying to convince leadership to make some changes. Thanks in advance.


What is the salary range in Accenture india for CFO Consulting with 8 years of experience as Manager and MBA from IIMs? Accenture


I get around 2 L per month in hand and have 4.5 years of experience, tech stack - java backend.
I had 4 years of experience in support role and recently switched to a dev role in a product based company.
I am in a big dilemma whether I should go for masters in UK in September 2023 or not. I am married and the salary is good here but I feel like I lack knowledge.
PS: I don’t have any issue with my current company, the work culture is great, it’s employee centric, amazing perks etc.

Accenture India Hi ,
I am working as a Php developer ( Laravel ) in Accenture Banglore and have 3 years of experience what should be my salary according to the current market price for all developers out there ?
P.S. : I am underpaid for only 5.5 LPA. @

Please comment how much I should be negotiating my salary for in the current appraisal cycle.


How much time it takes for salary discussion in optum after previous salary and other documents submission?

What salary expectations can I have with a bachelor degree in NYC ?


What are the perks and benefits working in GE Healthcare? Bangalore office..how are they in terms of pay scale?


Do we get salary on 28th of every month in LTI ?


Ok friends, help me out here….I need to know what an RN makes in an Internal Med Clinic Setting that has a speciality of testing and treating STI’s including HIV.
AND what a Behavioral Health Intake Nurse makes.
Any insight would be much appreciated! TYIA!


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People in luxury buildings - do you also give a holiday gift to the rest of the staff? I’m mainly talking the people who may come in to fix things or for example the guy who mops the lobby every few days?


Hi fishes,

Can anyone help me out with the in hand salary for the below breakup.
Yoe: 4 years
Techstack: React js developer.

Post Photo


Would appreciate if anyone from accenture could pls. refer.



Any RPA Developers here ?


Hi Folks,

Quick advice

Offer from PWC SDC Bangalore- offering 25 Fixed

Offer from Deloitte US Bangalore -Offering 25.5 fixed

Which one is good option in terms of Work life balance, Hike at year end and quality of work?

Secondly What is the pay band for SA2 in PWC SDC for Bangalore location


Hi there! Anyone at Yahoo willing to give a referral? Happy to share profile.


McKinsey & Company Joining McKinsey & Company as a post-MBA implementation associate. Just curious how many years to EM? How often do people get counseled out? And how difficult is it to get staffed on projects in the Consumer Retail and Automo space? Thank you.
McKinsey & Company


How much are other quality improvement managers making (in healthcare)? For reference, I’m making $136k + $14k bonus. Los Angeles.


Considering a move to Denver from Austin, TX. Pretty tired of the heat and regressive politics of Texas. Curious to know if anyone in the Denver bowl moved from Austin, how they feel about it, and what they’d say to someone who was considering the move.


Some times I feel bad when fake experience people join the company and overtake other people with genuine experience. But in today’s scenario fake is equivalent to genuine.
Being in Cognizant I know still few people who were surviving well despite layoff with fake experience and take salary in lakhs per month . Genuine people are still left paralysed with low salary !


Best techstack to earn high?


Looking for help - adding a retainer fee into our practice but getting compliance push back, how do those of you who do it structure it? Upfront but paid over time? Bill retroactive for hours?


Hi guys, how is the work life balance in Accenture India?


Anyone got any good/BAD Queen posts and tweets? Bonus points if you know the story behind it.


Anyone at a Design agency in Brazil, willing to send a rec?
I’ve been filling out job applications for a month now and nothing so far.
Thank you!


Is it possible to get into IB with consulting experience, or am I wasting my time?

Realised I chose the wrong career and getting up to speed with technicals/ modelling, but haven't got past the CV screening for anything yet.

Happy to share my profile over pm


Hi fishes today i got the mail that I cleared technical interview for B1(Associate consultant) 2.1 YOE .Net tech stack Capgemini.
As my CCTC is 7.85 LPA how much can I expect form Capgemini ?
Please suggest me.


Additional Posts in Canada Biglaw

Anyone ever make the transition from corporate/commercial to advocacy? Suffering a crisis of conscience and want to start using my skills to help in a different way. My background is entirely in business and tech. Would love any insight. (I’m a 3rd year)

How much do partners make?

What firms in Canadian Big Law have the worst reputations for burning people out?


Any word on bonuses?

Any experiences with coworking office spaces in Vancouver? Looking for an office space for 1 day per week around the downtown area.

Corporate at a large Bay Street firm and it’s slower than its ever been right now... anyone else?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a therapist in Toronto? One that specializes in high functioning depression would be great


How difficult would it be for a well-credentialed US lawyer (approx 7 YOE) to qualify and practice in Toronto? I’m a Canadian (from AB) who went to law school in the US (top 3 school), practiced for 4 years at a strong Wall St firm, and now has been in-house as a corporate generalist for a couple years. I want to move back to Canada permanently, and have just kicked off the NCA process, but will I have any realistic prospects of having a successful legal career, or am I too far along?


No active posters? Here for the unfiltered gossip!!

When are your offices planning on reopening?


With Milbank / Davis Polk, etc pay bumps, do we anticipate a response on Bay St?


How is your firm’s bonus policy structured? Set amounts based on year of call and hours? Discretionary? Who the hell knows? What bonus?

I really wish the big law firms in Canada were as transparent about their pay and bonus scales as what we are seeing in the US. Does any Canadian firm share bonus scales??

Is it a realistic possibility to move from articling at a private firm in Windsor to an associate at Bay Street? I'm currently doing corporate commercial work.

Do Canadian firms have any interest in hiring American JDs given the market and that Canadian associates are moving to the US?

Just got out of articling at a boutique tax firm and looking to lateral into a bigger firm. Anyone have suggestions for a medium sized firm in Toronto with a good tax practice? Thanks!

What has your firm’s turnover like? Are people dropping like flies or holdout out for February bonuses? We seem to have someone resigning every week.


Any Canada Big Law firms throwing around retention bonuses again this year or are those days behind us? The work sure hasn’t slowed.


The lack of Canadian Big Law gossip and rants are disappointing. Do you all actually like your jobs!?!?

Anyone know if any Toronto firms are hiring associates to work fully remote?


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