I'm in my 2nd week with Deloitte and things just seem a bit off. I've left my resource manager 2 emails , no response from him. Not been assigned a coach or an onboarding advisor yet .Is this normal ? Who helps me get assigned to a project ? When does the process start ? I can't be just sitting and doing nothing. What am I supposed to charge hours to this week ? I've gotten no guidance on that.

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You can submit coach assignment request on talent on demand. You have to give 3 preferences I believe and one of them will be assigned as a coach for you.

You can charge to GAA/CED till you get the project.

If RM is not replying , ping him on skype when he/she is online/available . Ask for free time to schedule 1-1quick 15/20 mins meeting.

Apply on staffit open requirements for your skills.

Enjoy your time on bench.

Technology preferred program I think

If you came in to PDM without a project and the RM isn’t responsive (unfortunately not shocking) I would reach out to your recruiter. Not their role, but they should be able to help shake things lose within the offering.

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Is it true that EY is mulling over layoffs as client projects are reducing..?


Hi guys, it's been 4 weeks since i joined GDS , I was assigned a POC task, in which I worked for a few days but now its on hold.

Could someone help me know what's avg bench time or how to get projects here, who should I contact(other then counsellor) or if there's any internal portal to apply for open positions in a project?



Looking for Tech roles in Denver, any recommendations?
- 3 years consulting experience
- Masters degree in Project Management


Actively seeking referrals for PMO Program Mgmt /Project Mgmt /Product Mgmt roles (Non-Technical and Business) in the ATL and Washington @DC areas, targeting: Microsoft, Google, Delta Air Lines Lines, Indeed Amazon, Facebook (Meta) (Meta), Salesforce, Dell, etc. am a Certified PMI Project Manager Professional, CSPO, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and DEI certified professional with 7+ years of project/ program management experience with organizational transformation.

Any help and/or guidance is much appreciate


New project wants me to join next week. But still at current project doing KT. How to handle? It's promo year so want to finish w/ good utilization, but don't want to leave before KT is finished..


How is the bank of america account in Wipro . How is the wlb and work load in Wipro as general. Do they have good project on new tech? Which on to choose Wipro or Mindtree


I am an associate clinical social worker (ACSW) looking to apply for a Medical Social Worker I or a Psych Social Worker job at
Kaiser Permanente around San Gabriel Valley, CA. Through it all, I adapted to and trained in various treatment modalities (Crisis intervention, TFCBT, Seeking Safety, & MAP), approaches (client-focused & strength-based) & am familiar with the DSM V nomenclature all in my 1 year of experience. What do HR recruiters at Kaiser Permanente look for when hiring ACSWs?


I have a phone screen tomorrow with Deloitte for an Organizational Change Management Consultant (human capital practice). I am really excited. But also nervous because I don’t have consulting industry experience (tons of progressive HR leadership and project experience). I’ve pored over the job posting to align my experience. Is there any advice on what I can expect in this initial interview?


Any physicians/researchers in here specializing in multiple myeloma? Working on a project and had a few questions

Has anyone here successfully shifted out of EA roles into other roles and if so what? I’m trying to shift into some project management/project coordinating roles but so many have such specific requirements even though our job does cover majority of the tasks involved. I keep getting pinged from recruiters for other EA roles but I’m tired of working at the will of others


Has anyone transitioned from Tax to RM? Could you share your experience and pros/cons of the change? Really want to get out of client facing/billable work, but I like my firm. Thank you!

I honestly save hundreds of dollars a month just by eating leftover food from client and team meetings for lunch and dinner.


The stress and anxiety caused by my director (not my project load) has led me to having severe panic attacks, having panic attacks in my sleep, questioning my career, and feeling absolutely worthless😕

Does anyone here work at Deloitte’s technology risk management program? Curious to know what it’s like since it’s non-client facing


Hi fishes,
Need your help.

I have joined CTS a week ago. Now I have received a project proposal from TSC. The domain is "Insurance" and the account name is NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. How this account and domain will be? Shall I accept that proposal.

If I have given interested means then definitely I need to work in that project? Kindly clarify me.

Kindly help me please.


Hello PwC Recent Joiners,

For how long you were on bench before getting a project? Please mention your tech well.



Just found out, that one of the primary client contacts on my new engagement is my ex girlfriend (split up 3 years ago).
This will be fun.🙃


Has anybody postponed their joining date by a month in TCS with valid reasons? Will you still be assigned to the same project as when you were recruited initially for.


What's the project manager salary in Dubai ?


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It’s funny - I’ve been rejected so many times in my short career. But when it happens, I still feel a small sting. Just got dinged from an interesting role - how do you deal with the aftermath?

"Don't like. Got any more?"

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have an actual creative director.


Would you rather go to Sloan or Booth?


Which states have the easiest UBE score transfer process? I’ve noticed a wide variance in requirements, and figured it would be nice to get a thread going for anyone trying to get licensed in multiple states.


Joined a new firm and they want us to go get pictures taken to put online. Would it be inappropriate to use a headshot from a prior firm (in a diff country)?


Hi Fishes, I'm looking for a referral. Can someone help? I'm currently working as Tax Senior in EY with 6 years of experience. My area of expertise are Global account co-ordination and Global billing KPMG Deloitte


Anyone wanna play Apex? :)


Hi Everyone

Need 11 likes to enable DM,

Appreciate your help in advance.


Can you find a job in Tech consulting (Big 4 tech consulting) if your background is in civil engineering?


Hello Fishes,

Yesterday i received salary breakup letter, I accepted it. When can i expect my offer letter from TCS. Any Idea?

Would you work for DealHub?


Hey fishes,
My DOJ in Jp morgan is Dec 12th, will it be a virtual onboarding ?


For Big City moms (NYC, Chicago, SF): what is your favorite city strollers? I am considering buying vista uppababy (or bugaboo cruz) as primary and a yoyo (or mountain buggy nano) as the light, foldable for traveling. Didn’t hear people having good experience with mockingbird; but would love survey this group


Old Town furnished master + bath for rent. $1,400. Looking for clean and cool roommate 😎.

Post Photo

ISO 1-2 people to fill a pod for the Deadmou5 drive in show in ATL on 10/29. Message if interested!

How do you look “put together” on a budget? Can be clothes, styling, beauty, little tips or tricks (that don’t require buying brands and tailoring every piece).


I broke up with my four years long girlfriend just now.
I gave her my older Macbook last year and the iCloud is still valid on her PC ,which caused then a lots of cheating photo taken three years ago had been seen by her today and that happened.(In fact, I am not cheating currently.)
Without this, I would have married her.
What should I do?
Does anyone have any experiences like this?


The tragedy of Michelle Go is hitting me personally. What possible train of thoughts could have led that man to do that?


I work in construction and spend a lot of time out in the field, can I get some recs for sturdy shoes that will last me a while?


Has anyone managed to get an employers reference from your current work for a new job? They don’t want me to leave so Im not sure hope they’ll react when I ask- but the new job say they need a reference


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Hi Everyone! So I heard that firm initiatives aren't required for the PDM model, at least at the analyst level. Does anyone know if we are still allowed to take take part in initiatives anyway, and if so would they be helpful in potentially switching talent models?

Most of the folks in PDM received no adjustments is it same on other projects too

I am second year PDM II in Deloitte and my base package is ~125 K. Is this fair or should I expect more base on market adjustments?

What's the compensation for Project Delivery Specialist?


What’s the average project delivery specialist compensation in GPS like?


On average, does PDM work less hours per week than Traditional?


Anyone happen to know the salary bracket for a Project Delivery Specialist??


What are the requirements to promote from analyst to senior analyst? I’ve been with Deloitte for two years now and am wondering how I go about making myself promotable. I don’t have a CPA, CFE, etc. Is one of those required?

Hey y’all! Can anyone confirm whether or not our coaches have to be our project managers? I was told this at one point. Either way, does anyone know where it officially states that?

I am getting an opportunity to move from deloitte USI to Deloitte US. Just curious will I be working in USDC or PDM ? and is it possible to join deloitte consulting US on h1b after coming here or no ?


What’s the starting compensation package for a senior PDM? Base, bonus?


Confirmed! Promotion from Specialist to Manager. Any thoughts on what to expect for raise?


Deloitte onboarding E-mail says , it background verification is not complete by target start date , they can postpone the date last minute.
I have 14th march as a start date and I don’t know my background verification status.
I emailed BIONBoarding but no response.
How am I supposed to give notice to my current employer without knowing BGC status ?
Please advise if someone faced this situation.
(P.S. I don’t have any record, just being cautious because I am on H1B/work visa)


Have any PDMs gone to DU? I know it’s not standard, but have any exceptions been made?

Am I the only one bummed by today’s call? It’s like there is no soild conclusion on anything


As an analyst, can I expect to see a salary raise in a couple of weeks? Or an AIP? And if so how much of each?

How did the compensation statements turn out for PDM folks?
1) Only AIP
2) Only base increase
3) Promotion (yes/no)


My project client location in Denver started in person mandatory days. Few of colleagues started to go there. I’m confused as I was hired as PDM and I live in east coast and project is in west coast. My leadership is not forcing me anything and they left it to us but I don’t want to lose job because I’m not traveling. Any suggestions?